Friday, July 31, 2009

Does Strength Equal Stupidity?

So I was driving along yesterday and I happen to notice a nice looking, okay, Hawt! guy on a motorcycle next to me. Yes, I was quite lucky indeed. He wore jeans, a t-shirt, and sexy Keds on his feet. He had a firm chin, soft lips-perfect for long kisses and his hair was dark and wind-blown... He reminded me of my hero in The Challenge.

Wait... wind-blown? How do I know this? You guessed it, no helmet.

Now, this blog isn't about the foolishness of riding a bike, sans helmet. Nope, I'll let his significant other handle that topic. Today I was wondering - when writers of the paranormal creatures such as shapeshifters, vamps and the rest of our special heroes and heroines, give our characters indestructibility, does stupidity somehow sneak in too?

I know I'm guilty of making my characters somewhat fool hardy, at least in my mind I do, cause I really love to see a guy like Mr Hawtness on a sweet chopper bucking safety and society by letting the wind blow through his sexy, disheveled locks even though the road rash from one single fall could and would probably be deadly. Or maybe jumping from airplanes-free falling darn near to the ground and only then, hoping the chute will open, climbing mountains with big guns strapped to their backs, taking charge and kicking ass....Oh My!


Must get back on topic... My question then is this. If we give them all this strength, does it automatically infuse in them the stupidity to risk themselves, would a safety first male be as sexy or maybe it's not stupidity just the traits of an alpha male?

What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome Fran Lee!

Welcome, Fran! It's so nice of you to take time from your busy schedule to drop by today. We want to hear everything!

How long have you been writing and who are your publishers?

Oh dear! That is a loaded question. I have been writing for more years than you have lived. However, I didn't make a concerted effort to get anything published until October 2008 when I submitted a book to Ellora's Cave. It was rejected because it didn't fit their guidelines. I didn't check out the guidelines first...typical Fran Lee. I wrote the editor and asked what I needed to do to fit EC guidelines. I dit it, resubmitted a week later, and about six days later, I got a letter saying they were offering me a contract on it. You could have knocked me on my fanny with a feather!

What led you to writing?
I always loved reading. I always had a wonderful imagination. It was a simple step from reading to writing. At first I wrote short stories (I was too impatient to write longer ones) about eight to twelve pages long. I wrote paranormal stories. I wrote sci-fi. I wrote mystery. Of course, at eight, my knowledge of the things I wrote about was nil, but I had a ball writing it! It wasn't until I was a bit older that the knowledge garnered from all the many hundreds of books I'd read kicked in, and my writing at last made sense.

What do you most enjoy about writing?
I love writing romance of all kinds. I have a contemporary/paranormal titled OUT OF HER DREAMS with Ellora's Cave, as well as a shape shifter romance titled, HALLIE'S CATS The two books and the anthology piece with Resplendence are Contemporary.

And I have a couple of Fantasy romances that, back in 1987 were branded by every publisher I submitted to as "too erotic and hot" to be published. LOL! Today, these two books would be considered mild! I will spsruce them both up soon and submit them, although they are way too long for either of my current publisher's guidelines.

Any writing hurdles that you were surprised by?
Oh yeah! One of the biggest hurdles I had to get over was cutting a 220 page book down to 128! Luckily I am very flexible, thank heavens! I managed it in record time. Longer is not always better in e-publishing,it seems.

What are you reading now?
Well, I have 245 books in my TBR stack. I just finished a novella, SECRETS OF THE JIN-HAKKU by Kate Willoughby and then did a review on it. I am now starting LOVE NOT A THIEF by Cara Hart. I love historical romances. I love to buy older books as well and then pop out a "Better Late than Never" book review on them. I have nearly80 shape shifters in my TBR stack.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Actually I have already had many other professions, and finally got to the one I wanted all along. I have worked as a supervisory cook, as the Director of a government-contracted services agency with seven satellite offices, as a sales clerk, as a waitress, a shoe repair lady, ballroom dance instructor, martial arts instructor, candy sales girl and I spent 31 years working as a service technician for a Federal Government agency. During that period, I spent a lot of time as a Union President. So you see, finally getting to work at something I'd waited to work at all those years is sorta like a treat.

