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Phil sat down next to his wife Hazel.  The group gathered in Gill’s front room reminded him of his family growing up.  Extended family helped more than people realized.  Grandad with his stories and Grandma’s home made clothes combined with aunts and uncles lessons on life added to what his parents did.  A group rasie wasn’t so bad.  The group here was a family in the making.

“Hey Gill, can I tell a tale?”  Phil asked looking around the group noting no one else raised their hand when Gill asked who was next for sharing a story.

“Appears you got the spot,” Gill replied, sitting down next to Chloe.
Phil rose, made his way to the open space near the fireplace. 
“Hi folks,” Phil began.  A few murmurred replies sounded.

“Granddad always had a joke handy.  Some of ‘em got us grandkids every time he told ‘em.”  Heads nodded, urging Phil to continue.
“His fave goes like this:  A new to country living boy asks a farmer how many hens can a rooster service.

Oh, about 10 hens the farmer advises.  Next morning the new country dude goes out and all 10 hens are laying out in the yard with their feet up in the air and tounges hanging out deader than a nail.  Rooster is strutting around barnyard cocky as all get out. 

Country boy walks over to the rooster says,  Think you’re hot stuff, eh?  All that sex is gonna do you in.  I’ll fix you.  Country boy buys 20 hens and puts them  in with rooster.

Next morning same thing as prior.  20 hens screwed to death.  Well now country boy is really miffed.  This rooster’s challenge isn’t gonna beat him.  40 hens and the rooster are put up in the coop that night.

Next morning country boy looks out in the yard and 40 hens are laying out screwed just like the others before them.  But….”  Phil paused looking around the room.

Gazes met his.  He got nods and hands motioning for him to go on.  He smiled and rubbed his lips together.  “Out amongst the hens laid the rooster with his feet up and tongue hanging out.  Country boy walks over to him shaking his finger and smiling.  See I told you you would screw your self to death.   Rooster puts his wing to his lips goes SShh then points to the sky replying BUZZARDS!”

Titters of laughter followed by guffs of chuckles erupted.  Phil waited until the noise died down before continuing.  “Granddad’s moral was love don’t know boundaries.  Lust will get you if you ain’t careful.  He spoke from experience we learned as we grew up.  He fell in lust with the girl next door.  They eloped only to find out later that their shape shifter species couldn’t mate.  Grandma One loved soaring with the wind under her buzzard wings on a full moon night.  Granddad bless his heart loved her as much as his second wife, Grandma Too.  A groundhog through and through.  Yep, Granddad was a polygamist.”

Phil made his way back through the quiet group, knowing several looked at him differently and others smiled.  Who else had an eye opening tale to share?



Happy Weekend Gang!

Wow talk about unique pasts!  You never know what you'll find out next with our Peakites!  

How's the weather treating you?  The Spice Homestead is ready for Spring and warm weather.  Snow still shows as I look out the window.  More green of the lawns through out the neighboorhood show. The forecast is for 60 degrees next week the back to cold and more what?!  SNOW!  So the joust between Winter and Spring continues...sigh.

Treat your self and your loves and spice to a few good books while we weather out this joust seeing when Winter will surrender to Spring.  Or is it Spring beats the *())_*)_&*&() out of Winter?

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Friday, February 27, 2015

They Have A Union for That?

Penelope sat in the overstuffed chair built for two, stroking her mink who had recently, it seemed, acquired a lovely leather collar in a shade of blue found on only one man in town.  The collar was an exact match to the gem hanging from a choker circling the Mistress’ neck.  Both mink and Madam looked happier than he’d seen them in weeks.  For that, Dom was happy.

“So, Master Dominic, you called a meeting?  Is there some sort of problem we need to discuss and if so, where is everyone?”

Dom looked to the young lion he’d been training for some time, then down to the muzzled wolf at his feet.  The she stayed close to Leo’s legs and uttered not one whine.  He could see that Leo had taken his advice and purchased the gentle muzzle found at The Talbot’s Peak Pet Store to help curtail his sub’s wild tongue.  The silencing was more a mental punishment than a physical one.  “Not a problem, per se, Leo, more an interesting development.  The others were invited, but had engagements they could not cancel.  They were all fine with us discussing this and letting them know our verdict.”

“Not a problem, per se?” Mistress P repeated, sex oozing with every syllable.  “I love the sound of that.”

“I figured you would, Pen.” Dominic joked. “Here’s the quick…”

“…And dirty?” The colorful bird quickly questioned.

“Yes, Pen, and dirty.  We have a new Domme in town and she’s doing some very interesting things.”

“Ah, Edina.” Penelope grinned, changing her position in the chair to better cuddle her sub. “She is doing some new and unusual things in that basement room of hers.  Dante was impressed by the numbers of shifters she has coming and going…pun kind of intended.”

Dom covered his chuckle with a cough and the wolf at Leo’s feet, chuffed.  Penelope, always the smart-aleck just sat and smiled. “Yes, she’s been busy.  The question is, are we okay with her taking money for what she’s doing?”

