Monday, December 31, 2012


“Okay, youse people, it’s almost midnight. Getcher drinks now for the toast. Ya gonna kiss somebody, start linin’ up your lips. Not you, Skunky. That girl ain’t interested. You may have a spray, but I got a cleaver. Don’t make me come over there.”


“Wait a minute. We drop a big banana from the top of City Hall at midnight?”

“It used to be a pork chop, sir, but the swine population complained. With Mayor Link in charge, a banana seemed safest. We could pick something else for next year. An acorn, maybe?”

“Oh hell. Go with the banana, but next year we should use something more appropriate. Maybe it should be an acorn. This town is nuts."


“Yeah. Oh yeah. Harder, baby, harder. Faster.”

“Nick, I won’t go faster. I won’t rush the countdown.”

“Dammit, Ziva—”

“Look, Nickie. Two rulers. But I set the pace.”

“You’re killing me here—ow! Oh yeah. That’s the way I like it.”


“Vishnu crush your bones, Guri, if you don’t stop blasting that noisemaker in my ear, I’ll rip off your head!”


“Hey, Merry-girl. Up for a midnight ride?”


“Vern, what’s this? Christmas was a week ago.”

“It’s never too late for mistletoe. Now pucker up, you horny broad.”


“Is it 2013 yet?”

“No, Thor. Settle down. Loki! Out of the eggnog, now!”


“Hey, Chase, is that your girlfriend out in the parking lot?”


“There. The coyote in the 2013 banner and the diapers. If she shifts, she’s gonna freeze. You better ask her in. I’ll go wait in the ambulance. In case we get a call or something.”

“Tell you what, Bo. I’d better get her into the ambulance. She looks like she needs respiration.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll just look the other way, as usual.”

“You’re a good friend, Bo.”



“Feliz nuevo ano, chico.”

“You naked again? Once, just once, I want to see you celebrate a holiday with clothes on.”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“Well, for one thing, I’d get to rip ‘em off you.”

“Give me five minutes.”


“Okay, at midnight we all jump in the fountain. Wait a minute. You. You’re not a Polar Bear.”

“No, I’m a grizzly. You got a problem with that, pipsqueak?”

“Not at all, sir. Of course you can jump with us. Though we’d all appreciate it if you’d put on some trunks.”



# # #

Fun Fact: The town of Falmouth, Pennsylvania, known for its annual goat races, lowers a (fake) goat from a flagpole to usher in the New Year. What should Talbot’s Peak lower from City Hall? Maybe it can be worked into next year’s post.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Abebi's Declaration

Jackson sat down next to Abebi. Even with her baby bump showing, he couldn't stop wanting her. Every time he saw a pregnant woman, Jackson inhaled and delighted in the taste of feminine pheromones rolling across his wolfish taste buds. Each woman smelled different. Humans had a distinct tang to them. Abebi and the other shifters of the pack tasted unique. Their odor together here in the room ramped his male horny id into overdrive. One of the women present kept giving him the once-over stare. She'd smiled at him and winked more than once. Jackson was sure if he stood up, his obvious reaction would be present for all to see. Hiding a hard-on wasn't easy when his cock felt like it was swollen and ready to orgasm from the first touch from any of the women present.

Abebi shifted in her seat. The group baby shower for the pregnant women of the pack as well as their extra partners made sense. Ten females besides herself were expecting babes. A couple of human newcomers to Remoor Beach were present. They shyly flirt and smiled as the men attending the function talked with them. At first, they hadn't known how to take the gathering until Remo had introduced the group and explained that flirting was harmless unless someone decided to take it further and that was up to all involved to work out. Jackson sitting next to her indicated where his preference laid for the moment. How was he taking things? Abebi turned catty-cornered to Jackson and put her hand on his.

Jackson's gaze met hers. Abebi nodded and wet her lips. Time had come to speak her mind. “Jackson, I said I'd think about sharing you. I wonder if you've given much thought to sharing me or what opening our relationship means to you.”

Jackson bobbed his head and wrapped his hand around hers. “I'm new to sharing a gal of my own. Back in the Peak, females in heat were open targets. Cross mating didn't occur much unless you frequented Dante's Interspecies Pleasure den. Here its accepted and encouraged. I prefer this community over the purists views.”

Abebi inhaled and glanced over her shoulder. The two hunks she'd been dreaming about for the last three weeks were standing close by wearing nothing but loosely knotted towel sarongs. The hot-tub was heating up. Remo loved hot-tubing as much as he loved making a woman climax. Abebi ducked her head as vivid images of the two and Jackson fondling her as she lounged nude in the hot tub flushed searing heat over her. The need to orgasms rocked her genitals and throbbed deep within her belly.

Jackson smiled as he watched Abebi flush. Her cheeks and neck faint red tinge told him she was shopping the males in the room as much as he was the women. Sex oozed from all present. No one seemed bothered by it. This party wasn't about getting it on or scoring as some of the human males referred to it. Rather the attendants were open to pursuit and acknowledged their sexual interest as positive. Jackson found he liked being able to think about other women sexually without having to worry about Abebi being upset. Flirting was fun and the idea of taking up with a few of those present intrigued him.

“Have you decided if you're willing to share me? Open our relationship up to include others?” Jackson scooted closer to Abebi. He straddled the bench he sat on and pulled her back to him. “Lean on me and tell me what is going on in that pretty head of yours.”

Abebi's suppressed laugh vibrated his chest. Jackson reached down, cupped her chin, and tilted her head gently back until he could see her face. Her mirth light up her eyes and her cheeks colored more. Abebi's grin was infectious. Jackson leaned down and brushed his lips over hers. As he pulled away, Abebi spoke.
“Sharing can be awkward. I've never been in the position of the one making the decision affecting more than myself. Most of the males I've pursued were single and wanted a dalliance for a while with no permanence. Now I'm part of a couple as well as a larger extended group. I'm unsure at times.”
Abebi reached up and patted his cheek as she sighed.

Jackson nodded. “I understand. I'm there too. Remo said each couple works out their own rules and agreements. I've given that some thought.”

“Me too. Sandy said she and Mick have one that requires disclosure often and early. No surprises if possible. Of course, acting without notice is frowned upon with them. Its a matter of declaration of intents.”

Jackson chuckled. “Darling, you're more important to me than any other female, critter or human. I signed on cuz I wanted to not, not because I was forced. I can look and lust. Taking another filly into my bed is gonna be a decision you will know about and are comfortable with. Okay?'

Abebi's smile grew and deepened as Jackson hugged her. “Let's try this ground rule for now. If we see someone who we are interested in and want to pursuit even for just a sexual interlude we tell each other first and talk it out. If more develops we keep on communicating, and no unprotected sex. No more unplanned pregnancies, right?”

Jackson lifted Abebi's hand from her stomach where it had laid protectively cupping their pups. He nibbled her fingers before kissing her palm and closing his hand around hers. “No unplanned anything darling. Keeping you and anyone else we're interested in safe is of utmost importance to me. Now as to what's got you blushing—tell me who and how I'm involved.”