Tell us a bit about your new release.
HALLIE'S CATS is coming out July 31. It's about a woman running from an unhappy past, and having to settle for an equally unhappy present. But the town she chooses to settle in is where fate intends for her to be.

She can't find a place to live that's within her meager means...except a purportedly "haunted" old house at the top of a mostly uninhabited hill at the far edge of town. Not entirely uninhabited, though. A reclusive pair of brothers inhabits the bigger old estate house at the bottom of the hill.

Brothers she has never seen...until their dog escapes their high-walled compund and nearly knocks her flat. The gorgeous brothers, Gar and Call, are the last surviving members of the Seronta Clan of Leopard shifters. The last female member left to join her chosen mate's clan years ago. And the human female might be just what the doctor ordered for the lonely brothers.

Here's the blurb:

Hallie James loves cats – she just never realized she was one, herself. Not until she met delicious leopard shifters Gar and Cal, one sinfully dark, one beautifully golden.
A terrifying meeting with a runaway pit bull lands her on her butt on the sidewalk! But when the dog's owners appear out of nowhere, asking if she's all right, Hallie has the most shocking reaction to their mouthwatering…scent!
Cat pheromones are powerful – and Gar and Cal’s attraction to the human is as instant as hers is to them. Hallie finds herself caught between two cats… hot and hard Gar, and his hot and delicious little brother Cal. When a gal is confronted with such a succulent choice – why not enjoy the fact that cats are not monogamous?

Do any of your characters from previous books appear in your latest?
That answer will have to be no. Actually, none of the books I have written have spin-offs or sequels, although one of my editors has suggested a sequel or spin-off to one she is working on. It’s flattering, but I’ll have to think hard about that.

Do you use more than one element of the paranormal in your works?
Definitely. In Out of Her Dreams, the heroine has for over twelve years accurately seen the man who will eventually find and love her. And he dreams of her as well, but like most men, he only feels his dreams, rather than sees them. In Hallie’s Cats, my shape shifting h/h’s are drawn together and united by fate (and a previously-owned soul.)

I love to toss in paranormal qualities, because I am a firm believer that people never meet by “accident”. The world pulls them together like magnets. We are in a specific place at a specific time and we meet…not merely by chance, to paraphrase a famous Broadway song.

Have you written a series?
Not yet. If my editor has her way, I might. LOL! Actually, it might be fun to do a spin-off on Hallie’s Cats.

Do you have a favorite book or author that has influenced your writing?
Since most of my novels were written years ago, before the current high-profile authors were writing, I would have to say Barbara Cartland and Georgette Heyer! But way before I found them, I found a very ancient, dog-eared paperback book printed in the 40’s that my mom had hidden in her closet, titled “The Sheikh” by E. M. Hull. I was twelve. I thought my mom would kill me when she caught me reading it under my covers with a flashlight. Instead, she just shook her head and said, “Abe Lincoln ruined his eyes doing stuff like that. Just wait until morning, and read it in full daylight.”

If you haven’t guessed yet, I was a precocious, voracious reader and far ahead of my years in reading matter. I loved War and Peace and The Three Musketeers, too. I spent my lunch money on used books at an old bookstore downtown. By thirteen, I had a huge library of wonderful twenty-five-cent antique and vintage books of all sorts! I devoured Son of Tarzan, which actually was a Burroughs’ styled romance of sorts. I loved his descriptions of his characters. He made you see the physical beauty and power of man and woman.

I’d better stop before I end up giving you a dissertation on romance over the ages.

Which book did you spend the most time researching and why?
I actually only researched Hallie’s Cats, because I wanted to find out why sex seemed painful to cats. Of course, I have been advised by my long-suffering editors that it would help if I started researching certain things. 

Anything else that you'd like readers to know about you?
Um…I suppose I should admit that the photo I have as my avatar on all my websites is not recent. However, until I find a glam-shot photographer who can make me look that good again (without the 60’s bouffant hair) you will likely never, ever, ever see a recent photo of me. Oops! Did I just give away my true age here? Rats!