“What exactly she’s doing is really the question then?”  Leo spoke to no one in particular.

“Has anyone of us been by to see what she’s doing?” Mistress P asked.  “From what I understood her clientele has all been overweight.  Is she preying on them?  Offering something to “help” them lose weight, but really does nothing but lighten their wallets?”

“Good question, Mistress,” Leo said, his hand now stroking the wolf’s head at his feet.  “I’ve not heard any talk about “miracle” cures to anything over at my practice, but I’ll keep my ears open for gossip.”

“Sounds good, Leo.  Thanks.”  Dom looked back to Penelope, knowing she was planning something.  “Pen?”

“I think we need to invite her to one of our “union” meetings.  Let her explain what she’s doing here and then decide if she can “join.”

Dom chuckled, as did Leo.  “Would this just be an excuse to call in the toy panderers?”

“Any time is a good time for sex toys, Dom.  This you know.  And yes, I do enjoy shopping for the good deals the panderers like to offer, but we can use a toy show to test her, as well.  If she wants to Domme in Talbot’s Peak, she needs to be tested for what kind of Dom she is.  The best way…put her through her sub paces.  If she passes, she can show us her Domme chops.  Plus, if we invite the right panderers, there will already be a cross or bench at the ready.”

“Agreed.” Dom nodded.

“Sounds good.” Leo affirmed.

“Wonderful,” Penelope purred.  “I’ll start making some calls.”

I wonder how Edina will like her welcome and who will administer her "test?"  Could there be a Dom in her future or do you see her with a switch?  So many questions...

Keep warm!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hit and Run Post

Happy Wednesday! Rebecca here, reassuring everyone that I am, in fact, still alive and not part of witness protection. Not much to post this week unless you want a snipet. Yes, you do want one? Ok!



"So you're actually a witch and not, like, a demi god or a semi god or something?" she asked curiously.

"Why would you think I was a god derivative?" I asked, flat out pole axed.

"Well, you did something only a god would be able to do. You were raised by a god. You live real quiet and everything even though you have a butt-load of power..."
I shut my eyes and nodded. Got it.

"No, no gods blood in me," I replied bitterly. "Just a witch who likes to be left alone."

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Year of the Ram

Sun in Pisces howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

So, here's a bit of a riff off Pat's fabulous-fun flash scene from yesterday... given it involves losing weight. But that's where the similarity ends. Anyway, this is just a man shifter and human woman getting to know one another by having dinner at one of the clubs inside Dante's Interspecies Pleasure Club complex.


Year of the Ram

Zurgo smoothed a palm over his dark gray suit jacket, made of finest silk. He strutted inside the dinner club, one of the Pleasure Club's most splendid establishments -- in his opinion as an intergalactic traveler.

Pleasurably anxious to catch sight of his date, Zurgo roamed his gaze over the dim but radiant interior of the club. Couples, engaged in intimate conversations, sat at small, linen-covered tables with a pink rose in the center. Cozy booths also lined the unusually shaped room, which resembled the shape of a single spiral.

The infinity of love, Zurgo thought.

Being a touch color blind when it came to the colors on Earth, and without his color-correcting goggles, Zurgo knew he couldn't fully appreciate the club's decor, or the subtle shades of pink and black.

"At least, it's not fifty shades of gray," he muttered in his native language. A wave of revulsion hit him. As he understood it, Earth's sexual culture was extremely varied and complex. From the exquisitely beautiful to wildly bawdy and adventurous -- to an ugliness he could neither stomach, nor understood. 

Zurgo lit up inside as if struck by a healing laser beam. The woman chosen by Dante's date-finder service was an absolute beauty. Perched on an elegant bar stool, one of her shapely legs dangled, and Zurgo paused in his steps to simply stare and appreciate.

Her amazingly voluptuous curves, displayed by the brief cocktail dress she wore, caused his hands to itch with fierce carnal need. Images of him handling her soft flesh, of her curves spilling from his large hands as he pleasured her, caused his cock to eagerly twitch.

Zurgo ram-charged ahead. How cosmic-joke ridiculous the woman wanted to lose weight. As the matchmaker had patiently explained to him, his date wished to meet a suitable man with superior endurance for an extended period of sexual fun and games. Her goal was to erotic-enjoyably lose weight.

No doubt, he was the ram for the job, to put it in the colloquial terms of this Earth culture.

As he approached, Zurgo focused solely on her face, a vision of human loveliness. She'd swept her hair up in a style that not only gave her the look of a queen, but showed off her adorable features.

Once he stood before her, she lowered the fancy concoction she'd been sipping on.  The question shone in her eyes, starry jewels that reminded him of the blue moons orbiting one of his favorite planets.

"Let me introduce myself, most beautiful woman of Earth. I am Zurgo of the Dhar Vosque. Pink was the color of sunset this evening," he added the line that identified him as her date.

Her wide gorgeous smile as she offered her hand blazed his insides most deliciously. Zurgo brought her hand to his lips, pressing a small kiss to the top of her long fingers.  A musician's hands, he instantly noticed.

