Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...go renegade on Link's ape ass...

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Ever wish you could handle life like a shapeshifter might when they let their animal side rule?

...go renegade on Link's ape ass...

"Everyone got the form?" Kitty stage-whispered. With her adrenaline rising, she held up the survey form that the ape-idiot, otherwise known as Mayor Link, had recently sent out at taxpayer expense no less.

A hushed, 'quiet before the storm' chorus of " yeah, got it," answered her.

"I got mine!" Sozchy shouted in a defiant whisper. "The Love Wolfess doesn't love this pile of scat."

After a bit of giggle, Kitty cast her gaze over the thirty or so feral pairs of eyes that looked back at her inside the mostly dark gymnasium at Talbot's Peak High School. Dark because it was nearing midnight. "Remember, if you didn't get one and still want to join in the protest fun, there are copies on the entryway table."

"Got mine from the table." Dante's rumbled whisper sent a massive case of sexy shivers through her middle. And elsewhere more private.

"We're joinin' in."

Kitty recognized Zance's twang, then smelled the timber wolf's partner, Dontoya, a black cougar. By her quick reckoning, there were more wolves than big cat shifters present, and, of course, several other kinds of outraged shifters that were ready to go renegade on Link's ape ass.

Feeling a serious giggly sort of high, she announced, "Forms down, clothes off."

Boots hitting the floor, and rustles of garments being stripped off filled her ears as Kitty placed her survey form within reach of her cat fangs. In moments, she'd pulled off, then dropped her comfy granny robe on top of her winter gear.

As she morphed to her cat self, then stretched her muscles, Kitty felt the excitement build around her. She heard the low grunts and growls, the hisses and soft yowls of the others as they shifted. About twenty of those who had shown up were from her personal circle of friends. But with the word spread about the high-school type stunt there were about to pull... well, Kitty had welcomed everyone, even a little ocelot gal who worked at City Hall.

Dante pressed his wolf nose against her shoulder in a kiss, and to let her know he would protect her no matter what. After a feline rub against her Dante's side, Kitty stiffened her stance. She roared a rallying cry... that is, as loud as her cat throat would allow.

With savage purpose accelerating the beat of her heart, Kitty snatched the survey form between her teeth, and charged for the gymnasium's backdoor exit. She'd propped it open earlier, and now the winter cold blasted her furry face as she raced into the night, everyone following close behind.

If anyone in Talbot's Peak proper was up, roaming or prowling around main street at this hour, they'd see, hear or smell her and her rebel posse as they streaked animal-naked toward the steps of City Hall. Maybe, she thought, they should have dyed themselves purple in a sort of salute to the nude purple fairy dude. Of course, getting costume fairy wings attached once they shifted, that would have been a major problem.


"Eeeek!" Startled beyond belief, then scared to death at what she witnessed, Phillipa scurried behind the dumpster's front wheel. She'd only just arrived in the shapeshifter mecca of Talbot's Peak, Montana. With not a penny to her name, she'd shifted into her field mouse form to search for tasty tidbits. At least, it didn't take much to keep her from going hungry. But now... omyEEKgawd. Who knew wild packs ran the streets?

With her heart trapped in her throat, Phillipa peeked around the wheel. Several breeds of big cat, a whole pack of wolves, four coyotes, an otter, a couple of skunks, one macho raccoon with a badger beside him... and! a definitely brave jackrabbit... charged toward City Hall.

Following their leader, a large fluffy white cat, the motley pack bounded up the short set of steps. But, why they had pieces of paper clamped in their jaws, Phillipa couldn't summon up even a guess. All she cared about -- it wasn't her they had clamped between their formidable fangs. With the paper flapping or flattened against their throats, they headed for the front door as if it was open instead of closed.


Catching a whiff of her inside woman, Lariah, a crow shapeshifter who could find her way into any building, Kitty watched the double doors open. Euphoria flowed down to her paws at their success so far, and she sprinted onto the slick entryway floor.

After sliding, then finding her balance, Kitty slowed her pace, and trotted toward Linky Stinky's mayoral office. She'd scouted out the exact route when banana breath had been on his usual extended lunch hour.

Once inside, as they'd planned, she and her renegade pack dropped the survey forms making an untidy pile in the center of the office -- also newly carpeted at taxpayer expense. Performing the first honors, Kitty moved to the center of the pile, and took up her position.

She raised her tail, and squatted. A satisfying stream of pee whispered onto the survey forms, the sound wonderfully distinctive as it rolled onto the papers before starting to soak in.

Cheering rumbles, yips and other animal hisses of approval surrounded her as Kitty raised her haunches, then daintily strolled off the pile.