Happy Weekend Gang!

Sorry for the late posting.  End of the month at work as well as two holidays in two weeks is enough to tire anyone out.  The Spice Homestead celebrated a wonderful loving Christmas among our family of five at our own domiciles.  Its great to have this much love in my life and loving family members.  I hope your Holiday was joyous and filled with those you love and hold dear.  May the New Year bring you love enriched, multiplied, and increasing.  May the next year be filled with joyous happiness and laughter and very few moments of tears and fears.  Keep on sharing a good book or two with your spice and loves! Happen over and pre-order HOT FOR TORREY or one of my other books.  JET LAG BLUES is on sale for half price.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Party Advice From TP Lupa...

Dear TP Lupa,

Rumor has it Dante’s supper club is hosting a huge bash for the new year…is anyone invited or is it only for the hoity toity carnivore crew?

Munchin’ Greens

Hey Munchin’,

Hoity Toity?  Are you serious?  How long have you lived in The Peak?  Everyone is welcome at Dante’s, but rule number Uno…no whining about the food.  There will be something for all at this celebration, which means food with faces and all that’s green.

Hope to see you there…

Dear TP Lupa,

What’s with allowing a squirrel to mess around on the town’s Christmas Tree?  It was quite distracting and I won’t even go into all those wolf pups running around.  Sheesh!  In case you need it, my brother Big Ned is one heck of a shot.

Greetings ya’ll,
New to town Becky

Aaah… Becky,

Have you heard of the Christmas Squirrel?  It’s a tradition here in Talbot’s Peak so BACK OFF!  Also, please keep Big Ned on a leash as animals have the right of way in our town. 

Merry belated Ho Ho and a watch yourself New Year.
Hey Lupa Load,

What kinda entertainment will be provided at Dante’s New Year’s shindig?  Strippers, random sex, orgies…  Should I leave the old gal at home and go stag?
Need to know,

Hoping for Hotties

Geez Hoping,

How big a pig are you?  The New Year celebration will be dignified and proper.  Our ladies will be respected and shown a good time.  Alpha’s will be on hand to drop kick those acting inappropriately into the basement, where trust me a good time will not be had.
TP, protector of fun


Nick cringed at the grouping of letters he once again had to field as the town fix-it/know-it-all TP Lupa.  He really needed to get someone else to handle this column and since his mate liked to torture him and his secretary wielded a larger whip than his, he needed to hire someone new.  Who to bring on in the new year?

May your celebrations be both proper and improper...
May your Champagne taste perfect and leave you hangover free...
May your loved ones be with you...
And your stress sprout wings and fly away.

Have a safe New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas, A Magical Portal Day ~ Part Three

Happy Howlidays, shapeshifter lovers.

I hope you are having an exceptionally wonderful holiday season.

Here's the final flash in the three part series, themed around the magical portal days of 12-12-2012, the Winter Solstice, and now Christmas day. On December 25th, the sun begins the journey from his lowest point in the sky, moving northward to his highest point, or the Summer Solstice.

This bit of astronomical trivia is not meant to disrespect the spiritual meaning of Christmas. After all, the grandeur of our cosmos is a Divine creation.

Here's what Volcano, my hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, says in his Weekly Angelic Forecast about the opportunity of Christmas week.

"During this week of celebration and good tidings, look for the wonders in your life, and the signs of wonder around the world. For, with each passing moment, the divine miracles increase."

Love and Peace out, until the New Year, 2013.


Christmas, A Magical Portal Day ~ Part Three

Winter of discontent. The phrase from Shakespeare's "Richard III" repeated itself inside her mind, driving Sharva ever closer to the fairy window.

"Your winter of discontent." Her lips barely moved as Sharva mocked herself and her impossible situation.

Even through her glove, there'd been nothing but a warm inviting tingle as she'd touched her finger to the fragile weave of light.

Why not try going through? If it was a portal, what did she have to lose at this point in her miserable excuse for a life?

Yeah, who knew what was on the other side? It might be a trap, and she'd be some reptoid's holiday dinner. At least, that's what she'd heard on the paranormal radio shows she listened to regularly. That a race of advanced, space-faring raptors enjoyed dining on human flesh -- as well as some of the reptoid races living underground on Earth.

Yet, the urge to find out if she could pass through, grew by leaps and bounds, until Sharva felt almost consumed by it. With a prayer on her lips, she stepped forward, pressing her shoulder against the delicately pulsing shimmer.

Before Sharva knew it, she scanned a different snowscape. Where? She had not a clue, except the cold bit her nose. And, check that...something bounded straight for her.

Something large and furry that seemed to morph, and now she could clearly see the running man was absolutely, totally buck naked. Instinctively, Sharva moved backward.

Oh God! What she'd just passed through, now felt like a sturdy wall against her back. And, she wasn't going anywhere.

Startled by what looked like someone's shadow in her peripheral vision, Sharva spun around. More handsome than sin, a man with a perfect tan, and flowing hair that looked like it had been spun out of gold, stood not fifteen feet away from her.

Even as his winning smile seemed to slice inside her, Sharva shied away. He wore a long tailored black coat and appeared to be expensively outfitted for an evening on the town. Had he come through a portal as well?

Saying not a word, he extended his hand as if he knew her, and now invited her to dance.

"Don't touch it!" the running man yelled. Odd, how his voice seemed much farther away than...

Shivering coldly inside, with dread making its presence known in the pit of her stomach, Sharva clutched at the invisible wall. She risked a glance in naked man's direction.

No naked man. Only an ungodly large wolf barreling through high drifts of snow from a different direction. A scream lodged in Sharva's throat at the killer ferociousness she witnessed on his face. He meant to eviscerate...her?

Or, she whipped her head around. Mr. Handsome as Sin raised his arm with military precision, and aimed at the wolf. Sharva envied his icy calm. It was as if he faced such attacks everyday.

She jumped as bolts of lightning streamed from his fingertips. Suddenly caught inside a bizarre nightmare, she threw her gaze toward the charging wolf.

Something inside her suddenly became desperate to save the wolf. But how?


Flung backward by the sorcerer's formidable blast of power, Durc's heart plummeted. His beloved, was she lost to him again?

In moments, he shifted to wolf. His fighting spirit blazed his blood, and he hurtled over the deep snow.

How Sharva had been detected by a dark-side immortal, he might never know. He'd taken every precaution while performing his magick against their 'seeing', their discovery of her.

She would be mind-altered, trained in their ways, and used for their evil purposes. Likely, every last ounce of her force would be drained from her over time. And again, she would pass from this world.

With each racing stride, fury gripped Durc harder, tighter. His muscles bunched and burned, fueled by rage, and he flew through the large drifts of snow.

Shielding himself against the sorcerer's attack beam, Durc made the dark-sider's exposed jugular his prey. With his mental shield weakening, he smelled his singed fur as he gathered his hind end, bared his fangs, and launched.

Durc sailed through smoke, the residue left by the evil immortal as he vanished. Obviously, the mysterious sorcerer had not realized the strength of Durc's magick.