She could strum and play him anytime, anywhere. His entire body, whether human or when he shifted to his ram form, similar to a mature Bighorn on this blue-water world. Although, he was larger in stature, his coat longer, curlier, and golden-brown colored.

"My name is Shailynn." She spoke once he'd lowered her hand, and their gazes met.

"Ah, a musical name. May I escort you to our table?" Zurgo offered his arm, bending at the waist to accommodate her height, which he judged came to the top of his chest.

Curiosity owned her expression as she stood and twined her arm with his. "Musical," she lightly bantered. "Does that mean my name isn't to your liking, or is?"

"You'll find I speak my mind. I find your name pleasing. Your figure is more pleasing."

"Really?" Surprise lilted her voice, and her grip tightened on his arm.

"You are a beautiful woman to my eye, Shailynn. However, let's dine and learn about each other." Zurgo pulled her chair out in the gentlemanly manner he'd learned. "I make one request."

"And that is...?" she asked, seating herself at the table he'd chosen. They would have an excellent view of the entertainment scheduled for later in the evening.

"No talk of diets, or weight, or anything related. I wish to speak of more important matters." Zurgo swung around lowering himself to the chair. As a man ram he appreciated the size and sturdiness.

"Oh," she paused, "of course. Understood. It can become boring."

Zurgo reached for her hand, and as she responded, he embraced her much smaller hand between his palms. "Shailynn, choose whatever pleases your palate, and enjoy your dining experience. No worries about calories or anything diet related. Will you do this?"

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded. "Yes," she tremulously agreed, then nervously smiled. "I hear they have the most scrumptious desserts. Lover's desserts they're called."

Zurgo allowed a slow smile to curve his mouth, already pleased with her company. He lingeringly released her hand. "We have a long romantic evening ahead." With  delicious aromas filling the air, he suggested, "Why don't we order dinner?"

Even as he spoke, a waiter moved toward them, menus in hand. Once they'd made their selections, and were alone again, Zurgo placed his full attention on Shailynn.

"You are not a shapeshifter, right?"

"Only in my dreams. It's a long story." At his encouraging nod, she continued. "I was adopted, raised by parents who are shifters. They couldn't have children then...later, they did. Mom is a horse. Dad is a buck, a white-tailed deer buck."

She lowered her eyelids, then gazed at him, and Zurgo leaped into the sparkle of her eyes. "What type of shifter are you?"

"How do you know I am a shifter?" he teased in a flirting manner.

"Smell," she seriously replied. "My parents taught me how to use my senses beyond a lot of humans."

"Ram," he announced. "I hope that does not dissuade you from my company." There was no mountain high enough to keep him from this delectable woman morsel, he decided. 

"Ram," she seemed to savor. "It is the Chinese Year of the Sheep." She gave him another brilliant smile. "I'm told you're not from around these parts."

With an answering grin, Zurgo pointed straight up.

"Mountaintop." She flirtatiously rolled her shoulders.

"There are mountaintops on my planet, beautiful Shailynn."

"Oh." Pause. "Wow." Her pretty brow scrunched. "Who are you?"

Taking a chance, Zurgo offered his palm. After hesitating for moments, her hand alighted on his, so soft, then yielding to his tender grip. "We have all evening to talk about each other."

"You know, I don't care where you're from. Although, I'm incredibly curious. But if Dante trusts you...well, let's see where the evening goes."

"Like to go mountain climbing?" Zurgo asked, tongue in ram cheek.

"Not really. Is that something you require... if we...? But I'm way ahead of myself."

"No mountain climbing required." Lifting her hand, he placed a gentle kiss in the center of her palm.

"I think I'd like to climb the mountain of a man you are, Mr. Ram. But I do like hiking."

"That kind of mountain climbing is required." Zurgo wanted her climbing all over him. His cock gave a lurch to prove it. But he also adored romancing a woman. "Dinner and dancing and kisses in the moonlight first."


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Bondage Diet

The naked man chained to the wall strained against his bonds. On the table before him sat two plates. One held juicy apple slices. The other held donuts. The man leaned longingly toward the donuts.

“No.” The woman dressed in leather straps and thigh-high boots slapped his thigh with a riding crop. “Bad boy. We don’t want those awful donuts, do we?”

“Yes we do,” the chained man whined. “They’re jelly.”

“That wasn’t an invitation to speak.” Edina whacked him hard on the ass. He moaned. She struck him again and again, just hard enough to bring a stinging glow to his cheeks. “Do I need the gag? Or the blinders?”

He looked to her face to see if a response would be allowed. At her indulgent nod, he confessed, “I might need the blinders, Mistress.”

“I thought as much.” She fixed a pair of blinders to his head, so all he could see was the apples. And her, of course. If he wanted to see the donuts he’d have to turn his head, and that would lead to another spanking. The man did not turn his head.

“Look at this.” Edina slapped her crop lightly on his flabby stomach. “And this.” With one leather-gloved hand she jiggled the folds beneath his upper arm. Suddenly she grabbed his face. Jowl spilled between her fingers. “You eat like a pig.”

