Monday, March 30, 2015

Good for the Goose

Every March, in the wake of the Talbot’s Peak St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the town picked up several hundred overnight guests, in the form of migrating goose shifters. In exchange for providing the air show, those geese who chose not to camp out at the pond were granted free overnight lodging, primarily at the Pleasure Club complex. Rooms at the Pleasure Club came with benefits, which the wing-weary ganders were more than happy to enjoy.

“Room’s ready,” Mark announced. “All we need is—”

“Blankets?” Robert said. “Dante says that’s taken care of.”

“That isn’t what I meant.”

Jeremy yawned. “I just want to sack out for a while.” He swept his gaze around the room they’d been given. Almost every inch of floor was covered with large, soft cushions which could be shoved together to form one huge bed or a series of smaller ones. Bowls of fresh grains and vases of rushes and cat-tails completed the decorations. Jeremy shrugged. “Beats the hell out of a swamp, I guess.”

“Anybody know where the ladies are bunking?” Chris asked. “That’s where I’m sleeping tonight.”

“I’m going out to watch the floor show,” Mark said. “Anyone want to come with?”

Someone knocked on the door. “Blankets,” Robert said. He opened the door. “I think we’re fine here—well well.”

Four lovely goose-girls stood in the hall, each toting a blanket and wearing a big, suggestive smile. Their faces sported identical eyes, cheeks and noses, proclaiming them sisters. “May we come in?” asked the girl in the lead.

Chris shouldered Robert aside and held the door open. “Please do.” He watched their pert tails parade past him with a grin widening into the leer zone. Robert shot him a dirty look before his eyes too were drawn to the girls’ hypnotically-swaying assets.

Mark shut the door. “I guess I don’t need to see the floor show.”

“I’m not as tired as I thought,” Jeremy agreed. “Evening, ladies. I don’t recall seeing you around these parts before.”

“We weren’t old enough before.” The girl speaking dimpled prettily. The action was mirrored by her sisters. “Dante wouldn’t let us in. That all changed in January.”

“Happy birthday,” Chris murmured thankfully.

Robert cleared his throat. “So. I’ll bet you’re sisters.”

“Quints,” the girl said. “I’m Gracie. This is Ginny, Georgia, and Gabrielle.”

Chris counted on his fingers. “That’s only four.”

“Our sister Gloria has a boyfriend. She elected not to come.”

“Too bad,” Chris said. “I’ll bet my brother Tom could charm her away from him. Ladies fall all over him. Where is he, anyway?”

“Last I saw,” Robert said, “he was trying to fall on the housekeeping staff. Quints,” he continued. “Let me guess. You do everything in a gaggle, right?”

“That’s right,” Georgia confirmed, returning his lewd wink. “Now that we’re old enough.”

“We like to flock, too,” Jeremy said, now totally wide awake. “Don’t we, boys?”

“Definitely skipping the floor show,” Mark put in.

# # #

Lights were dimmed, blankets spread, cushions piled together. The goose girls moved from cushion to cushion until pairs were decided upon. No ties, everyone agreed, only mutual fun. Good for the goose and the gander.

Robert found himself with Georgia, though his gaze kept drifting to Ginny. Jeremy obligingly brought her over. The four of them spoke in low tones, with tentative, exploratory caresses. Mark and Gracie had already progressed to deep kisses. While over in the farthest corner …

The first honk cracked on a cough. This was followed by an explosive set of bass gander honks, counterpointed by a goose’s alto warble, and finished in a honk duet. The tips of the reeds shook in their vases.

“For flock’s sake!” Robert exploded. “Chris!” While Georgia snapped out, “Gabby!”

“She do that a lot?” Jeremy asked.

Ginny made a face. “That’s one of the reasons we call her Gabby. Normally you can’t get a peep out of her. Normally.”

“I want a piece of that,” Gracie decided, and scuttled across the floor to join Chris and her sister.

“I get the winner,” Mark called after her.

“What if it’s Chris?” Jeremy said.

Mark shrugged. “Whatever. It’s been a long migration.”

# # #

Eventually the goose-shifters settled into pairs, once Chris finished with his threesome. Kisses, murmurs, giggles and partners were exchanged throughout the night. None of the geese realized it, but their positions on the floor formed a perfect V.