More seriously, I do a daily column for, a reader-driven information network that has spread to almost every big city in the USA. On that site, I do interviews with authors, publishers, cover models (yeah…and you really need to look at the hot photos…wow!), editors and even book reviewers! I also do book reviews, some fun blogging, and a couple of times I’ve had guest bloggers there. Check it out:

What was the craziest thing you ever did to promote a book?
I really wanted to get myself a book trailer like all those cool ones you see on YouTube. Being broke ruled out having one professionally done, so I did some research (On creating videos, not on the quarantine laws of Barbados) and found a cool free website that I used to start making my own book trailers. Now, if you’ve seen some of the fabulous book trailers out there, you’ll understand why I think I was crazy to try it.

However, I managed to put together a couple of credible trailers using nothing but the covers of my books and music and text slides. Not exactly fabulous, but surprisingly good-looking (to me, anyway!).

Next, I think I’ll try dancing the Dance of the Seventy-eight veils. I wouldn’t dare try that with only seven veils. Something like that could destroy life as we know it on this planet. 

Thanks so much for asking me to visit today! It was loads of fun!

Here is the link to YouTube for the Hallie's Cats video.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We've enjoyed hosting you!

Otherworldly Shape Shifter

Last night as I was watching Discovery Channel I heard a familiar term: Shape Shifter. I was watching a documentary on the very intelligent cuttlefish. This amazing mollusk (cousin to the squid and octopus) has skin unlike any other creature in the world.

It is capable of mimicking the surroundings it can see very clearly through its unique, W shaped pupils. Using the chromatophores, leucophores and iridophores that change the color of their skin, this creature is capable of a full spectrum of colors. They can even change the texture of their skin, and raise bumps as seen here.

First the cuttlefish tries blending in with his surroundings to sneak up on its prey. If that doesn’t work, it tries to stun its prey with a dazzling light show reminiscent of a Vegas marquis.

So it got me to thinking... what if our characters had these capabilities? What if our hero could make himself appear invisible by blending in with his surroundings? Or dazzle his prey with a stunning lightshow using unique cells in his skin? (or her skin, of course).

Now that would be an interesting character.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"...sliding up, then down"

Whew... what a ride this being a romance author is. Once again, I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Oh, for the ability to shift into my namesake. Bigger mouth, crunching jaws... raorrrrrr... take that, life!
Crunch, munch... yeah, I can promo and write and do lunch... toss it toward my massive jaws in one giant tasty bunch... snarl, snap... rip and tear... gulp, all done and ready for more.
Yeah, true, I could restrict myself more than I do. Pen less blogs. Spend less time promo-ing my books, my blogs. Yet, there’s always that irresistible urge beyond what I’ve already committed to doing... the latest being a prequel scene I wrote for HERO DAYS at Lindsay’s Romantics blog, fondly known as
THE PINK BLOG ~ It’s two weeks of us authors presenting our romance novel heroes.
Yeppers, the urge got me. I wanted to know what divine mission, Volcano, my hero in
WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, accomplished so impressively that he was assigned Earth Mission: 2012 Ominous ~ where my novel begins.
While not a shapeshifter, Volcano does shift in various ways. He has his incorporeal and corporeal form. Plus, he has other shape-changing tricks up his angelic sleeve for use on both material worlds and the etheric worlds.
If you’re curious about Volcano and the other hero blogs, I invite you over to Lindsay’s Romantic blog for a look-see. The romance novel hero is also being celebrated at The Romance Studio’s Summer Event until September 20th.
Also, this is my week to post on the main
Romance Studio blog. Wednesday, July 29th, to be exact. I’ve written about the crucial importance of Heroes in this day and age. As an added note, I believe the heroes we create for our stories will become even more important to our readers in the upcoming days, and will have the impact of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table.
Perhaps, that’s a heavy mantle for some authors to wear. Perhaps, not. Think of it as a personal challenge. What types of heroes inspire you the most? I’m certain those are the very heroes that will inspire your readers.

And... transition here... the Bull is back... a hero with a real set of horns and the bold balls to match.