"Ladies first," Dante growled, then gave a warning look to all the males lining up for their turn at hiking a leg and letting their piss do the talking.

"Tank up," Kitty yowled, nodding toward the water-filled bowls Lariah had kindly placed on the floor for them. She'd included doses of garlic for that extra bouquet of scent -- smart crow woman that she was.

With a very naughty smile, Kitty leapt on top of Linky Stinky's cluttered desk. She'd rarely been involved in juvenile pranks, not caring for that sort of thing. However, a cat girl had her limits when it came to personal privacy.

After settling herself comfortably to observe, Kitty curled her tail around her front paws. "Do your worst by doing your best," she meowed loudly.

Not that any encouragement was needed. Rivers of pee flowed across the paper pile in the most inspirational of ways. Once the lady shifters had satisfied their rebellious urges, the males took turns lifting their legs and pissing with a vengeance.

"Dueling Banjos," White Fang growled for her ears only. Several of the other wolf and coyote males had tanked up on water, and now competed with the length and strength of their streams. So far, Nick had the other alphas beat.

"Squirt, squirt," Dante rumbled, amusement owning his wolf voice. Once he'd contributed his fair share, he'd come to sit next to her. Now, he observed the scene like a sentinel.

Soon the smell from several varieties of urine saturated the air, not to mention the fire-hose like bombardment the carpet was receiving. Kevin, a coyote shapeshifter, and his cousin, Gavin, squared off opposite each other. As if they engaged in swordplay, they aimed their long streams of pee at each other.

“Cheese it, the cops!” Lariah shouted from the doorway. Pausing, she added, "Oh, and there's a blue dragon waiting on the front steps."

"A new friend," Dante answered as Kitty tilted her head in question. "Xanuvvi insisted on guarding my backside and meeting you."

"Party at O’Malley’s," White Fang growly hollered. "I'm buying. The dragon is welcome too. If he can hold his liquor, and doesn't burp fire."

"The cops are right on time," Kitty mewed to herself. In a leisurely fashion, she launched off the desk.

Dante trotted ahead of her, helping her to avoid the pee-soaked part of the carpet. They followed after her renegade posse now filing out of the room, their gaits unhurried.

For an instant, Kitty halted in the doorway sassily flipping her tail for the office camera.

~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year of the Dragon ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, January 30, 2012

Stand Up and Be Counted

Dear Resident:

In order to better serve the people of Talbot’s Peak, we would like to create a clearer picture of our citizens’ demographics so that we may continue to provide the programs and services that best meet your needs. To that end, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out this voluntary survey. No names are required, and all information will be kept confidential. Talbot’s Peak thanks you for your cooperation.

Lancelot Link, Mayor
Talbot’s Peak, Montana


Human ___ Shapeshifter ___ Vampire ____ Spirit Being ___
God ____ Other ____

If shapeshifter, please specify animal ________________________________________


18-30 ___ 31-45 ____ 46-60 ___ 61+ ____


Male ____ Female ____ Neuter ____ Hermaphroditic ____
Undecided ____ Other ____

Are you

Single ____ Mated ____ In pack or group living arrangement ____ Other _____

Type of dwelling

House _____ Den/Lair ______ Cave ______ Nest _______
Underwater Dwelling ______ Other ______

Do you

Own a Home _______ Rent or Lease _______ Nomadic/Herd _______

Are you currently employed? Yes ____ No ____ Self-employed ____
(Note: “Alpha” is not considered an occupation)

How long have you lived in Talbot’s Peak?

1-5 yrs ____ 5-10 yrs ____ More than 10 yrs ____
Born/whelped in area _____

What brought you to Talbot’s Peak? What do you like best about the area?

Are you pleased with how local government is currently running things?
Yes ____ No ____



Saturday, January 28, 2012

There Be Dragons About

“I’m sick of snow! Sick of ice and cold,” Tory moaned, pulling her sweater tighter around her. “The baby has a cold. Sally’s ill and ready to move. I need a vacation.”

Anthony slipped his arm around Tory’s waist, trying to snuggle her closer. “Love, you know I think all of us are ready for a vacation. Funds are too low for us to get away to anywhere warm enough to thaw us out much.” He kissed her cheek and wrapped both arms around her.

Several inches of snow and ice kept patrons away and business was ebbing as another storm worked its way over the mountains. Leisure was great, but forced isolation---well even Josh was grumpy. An unusual thing for him given his love of quiet and solitude. Anthony didn’t know who was crankier, Josh dealing with a colicky infant or Tory putting up with Josh and a sick infant.