# # #

All throughout the Pleasure Club the supposedly-soundproofed hallways echoed with the sounds of the overnight guests finding rest, relaxation, a mate, or just a bit of fun before they resumed their long flight. A pair of wolves from the kitchen staff lugging a keg of cider to one of the rooms paused to listen and exchange superior snorts. “Honk if you like geese,” one snickered.

“Every year,” the other complained. “Same damn joke every year. Get some new material, why don’tcha.”

Saturday, March 28, 2015

SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY: Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ Chapter Forty-six

Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys

Note: Sherilyn is mightily enjoying the attention of both Dontoya and Zance.

The first six paragraphs from ~  

 Chapter Forty-six:
"Oooh, caught in the crossfire."...  

"Oooh, caught in the crossfire." Sherilyn languorously shimmied. She took her time gazing at them both, then drawled, "And am I ever liking it."

When had she ever felt this sexually powerful?

"You're feelin' it, aren't you, darlin'?" Dontoya arched a black brow. The amusement in his eyes played on his lips--lips she could swoon over forever.

Sherilyn spooned in another creamy bite. She sure was relishing the cake, as well as Zance's and Dontoya's attention. "Is it the ring, or can you just tell?"

"How about both?" Dontoya velvety purred his words.

"Yep, it's both. My wolf side is pantin' like a steam engine. And my man side is ready to ride."


 For more Sunday Sneak Peaks


Blurb & Excerpts for HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS are on the page above.

Wishing you shapeshifting cowboy love on the wild side...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Sleep isn't Underrated

Gill fluffed his pillow again. He watched Chloe burp each of the triplets after nursing them. Three sleeping children and now he was to do the same. Another night of sleep sounded delicious.  The past week with nights filled with sleep of eight or more hours left him feeling energized and rested.  
“Whoever said sleep was overrated apparently didn’t go without it often,” Chloe surmised crawling into bed next to him.   “Quiet and rest are something parents need.”

“Kids too.  We better get em trained when they start insisting on their independence.”  Gill smiled remembering the parenting book Louie and Bettina gifted them recently. 

“Agreed.  By then Rachel and Tyburn’s twins will need a firmer hand too.  So we need to get a united front going.”  Chloe yawned and leaned back into her pillow.

Gill yawned twice as he reached toward the lamp on his bedside table.  “Tomorrow is soon enough to contemplate more.”

Moments of quiet passed before soft snores started to sound.  Sleep was once again a welcome guest at the mayoral mansion.


Happy Weekend Gang!

End of the quarter is here.  End of month as well.  Day job is morphing into a lot of different things.

The spice homestead is pulsing right along.  I'm sorry for the short post.  Like Gill and Chloe, sleep is running short last few weeks.  I'm off to write a bit before I take a nap.

Keep a few good books handy to share with your loves and spice.  I know I am as soon as I finish writing them.

Until Next Week,


Friday, March 27, 2015

On The QT...

They were going to assess her skills?  Her skills? Edina cringed, the ones she supposedly had as a freaking dominatrix…

“Wow,” her sister spoke on a very aroused sigh. “That was some woman.”

“Sophie…,” Oh hell. “What am I going to do?”

“Sounds to me like you’re going to have to show off your evil powers in making people lose weight…”

“Just that, huh.  Oh my god, Soph…”

“Well that and you get to submit.” 

Again with the sigh.  Clearly she’d missed this side of her sister’s personality. “You’re not helping.”

“Sorry, I don’t really see the problem here.”

Of course she didn’t.  “That’s because it’s not your ass on the line.  We were supposed to keep it on the QT here, remember.”

“And we are, Edina.  I mean, we never leave the club.  Dante, Rafe and Reetha bring us everything we need so we don’t show our faces out in the world and Dante verifies all of our clients are actually Peakites.  That’s pretty QT if you ask me.”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts sis.  You have to do this or stop helping people.  Which will it be?”

“Damn you.”  Her sister was too smart for her own britches sometimes.

“Love you, too.  Now start by going back in there,” — she jerked a thumb at the office door — “and get Mr. Ed to agree to sub for you at this thing.”

“Sophie, don’t call him that.” Edina whispered back at her from the open door way.