“Begging Mistress’s pardon, but I am a pig.”

“So you feel you have to live down to all those expectations? Turn that svelte boar’s body into an ugly mass of pork? How do you imagine your wife feels, forced to walk down the street with a lump like you? How dare you do that to her!” She smacked his ass with her hand.

The fat man hung his head. “I’m a miserable excuse for a husband. I’m so sorry.”

“A sorry block of bacon. Is that what you want for yourself?”

“No, Mistress. I want to get back into shape. I want to be able to mow the lawn without having to stop and wheeze every five minutes. I want to walk down the street and not waddle. I want to be a boar, not a pig.”

“Good boy.” Edina fed him a slice of apple. He nearly inhaled it. Her glare reminded him of the consequences. He chewed carefully and swallowed.

“Much better,” she said. She fed him a second slice. “What have we learned today?”

“Apples good. Donuts bad.”


“Exercise is our friend.”


“Corn chips are not vegetables.”

“Good boy. You know what comes next.” She set the crop on the table and unlocked his shackles. The man began to quiver. “Is there a problem?” she asked.

“I—Mistress, please, don’t do this.”

“Do what?” she crooned viciously.

“Please, Mistress. Not the scale.”

“If I say scale, you get on the scale. Do I need the cattle prod?”

“No, Mistress.” Resigned, the naked man stepped onto the scale. With the blinders on, he had no choice but to look.

“Holy hamhocks!” he blurted. “I’ve lost five pounds!”

“Excellent. Excellent job, Ernie.” Edina broke character and hugged him. “That’s enough for this session. Let’s end it on a happy note.”

Ernie removed the blinders and wiped his forehead with his hand. “Hey, look. I’m hardly sweating. A month ago it would’ve been pouring off me.”

“You’re coming along nicely,” Edina agreed. “You’ve been following the meal plans? And exercising?”

“Joanie and I’ve been taking walks in the evening. And she’s starting to get, um, romantic.” He blushed all over. “She hasn’t been interested in me in that way in so long … ” All of a sudden he hugged her. “God bless you, Mistress.”

Used to being hugged by naked fat men, Edina just laughed and hugged back. “Get your clothes on, Ernie, before I have to spank you again.”

While her client was dressing, Edina called up a file on her desktop and printed it out. “Here,” she said, handing it to him. “You earned this.”

He glanced over the printout hopefully. “Another recipe?”

“Low-fat muffins. You can dress them up with walnuts or cranberries. You may have one as a snack or dessert. Does your wife like to bake?”

“Loves it. That was part of the problem.”

“All things in moderation, Ernie. That’s the key. You can eat whatever you like, if you keep to modest portions.”

“That ain’t always easy in my family. But it’s paying off.” Now that he was dressed and had pockets again, he reached into one and pulled out a handful of cash, which he handed to Edina. “Next Thursday okay?”

“I should be able to fit you in. Check with Sophie at the desk.” She tucked her pay into her bodice. “Your wife has no idea what you’re doing?”

Ernie chuckled. “She thinks I’m seeing a nutritionist.”

Edina, who was a nutritionist, smiled back. “Then we’ll keep her in the dark. I expect you to be down another three pounds by next week. If not, I shall be very cross.”

“I won’t disappoint you, Mistress.” Ernie left the dungeon. He still moved in a waddle, but if he stuck to the program that would disappear.

Edina waited until he was out of sight before she sat with a whoosh of a sigh. The boots made the costume, but were hell on her feet. Moments later her sister Sophie entered. “Ernie told me he paid you.”

“Right here.” Edina passed over the cash. “How are we doing? Any more clients today, or can I take these damn things off?”

“Sorry, sis. We’re booked until evening. You’ll just have to suck it up.” Sophie looked around the dungeon: the chains, the handcuffs, the toys arrayed on one wall, the food pyramid poster on the other. “I have to admit, I never thought a business like this would take off. We’re making money hand over fist.”

“It’s all about finding your niche, my dear.” Edina helped herself to an apple slice. “The Pleasure Club covers just about everything, but it missed this. People want to lose weight, but they feel they lack discipline. It was a natural fit.”

“And lucrative. You should write a diet book.”

“I would if I had time. Who’s next?”

“Mr. Godwin. The horse?”

Edina snorted. “He’s cheating. He thinks I can’t smell the sugar on his breath. Well, it’s the spurs for him. I’ll get him down to his racing weight if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Good luck.” Sophie darted toward the table and snatched a jelly donut. She fled the dungeon, laughing, ahead of her sister’s outraged yell.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Phil Takes A Wrong Turn

A hard knock sounded against the solid oak front door of Talbot's Peak Mayor's mansion. Gill held up his hand as Mort opened his mouth to continue the story they started moments before.  "Hold your thought, please.  Seems someone demands entrance."

Several giggles erupted amongst the laughter as Gill made his way through the crowd occupying the large living room.  More snow continued to fall outside.  Fresh supplies came through thanks to a few all terrain vehicles in town.  Heat and company were in high demand as another bout of artic winds and subzero temperatures blew down from the mountains and into town. 