Sally’s patience was gone. Anyone who’d come in close contact to her had gotten told off nicely, but with words that left nothing to the imagination. He’d sent her home with strict orders to not come back until the clinic two doors down cleared her for work. Good thing her in town condo occupied the same building. The look on Doc Jeffers face as he walked out of the office after examining Sally told Anthony more than if he’d asked outright Doc’s prognosis.

“We’ve got to do something. Even the hot tub has ice sickles hanging over it. Warmth and heat inside are great. We could use some outside too.” Tory turned in Anthony’s arms. She rubbed her cheek against his chest.

Josh’s sniffles and sneeze echoed up the small hallway separating their living quarters from the office. “I-I-I. . .....” A muffled sneeze sounded outside the door. “I wish shifters were impervious to human illness.”

Anthony smiled. “Been reading the dictionary again?” He knew Josh’s love of learning kept him reading voraciously. With sporadic mail delivery until the newest storm passed, Josh’s reading material was limited. Ten to fifteen magazines arrived weekly. Most of the bar patrons used the address as their mail drop during their treks into the mountains and woods during their animal phases. No one cared how many read their magazines as long as they remained in decent condition for them to use when they returned. Tory and Sally’s book subscriptions came in mid-month. Josh had read two romance novels before starting on the textbooks for Sally’s online college courses.

“No. Doc Jeffers lent me two of his research journals for something different to read. I got through the first article and said no more. Mike Turner came in yesterday with his eBook reader. I found a new stash of books thanks to him. Free reading material is fabulous.” Josh wiped his eyes.

“Speaking of free. . .I’m back,” a husky male voice growled. Mike lumbered up to the bar and waved.

“Hey man good to see you.” Anthony released Tory and walked over to Mike. “I promise your ereader is in working order. Josh didn’t wear it out.”

Mike grinned. “Not a problem. I’ve got another back at my place. I thought I’d never get back over the mountains. Storms left one hell of a mess.”

“Yes, and warmth is but a fleeting thought.” Tory chaffed her hands together.

“Well, I got an idea if your game,” Mike offered. He motioned them closer.

Josh and Tory huddled near Anthony. “What you got going through your head,” Josh asked, putting a finger under his nose hoping the human myth about this stopping sneezes worked.

“My Scottish cousins are in town. All part of the Saint George clan.” Mike held his breath waiting for the connection to happen. Seeing the blank looks on Tory, Josh, and Anthony’s faces, Mike went on. “There be dragons in that convoy approaching.”

Loud air horn honks filled the air. Beams of bright lights lit up the front windows of the bar as bright as daylight. Anthony rushed to the door holding it open as Tory and Josh crowded near him looking at the big rigs pulling up into the bar’s parking lot.

Three long haired medium sized men climbed down from the first three trucks. The fourth and fifth swung their doors open and two tall dark haired women descended, tossing their braids over their shoulders. The sixth and final truck rumbled to a stop. A window rolled down and a voice called out. “Colder than death and far from hell you take us, Michael Turner. I hope this pub has a pint worth drinking!”

A small woman scrambled out of the cab followed by a huge dog. The three men and two women waited until the woman and dog got in front of them and they fell in behind her. Her strut indicated she took no flack and the canine---he resembled a hell hound with his golden eyes and red skin.

“Aunt Addie, would I bring you somewhere that didn’t serve a hale pint of ale and a decent plate of food?” Mike grabbed the pint-sized woman up in a bear hug. As he set her down, he faced Josh, Tory, and Anthony. “Meet my Aunt and my cousins.”

Introductions continued until everyone had shook hands and made their way back inside. Red, Aldine’s mastiff, lay within feet of the door as though he kept guard.

“Now explain, cousin, what is going on,” the woman closest to Mike demanded. Anthony remembered her name being Matilda.

Mike nodded pulling his chair closer. “I’ve got a way to introduce you to the community and also help my friends out. A hot tub party with a barbecue theme.”

Mike almost burst out laughing at the looks passing between Josh and Anthony. Tory had excused herself to look after the baby. Anthony opened his mouth. Mike shook his head and put a finger to his lips.

“Hear me out,” he started, pointing to his other female cousin, Fran. “Matty and Fran are twin flames. And together they can melt the snow off the patio along with defrosting the hot tub.”

Matty and Fran smiled in between bites of food and quaffs of beer.

“Nicholas and Ethan can light the grill or help start a bonfire.” The two men nodded and kept chewing.

Mike continued. “Ashton, well his red hot flame can boil water unless we keep em cooled down that’s where Aunt Addie comes in. She can shield the area and keep the warmth in. Now how about it? Party anyone?”

Anthony caught Josh’s nod and murmur. “May only the hot dogs and burgers be roasted and not ours or the neighbors bums hot tub wise.”