Thump!  Durc bounced off his closed portal.

Sprawled in the snow, he quickly bounded up before thinking how that would look to Sharva, as if he meant to attack her.

When he gazed at her, she stood rooted to the spot, staring at him, her eyes wide with fright and shock. Durc promptly sat his butt down, and tried to look appealing.

"Were you, you trying to protect me?" she asked in a wavery uncertain voice.

Durc decided a nod of his head would work better, right now, than their telepathic link.

"Th–thanks...I think." Looking more vulnerable than Durc had seen anyone look in a long while, Sharva eyed him and clenched her shoulders together. "Are you part dog?"

What did he say to that? Another problem, he needed to shapeshift fast to his human form before his adrenalin spike wore off.

Durc had spent his vital energy on shielding himself. Reluctantly, he began slowly morphing, well knowing he was about to increase Sharva's level of shock, and her fear of him.

His plan had been to change from wolf to man on the run, and sweep Sharva through the portal. They'd be delivered to his home near Talbot's Peak, and he'd explain everything.

Thus, he mind-constructed the etheric gateway to open once again, only when he touched it as a man.

Durc watched the scream die on her lips, once he stood nude before Sharva. As she backed away out of pure fright, he snatched hold of her arm.
Given her shock had set in too deep, she struggled very little.

"Baby, it's cold outside," he sang the Christmas-time lyric, hoping it would calm her enough. Durc gently pulled her closer, then wrapped his arms around her rigid body.

"You're, you're not cold," she uttered through stiff lips.

"Metabolism." Durc palmed the portal. "I can't wait to kiss an angel."


Sharva tucked her arm inside Durc's arm, and snuggled closer against him. Since regaining enough memories, albeit snatches, about her lifetime with her Mage Wolf Protector, she'd come to accept him. And his ongoing courtship of her.

Along with other Talbot's Peak townsfolk, they stood in the square before a strangely decorated but beautiful Christmas tree. Sharva squinted, not quite believing her eyes. "Is that a squirrel with a star climbing to the top of the tree?"

"Mayor Gil. The moon phase got him this year. But, no one wants to disappoint the children. Besides, it's tradition," Durc added, amusement in his rough and ready voice.

Around them, several children pointed, their excited shrill voices urging Mayor Gil up to the top of the towering fir tree. Sharva smiled, happiness bubbling up inside her.

She might be in the midst of weird-landia, but so far no one belittled her, or showed her an ounce of disrespect. No stinking up of the soul, as she called it -- the words courtesy of a friend who had commiserated with her.

"I dare you." Sharva heard the hushed tones of a child close to her. "I dare you to sing that here."

"Oh yeah. I can sing it wherever I like."

A beat or two later, as the Mayor leaped for another strong bough, Sharva heard...

"All I want for Christmas is my two front two front fangs...grrrrrr...if I only had my two front fangs, the Christmas goose wouldn't need to be cooked..."

Then, the commotion really broke loose. A gang of wolf pups circled playfully, chasing each other's tails. When they spied Mayor Gil, they rushed the tree, yipping and jumping.

"Don't worry, Mayor. I've got a call into the police chief," a man yelled above the festive din, since no one else seemed particularly concerned, but in fact seemed to be enjoying the bonus merriment.

"I got candy canes to pass out," Santa shouted in a Jersey accent. "Or I'd wave t-bones in front of 'em. Help you out there, Mayor."

"Cookies, anyone? They're fresh. Plenty here." With a bow, the good-looking man presented his cellophane-wrapped treats to Sharva. After a glance at Durc, and his nod, she accepted the gift with a smiling thank you.

Meanwhile...the over-eager wolf pups were being rounded up, and there were murmurs about heading over to the coffee shop once the star sparkled atop the tree.

After all, Montana was damn cold this time of year. But, Sharva wasn't complaining. No, not at all. There was no place she'd rather be.

"Got your dancing shoes ready for the supperclub? I plan to spin you around the dance floor until you fall into my arms," Durc teased in that gruff wolf voice of his. That is, once the ceremony resumed with Gil again winding his way up the trunk, the star between his teeth.

"Oh, oops. I must've forgotten them. You'll just have to conjure me up a pair like Cinderella's fairy godmother," Sharva bantered, and squeezed his arm.

"As your Mage, and your personal Santa Clause, your every desire is my command."

Standing on tiptoe, with her lips close to his ear, Sharva breathlessly asked, "Every desire?"


Have a magickal Christmas Week!

Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Few Favorite Things

Trees strung with garlands of popcorn and kibble
Pups sneaking up to indulge in a nibble
No one’s been sleeping for nearly a week
This is how Christmastime goes in the Peak

A rat in a Santa suit handing out toys
To shapeshifter girls and the werewolfy boys
Carrots and radishes tied up with string
These are a herbivore’s favorite things

Hogs riding Harleys and hey, take a lookie
Guri’s downtown passing out Christmas cookies
Nick in his bed fondly dreaming of wood
This is what makes Christmas in the Peak good

Over at Dante’s the party’s a go
While Sergei and Gypsy cavort in the snow
Horse shifters volunteer to pull the sleigh
Dancing the night away till Christmas day

The girls in the ballroom are lovely by far
The one in the velvet—oh wait, that’s Lamar
He grabs Jamie’s ass, who just waltzes and sighs
That’s how it is when you’re in love with guys

Trapped on the tree with a star in his teeth
Gil swears at the wolf puppies gathered beneath
The cops arrive swiftly to save him from harm
Marissa brews coffee so everyone’s warm

Vern and Miss Elly serve meals at the diner
They’re married, in love, and life couldn’t be finer
Mooney has strong reasons to disagree
His stepbrothers bound him on top of the tree

Shere Khan looks down on the town and starts growling
“What is this ruckus? This singing and howling?
Holidays are for the stupid and weak.”
Yes, there’s a Grinch even in Talbot’s Peak

When the wolf howls, when the horse neighs,
When the hawk darts past,
We think of our shapeshifter friends in the Peak,
And Christmas arrives at last

Happy howlidays to all
Pat (hoping to finally find Castiel under her tree this year)

Saturday, December 22, 2012




“Torrey, I’ll admit I’m anxious. I don’t think you want me to say out loud what I am uneasy about.” Holt pulled out the chair closest to her and sat down. Stuart rounded the table and sat next to Joanna.
“You’ve gained more manners, I see.” Torrey’s flushed cheeks told him she’d rather not continue in the direction his thoughts were running.
“Always had them. You just never saw them enough to realize how polite and courteous I am.” Holt reached across Torrey, snagging a handful of oyster crackers. He tossed several into his mouth.
“I didn’t know you hadn’t eaten,” Stuart offered, nudging Joanna. “We got here earlier, figuring we’d meet you for dinner.”
“Depends on what you call eating and dinner.” Joanna’s emphasis on eating and dinner left little to any of their imaginations as she continued. “Don’t know about you and Torrey, Holt. I know who Stuart is eating for dessert, or his second course.”
“Water,” Holt coughed. Blast Joanna and her punning sense of humor. The cheesy grin she wore set ripples off in more places than Holt liked.
Torrey slid her glass of water in front of him. “Crackers a bit salty?” Her arched eyebrow and rolled eyes didn’t help.
Holt gulped water, swallowing. He reached for a napkin. If his eyes kept watering, he’d have to leave for fear of losing a contact. Dabbing his eyes, Holt kicked Stuart under the table.
Stuart startled. Sitting upright, he glared at Holt. “What the hell was that for?”
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to, you know.” Holt hoped he plastered the best innocent grin he knew how to fake across his face. “Now that I have your attention, though, we could use a couple of fresh drinks. How about I buy and you get them?”
Holt tossed a twenty on the table. If Stuart didn’t pick up on the non-verbal signals, he deserved another kick, a well-placed kick in the seat of Stuart’s jeans if Holt could reach them.
Joanna claimed the twenty and rose. “Come on, Stuart. We’ll get the drinks. Torrey needs a fresh one. I know I do.”