"Hold on to your mittens," Gill called out picking up his pace.  "We hear you knocking."

Dead bolts undone, as he opened the door a blast of wind blew snow in past him.  Gill darted behind the door and peered around its edge.  He blinked once.  Twice and wondered who'd knocked.  

"Hold on," a familiar voice called out.  A shadowy short figure appeared to be running toward the house.  Three other similar sized figures followed the first.

As the first figure reached the edge of the circle of light the front porch light projected, an all too familiar face came into view.

"Phil!" Gill called out.  "How the hell did you end up here?"

"Fracking GPS and dumb asses back home."  Phil  stepped up on to the porch, stamping his snow covered boots.  Behind him, his cousin Charlie and his wife followed.  The fourth figure stood behind them.  

"GPS?  Huh?"  Gill asked opening the door wider as he motioned them in.

"I heard ya got a house full friend.  We stopped at Louie's to warm up and eat."  Phil stepped into the house pushing the hood of his parka off his head.

"Sure do.  I'm sure we can find room for you."  Gill moved away from the door as Charlie and his wife entered.  The fourth person moved up to the porch still hesitating.

"Come on Philbert.  You made a mistake.  People aint gonna hate on ya for it."  Phil shook his head and leaned close to Gill before whispering his next comment.  "Never hire your cousin-in-law as your driver.  Boy has a love-hate thing with electronics."

Before Gill could reply, another call came out from outside.  "We gotta get the kids in too."

Phil turned to Gill ready to speak.  Gill whipped up his hand again.  "No worries.  We got a bunch of them in here too.  Bring yours on in.  How many this litter?"

Phil laughed, nodding.  "Only four plus Charlie's twins.  Philbert's daughter and grand kids makes eight."

"Okay, I've got some camping gear and sleeping bags we can dig out.  Air mattresses and cushions on the floor are what we got for tonight."  Gill began to make his way back toward the living room.

Phil followed after speaking with Charlie.  "Sounds wonderful.  We'll bring our supplies in too. Looks like a month in California ain't happening this year."

Gill kept walking, biting his lip.  Talk about one hell of a wrong way turn.  There was a tale there for another night way the snow storms were going.


Happy weekend Gang!

Sorry for late post.  I'm dealing with snow here as well.  Two of the Spice Homestead are at a conference.  Others are safe in their home sitting out this snow storm like I am at our main place.  Tomorrow if the weather warms up, I may not need to shovel as much as DP and I did Tuesday this week.  Keep warm, safe, and sharing a good book or two with your spice and loves while winter takes it last hurrahs before spring comes a knockin'.

Until Next Week,


Friday, February 20, 2015

A Bonding Moment

Reetha took the steps two at a time and threw open the front door to Nick and Ziva’s house, ready to kill anything threatening her niece and nephew.  Mooney’s call for help still fresh enough in her head that she was fighting off the urge to shift.

“Holy Lupa, Reeth,” Mooney yelped, tucking a whimpering Cooper close to his chest. “Are you trying to scare the pups?”

“Where’s the problem?  How many are there?”

“What?  Reetha, what are you talking about?”

“The reason you called?”  She bit out, willing her wildly beating heart to calm enough so her hearing sharpened that much further. “You were whispering that you were with the babies and needed help.”

“Well, I do, just, it’s not…exactly what you must be thinking.”  Mooney stammered, blushing along the roots of his hairline.

“So there’s no danger in the vicinity?”

“Only you.”

Reetha turned her head, stretching and cracking the tension out before taking and holding her breath.

“Are you going to breathe again anytime soon?” her brother asked.  “Because I still do have that problem.”

She let out the calming breath and prayed to the great Lupa that she wouldn’t beat the crap out of her brother in front of the two sets of blue-green eyes watching her every move.  “What is the problem, Mooney?”

“River has a poopy diaper.”

A stripe of pick crossed her vision at her brother’s words.  “Please tell me you didn’t scare the hel, er, heck out of me because of a poopy diaper.”

“Well, I didn’t know what to do?”

Mooney at least had the decency to look embarrassed, but Reetha was still trying to process the idea that her brother – who had two children already – didn’t know what to do with a poopy diaper.  “You change it, Moon.  How in Lupa’s name did Thor and Loki survive their babyhood?”

“Well no shit, er, shilo, Reeth.  Of course you change them.  And I did that for Cooper.  I also did a lot of that with my boys, but that’s the thing, they’re boys.”

“And? Do girl babies not poop the same as boy babies?  Are you afraid there will be flowers in the diaper or something?”

“No.  It just didn’t feel right for me to be, you know, changing her diaper.  You know, never mind,” he said, while setting Coop back in the mounded up pillow area they used for play time.  “I’ll figure this out on my own.”

Mooney’s face was bright red and the look in his eyes was pure disgust—at himself.  Reetha was surprised to see how much he’d grown up over the time she’d been gone and wondered if she should be handling the situation in a different way?