“Why not, he likes it.  Don’t you, Niles.”

“Yeaaaaaah, I kindaaaa do.”

Edina laughed at her client’s dead on imitation of the famous talking horse and tried not to think about her upcoming review, especially the submitting part.

A bit of a quickie from me today as school has dumped the proverbial load on me of late.  No worries though, I'm working through it.  :)

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mad Scientist Tracked To 'End of the World' Island

Springtime howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, here's another sneak peek of an 'unedited' chapter from my SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP,  starring my winged horse heroine, Keina, and her more-than-human hero, Drev.  This is a Talbot's Peak scene. Anyhoo, if any of my fellow authors want to make corrections and/or suggestions, have at it.

Also, the above pic is just one I found of two other Peakites, not my heroine or hero.


Chapter Twenty-one

Drev took a generous swallow of his cooling coffee, a premium blend at Java Joe's. After a glance around the coffee-shop hangout, owned by the town witch, Marissa, he buried his nose in the G&B Gazette.

The alpha-werewolf run newspaper always entertained, and Drev kept up with White Fang's front-page scoops. Beyond their patrols together protecting Talbot's Peak territory, the ace crime reporter had become a true friend.

Mad Scientist Tracked To 'End of the World' Island
White Fang Khent

This reporter recently learned Morloxian, a bio-genetic scientist for hire, was spotted in South Africa as he boarded a local fishing boat. Last summer, Morloxian, who has been connected to town founder, Damian Hancock, used his twisted genius to lab-brew up what some named the mutant werewolf mammoth. This leviathan-sized beast with a gargantuan appetite, terrorized the populace as he thundered down the highway toward Talbot's Peak.
According to Ewan Carter, who rescued Maureen Starkey from the hellephant's back, the bio-tank with an anaconda-like trunk intended to trample our fair town into oblivion. Due to the brave stand of many Peakite heroes and sheroes, and the monster hunter, Abel Cochrane, the mutant of your worst nightmares was stopped dead in his ground-quaking steps.
At the time, mad-scientist Morloxian escaped capture, and this reporter has been dogging his world-hopping steps ever since. The Afrikaner boat captain, Rodney Vandyke, when interviewed by this reporter stated, "It was like dropping Mr. M -- what he called himself -- in the middle of the ocean. Almost.  A small black sub bobbed to the surface next to the boat, like Mr. M said it would. I watched him climb down -- strangest moving man I ever saw, reminded me of a werewolf I saw in the movies. And he was covered head to foot like he was about to be trekking through the Antarctic ice fields.
"I couldn't give you a detailed description of his face," Mr. Vandyke added without this reporter asking. "Well, the hatch opened automatically, and Mr. M jumped right in, spry as a grasshopper. I tell you, that sub vanished beneath waves before I could blink. The nearest land is an island none of us dares approach... many a good man has mysteriously disappeared."
Upon investigation this reporter discovered the island, Bouvette, is a rocky fortress, approximately 1,000 miles from South Africa, Antarctica, and the tip of South America.
A cursory look at history reveals the Nazi connection to South America and Antarctica, where a secret submarine base, New Schwabenland, was established during World War II. In the estimation of some military experts, the base remains active.
Speculation and research suggests advanced war technology is being designed and built, as well as space-time vehicles like the Nazi Bell. Hidden in the shadow-pages of history, further information about the Nazi Bell is detailed by muckraker journalist, Jim Marrs, in his recent book "The Rise of the Fourth Reich". 
Has Morloxian joined this rise of the Fourth Reich? Or, what sinister forces are at work when it comes to this mad-genius scientist?
In the near future, this reporter plans to do an on-sight investigation.

Drev became aware his eyebrows arched so high they were likely stuck to the ceiling. That was White Fang. The intrepid super wolf kept a low profile, but never backed down in the face of a fight.

Lowering the paper, Drev glanced out the window. Fresh snow blanketed the streets and sidewalk, the slant of sunlight making it sparkle. Not many were about, probably choosing to cozy up at home.

Damn, he hoped Keina wasn't angry with him for sending his brother to her apartment. Like a razor blade ripping through his belly, Drev warrior-sensed the prince's stud-determined pursuit. The way he figured it, his filly girl would be safer in the company of a human, rather than flying back to his cabin.