* * * *

Torrey glanced over her shoulder as Stuart and Joanna threaded their way through the crowd toward the bar. She turned back, facing Holt. “Why are you here?”
She kept her hands below the table. Clenching and unclenching her hands did nothing to relieve the new flutters her stomach did each time Holt’s gaze ran over her. The heat rolled off him in huge waves, threatening to overwhelm her if she didn’t keep her icy shield in place. Problem was her hormones had different ideas. The man knew how to read her. He’d learned how to turn her on and keep the heat going. Chemistry didn’t need a catalyst with him.
“I’d ask you the same thing. Except I probably know why you’re here.” Holt laid his arm on the table and leaned forward. “Things didn’t work out, did they?”
Torrey scooted her chair further away. Even a bit of space might allow some air in to help cool down the blasts boiling up between them. “I’m here because I want to be. What do you mean it didn’t work out?”
Holt toyed with his napkin before his gaze met hers. She swallowed hard. His eyes smoldered like they had when she’d cried out his name as multiple orgasms claimed her. He wanted her just as he had then. She couldn’t deny her attraction either. This time she wasn’t going to jump in bed with him. Acting upon lust worked great if all she desired was another fling. Those were easy and came with a premium she wasn’t buying. Short and intense brought a slack in need but no long-term emotional connection to complement the physical satisfaction.
“If things had worked out, would you be here?” Torrey cringed at Holt’s emphasis on the word had. Damn, could he read her that easily? How much did he know?
“What if it hadn’t? I remember you saying that no woman would tie you down. You wanted to be free to pursue what came your way. You said I could do the same.” Torrey paused. Rubbing her lips together, she watched the glint in Holt’s eyes dim. She gripped her hands together under the table. Apologizing would only tell him what he said was true. Before he’d started dating another woman, he’d come close to taking a good chunk of her heart and sanity. Rumors flew hot and heavy concerning his involvement with the other woman. He’d never denied the juicy tales nor did he answer her e-mails and calls asking for clarification. What right did he think he had to sit here and challenge her?
Holt leaned closer. His hand reached for her. “Torrey, I know I said some dumb things in the past. And that line was the lamest. Truth is, two years ago I lived in the heat of the moment. The flash of passion ruled my libido.”


“Giving up already?” Torrey started to rock back on her heels away from Holt.
“Hold on, please. How about some good old-fashioned spooning with intercourse combined?” Holt reached up and fondled Torrey’s breasts. He scooted forward, captured each nipple in his mouth, sucked them, and let go. “I want to come together like we’ve done in the past if we can coordinate things.”
Torrey sighed. A stiff yawn followed. She looked at the bedside clock. Two p.m. While it wasn’t late on a normal day—what had been normal about yesterday or today?—they were both short on sleep and running on adrenaline from last night. A nap curled up in Holt’s arms felt right and made sense. Falling asleep in a postcoital embrace sounded wonderful. Later on at dinner, she’d tell him what her newfound feelings were. She’d take a chance on saying out loud the three words she whispered two years ago each time she saw him and kept hidden in her heart ever since, I love you.
Holt eased out from under Torrey and stood. “Make yourself comfortable, lady. I’m ready to finish what we started. I want to come long and hard deep inside you.”
Torrey rolled to her side. “Probably a pillow under my hip makes sense since you’re taller than me. That way you can ease into me from behind and still play with me as you like.”
Holt smiled and reached for the box of condoms sitting on the nightstand. “Neither of us is going to last long once I touch your clit. I know how wet you are.” He tore open the foil packet, eased the condom on, and kneeled on the bed. “Ready if you are, my darling.”
Torrey tried to vocalize her consent except her throat tightened on her, going dry from her mouth down to her vocal chords. All she could do was nod and smile. As she lay back on the pillows, she wondered how good Holt was at reading sign language. Not that she knew any. Maybe if she pointed, nodded, and smiled he might understand.

* * * *

Holt watched as Torrey kept enthusiastically nodding. He inhaled to keep from snorting and laughing. He’d gotten to her so much that she couldn’t speak. He wasn’t going to miss out on a golden opportunity. He reached out, capturing her nipples between his thumb and finger. He twisted and pulled like he’d done earlier, but this time he drew the pressure and pulled all the way out to the edge of her erect nipples.
Torrey arched her shoulders, forcing her breasts forward. Holt caught the look of pleasure flooding her face before she closed her eyes and exhaled. He let go of her nipples and followed her down on to the bed, bracing himself on his elbows and forearms so their chests were mere inches apart. Holt matched his breathing with Torrey’s. It was as if they were one in actions, thought, and focus. They lacked the last intimate physical connection, his cock deep within Torrey, rocking them to whatever number of mind-blowing orgasms they could reach before sleep overwhelmed them.
Torrey gently fondled him until his eyes met hers. She licked her lips and glanced at her hand. Holt gulped air as she tightened her hold on him. “Easy, darlin’. Much more of that and I’ll come.”
Holt rolled to his side as Torrey let go. “Come on top and ride us to the crest and back, love.”
Torrey swallowed hard and smiled. “Yes,” she managed to get out, despite her hoarseness.
Holding Holt with one hand, she used her other to steady herself as she straddled him. Moments later, she guided him deep within her. Holt placed his hands on her hips, stabilizing her jerky movements. “You set the pace,” he groaned on her next downward plunge.

* * * *

Torrey sucked in air as Holt rose to meet her. He held her steady barely moving his hips as he thrust rapidly in and out of her, stroking the fire waiting to explode deep in her belly. One last lunge deep within her and he fell back, breathing hard. “You are so wet,” he groaned. Holt’s hands dropped to his sides. “Baby, I don’t know how much more you can take. I’m ready to explode.”
Torrey smiled and ground her pussy tight against Holt, leaving no space between them as she began short jerks of her hips, mimicking what he’d done to her minutes before. “You said set the pace. I’m gonna enjoy the ride for a bit longer.” Holt groaned deep in his throat as Torrey tightened around him. The look on his face along with his short breaths said she had him right where she wanted him, hard, skirting the edge of a strong orgasm, and deep inside her.
Torrey picked up speed as her own need grew. Twice before at Holt’s encouragement, she’d ridden him. Both times, their mutual orgasms sent them both out of their bodies and into a space where nothing but being there together mattered. Of course, mind-blowing orgasms happened with others, but nothing compared to the aftercare that they lavished on each other. Torrey sucked in her stomach as tight as she could and milked Holt using the Kegel exercises she recently learned. The healthcare team at the shelter was right! Ripples set off more ripples and in turn created a stimulation that had Torrey panting along with Holt.