“Wait.”  She put her hand on Mooney’s arm and bent to grab little River herself.  “Let’s do this together.  Is this the first time you’ve been around a girl baby as an adult?”

“Yeah, they are way different little creatures than boys.  Boy babies tend to always be in motion, kicking and moving around.  But she’s so thoughtful.  She looks at me like she’s trying to figure me out and to see if I’m doing things right or wrong.”

Reetha set River on the changing pad and Mooney grabbed the new diaper and cleaning supplies. “I can see what you mean about how thoughtful she is.  The way she’s staring can be confusing, but think back to Loki.  Didn’t he do the same thing sometimes?”

Mooney quietly watched as she stripped the used diaper from River’s tush and cleaned her up before putting on a clean one.

“Yeah, I guess sometimes he did do the same thing.”

“It’s an alpha thing, Moon.  She, like Loki, is figuring out her place here.  It starts early in shifters.  Beta babies tend to be more like regular babies, though they too are smart as a lick and advance faster, they are a bit more playful then their alpha counterparts.  That’s why it’s so important to keep the alpha babies with the beta babies and encourage silly playtime.  The alpha’s will be sliding into their roles soon enough.”

Moon leaned over and surprised her with a hug. “Thanks Reeth, for not laughing or beating me up.  Thanks for helping me.”

Reetha hugged her brother back, thankful she was getting another chance to be a part of this family.  “You’re welcome.”

“Now, give me that dirty diaper and you kiddo,” he said to the very aware River, “Next time, you and Uncle Moon are going to figure this out.  Sound good.”

River coo’d, giggled and let loose with a not quite growl at her Uncle Moon and Reetha knew they’d definitely figure out the changing thing.

“Mooney, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, shoot.”

“How did you come to be here today?  I thought Elly was coming over?”

“She was, but something happened with one of her hard-headed kids and she couldn’t come.  Pop went with her and I suspect you were busy as well.  Sorry if I pulled you away from something important.  I know I was their last pick, but I don’t mind.  I do like spending time with these two.  Plus, Coop needs another beta around here for a bit.”

“Yeah,” she laughed, “I can see where he would need a break.”

“Besides, Ziva’s working in the back room in case of emergencies.”

“And yet you called me?”

“Yeah, Ziva’s last words to me before burying herself in work were, ‘there are only two reasons to bother me today, boobs or blood.  They just ate and there had better not be blood.  If there’s blood I will emasculate you, and I’m not speaking figuratively here.’”

Reetha laughed, but gave Moon a sympathetic look.  “She takes her pups very seriously.”

“As she should.  I know poops not blood, but since I’d really like to keep the goods where they belong, the safe bet was to call you.”

Reetha laughed.  “Good call, Moon.”
Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drev tensed to charge and do battle...

Almost Chinese New Year howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Say goodbye to the Year of the Horse on February 19th, and Hello to the Year of the Sheep. Baaaaa, baaaa, black sheep... yes, he/she just might be showing up in Talbot's Peak.

Once again, here's a sneak peek of my current ShapeShifter Seductions WIP, starring my winged horse heroine, Keina, and her more-than-human hero, Drev. In this chapter, the Prince villain invades the sanctity of Drev's bedroom. And, no, this scene has NOT been edited in any way. But I hope you enjoy.


Drev tensed to charge and do battle...