She hadn't seemed upset when Sean called to tell him they were on the road, and the snow had let up. He'd briefly spoken to Keina then. But, women were skilled at disguising their emotions in any given social situation.

Drev grinned to himself, then savored another large swallow of coffee. Sean had practically volunteered. 'Course, his brother would be dying of curiosity, knowing Drev avoided relationship. For years now.

Plus, as he'd told Sean no other woman 'charged his batteries' like Keina. Hell yeah, his brother would be chomping at the bit to meet her, learn all about her.

And if he only knew about her horse shifter side... well, maybe one day, if his brother opened up to the paranormal...'cause, Sean had a thing for horses like their dad.

"Refill?" Gloria asked, holding the old-fashioned, glass pot at the ready. The goose shapeshifter flashed a sweet smile.

"Sounds good. And how about bringing me any pastries you have left  over? Didn't realize how hungry I was. Missed lunch."

Gloria smiled even wider. "I'll go round up what we have. And if you want to order anything else, just let me know."

"Sure will, Miss Gloria." Drev gave her a wink when she finished filling his mug. Dang, he was feeling too good -- on top of the world like in his on-the-fast-track early twenties.

He ignored Moon-Moon's glare, Gloria's werewolf squeeze, and inhaled the coffee's wonderful aroma. After an appreciative sip, Drev pointedly looked out the window at the shiny new snowmobile he'd purchased.

He'd make certain Keina wrapped up warmly for the ride back to the cabin. Or they could spend the night at The Talbot's Peak Inn -- reputed to be haunted by an American Indian Shaman.

Once Gloria set a basket of baked goods before him, Drev munched on the treats he allowed himself when in town. At the same time, his mind spun with scenarios of how to protect Keina.

No doubt Tretorff schemed like the depraved horse's ass he was to abduct her. Although, his filly girl was darn good at defending herself, as he'd discovered when they romped and tussled in the snow.

Anxious, even though he psi-sensed Keina remained safe with his brother, Drev shot a glance at the end of Main street, then turned his attention on the movie critic, Ralph the *da bear's* column. He chuckled between sips of coffee.

"Praise the lord and pass the pumpkin pie," Drev muttered his mother's favorite saying at this time of year -- once he finished reading.

"Pumpkin pie latte?" Gloria asked, on her way to another table. 

"Huh?" Drev looked up at the smiling goose girl. "Sure, bring three. One to go." he added. From the corner of his eye, he'd caught a glimpse of his brother's dark blue pickup as it rounded the corner.

Drev swore every atom inside him vibrated like the biggest, baddest buzz saw ever made in anticipation of his Keina.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, March 23, 2015

Home Improvement

Digger had fallen into the habit of gazing out his kitchen window while he waited for his morning coffee to perk. Sometimes he got lucky and spotted a gopher or a squirrel. One quick shift and bang, breakfast. Today, however, all he saw was his neighbor Lorelei, staring forlornly at the bare patch that would be his garden come spring.

What the hell, he still had a good five minutes before coffee. Digger went outside. “What up, bunny?”

“This won’t do at all,” Lorelei said. “I need green. Where’s all the green?”

“It’s March. The ground’s like concrete. I won’t be able to plant for another month at least. What do you need greens for?”

Lorelei stared at him. “Hello? Spring? Fresh shoots and leaves? I want to make an edible outfit for Bobby. He loved that Romaine dress I made one year. I was hoping you’d have something.”

“Not this early in the season. What’s wrong with the grocery store?”

“Your greens taste so much better. You can’t beat garden fresh.” The bunny peered around the side of the house. “I thought you’d have a greenhouse by now. Why don’t you have a greenhouse?”

“Do I need to remind you yet again why I started the garden in the first place?”

She sniffed archly. “You don’t even need the meat any more. You can get all you want in trade with your veggies. I thought you were doing that as a sideline.”

“Not year round. Anyway, nothing beats a fresh kill. The thrill of the chase, the taste of hot—”

Lorelei slammed her hands over her ears. “I can’t hear you lalalalalala…”

The back door opened. “Coffee’s ready,” Digger’s human mate Laurie called out. “Hey, Lorelei. Are you all right?”