Happy Weekend Gang!

We survived the entry into the new era.  Here's hoping we continue to grow into enlightenment!  Hope you enjoy the excerpt's from HOT FOR TORREY!  I enjoyed writing this book.  I hope you enjoy Holt and Torrey's story too.

Enjoy the Holidays with your family, friends, and loved one.  The Spice Homestead is full and ready to celebrate.  I'm off to deliver local gifts and items to charity.  Happy Holidays from the Spice Homestead to you and yours!



Friday, December 21, 2012

Repent or Renew?

Repent…for the end of the world is upon us!

“Well hell, Dante.” Nick yanked the flyer off another tree in downtown Talbot’s Peak and handed it to his friend and fellow protector.  “This has to have come from one of the human residents.  Most, if not all of the shifters know Dec 21st is a beginning, not an end.”

“I agree, but even with all of the precautions we’ve taken and words we’ve put out, human propaganda is a powerful thing.  Some of the young shifters might certainly be confused.  How many humans stayed in town after the Halloween Hijinks?”

“A few.  Ally and the kids top the known human list…”

“It’s not them, Nick.  Ally loves it here and has her hands full with the hotel job and her broad.  Besides, Hawke’s been watching over them.”

“Naked Purple fairy?”  Nick would love for it to be the painted fool, if only so he could scare the piker out of his town and Ziva’s mind for good.

“Doubtful, as he hasn’t been seen around town in a good long time.  Keep him on the list though…you know, for your peace of mind.”

“Smart ass.”

“By tomorrow things will have settled down, Nick.  We just have to keep watch for anyone who panics.  You have your zip cuffs?”

“Oh yeah…”  Nick twirled the black plastic around one finger and gave Dante a grin.  “…and I’m hoping Ziva gives me a reason to use them.”


Elsewhere around Talbot’s Peak…

“Mommy, Mommy…”

Ally grabbed her screaming daughter around the waist and looked her over for injuries.  “What is it, Rosie?”  She asked, not seeing any reason for concern.

“The end is near.  I don’t want Ms. Iradova to leave.”

“Rosie…”  A shudder went down Ally’s back to hear her daughter speak with such finality about the sweet, grandmother-y woman who lived at the hotel.  Iradova Skywing had taken Ally and the kids into her heart and treated them like family.

“Hawke says it will be okay, but I’m going to miss her, Mommy.”

May your beginnings today serve you well.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Seasons greetings and all that, Dear Mia. I know you said you didn’t want anything for Christmas, but as your great aunt and only living relative, I find myself unwilling to let it slide. Since you wouldn’t tell me what you want, and I know you probably didn’t even put up a tree or decorate, I took the liberty to hire a decorating crew for you. I found the advertisement for them in your local paper. They are supposed to be doing personal home decorating for the holidays to raise money for needy families. I do hope you enjoy their efforts.”

Mia read the note from her grandmother’s sister, which had been tucked into a Christmas card, over and over, a feeling of dread mixed with morbid curiosity churning in her stomach. She lived alone in the 150 year old Victorian house her father had left her when he died. She also lived off the wages of a maid at a hotel, since that was the only work she could find in Talbot’s Peak. She had a house but no money to furnish it or even heat all of it, though it was only a two-bedroom place. It was old with an antique furnace that gobbled natural gas at a much higher rate than a modern furnace would.

She shivered and looked back at her front window. There was definitely someone—several someones—in there. The front drapes were pulled closed, but there was some light leaking through a narrow gap at the top. She eyed the note again, trying to decided which of the many ads for fund raising her batty but lovable relative had called on. One way to find out, right? She straitened her spine and walked up to her front door and opened it.

The scent of baking ginger snaps filled the air, competing with the smell of cinnamon and fresh pine. There was the sound of her little, ancient boom box playing Christmas carols coming from the living room. Mia paused after closing the door. Oh no. She had no decorations. What were they using to decorate? She closed her eyes and swallowed her pride. She was next to dirt poor but she didn’t have to be ashamed of it. And she didn’t know what package her great aunt had bought for her, either, so she might as well go take a look at things before she began thinking the worst.

She rounded the corner into her huge living room and stopped. She felt her jaw drop and she thought maybe she felt a bit of drool running down the corner of her mouth. So that was the “personal decorating package” her great aunt had gotten for her. The one offered by the Hancock pack, which included, full decorating and home baking—all provided by a crew of the customer’s choice. And all done in the nude. Mia had to admit, if her relative was going to spend $500 on a present for her, naked studs decorating her tree and baking her cookies was pretty awesome!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Magical Portal Day ~ Part Two

Merry Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Success has found me this week. The Muse has gracefully cooperated for the most part. Although, it was touch and go there for awhile. So, we'll see if Part Three will be written. The little minx does keep me on my writerly toes.

Anyway, here is the next flash scene, themed around Winter Solstice 2012.

Not to disappoint anyone... that is, if anyone is interested... so, yes, here's what Volcano, my hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, says in his Weekly Angelic Forecast about the opportunity of December 21, 2012.

"This week, journey through the Winter Solstice Stargate, and enter a profound realm where the dreamer brings forth the dream, the most desired of dreams. It is this act of creation that will make the real 'difference' in our precious world. For, those who dream splendidly will bring about an Aquarian Age paradise for one and all."

Love and Peace out, until next week, on Christmas Day.


A Magical Portal Day ~ Part Two

'Walk through.' Durc shadowed his mind inside hers, not wanting to frighten the woman he'd journeyed far and wide to find.

Debating with herself, Sharva stood within inches of the portal he created night after night. In a manner pleasing to her, Durc wove the subtle energy strands with the power of his mind.

The stargate vibrations of the arriving Winter Solstice assisted him, and this evening after offering his gratitude, Durc had been able to construct the etheric gateway with a strength that allowed his mate safe passage to his location.

If only she would walk through, come to him.

With his hunter's gaze trained on Sharva, he watched her inch forward, and stand on the precipice of either entering, or retreating from his portal. 'You're safe,' he whispered the encouragement inside her mind. Only once.

Already jittery, and untrusting, because of her sorrowful life, Durc knew Sharva would turn tail and run if she felt pressured. She was so close, so close to the weave of delicate energy, that faint traces of her scent wafted through, tickling his nostrils.

Her fragrance, similar yet unique to her current physical form, teased Durc unmercifully. The instant the old gods gifted him with her scent trail, his ceaseless days as a vagabond, of roaming and protecting Earth's wildlands ended.