Flabbergasted by Drev's warrior-determined protection of her, Keina's jaw dropped open. Oh, she'd known he was a man who would fight for his woman, to keep her, and to keep her safe. Yet this...this primal level of combativeness toward an unknown foe...Epona!
She couldn't help the favored beat of her heart for him.
Keina reached for Drev's forearm to let him know she wanted his chivalry, and to join her energy with his -- her feminine force with his masculine force, a solidarity in the face of the Prince's invasion of her life.
Glaring in the disgusting bore's direction -- where he stood invisible within the mirror portal -- she demanded, "Leave. What are you doing here?"
"Princess Svonj, it is my right and now my duty to claim you–"
"Don't say it!" Keina ordered, her ire flaming high. "Flubergastov! Did your fiancé discover the truth about your lecherous behavior?"
"Let's say I own no ill will over this change in my fortune." Prince Tretorff slowly revealed himself as he spoke. "Our marriage is to my advantage."
"I do not consent to marriage." Keina daggered her words.
"You have no choice, Princess–"
"I do." She matched his hauteur. "I am not in our realm. I need not honor our ways here."
As she spoke, Drev tensed to charge and do battle. Keina squeezed his muscle-bulging arm, silently asking him to wait. She hoped to dismiss the loutish Prince before it came to physical blows.
Believing himself superior, Tretorff might choose to fully manifest, then attempt to tromp Drev into the floor. Or the vile oaf  could simply retreat inside the portal, and indulge in a loud long horse laugh at Drev's expense.
Somehow, the arrogant hoof-ass had convinced one of the court mages to conjure this window into Earth that allowed him to emerge or be unseen at will.
"Do you wish to see me defeat this human, Princess Svonj. I will gladly splatter his blood on my hooves, if that will win your–"
Drev's growl of rage erupted with the force of a volcano. "Bring it on, dirt bag. Right here. Right now."
Keina realized only the grip of her hand stopped Drev from rushing to attack. His warrior fire burned her palm, even as his muscles strengthened beyond any human she'd known.
Astonishment owned her for a moment, even knowing Drev possessed such power. Recapturing her attention, the Prince's countenance darkened dangerously. His lips curled in disdain, and he bared his teeth, a stallion ready to fight over a mare.
"Go home, Prince," she commanded. "Dare to find a suitable woman who wishes you as husband."
"I find you more than suitable," he snarled through clenched teeth.
"I find you utterly unsuitable," Keina shot back. "Leave. I have no desire to see anyone's blood on your hooves." Heaving with anger, she spat out, "Oaf. Self-absorbed oaf."
"Self-absorbed?" the Prince arched a black brow, which made him appear only more menacing. He took a step, but didn't cross the portal's threshold. Not yet.
"Narcissistic." Drev cut with his tone. "Know that term?"
Glowering formidably, Prince Tretorff tensed into a threatening posture. About to leap, his thigh and calf muscles inflated, a comical sight in the bright blue tights
Keina halted the gurgle of laughter forming in her throat. She rose to her knees instead, taking the covering with her. "Really," she shook her head, a filly put-down of him, "what do you think you're going to achieve? If you attempt to bloody your fists or your hooves?"
"By rule of battle, I will claim you," the Prince spoke in a neighing trumpet, his horse close to the surface. "Your return has been granted by the King, as has our marriage."
Eyes for slits, Keina glared. "I have already defeated you. You are a stud-silly fool to believe I will do no less now."
"You would defy the King's will?" Bewilderment actually flashed in his eyes for an instant. "Stand aside, human offal. If you would spare your pathetic hide."
Without hesitation, Drev stalked to the end of the bed, growling. "Let's go. I'll wipe the floor with your royal butt. Prince."
'Prince' sounded like the worst slur in the universe, given Drev's tone, and Keina wondered how her life had suddenly become this surreal. So she'd bucked the norm, and been banished for it...but this unfolding scene?
Wait, she almost shouted, yet held her tongue as the two men viciously tried to stare each other down. There was a time when a filly stepped aside, when the two stallions battling for her couldn't, wouldn't be stopped. 
"Oh no," she whispered under her breath, and clutched the comforter tightly. The air crackled as if a lightning storm struck.
Who lunged first, Keina couldn't tell. The Prince launched from the portal, his fists morphing to deadly sharp hooves.
Drev charged like a snorting bull. Head down, he ploughed into the Prince's mid-section, forcing him backward. Prince Tretorff slammed his hooves on both sides of Drev's head.
Ouch! Keina flinched. With one eye shut, she dared a look.  As if he trained on a punching bag, Drev struck blow after blow. Shock contorted the Prince's already ugly face.
He neighed furiously, and spun attacking with his feet, now transformed into huge hooves. Soon it became a blur of flying hands and feet, of hooves pounding on human flesh.
As the two men fought in close quarters, thuds and grunts resounded throughout  the room.  From what Keina could observe, more of Drev's strikes connected, and she cheered inside.
Daring to hope, she tried to follow the *quicker than the eye* battle that moved from one corner of the room to the other. To her immense relief, Drev seemed impervious to the slash and stomp of the Prince's hooves.
Locked in combat, the two of them crashed into the few pieces of furniture, and into the walls. Silently praying to Epona for Drev to be the victor, Keina couldn't tell who was winning at this point.


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Monday, February 16, 2015


It had to happen eventually, Gil thought. When you’re in politics, scat like this hit the fan as a matter of course. That didn’t stop him from seething.

He knew he could strike Louie and the gang at Rattigan’s off the suspect list. Maybe last year one of them might have done it as a joke, but not now. He had a wife and children now. Louie had backed off from the practical jokes the second Chloe announced her pregnancy, and saw to it everyone else did too. Louie had a cleaver. No, it hadn’t been anyone at Rattigan’s.

Somebody had it in for the Mayor of Talbot’s Peak. He’d have to nip this in the bud. But first he had to deal with the press.

“No,” he told the reporter from the Gazette through gritted teeth. “I didn’t and have never made a sex tape.”

“You’ve seen the tape in question?”

“Oh yes.” Gil smiled. Those in the know would have told the reporter that smile meant it was time to beat feet. “My entire staff made sure I knew about it.”

“And you’d swear in court—”

“Why wait for court? I’ll swear right now. I didn’t make that friggin’ tape. It’s two normal squirrels going at it. As far as I can tell, neither one is a shifter, and neither one is me.”

“So your official comment is ‘No comment’?”

Gil ground his teeth. “You look like a bright boy, even for a reporter. You know my background, right?”

“I don’t see what that has to do with—”

“That film was shot in daylight.”

Gil started counting. He was up to fifteen before the kid worked it out. “Oh … yeah.”

“Yeah. No squirreling around without night and a full moon. How did you even get this job?”