“No. Your carnivore boyfriend’s turning my stomach with tales of his disgusting eating habits. Not to mention I need leafy greens and he doesn’t have any. Why hasn’t he built that greenhouse yet?”

“We don’t need a greenhouse,” Digger insisted. “We dry enough herbs in the fall to get us through the winter. We’re not that big on veggies—”

“Speak for yourself,” Laurie said.

“Yeah. Sorry, babe. But c’mon, we’re covered there too. Mam loves canning, and she puts up a ton of—”

“Your mam cures game for jerky,” Lorelei cut in. “She ages venison in her attic. Bobby and I know elk who check out her house, make sure none of their relatives are in there.”

“How many times do I have to say this? My family doesn’t eat sentients. Never did, never will. It’s real game animals all the way. We always make sure our meat can’t talk back.”

“Your cousin Alf—”

“Is getting treatment. He should be out in five years, tops.”

“Lorelei’s right, you know,” Laurie said. “We should have a greenhouse.”

“We don’t need—”

“But wouldn’t it be nice if we had fresh herbs for cooking all year round? And green veggies. And tomatoes for sauce.” Laurie eyed Digger’s gut. “I know how much you love my tomato sauce. And I could experiment with flowers. It’s a hobby of mine,” she told Lorelei. “I like developing new strains. The growing season here’s too short, and they won’t let me play around with the stock at the garden center.”

“You’re talking about starting an entire home-based business,” Digger said. “I don’t even know if we’re zoned for that.”

“I’m sure Mayor Gil would okay it,” Lorelei said quickly. “Anything that benefits Talbot’s Peak gets his seal of approval. And face it, Digs, what you’ve started here is benefitting the Peak. There are more herbies than carnies around, and they all love fresh organic veggies.”

“And you’ve been talking more and more about starting your own business,” Laurie added. “Construction was never your dream job. Gardening lets you dig more.”

“I don’t believe this. You’re ganging up on me and you’re not even the same species. Why do shes always do this? And before I’ve had my coffee, yet.”

“We could have fish,” Laurie said. “Back in high school, the Ag Department had one of those hydroponics systems with fish added. The fish swam around and lived off the plants, while the fish poop provided nutrients for the veggies. At the end of the semester the kids harvested both. We could have fresh fish all winter long without you having to go out and get it.”

“They tried that at our high school,” Lorelei said. “It never works for long. As soon as the fish get big enough, somebody breaks in and eats them. The otters and the raccoons just can’t help themselves. And the bears—don’t get me started. But the lettuce always makes it through the semester.” The bunny sighed in recollection.

Digger had gone quiet at the words “fresh fish.” Now he licked his lips. “Indoor fish hatchery, eh? I could get behind that. Next to red meat, I could go for fish. You eat fish too. I’ve seen you.”

“I need the protein,” Laurie admitted. “So do a lot of the herbivore shifters, to keep their human selves healthy. Fish solves a lot of dietary problems.”

“You’d be a hero to the community,” Lorelei said. “Providing food for hungry children when foraging’s tough.”

“Hungry herbie children, you mean. That’s not how it’s supposed to work between wolves and prey animals. What about my reputation?”

“Carnie boy, you dig in the dirt like a dog, live with a human, and pal around with bunnies. Everyone knows this already. How much worse could your reputation get? Look at it this way: you pull this off and you’ll be eating better than everyone else in your pack. You won’t even have to chase it. Where’s the downside there?”

“I suppose you’ll be wanting a job in this hypothetical greenhouse? To be paid in produce?”

“I’m willing to invest in a startup business,” Lorelei said. “In exchange for produce.”

“How about you? Are you in?” Digger asked Laurie. “If it takes off, you may have to leave your job at the garden center. Aw, scat. I might as well marry you. Make it a family business.” Suddenly his words caught up with him. “Did I just propose?”

“You did! You did! I’m a witness!” Lorelei hopped up and down.

“I accept,” Laurie said, and kissed Digger before he could retract his offer. The kiss got longer and longer, and more enthusiastic.

“So that’s settled,” Lorelei said. She tapped her finger thoughtfully against her lips. “Now, about beehives … ”