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Dragon and his Booty...

“One…two…three, six…seven…eight, twelve…twenty-four…”  I paced across the dusty cave floor, comforted by the rhythmic sound of her fellow dragons counting their loot.  There were very few rules when it came to dragons, but, the “A” number one was never come between Dragon and his treasure.

Limbs and lives were lost when a dragons treasure was threatened.

Even now Holt sat counting the treasure that matched his scaly hide — cold hard cash, glittering emeralds, and green M&M’s of every variety. 

“Hey, Holty…how about a sweet for the lovely lady dragon?” Yes, I do call them like I see them, I am damn lovely, but as I expected my request was answered with a puff of nostril smoke and a really hairy eyeball. The look was impressive, but the smoke coming out of that handsome human face was scary as hell.

“Here, Flame…” I reached out and grabbed the hundred he’d peeled off the towering mass of bills. “Go away and leave me alone.”  

I know I should be surprised, a dragon giving away riches rather than a silly piece, or two, of candy, but I was starting to wonder if the candy was being hoarded for someone special.  Ever since arriving in this town, littered with shapeshifters and rumored to have a link to underwater worlds, the males in my group have gotten weirder.  They’d become more introspective and the treasure hording had increased tenfold. 

One would think they smelled their mates on the horizon, or in the deep blue.

Another example of oddness is Ice.  A gorgeous and I do mean drop dead, legs in the air gorgeous, blue dragon on the other side of the cave.  He stood knee deep in precious metals.  Gold, silver, and a wide assortment of other shiny cold bits of wealth surrounded him, but it was the crystal containers and the mixture of baubles that he counted higher and higher.  

“Icicles…I lifted—” Note that I say lifted, see dragons don’t buy anything, we take it because really, whose gonna stop us? “—this awesome smelling perfume yesterday.  It’s ala naturally ingredients and made specifically not to bother asthmatics, so do you have a bottle I can put it into?  A really nice one, hopefully, with a little ball thingy to make it squirt?”

“Back away from the bottles…NOW.” There was death in the eyes that lifted to mine, my death, and all over a silly crystal perfume bottle.  Yet even as I moved away he threw me a bar of silver, which I of course took.  Treasure is treasure and a good dragon never ignores a new piece…no matter how it is obtained.

Besides, I would need all the riches I could get my hands on to win, and keep, the object of my affection.  I turned to the final male of our group, a short, dull brown, and spectacle wearing dragon named Percy. 

Percy was what the human world coined a nerd, but I called him perfect.  He was smart—so smart, sweet, understanding, and tender.  He was also incredibly clueless.

“Hey there, Percy,” I purred in my dragon way, low and grumbly, sex infusing every word. “What’cha doing?”

“Thirty-six, forty-eight…” Like I couldn’t tell as he continued to count his hordes.  More like crap if you asked me, but I tried to not let it faze me.  This would be my mate someday so it would be best for me to get used to seeing comic books, text books and—oh volcanic fires—matchbooks.  What kind of dragon stockpiles matches?  He could breathe fire from his nostrils and he hordes matches.    

I had to also wonder, if the rumors were true and there were more of our kind living beneath the blue, how would Percy manage his treasure?  Books would not survive the sea just as matches could not light under water.  His treasure would forever remain topside, as would her sweet Percy.

This town of Talbot’s Peak, with its shifters, humans and word has it gods, would become her home—unless she could convince her sweetie to change his obsession.

“Percy, my love, how do you feel about diamonds?”

“Sixty, seventy-two, eighty-four…”


Friday, January 27th Headline news on the Guts & Butt’s online edition…

Spontaneous combustion, glowing embers or something else starts forest fire on mountain face.  The town would like to thank the Phant family—Ella and her boy’s— for being quick to the site with water.  Few trees were lost, but odd rumblings emanated from a cave close by.  Use caution for daily runs.


 Thanks to my fellow blog mates for suggesting dragon week!  I always have so much fun playing with my fire-breathing friends!  Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of Lizzards and Toads

Marv rubbed his eyes. Then he blinked and rubbed them again.
There were dragons raiding his south pasture. What the hell were dragons doing raiding his south pasture?

“Damn lizards. You never see cats behaving like this when they come up on the Chinese calendar,” a silky, irritated-sounding voice mewled. The voice seemed to be coming from that naked barn cat that showed up a few months ago. The cat looked up at him, blinked once, then spoke again, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of this.”

The next thing he knew that scrawny cat stalked—the only way to describe that walk was to call it a stalk—out of the barn and down to the pasture fence. It would have looked more appropriate on a thousand pound tiger than a ten pound sphinx cat. Marv was a little worried, both about his sanity and about the cat. He’d kind of grown fond of the little bugger. If his prize black angus bull was having trouble keeping the dragons off him, surly that cat was going to end up as an appetizer.


