Nude purple fairy spotted in Talbot's Peak?

Ziva sends a growl out to the lovely Rebecca Gillan at Shapeshifter Seductions for making this picture just right!


Hi Everyone,
Welcome to my page!

 Well, we're closing in on Halloween 2011, can you believe it...where does the time go?

I've been crazy busy of late with RL stuff, volunteer works and writing.  I'm nearing completion on my re-write of my second Jag shifter novella, The Submission.  My characters surprised me at the end of the original write with they typical "wait...wait, I have more to say" stuff so I've been behind on my own schedule, but hey...that's writing. ;)

Up next ideas have been driving me nuts with flashes...  My Talbot's Peak residents have been eagerly awaiting their time on the page, but so has a new series about Werewolf cousins and the lovely ladies in their lives.  My dragons have also been puffing smoke at me lately, reminding me that it's not nice to keep a fire breather waiting.  Really? Ya don't say...

Maybe I'll just let them take each other on in a character smack-down and see who wins the right to the next story...LOL  Unsurprisingly, they are all for it.  I wonder if costumes will be included?  ~wink~

Here's  a really awesome Wednesday Word I came across lately, it's bound to make you smile...

Anoesis \an-oh-EE-sis\, noun:
A state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content.
  ~~Sounds like one heck of an orgasm to me!~~

How about a fabulously dirty letter?

Where's the letter??  ;)

Would you like an inspiring pic?

Or maybe a cute cartoon...

Well I'm off to finish Submitting to my WIP, refereeing a potential extreme MMA event in my head and, oh yeah, helping my Darling Diva carve up her pumpkin...can you hear him screaming?

Happy Halloween!


I've been busy of late writing and working on promo from my release A Magical Return.  I never realized how hard the marketing/promo part of being an author was, due in large part I know, because I've never been real good at tooting my own horn.  ~wink~  Wish me luck in finding good spots to show off my story!

During my time searching out where I want to market myself and my stories, I've come across a few sites that I'd not partaken of, but are proving to be quite interesting.

First is  It's a bit like Myspace, Facebook and a forum all put together as one.  I love the ability it gives you to interact with other authors in groups relating to writing.  Come on over and give it a look-see.

My other foray into promo options was to set up an author page over at Amazon.  Some authors swear by it, others not so much(at least from what I've read).  But I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Stop by and say hi, let me know what you think of my stories or just check it out.  :)  Serena Shay Author Central

Exciting news - I've recently sold A Magical Return to Liquid Silver Books. Check out the blurb below:

Release Date June 20th 2011


Conleth “Cole” Douglas, warlock and vessel, needs a miracle. A destructive force has taken hold of his town and it will take more than just he and his magical Other, Cole, to eradicate the Evil. When an attempt to open his lover, Emterra, to her destiny fails, Conleth and Cole are forced to stop the Evil the only other way they know how; by taking it, and themselves, to another realm.

Emterra “Irene” Azzurra, untapped witch and vessel, has lived the life everyone else thought she should. Devastated by the loss of her long time love, Conleth, she’s given up on a happy-ever-after and faced her continuing time on earth, moment by moment.

When Conleth miraculously returns, opening her heart to him again seems to be too great a task for one middle-aged mayor of a dying town. Especially when he looks to be the same young Goth he was when he left and he’s trying to convince her she’s sharing skin with a magical being.

Can Conleth prove his claims of magic and the Others to be true? Can Emterra allow herself to believe in love and his wild claims? Or will the returning Evil finally be able to swallow this town and all its inhabitants into the deepest realms of hell. 


Marina Jamison is a mystery. As a half-breed shapeshifter, she lives on the fringe of were-jaguar society. Though her love for pride leader Bastian LaRue is forbidden, she finds herself tied to him by a bond stronger than their individual wills, a psychic link born from their one-night stand. When her secret is revealed, she is scorned and excluded. Neither Bastian nor the pride can accept a half-breed queen.