He'd made a home in Talbot's Peak, and become part of the backwoods patrol team Dante relied on.

Tempted to morph into his human form as Sharva tentatively touched the etheric gateway with her forefinger, Durc reminded himself his magickal prowess remained stronger as wolf. He could mindspeak easier with her, as they'd done before when he'd been both her Protector wolf and her Mage Protector.

Now, even as man, Sharva would not know him. She would possess no conscious memory of him as her devoted lover.

With the rise of the lost-soul sorcerers...when the world descended into the dark ages...his beloved Sharva hadn't been able to sustain her life force.

Humanity fell into the abyss of fear and ignorance, and magick, as once practiced on Earth, came to its endtime. With the dense entrapment of energies, Durc had failed to keep his beloved's beautiful body alive.

Once, by her mere presence the lands, the beasts and birds -- all of life sang happily, gloriously -- producing an abundance where no one was ever left in want.

As the dark sorcerers gained power, despoiling life, Durc had witnessed Sharva's shining spirit slip free. Like sparkling mist, she'd spiraled toward heaven, leaving him.

Only the promise of the old gods had kept Durc from ending his life, and following the woman he loved more than the breath of life itself. She would come to him again, his gods decreed, when the Winter Solstice Stargate opened, and the New Age revealed herself.

Now was that time.

Durc stretched his neck, and pricked his ears higher. Sharva leaned ever so slightly toward the portal.

'Come through,' he invited, keeping his words soft in her mind.

'Patience is a virtue,' Durc heard from on high.

True to their words, his gods had stayed by his side, guiding him -- even during the last century of the troubled and tumultuous Piscean age, when they traveled in the realm of spirit only.

As Durc discovered, once he found Sharva, the old gods had succeeded in protecting her. Despite the world's fall from grace, she hadn't been caught in the formidable clutches of the evil ones, and forced to serve them.

Not yet, he told himself, as he crept closer. The fresh snow made a fragile crunch as he padded toward his etheric gateway.

Because, he knew.

Sharva straightened with resolve, fisting her hands. After a few puffs of frosty breath, she plunged through the portal.

Once she shimmered through, Durc raced toward her, shapeshifting with each step. He had to reach  her before...



Have a magickal Winter Solstice!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, December 17, 2012

'Tis The Season

“No,” newly-elected Mayor Gil said firmly. “I will not preside over the lighting of the Christmas tree. I’ll make an appearance on Christmas morning. That’s the best you get."

“But it’s tradition,” Paul argued. “The Mayor flips the switch, the tree lights up, and the little kids sing carols. It’s adorable. You can’t buy PR that good.”

“Take another look at the calendar, Paul. It’s inside the full-moon cycle.”

“Sir, nobody cares that you’re a squirrel.”

“Last time I went out after dark I got chased by a cat.”

“A real cat, sir, not one of us. It was shifters who drove it off, remember?”

“Yeah,” Gil grumbled. “Two wolf pups. Mayor of friggin’ Talbot’s Peak and I owe my tail to a couple of puppies. Who’s going to respect me after this? Then their mom gave me this huge mug of coffee. Like a squirrel needs coffee. I’m twitchy enough.”

“Relax, sir. Nobody respected Mayor Link and he stayed in office for years.”

“That’s so encouraging.” Gil suddenly leaned out his office window, the one facing the square and the gaily-decorated blue spruce. “Hey, you! Yeah, you, Fido. Lay off the tree! That ain’t what it’s for.” He leaned back and shut the window with a sigh. “There’s no way to stop them, is there? Or the cats from sharpening their claws.”

“Most of the residents respect the tree, but you know how it is, sir. There’s always a few. We could put up a fence, but that defeats the purpose. If it’s any consolation, they do leave the ornaments alone.”

“Whoopie for that.” Gil sat at his desk and thought deeply for a moment. “Okay, I’ll light the tree, but I want security."

“As Mayor, you run the police department, sir.”

“Does Officer Gordon chase squirrels?”

“He’s never been known to, sir.”

“Make sure there’s some nice big herbivores out there, just to be on the safe side. What if I was to”—Gil shuddered, then continued—“scamper up the tree and put the star on top?”

“The people would love you, sir.”

“That’s what I was afraid of. Is there any way at all I can ban cameras from the square? Just for the ceremony?” Paul gave a somber shake of his head. Gil echoed it. “That’s what I was afraid of. Well, I can still hide Louie’s camera. I can save myself that, at least.” Another hideous notion occurred to him. “I don’t have to sing with the kids, do I?”

“Mayor Link never did, sir. However, he used to dress up as Santa and hand out presents at the Toys for Tots box at the pet shop.”

“No way I’m gonna pass for Santa, even with a pillow. Wait, I got it.” Gil grinned evilly. “Louie don’t know it yet, but he just volunteered.”

“He definitely has the girth for it, sir.”

“You can say that again. Serve him right for—yeah. One other thing. This isn’t exactly a law or a proclamation or whatever, but … anybody who sings ‘The Chipmunk Song’ anywhere near me is gonna get a candy cane where the sun never shines. Especially if they do it in a high voice. Kind’a spread the word around, wouldja?”

“I’ll start at Elly’s diner. It should radiate out from there.”

“Thanks, Paul. You’re a lifesaver, you know that?”

“It’s my job, sir. Though I never object to any extras in my stocking, if you catch my drift.”

“You’re drifting loud and clear, kid. I work with a rat, remember? Okay, I’ll light the damn tree, I don’t have to sing, and you and the staff get bonuses. We covered?”

“God bless us every one, sir.”

“Yeah.” Gil leaned on his desk. “Ho ho friggin’ ho.”

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Holiday Rush and Offline

Hi Gang,

Sorry I didn't publish a blog this week or post on Saturday.  After the national news item on Friday and last weekend to get packages in the mail, I needed to take time off line to catch up around the Spice Homestead.  We got boxes in the mail to my nephew and his family. His youngest turns 8 this week.  So Aunts and Uncles from the Spice Homestead gathered our goodies up and shipped them off.

Also bought can goods and dry goodies to take to a local food pantry at a nearby church.  Help out those who need assistance this time of year.  Even a visit to the dollar store to help out with toys for a poor family or as donation to organization that gives out toys is a great blessing.  I wish you all the happiest of greetings for your secular celebration.  May we get past the Mayan calendar issue and realize a new era and epoch is upon us.  Change is not always easy to embrace. 

Good news for you all.  HOT FOR TORREY releases January 2nd, 2013.  I've got ARCS that are fabulous looking.  I hope to post an excerpt or two within the next week.  Heat level is scorching.
Next book in the Cascade Bay Collection is a menage!

Keep a good book around and another to share with your spice, loves, family, and friends!
Happy Seasons and Observances Everyone!