Wow. Marv stuck a finger in his ear and wiggled it, trying to bring his hearing back in like. If he hadn’t been looking at the cat, he’d’a though the Voice of God had come down from the mountains in the form of a burning bush to berate Moses and the Israelites. It worked, though. Those dragons stopped what they were doing—and promptly fell right out of the sky. Solves the mystery of weather a dragon needs to flap their wings, Marv though, and he snorted. Not that anyone would have bothered asking. Yep, he’d gone ‘round the bend.


Wow, Marv thought again. That cat was an imaginative, vindictive little shit, wasn’t he?



Holy shit. That was the biggest toad Marv had ever seen. What the hell was he going to do with a toad the size of a VW? Marv watched in amazement as the remaining three dragons flew off in a lathered rush—but not before putting every single cow right back where they gotten them from. This was quite nasty as two of the cows had already been eaten. With a pop, the huge smell toad vanished and the cat walk back to sit down beside him. They stood there in silence for several minutes, Marv trying to make sense of what he’d just sen and the cat, cleaning its paw like nothing had happened.

“Well, thanks for that, I guess,” Marv finally said, still a bit dazed.

“Oh, think nothing of it,” the cat purred.

“You didn’t have to help out like that—“

“Pshaw! Of course I did. I’m a god. You are mortal. You pay me tribute and I protect you and yours. That’s the way it works.”

“You are God?” Marv asked incredulously.

“No, no, no. I am not God with a capital gee. I am a god, with a lower case gee. And since you are going to ask, yes you have been paying me tribute. You give me milk and coffee. For that, I usually just keep your barn free of mice.” The cat seemed to shrug. “Today, you required a bit more than mouse-catching, but still. Telling off dragons is always amusing.”

“I see…”

“My name is Lexor, by the way.”

“Well, nice to know you Lexor.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon

Pic from ~ desktopnexus.com

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

When I learned it was the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and not just any dragon, but what some are calling the Blue Water Dragon, I entered a slight state of shock. Why, you might ask... then again, it may be of no particular interest to you.

Still... here it is. In my 2012 erotic romance fantasy, WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, published on August 13, 2008, there is a secondary character, Dragon Leader, Xanuvvi, who is a blue water dragon.

If you interested in an excerpt from the book that stars Xanuvvi, click on over to TITLE MAGIC.

For today's flash scene, of course, I couldn't resist letting you meet Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon Leader, before his appearance in When a Good Angel Falls.

Xanuvvi, Blue Water Dragon

"Why must you leave our realm?"

Queen Crysuthess spoke in her feminine pouty voice. However, Xanuvvi heard her true concern over his leaving, and her wish they remain lovers.

"You know of my alliance with Earth's angelic guardians, my sweetling." Xanuvvi used the power of his voice to stroke her. "The one called Zerr Dann has contacted recently. His mission is crucial to saving us from the dark siders as well as bringing about the salvation of humanity and Earth."

"It is true those of evil intent have already damaged the dimensional wall between our worlds with their use of death-wave weaponry. The fools," she contemptuously added with a dismissive lift of her shoulder. "And yet, how will you fare? There a few dragonkind remaining."

Xanuvvi caressed a strand of her hair, then twined it around his finger-claw, well knowing his touch would soothe the Queen. "Thessi," he addressed her with his pet name for her, "the gathering has begun. There are already ten Rainbow Dragonicas residing at the great caldera -- singing to alleviate Mother Gai's pain, and balance her forthcoming land changes. They are welcoming my presence."

Her sigh could have caused a path through the sea, it burst out with such keening force. "I know it is a matter of positive fate, Nuvvi. Yet... I depend upon your constant strength and wisdom."

Even though, they were alone, she left unsaid what they'd both come to crave, the impassioned strength of their lust-rolling together. He knew why. Their feelings for each other could never be fulfilled.

She would mature and desire only one of her kind for a mate. While he, having glimpsed his far future, being the magickal beast he was, knew another was destined to be his loving mate.

"If you wish for the force we call Good to ascend, and bring the harmonics of benevolence to our realm, then I must leave, my Thessi. I must use my powers to assist humankind, to assist Zerr Dann in his divine mission."

She didn't speak, and he felt her deep contemplations. Her small hand stroked the clawed hand he'd placed on her lovely little shoulder. "One more night... my Nuvvi. Is that too great a wish?"

His answer was to stroke the back of his claw along the sensitive skin of her neck, as she carnal-adored.