For the beginning of this bullie woolie tail see my blog ~ ...burning its way through my jeans ~ then, Longest Solar Eclipse... “possessiveness I’ve never known”

X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town

Oh, god. Someone, please! Shoot the bull. And I don’t mean ‘shootin’ the bull’ as in having a good ole time.
“Shoot the bull,” I threaten in a thready whisper, my lips parched.
Wham! It’s hits me. The two-by-four to the head. I’ve just given him another sex opening he can use to penetrate my sex opening. Oh, god.
“Spread those soft sinful thighs of yours, Shelley. I’ll shoot the bull.” His cock slides, pressing with a bit more force. “But not before you’re fully and deeply pleasured.”
His passion-roughened voice bolts through my bloodstream. Dang! Hang his hide high.

“You can’t keep molesting me,” I scold. “Anyone could show up.”
Heedless of splinters, I clutch the fence post behind me with both hands, so I won’t grab him and jump his handsome naked bones. Or jump on his scorching bone, wrap my legs around him and beg him to take me inside.
Hell, just do it. Take me, I shout inside.
“That’s the advantage of being a bull shifter,” he rasps, “shifting in the nick of time.” He moves an inch closer, his ‘bullhorn’ jabbing my hip with a demanding slow rhythm.
“What a load of bull,” I challenge.

Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~
Plus, take a peek at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~ NOW rising on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list.



Savanna Kougar

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Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand

Monday, July 27, 2009

Conference Letdown...

Sorry I missed the last two Monday posts. On the 13th, I was on my way to Washington DC to attend RWA National, and on th 20th I was on my way home after an exhausting week.

Conferences are supposed to get you all motivated and excited to work on a new project. While I enjoyed some of the workshops I attended (Sex Scene Viagra and Sex Throughout History especially), had a blast at the Passionate Ink party, and loved the city of Washington, D.C., I just didn't come back motivated to write which really disappointed me.

Two years ago when I attended the RWA National conference, I went to every workshop I could find. I pitched to Raelene Gorlinsky of Ellora's Cave and basically came home with a fire in my belly for writing and for the organization. Maybe it's me but I felt apart from it all this year. Like I was watching things from the outside. And unfortunately, being on the outside isn't really a fun place to be.

It wasn't all bad. I was pleased at some changes the RWA BOD made with regard to the RITA award, but I was still frustrated at the fact that e-pubbed authors who are RWA members are expected to wait three weeks before entering the contest. Authors who are NOT members, but are published with "RWA eligible publishers" (aka large print publishers) can enter the RITA before I can, should I choose to enter. And if those non-members fill up the slots - well sorry Francesca. Better luck next year.

How about members enter first - THEN non-members - IF we must have a tiered system, which I would dispute. The explanation for this delay seems valid. The BOD wishes to make sure that there are enough PAN and PAN-eligible judges to cover the number of entrants. However, if they allow NON-members to enter the RITA, we can pretty well assume those individuals won't be judging the contest because they aren't in PAN. An individual has to be a member of RWA to be in PAN. So I was left scratching my head over this rule. Scratching my head and swearing under my breath, actually.

Ultimately, it was an overall negative attitude toward electronic publishing I found disheartening. Having my book accepted by Ellora's Cave was NOT an easy in to publishing nor was it a "stepping stone." Even though I'm pubbed with EC I'm still a "career focused" author. I actively promote my books and look for readers. The last argument I heard from some individuals was that if you make a $500 or $1000 advance at least you're guaranteed something for your trouble. First off, there are no guarantees in life - you just have to get out there and start pitching if you want to make it. Second, I did quite well with EC, thanks. But you know what - if I didn't - that's MY business.

Anyway, in spite of the conference I found my inspiration. I found it in individuals I met while there. I had a first sale ribbon on and many people asked me what I'd sold and were genuinely happy for me. I was excited to tell them I'd sold to EC and had in fact sold a second book to EC too. It was exciting to attend the lit signing and be all gushy with Angela Knight, Sylvia Day and Shelley Bradley who were some of the founding members of the Passionate Ink Chapter. It was fun to attend our chapter party even though I had to speak in public (and made an ass out of myself because I hadn't printed out bios of our speakers). But I survived and I met friends and handed out copies of the Pocket Kama Sutra as party favors (hey, it's a research book...really).

It was super to meet Monica Burns. She was so easy to talk to, supportive, and introduced me to Lebanese cuisine. Thanks girlfriend! I had fun doing the road trip thing with Robin Rotham, too. She rocks by the way. Not only does she write stellar books, but she is a true Road Warrior. Go Robin!