Solara Gordon

Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Three Wolf Kings

Greeting howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 
This is in honor of the Winter Solstice Stargate  

on December 21, 2012


We Three Wolf Kings of Ages Are 

 We three wolf kings of ages are
Bringing our spirit gifts, we travel afar
Fields and forests, rivers and mountains,
Following the portal star  

Oh Stargate of wonder, Oh solstice night
Above the stars shine with beauty bright
Westward running, still panting
We race toward Talbot's Peak light

Born another King on forest lane
Hearts of gold we bring to love Him again
Wolf King forever, ceasing never
Together we all will reign

Oh Stargate of wonder, Oh solstice night
Above the stars shine with beauty bright
Westward running, still panting
We race toward Talbot's Peak light

Wisdom to offer have we
Winter Solstice moons among sacred trees
Howling and praising, all wolves singing
To the Great Spirit so high and free

Oh Stargate of wonder, Oh solstice night
Above the stars shine with beauty bright
Westward running, still panting
We race toward Talbot's Peak light

Oh mystic star portal bridging doom
Breathe in new life beyond the gloom
Our souls raising, to the moon winging
We scent Mother Nature's nightly perfume

Oh Stargate of wonder, Oh solstice night
Above the stars shine with beauty bright
Westward running, still panting
We race toward Talbot's Peak light

Now behold the Winter Stargate arise
Wolf Kings, our Queens, ends our compromise
Glorious Awoooo! Awoooo! Awoooo!
To the celestial majesty we sing replies

Oh Stargate of wonder, Oh solstice night
Above the stars shine with beauty bright
Westward running, still panting
We race toward Talbot's Peak light


Wolf Spirit Inspired lyrics by Savanna Kougar

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Perfect Job...

Cami watched the workers exit the clinic one at a time, each leaving in a different mode of transport.  Seven o’clock on the dot per her watch and now it was time for her to enter.  What service would Leo require of her in order to obtain the cloak?   Surely it would be sexual if the size of his stones were any indication.
“Hell, how could I have missed them with that quick peek under his kilt?”

“Missed what?”

“Sheee…gah dang!”  Cami whipped around not expecting a response to her question and especially from the man whose stones were in question.

“Interesting way of not swearing, Cami Ann…” The twinkle in his made her wonder if he’d actually prefer to hear a few choice words pass her lips.  “…tea?”

Steam rose from the cardboard cup he held out to her.  Her heart thunked against her ribs with both gratitude and fear.  Sure it was nice of him to get her a drink, even one she disliked, but what was he buttering her up for?

“N-no thank you.”

“It’s good for you.  Antioxidants and all that, plus I had Marissa add a touch of dried cranberry and raspberry to the Cami-omile while brewing for a sweeter taste.  Try it for me, lass.”

“Aah, I don’t think that’s how it’s pronounced.”  She twittered, like an embarrassed school girl rather than a grown woman and wolf to boot.

“Well, I prefer to think of it as your drink, so I’ll keep saying it just the way I like.  Now taste.”

Cami blushed clear to her toes.  How could she not after all the work he put into getting it for her and the outrageous compliment.  At first she wasn’t sure, but several sips later she considered herself almost a fan.
“It’s not bad.”

“Good, tomorrow I’ll add a Raspberry white chocolate scone to the order just to watch your taste buds explode with pleasure.”

Cami crossed the street at his urging wondering what else would be exploding today and could she bear for him to watch…


The aroused panic on Cami’s face was worth price he’d paid to be on hand to see it.  For a hundred bucks and promise of discounted flea dips to Marissa’s family, she’d kept her eye out for his prey.  The cups of tea were a bonus he used shamelessly.

“Shall we?”  He prompted her movement forward with a hand on her back.  No way would he let her chicken out now that he had her so close.

“I-I don’t…”

“Trust me, Cami Ann, I have the perfect job all lined up for you just through those doors.  You won’t want to miss it.”

Nor would he want to miss her showering the batch of motherless wolf cubs, abandoned on the steps of the Talbot’s Peak Pet Shop, with her endearing capacity to love.

“Really?  What will this perfect job entail?”

Leo knew without the right ice breaker today would be lost when she ran for the hills, but still he couldn’t stop himself from teasing her just a little.  “Oh, kneeling for sure.  Lots of stroking and gentle kisses on the head is a must.”   


Have a love filled weekend!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Magical Portal Day ~ Part One

Tuesday holiday-merry howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. 
This week begins what 'feels' like a series of three flash scenes, with the last one written as a Christmas flash scene. At least, that's the working plan, shapeshifter Sam.

Yeah, we'll see, since everything is subject to change. The Muse simply demands it, the little princess.

So, there are three magical end-of-the-year dates coming up. The first one is December 12, 2012. Then, of course, Winter Solstice 2012, or 12-21-2012. And voila, Christmas day.

My flash scene reflects the first date, of course. Here's what Volcano, my hero in WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, says in his Weekly Angelic Forecast about the opportunity of December 12, 2012.

"Also, 12-12-12 is this upcoming Wednesday. This date is a magickal opportunity to travel inward, and glimpse the dreams you've never known were inside you -- the dreams waiting to be expressed. As well, many will be joining in prayer and meditation to bring forth LOVE, and heighten the 'good, good' cosmic vibrations of this day."

Love and Peace out, until next week.


A Magical Portal Day ~ Part One


The word echoed through Sharva, on an endless loop.

Bitterly, she recalled the most recent blowup with her mother and brother. She'd spent years of her life doing anything and everything  -- workshops, seminars, self-improvement books, counseling, the TV pop psychology shows -- toward improving her relationships with both of them. With her family members in general.

Nothing worked. In the end.

"Betrayal, by a thousand cuts" she whispered. "I can't take it anymore."

So, here she stood at dusk, the snow covering the tops of her boots. Around her, snowflakes drifted as if they no longer cared about turning the world a beautiful wintery white.

Pain scorched and knifed her insides, and Sharva tamped down the sobs wanting to erupt from her constricted throat. Truth was, she couldn't cry anymore. She'd become too empty.

Would it come again? Sharva scanned the bleak darkening landscape. Scraggly trees struggled to survive, sparsely dotting the long slope of land, ruined so long ago by bad mining practices. 

She'd discovered the odd shimmer about a month ago on one of her solitary walks. What she now called a 'fairy window' -- because of it's mundane shape but sparkly ethereal colors -- had simply, suddenly appeared before her, hanging a few feet off the ground.

Caught between stomach-knotting fear and being utterly transfixed, Sharva stared as the faint rectangular shape shimmered in and out for several minutes -- remaining in the same position.

She'd been surprised beyond belief when the strange shimmer appeared in a different location two days later. Now, looking for the fairy window on her walks had become the one solace in Sharva's day.

With the conflicts and arguments escalating daily...with no way to leave since her mother depended on her for help and money...feeling all alone in a world gone mad...and betrayed by the family she loved with all her heart...Sharva stood rooted to the spot, unable to move.

She assumed she'd gone into some type of shock. Her frosty breaths moved in and out of her lungs. She felt herself blink, felt the way her gloved hands were stuffed inside her jacket pockets.

Immobile, Sharva was aware a snowflake melted on her eyelashes, even as she died inside all over again. She'd searched religiously, but the stark truth was she'd run out solutions for her life.