“Don’t yell at me. I’m just an intern. I need this to get into college.”

A-hole U., Gil guessed. “Tell you what, sonny. You pack up your pencil and get out of my office, and I won’t tell Nick what a schmuck you are. Come to think of it, maybe I should have a chat with our illustrious editor anyway.”

# # #

“Mr. Mayor.” Nick bared his teeth at the fuming man who had just barged into his office. “Always a pleasure to see you. Even without an appointment or phone call,” he added pointedly. “What can I do for you?”

“You can tell me who the hell uploaded that idiot video to TalTube, how my name got attached to it, and why you thought it rated news coverage.” Gil stopped just short of banging his fist on the desk. He’d heard Nick was really possessive about his antique desk. “You know which video I’m talking about, right?”

“The sex tape or the Elvis tape?”

Gil winced. “The sex tape. I’m betting you know it’s a fake.”

“Of course it’s a fake. It was shot in daylight. It couldn’t have been you. What’s any of this got to do with me?”

“So you didn’t send some moronic intern over to grill me about it?”

“No.” Nick sat up straighter. “We don’t have any interns, moronic or otherwise. And a thirty-second tape of squirrels humping doesn’t count as news in Talbot’s Peak. What did this ‘intern’ look like?”

Gil gave a precise description, right down to the zits on the kid’s right cheek. By the time he was finished, Nick was practically shooting off steam. “We’ve both been played,” he told Gil. He shoved back from his desk and stood up. “Let’s pay a visit to TalTube HQ.”

# # #

“This is TalTube?” Gil said, staring at the Tudor house at the end of the quiet street. “You sure?”

“That’s TalTube,” Nick corrected. He pointed at a basement window. “I’ve had dealings with the CEO before. He’s a gopher. Runs it out of his parents’ basement.” Nick stalked up to the door and rang the bell. After a moment the door opened. Gil recognized the alleged Gazette reporter who’d grilled him this morning.

“Hey, Rodney,” Nick said. “Got a minute?”

The kid tried to slam the door in Nick’s face. As both a wolf and a journalist, Nick knew how to muscle through a slamming door. He barged in, with Gil right behind him.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” the kid protested. “I’m protected by the First Amendment.”

“Not from misrepresenting yourself as a reporter,” Nick said. “Or from slandering the Mayor. Those are crimes. Right, Mr. Mayor?”

“Could be,” Gil said. “We’d better lock him up while I check. That could take, I dunno, days.”

“You can’t put me in jail. I have to go to work tonight.”

“You have to go to work right now,” Nick told him. “You’re pulling that ‘sex tape’ off TalTube, and you’re issuing an apology.”

“And you’re going to tell me who uploaded it,” Gil added.

“It wasn’t me. It was Jimmy.” Apparently the First Amendment included freely throwing people under the bus. “We hadn’t gotten any good videos in a while. Jimmy shot the footage in the park, then we, well, we just added that title to spice things up.” He turned to Gil. “That one of you singing in the bar got like a hundred thousand views.”

“So you were hoping lightning would strike twice,” Nick said. “Except you got greedy. You wanted to see your victim’s face in person, hence the reporter scam.” He grabbed the gopher boy by the shoulder and spun him around. “C’mon, sonny. Show Mr. Mayor where the magic happens.”

# # #

The official TalTube studio was a scuffed-up office desk in the corner of the basement, next to the hot water heater. It had a glowing laptop on it. A bobblehead figure of Gandalf the Wizard sat on the desk. The floor was littered with Snickers wrappers.

Gil and Nick stood by while Rodney called up and deleted the offending file. At Gil’s insistence, the Elvis video was also consigned to the trash.

“This is a violation of my Constitutional rights, y’know,” Rodney carped. “You’re supposed to be a journalist, you should know that. You can’t stop free speech.”

Nick looked at Rodney. He looked at Gil. He looked at the laptop. He picked up the bobblehead Gandalf and smashed it repeatedly into the laptop’s screen. The laptop threw off sparks and went dark.

“Oh,” Rodney said. “Crud.”

“It’s an outdated system anyway. Once Mommy and Daddy buy you a new one, you’ll be up and running again. Just see that you run your crap without the added spice. Otherwise … Mr. Mayor?”

“I know who you are now,” Gil said. “And I know a rat with a cleaver.”

Nick smiled. “And I,” he told Rodney, “love hot gopher stew. No more impersonations, and no more irresponsible postings. Are we clear?”

The kid gulped. Hard. “Yes, sir.”

# # #

“He’s not a bad kid,” Nick said as they walked back to his car. “For a gopher. Once he gets a little seasoning … ”

“He’ll make a good stew?”

“He might make a good reporter. You know how gophers love to dig. I’ll be keeping a close eye on him. Maybe I will offer him an internship. Keep him out of trouble.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Gil paused. “One other thing. I’d appreciate it if you’d delete that Elvis file from your personal computer.”

“What makes you think I—” Gil looked at him. What the hell. Ziva and Lamar had copies. Nick shrugged. “Consider it done.”