So am I writing? Yup. No shapeshifters in this one, but it's a new story and it's smokin' hot!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Where Do You Network?

I'm blogging between raindrops this morning because we're being treated to another round of storms and I'm trying to type with my fingers crossed. Okay, I'm a teensy bit superstitious but I'm really hoping I don't lose power.

Serena's post yesterday on promotion reminded me why I ventured into the blogging world. I'd always been one of those people who learned just what I needed in order to write my books and hopefully get them to an editor who liked them. When I sold, I thought, Okay, put up a website, people visit and get to know you. Wrong.

People don't know where you are unless you tell them and for that you need a social network. Where do people gather these days? Twitter is the latest rage and I have to admit that I haven't tried that yet. Facebook? That place is still a little intimidating but it's on my "to do" list.

I do however blog. I love blogging! I love visiting other author's blogs and getting to know them a bit better. Some of them are quite funny and I have my morning coffee visiting Fran Lee's Examiner page, Three Wicked Writers, and Anny Cook to name a few.

One of my favorite places to find authors I adore is You Tube. There are several good cover trailers on the site, and the promotional opportunity is wonderful. Besides the beautiful covers you get a mini blurb of the book. Yum.

Where do you network? I'd love to come for a visit!


Friday, July 24, 2009

What the heck do I do now?

It's now just over two weeks until my release date for The Challenge. YAY!!! Only, what the heck do I do now?

----------------Newb Alert - Newb Alert-----------------

So I have a list of newbie questions I thought to put out for all of you seasoned authors out there. Now, I figure it is only fair to pay for any brain picking I do, but my currency comes in the form of a snippet of my upcoming release. I'll post it at the bottom. :)

On with the questions....

1. Should I be promoing it like crazy? Probably, but how and where?
2. When it comes out, how many copies should I buy to use as give aways? Is there a magic number?
3. Do interviews on other blogs work?
4. I'm working on a second book, as I've heard that is the best promo you can do, but is there anything else that worked really well for anyone out there?
5. Any other words of advice for my big day...I'm all ears.

Thanks! Now how about a snippet...

As the car drew to a halt and Bastian got out, she wondered again if she was making a mistake. Yes, she wanted to know the wildness of sex with this side of her physiology, but at what cost? Did she dare risk the loss of her anonymity? She’d hidden for so long behind her talent that it was hard to put herself out there for sex alone.

“We’re here.” His hand reached out, palm up, ready to assist her from the car. He left her breathless with his considerate gesture. How many men these days opened car doors? A symphony of nature met her as she rose from the car. Water lapping onto the shore and a fresh pine bouquet filled her with a wild yearning. She could run here, be free here. Maybe she could be more, here.

They moved along the dock towards a giant gazebo outlined with twinkle lights. Silky netting hung suggestively around a raised pedestal in the center of the room, a bed hidden within its depths. They were alone, and the incredible man at her back demanded her full attention.

“Shh, pretty kitty.” Bastian wound himself around her, calming the shakes racking her body. When had those started? “There’s probably a minimum of a hundred things I could call you.” His tongue dragged lightly over the whorls of her ear. “But do you know what I would like?”

She tingled as pictures raced through her head. Her body sprawled over the hood of the car, the warm metal teasing her breasts as he pounded into her from behind.


“Your name, darlin’, what do I call you when I demand your release?”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Longest Solar Eclipse... "possessiveness I’ve never known"

Pic from ~ ~
I call it the Bull Horn Solar Eclipse.
Yep, the bull is here and lustily snortin’ for Shelley.

First, the longest solar eclipse will take place on July 21-22, 2009, that is until the longest Total Solar Eclipse on June 13, 2132. Quite a time gap in there.
Is this a line of demarcation in the fabric of time, the ending of an era, the weaving of a new era? With the passing of Walter Cronkite and the last US Veteran of WWI, this could be true since their lives and times represent our past as a society.
From the current trends of our world, I would liken this time to another Dark Ages where every light shone, the light within us all, makes an incredible difference to weaving our world in new and wondrous ways. Yes, the monsters of our world will appear and do their mightiest to frighten us. They will demand the virgin sacrifice or the lives of innocents. Still, isn’t this the heroine’s or hero’s journey? Shine your brightest lights, everyone! As we ShapeShift toward a dream-splendid Renaissance.