Spiraling furiously while also whirling the leviathan-sized length of his body, Xanuvvi pierced the dimensional fabric. Since he could not afford to enter the realm of Earth at the thinnest point, the Great Pyramid as it was known in Egypt -- oh, sweet memories of Queen Cleopatra and the grace of her hands upon his scales -- because of what he called the robot-zombie guards of the Illuminatti.

Instead, Xanuvvi penetrated as close to his dragon allies as possible. Forced to hold his breath because of the slime-heavy, sulfurous water of the Yellowstone caldera, he pumped his tail like a rising Loch Ness monster.

Once he finally speared through the boiling nastiness that passed for a form of water, he continued his momentum. Xanuvvi prepared to summon his magick. It had taken the remainder of his physical strength to remain airborne in the dusk, overcast sky.

Even so, he refused to gasp in draughts of the wintry air for two reasons. One, a dragon leader had his pride. Two, despite the utterly ridiculous connection between sulfur and dragons on Earth, he despised the taste of the odiferous mineral, and the thick muck still clung to his muzzle.

Unfurling his wings, Xanuvvi spread them wide to dry the webbing rapidly. A snort of fire from his nostrils would do the job, but that would foil his plan to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

To keep himself aloft, he cast forth a matrix bubble to float within. Getting his bearings, even if he was spotted, was crucial. He wanted to wing with all due haste to the Rainbow's stronghold once he discovered the location.

What, hey! Xanuvvi closed his eyes inhaling wave after delicious wave of the most seductive female scents. Trapped in the heavy moist air, the potent, in-heat perfume responsible for stiffening his breeding staff was being carried on the rising night wind.

But not merely female, no, these mating fragrances belonged to shapeshifter women, most of them wolven. If his nostrils were to be trusted, a whole thriving colony of shapeshifters lived nearby. If his magickal senses were to be believed, there were also many breeds of supernaturals living among them.

Stunned to his fiery watery core, Xanuvvi snapped his eyes open, and stared in that direction. The Rainbows did not expect his immediate presence, and he could mentally commune with their priest -- offer an explanation.

The lure impossible to resist, he aimed his conjured bubble and soon rode a wind-stream toward the colony. Both good and evil, the hero and villain, the drama of the colony played out in the energies he witnessed before his mind's eye.

To his great joy, Xanuvvi also heard the rippling music of a pristine lake, rare on Earth. He could cleanse himself, make a decent appearance, introduce himself to one of his stature. With that end in mind, he sent forth a seeking fire, a frequency that would find the leader, one of the highest nature.


Seized with the yen to view the night sky, to howl and speak his secrets to the moon, Dante bounded up the spiral staircase that led from the top floor of his new supperclub, the Midnight Stardust, to the small hidden gazebo atop his subterranean club. He'd recently created the romantic setting for him and his beloved Kitty.

She had adored it, and they'd spent precious time together smooching in each other arms, and gazing at the starry midnight sky through the lacing of branches above them. Now, he needed alone moments -- time to let his fur down, or out.

The supperclub had steadily gained in patrons, and the dance lessons were especially popular. Satisfied that all was going smoothly with his customers and crew, Dante stepped outside, and drew in a lungfuls of the cold crisp air.

The next instant, he spun around, his neck hair bristling, sprouting. Dante growled, the warning from the pit of his belly.

The huge dragon standing about thirty feet away smiled benignly, and didn't move. "Shall we introduce ourselves? I am Dragon Leader, Xanuvvi, of the Blue Water species."

His voice boomed yet somehow the timbre matched the sound of the wind.

With his instincts giving quarter, and sensing no immediate danger, Dante eased his stance. "Dante, werewolf. Is there something I can do for you?"

"Perhaps, shapeshifting lessons are in order. Gaining a human form would be of benefit to my mission on Earth. Perhaps also, you can explain why there is such an abundance of delightful feminine fragrances here."

Dante grinned, his confidence returning. "Tell you what, Dragon Leader, if you can reduce your size I'll give you the grand tour."

"Splendid. That I can achieve. Xanuvvi will do as a form of address. May I call you Dante?"

"Yeah, sure thing." Dante watched as Xanuvvi slowly morphed to a far less imposing height. "Hey, how about this Year of the Dragon," he bantered. "Want to fill me in on all the details?"

~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year of the Dragon ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, January 23, 2012

And Call Me In the Morning

“I must admit,” Dr. Russell Waller said, “I’ve never seen anything like you before.”

Jerry Salmander wiped his huge honker of a nose with a fistful of tissues. “You don’t know what I got?”

“Oh, I’ve got a pretty good idea what you’ve got. I meant, I don’t get many dragons in here. By ‘don’t get many,’ I mean you’re the first.”