The distant howl of a lone wolf penetrated her thoughts. Startled, Sharva whipped her gaze around. There weren't supposed to be any wolves left in this area.

Of course, she reasoned, it could be someone's dog, maybe a feral dog. Maybe a coyote. Although, the howling didn't sound like any coyote she'd ever heard before. 

With the fading eerie if it'd been conjured out of thin air by a powerful sorcerer...the fairy window materialized. Not off the ground, but about six feet in front of her.

Sharva shook inside, not certain whether she felt sheer excitement or absolute fear of the unknown. Probably both.

Stronger than ever, the shimmer pulsed, its aurora colors more intense. "Portal," fell from her lips, as Sharva recalled all the paranormal romance novels she'd read.

After moments, when the fairy window didn't fade away, she followed her crazy impulse to find something to toss through. Sharva looked around quickly, but saw only snow.

Again, she heard a howl, a mournful song that chilled her down to the bone. Sharva would have glanced around, but the shimmering doorway had her entranced.

'Doorway', she repeated to herself mentally. Was this an actual portal? Could it be?

Remembering the William Henry book she'd read about stargates, Sharva frantically murmured, 'What now?"

'Walk through,' a deep male voice, soft as a shadow, instructed inside her head.



Have the merriest of shapeshifting holidays!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Monday, December 10, 2012

Turning Tricks

Whenever Cowboy Colton’s Wild West Extravaganza hit the road, Melanie made it a point to eat in at least one greasy spoon per state. In Nevada that was Taco Take-Out, which in spite of its name had tables. And pretty good food, come to that. Her friend Sarah “Laughing Willow” Rosenblatt, fellow trick rider and possibly the world’s only Jewish Indian princess, kept mumbling, “Damn, this is tasty” through mouthfuls of enchilada. Melanie stayed quiet, with other things on her mind.

“Well?” Sarah said after finally swallowing. “Are you going to say something, or are you just going to sit there and brood?”

“I’m not brooding. I’m pensive. Is pensiving a word?”

“It is if we say it is. What are you pensiving about? All the empty seats? Or that cowboy who wouldn’t stop staring at you in New Mexico?”

“That horse I bought in Montana. The Arabian.”

“Sinbad? He’s the only one you’ve used in the last eight performances. Is something wrong with him?”

“God, I hope not. He’s the smartest horse I’ve ever worked with. Half those tricks he does are new to me. That bit in Taos, where he sat like a dog and tried to wear my hat? I don’t know where he learned that. I sure didn’t teach it to him.”

“Funny bit. The kids ate it up. I thought I’d bust my buckskins, I was laughing so hard.”

“Glad you liked it. It was all ad-lib. I’ve worked with horses since I could reach a stirrup. Trust me, Sarah, horses don’t ad-lib.”

“So he was a trick horse before. It was probably part of a former act. Didn’t the guy you bought him from say he was a performer?”

“Not exactly.” Once again Mel reviewed the conversation in her mind. She’d been doing that a lot since she’d started working with “Sinbad.” “He said he wanted to be a performer. It was always a dream of his.”

“The seller or the horse?”

“That’s the problem. The way he worded it, I’m not really sure. Then there’s the other thing. Sinbad’s smart, like I said, and he’s the sweetest-tempered animal I’ve ever had under me. But sometimes he—he likes it kind of … rough.”

Sarah leaned forward. “How so?”

“We’ll be rehearsing and he’ll start acting up. Not bucking or anything. I don’t think he knows how to buck. But he’ll do a stunt wrong after four or five times straight without a hitch. Then he … looks at me. Like he wants me to punish him. Every time I carry a whip or a quirt he perks up, even if I don’t use it on him. He likes the saddle girth nice and tight. One time I hobbled him and I swear to God he sighed.”

“Maybe he was abused as a colt. Maybe bad treatment’s all he knows.” Sarah smiled around her enchilada. “This sounds right up your alley. You’ve been needing a new project. Well, here he is. Knock yourself out.”

“I don’t know. There’s something about him. Something not … horsey.” She leaned across the little formica table and whispered, “I think he’s into bondage.”

# # #

The last hand left the fairground stables. Niles still looked around carefully before he shifted. He unlatched the stall door and stepped barefoot onto the straw-strewn ground, deftly avoiding the “offerings” his truehorse cousins had bestowed on the stable floor. The horses muttered nervously and withdrew into their stalls. Unlike the equines of Talbot’s Peak, this bunch wasn’t used to shapeshifters. For the moment Niles was content to let them leave him alone.

Niles was content, period. At twenty-six he’d finally found the guts, ditched his dull office routine, and run away and joined the circus like he’d always dreamed. Or the Wild West rodeo show, in this case. When the show had passed through Talbot’s Peak he’d been captivated by the trick horses and their sparkly bridles and trappings. Show biz sang to him. His forebears had been rodeo buckers, circus mounts and performers in ‘50s TV Westerns. Acting ran in his blood.

When the woman trick rider went looking around to buy a fresh horse for her act, Niles saw his chance. He had no trouble persuading his cousin—or maybe half-brother once removed; the same stallion had bred both their granddams—Ed to “sell” him to her. The minute he felt her confident seat and firm hands on the reins, he knew he’d found his rider. And maybe something more.

He padded across the stable to the tack hung on the wall. He reverently fingered the butter-soft bridles, the smooth leather saddles, the rough rawhide whips. Where he’d picked up his taste for discipline, he had no idea. He loved the thought of training, the more intense, the better. Those smutty films he’d made for cousin Ed had only whetted his appetite. He needed an actual rider. He needed it to be real.

Horselike, he snorted. Real, right. The human thought she’d bought some Arabian trick horse. Melanie was too nice and honest a girl to be lied to. Dare he risk revealing himself? This wasn’t Talbot’s Peak, where shifters were the norm. How would Melanie react if she found out her “horse” had a human side? If he told her, he could lose everything.

On the other hoof, he stood to gain everything he ever wanted.

He scented her seconds before he heard her approach. Nerves won out over honesty. By the time Melanie entered the stable, Niles was a horse again. He whickered a greeting to her even as he shook his mane over his own cowardice. Next time. Next time for sure.

She hurried over to him. “Sinbad! What are you doing out of your stall? You bad boy.” She lightly slapped his shoulder. He nuzzled hers in return. “Did you figure out how to work the latch? You’re way too smart for your own good. I’m going to have to start tying you up.”

“Sinbad” nodded eagerly. Melanie frowned. Too damn smart by a good long throw, and with odd habits to boot. “I could swear you understand every word I’m saying. Hey! You want to go for a gallop?”

Again with the nod. Well, “gallop” should be in every trained horse’s vocabulary. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Melanie tugged on his mane. He knelt on one knee for an easy mount. She swung expertly onto his bare back and swore he shivered with excitement. The sound he made when she clapped her heels to his flanks could have been a moan.

What an odd animal. But smart. One of the best she’d ever ridden in the ring. At her urging he bolted out of the stable and carried them both into the bright Nevada sunshine.