For the beginning of this bullie woolie tail see my blog ~ ...burning its way through my jeans ~

X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town

“We can always go inside,” he sexily tempts.
“You can always stop.” My tone is less than effective.
“You can always surrender.” His voice has transformed to black velvet.
“You can always stop using me as a sex-scratching post, you lewd strange beast.”
Lustily, he snorts in my ear and his ‘scratching’ continues. By this time my hip is enjoying his carnal attention too much. Damn hell, how do I get rid of an over-amorous bull man?
“Why don’t you change back into a bull and run off... hit the road, take a hike, please!” Furious, I hiss the last word.

“Only if you hike with me. Wrap those prime thighs around me, Shelley. I’ll take you on a trip you won’t forget.”
Desperate, I shout in a whisper. “I know. Take a trip to Italy. To Pamplona. Run with the other bulls.”
“Been there, done that. What I want is to run with you.”
“I don’t want to run with you. Leave me alone.”
“Alone,” he seduces.
His blazing breaths blow against my neck and tickles my ear... so not good. My hormones go into overdrive. And I pant in return. Our breaths collide, his cock sliding up, then down.

Authoress news ~ cool beans, the Kougar’s menage, HER INSATIABLE DARK HEROES, was In The News at Siren-BookStrand for being PAN-eligible.
Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~
Plus, take a peek at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~ NOW rising on Siren-BookStrand’s bestseller list.



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blocking out the Scene

Serena had an interesting post yesterday about choreographing sex into a scene so that it drew you in emotionally instead of focusing on where the noses go. Of course as writers we have to know that the noses are placed logically so no one is distracted from our wonderful scene.

This principle works for all of the scenes in your book. First, determine your setting. Where is the scene going to take place. Whether you're in the bedroom or hiding out in ruined temple, block out how the room or the jungle or wherever you place your characters, looks like. You can write it out or draw it but have some kind of visual.

What needs to happen in this scene? What single act are you trying to convey? If it's an action packed scene where your hero and heroine are running for their lives chances are there's going to be more physical action than dialogue between your character's. But this could be a place for information about what one of your character's is thinking. If your scene takes place after they've reached their destination, what information do you need the reader to know and how can you convey it without making it an information dump. What logical reaction would either of them have?

Who will be in this scene and which character's POV will be used? Who needs to be acting/ reacting at this point? If the previous scene was conveyed in the heroine's POV you may want to have the hero's reaction in the this scene, which technically, might be a sequel.

What mood are you trying to convey? How would your character's, as you've set them up, behave in the situation you've put them in? And are you conveying that situation through your character's actions and dialogue?

What or who is trying to keep your character's from getting what they want? Even if they aren't physically in the scene they're adding to the conflict and how your character's behave.

What new information or question is raised? What's going to be your connecting hook for the next scene or sequel? This is what sets up your next scene and makes the reader want to know more. And then of course, you get to start all over again.

After you have all of your information down, write your scene. It sounds time-consuming but the first time I used this method was the first time I wrote one-hundred thousand words in under a year. Blocking out your scenes may save you time in the long run for the simple reason that it helps to keep your story on track. I know it works for me.

Do you think this method might work for you? Or do you think planning interferes with your creativity?

Happy writing,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Whew....I. Am. Spent!

...and they all came in a burst of light and fell into an exhausted heap of arms, legs and other well used body parts.

Okay, so these are not the words I used as the culmination of my threesome in the WIP, but there was many a moment that I wanted to. I'll tell ya, having a menage has to be easier than writing one.

Hmmmm, maybe not.

You know the hardest part was remembering where and what each person was doing! Who was on their knees, could that one balance on the ledge and where the heck are her hands? I definitely need some sort of chart to track all of the movement, but dang, the thought of that kinda takes me out of the moment, ya know. Slot a into slip b on top of dangle c - not very sexy.