“Yeah, we’re pretty rare. That’s what’s got me concerned. If I bite it, who’s gonna service the ladies?”

“Uh, yes.” Dr. Waller adjusted his glasses. “Would you please stick out your tongue?”

Jerry stuck out a tongue that would have made Gene Simmons hang his head and slink into a corner in shame. Dr. Waller studied it and said, “Mmmm.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means this may not be a cold, as I first suspected. Have you been running a fever?”

“Doc, my normal body temperature tops 108. How would I know if I had a fever?”

“All right, have you been running cold, then?”

“No, I been right on the money. Except for—”

He sneezed. The poster of the digestive tract hanging on the opposite wall went up in flames.

“Sorry,” Jerry said.

“Quite all right,” Dr. Waller murmured. “If it happens again, try to aim at that corner over there. Excuse me, is your gown … smoldering?”

“Yeah, happens when I get upset. That high body temp. I go through clothes like you wouldn’t believe. One of the reasons I’m a nudist. I thought maybe I’d caught a bug or something.”

“That seems highly unlikely, given your temperature. Most germs would be fried upon hitting your system. I’m beginning to think this is an allergy. Have you eaten any unusual foods lately? Unusual for your species, I mean. Or changed your soap or after shave? Or acquired a pet?”

“Last meal was a bull moose, no, no, and pets are appetizers. I thought maybe dust, so I had some pros come in and clean out the man-cave, but that didn’t—oh crap, here it comes—”

Dr. Waller ducked, a half-second too late. He felt the flash of heat across his face, and the sudden lightness of his upper lip.

“Oops,” Jerry said sheepishly.

“Yes. Well.” Dr. Waller brushed the seared, brittle remains of his moustache from beneath his nose. He checked his eyebrows and found them still intact.

“Your skin’s fine,” Jerry told him. “Just looks a little sunburned.”

“Thank you. Are you dating anyone new?”

“Yes, I am, as a matter of fact. Arlene. I met her at work. Komodo dragon. Best I could do, the real deal being so rare and all.” He elbowed Dr. Waller. “You wanna see her? She’s out in the waiting room. Hot as all get out, know what I’m saying?”

“And virgin, I suppose.”

Jerry smirked. “Not any more.”

“And how soon after you two started dating did you start noticing symptoms?”

“A couple days … oh crap. You think I’m allergic to my girlfriend?”

“Or her soap or perfume or hair care products. Do you find yourself sneezing a lot if you get too close to her?”

“I told you, I thought it was a bug. We go skinny dipping a lot, and the mountain lakes around here are frigid. You been hearing those reports of weird steam clouds rising out of the woods? That’s me.”

“We could do a series of skin tests if you want to be sure, but I’m not certain the samples would last long enough, given your body temperature. I don’t even know if a hypodermic would penetrate your skin.”

“Yeah, we got thick hides, all right. Gotta ward off swords and spears and all. Allergic to my girlfriend, huh. St. George hack my balls off.”

“There’s no reason to let it interfere with your relationship. It could simply be her hair or skin care products, as I said. The two of you will have to experiment. In the meantime, here’s a couple of over-the-counter allergy medications you could try. I recommend you concentrate on stopping the sneezing first.”

“Yeah, that’s a bugger—uh—”

“The corner! The corner!”

Seconds later Dr. Waller stood shaking his head over the scorched and peeling paint on the wall. Jerry hopped off the exam table. “If that’s all you think it is, then maybe I should be getting on.”

“I don’t think you have anything serious to worry about.” Anyone he faced, however, might be another story. “Please see the nurse at the front desk. If this keeps up—”

“Then me or the fire department will be in touch. Thanks, doc.”

Jerry yanked on his slacks and T-shirt and headed out toward the front of the clinic. Minutes later Dr. Waller heard a sneeze, then a feminine scream. Smoke drifted up the hall to the exam room.

“Shapeshifter sanctuary or not,” he muttered, “I never should have left Seattle.”

# # #

Last-minute add-on: I just got my cover for Legacy! It's on my page. I'll be posting it over on Title Magic, probably Thursday. Maybe this'll bring in the Twilight fans. Y'think?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Change Is Coming

“Once a upon a day, my life worked and then—“ Nisha Griswald threw her diary and pen at the smug poster of some popular teenage star staring at her from her co-worker’s cubicle wall.

