Welcome to my page.  I love blogging here at Shape Shifter Seductions.  Since this is my place to tell you about what I've got going on, I'll keep you posted on happenings around the place and post links to my current books available along with notices of what is coming along next.  If along the way you enjoy what I've written or want to see a story about a particular character or set of characters, let me know.  You never know what might get the creative juices brewing for the next spicy hot story.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, May-December, sex toys]
It isn’t the flames or smoke that worry Fire Chief Brent Stephens. What worries him the most is the heat his libido keeps throwing off every time he gets near Bunny Kater.
Bunny’s sworn off firemen, and intimacy—never mind that she’s worn out a vibrator or two along the way—that is, until she meets Brent. Turning forty, coupled with Brent’s presence, awakens her isolated emotions in ways she isn’t expecting. And he’s younger than she is.
Brent is unsure of his growing interest in Bunny. If his overly zealous male ego calms down, he might be able to understand why Bunny affects him like she does. It would help if he could find his lust control switch and turn it down a few degrees, too. Second chances happen once chance at a time, but Brent isn’t even sure they’re going to get a first one.

Out Now:

[PolyAmour: Erotic Contemporary Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M]
Who better to get snowed in with than your friends? That's what Val Swarter thinks until she finds herself sharing a king-size bed with her boyfriend, Darryl Swanson, and his best friend, Mason Cox. Val has desired both Mason and Darryl for some time, and she knows the two men have shared threesomes before.
None of them want to jeopardize their friendship, but when desire turns into a frank discussion of their true feelings, can these three figure out how to make the leap from a burning hot threesome to a lifelong triad of love?
A Siren Erotic Romance

Hot for Torrey (MF) 

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Torrey Neadson wants more than physical intimacy—she wants love, connection, and the white picket fence. Torrey blew the chance at having it all with Holt Addison, once. Until he can connect with her on an emotional level, she'll make do taking care of herself.
Holt doesn’t want any more one-night stands. Being friends with benefits with Torrey became more and introduced him to a deeper relationship. The problem is Torrey moved on before he could tell her. Holt thought he could move on, too. Can they overcome their unsettled past to become the real thing?
Their respective friends want them back together, but Torrey and Holt have unresolved issues, and lingering feelings keep getting in the way. What starts out as botched setup date rapidly turns into days and nights full of surprises.
A Siren Erotic Romance