Suzy, her cube mate, had it all. Long blonde hair that didn’t frizz when it rained. Straight teeth and limbs that didn’t need shaving every full moon. And her blue eyes- - -damn, she had even a job dating famous stars and singers. Suzy was in Hollywood for two weeks of spotlights and endless hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

And Nisha . . “Well I’m stuck here in Talbot’s Peak minding the press of this lackluster gossipless freebie newspaper.” Nisha rolled her eyes as the office door of Your Local News Press opened. All week, since Suzy announced her trip on the paper’s website, more folks wandered in and out of the storefront where the secondary part of their business ran, a used bookstore. Most tried the pretense of looking for a new book to read or trade their rather used books for others. Others didn’t hide their curiosity and asked what Nisha had heard from Suzy. Nothing, and Nisha hoped she didn’t. Maybe Suzy would stay in California. Her persona reeked of left coastitis, too many quirks and peeves for Talbot’s Peak. Besides, the main newspaper covered most everything. Their rag sheet passed for a quick read on books, local events not covered by the shifter press. Humans wanted their gossip regardless of the unusual citizens that made up their neighbors.

As the office door opened wider, Nisha rose. Maybe someone wanted to place an ad or actually discuss their upcoming book fair. The local library needed help with raising funds for the new children’s wing. Lord, shifters procreated faster than most humans. Must be their large litters or the longevity gene most inherited. Lucky stiffs….or was that non-stiffs….Nisha smiled at her puckish pun. Making fun of herself helped lessen her angst about Suzy’s popularity.

“Can I help - -“ Nisha knew her lips moved but no words came out. Where had this hunk come from? That was one hot tomcat standing before her. Her feline counterpart hissed and yowled as her hormones arched their backs in need. Rowwwwrrrh, he was fine and damn hot. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, Nisha fanned herself briefly, grateful for the counter hiding her actions. His face could launch a thousand---no make that a million felines standing in line waiting to be taken and pleasured.

TT plastered a wide smile on his face as he opened the small office door. What a hell of a job for pride leader! “Thanks Tomas, I’ll get ya,” he mouthed before entering.

Still on crutches, TT wanted nothing more than to go home and recuperate. No such luck. Tomas hadn’t relented in his need to place his spies deeper into Talbot’s Peak community. Kazim had dropped out of sight since marrying a human. And the other spy cells, well a few nights in the interspecies pleasure den and they were less than willing to risk their mates. As he pushed the door open wider, a scent slammed into his nose and straight up his nostrils. Prime feline and fertile at that. Great now he had a hard on to calm down. Where was the she cat hiding? This one had best be of the full animal variety, he didn’t have time for- - -

“Be still my heart,” TT whispered as he caught sight of her. Her mousy brown hair and golden eyes roved over him like a huntress sizing up her prey. He wouldn’t bulk at letting her catch him. Where the hell had that come from? He like his females lithe and curved in soft easy to stroke places. This medium size female made his groin sizzle each time she licked her lips. The last time he’d seen this happen. . .oh goddess have mercy on him….no not like his brother---mated to three females at once. Once upon a time my life worked- - -not any longer his psyche roared. Change is happening.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Lady in Red

Image Credit to Whitebook @ DeviantArt, titled A Christmas Story for Rezzan 

As it so often happens to me, today's flash didn't start with a 'what are we going to write about Talbot's Peak today, boys and girls', but with a hoarse cry of 'help me out here peeps who wants to play this week'?  The friendly TP neighbors were deathly quiet this week.  Maybe they were busy, or tired or just comfy cozy dozing and playing with their partners that they didn't jump to answer my call, but I took the hint and moved on to my personal blog and worked on my Thursday Short Story Slam.

I figured something Talbot's Peaky would eventually show up...and I was right.  It did show up, just not how I thought it would.

Below is my Thursday post and after the whispered pleas from The Lady in Red to find a safe place for she and her love, it became my Friday post, as well.  I forsee a new pair making their way to The Peak, mates looking for help...

The lady in red waits beneath the gnarled old tree, sure her love will return one day.
The lady in red listens for his voice on the wind, sure she will hear it in time.
The lady in red watches the sky for his graceful glide; sure she will see it on the horizon.

He’d vowed to love her beyond his very last breath. 
He would be her champion in this life and onward into death.

The lady in red worries upon her knees, troubling is his late arrival. 
The lady in red weeps among the leaves, firmly entrenched—deep in denial. 
The lady in red withers below the branches, fearful he is lost to her.

She vowed to love him beyond her very last breath.
She would be his haven in life and in death.

The lady in red acknowledges the swift setting sun, their timing long gone.
The lady in red feels the oncoming change, their places to switch with nary a hitch.
The lady in red resolves to accept her fate, the moon once again rearranged the mates.

They vowed to love beyond their very last breath.
Be they in fur, or in feathers—in life or in death.

Stay warm, snuggle & play with your loved ones and have a wonderful weekend!