Perhaps it would be better if I labeled them M1, F and M2 or letters of their first names, R, L and T, but then what? A flow chart? A technical book? Oooh..stick people! LOL

Somehow I don't see myself utilizing any of these fine ideas, though the stick figures have a certain appeal. No, I think I'd rather just visualize my way through the act in the rough draft. It helps me pull out the emotional side of things. I think I'll leave the technicals for the first set of edits.

How about you...graphs, charts and stick figures for the sex scenes or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guest Blogger Suzanne Rock

Shapeshifter Seductions Interview with Suzanne Rock

First off, I would like to thank the ladies at Shapeshifter Seductions for having me on to talk about my new release from Loose-Id. It’s a paranormal erotic shape-shifter novella called Spyder’s Web.


How did you celebrate your release of Spyder’s Web?

At first I was incredibly nervous. I went to the “buy page” on the Loose-Id site and kept refreshing it throughout the day. I have no idea why I did this. The information there didn’t change, nor were there any reviews listed (Loose-Id doesn’t list reader reviews on their site). I think I was just trying to absorb the fact that I wrote a book and it got published. *VBG*

My husband was more excited about the release than I was. He posted it to his twitter and Facebook page. Problem with that is that he used my real name. I mean, what’s the point of using a pen name if everyone knows your real name? LOL. Excited husband = no anonymity. LOL. He was really sweet, though. He got a bottle of wine and we toasted the new release together. I’m really lucky that I have such a supportive spouse.

How did your family react to you writing romance novels? Have your family read your books?

In general my family has been very supportive. Most of them had no idea what an ebook was before I got published. I’ve introduced a lot of them to the epublishing world. J

Some have read Spyder’s Web, most haven’t. My husband won’t read my work, although he knows I write erotic romance. He has this “I just don’t want to know.” attitude. LOL. I think he might be a little afraid of what he might find between the pages. J

Where do you get the inspiration for your books?

I get my ideas from a variety of sources, but mostly books and movies.
The idea for Spyder’s Web began after I read a couple of erotic paranormals and saw a television special on the old Studio 54 in New York.
I love old movies – especially the heroes in old movies. The idea for the hero in Spyder’s Web, James, came from a blending of James Dean and Humphrey Bogart.

Humphrey BogartJames Dean

The heroine, Spyder, was developed from a couple of movies I saw starring Christina Ricci.

Christina Ricci

The world building came from an all-night Wikipedia search on different vermin (yeah, I know). I did it with my critique partner, Ella Ricci. (Thinking about it still makes me laugh.) It also came from a conversation I had with my dental hygienist where she told me about this hawk that landed in her back yard.

It didn’t all come together, though, until I read a series of posts Jessica Faust did on her blog about how a writer can “hook” a reader into a story.

I know this seems like an eclectic list, but it would make more sense after you read the story. I really take bits of information from a variety of sources and stick it all together.

Most writers are avid readers. Is this the same for you? If so, who are some of your favorite writers?

World building is huge with me. Most of the fun for me is creating interesting worlds. As a result, I love the complex world building in Kresley Cole novels. I admire the use of mythology in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series and Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series.

In erotic romance, my tastes are more wide spread. I feel I’m still exploring this area and will be more apt to pick up a new erotic romance author than any other genre. I think one of the most influential writers for me so far has to be Megan Hart. I just love her complex characters. Dirty is still one of the best erotic romances I’ve ever read, although it isn’t a paranormal. For paranormal erotic romances, Lora Leigh’s Breeds series is one of my favorite.

Hmm, now that I read this, I’m noticing a theme with me. I tend to like very complex characters and unique, multi-layered world building. :)

Do you feel it is difficult at times to write a love scene?

Goodness, yes! I don’t seem to have a problem editing, but the drafting can be a killer. I normally have to have a glass of wine – or two – before I can even attempt it. LOL. It never fails that when I’m in the middle of a sex scene, hubby will want me to help him unload the dishes or one of my girls will want me to fix them a snack. LOL.

What are you reading now?

I’m reading Love without Blood by Raz Steel. I love a good vampire story! :)


Spyder’s Web is available now from Loose-Id.


I have a dark secret. I’m cursed with an intense sexual desire which can never be satisfied. If I abstain, I go mad. If I have sex, I black out and my partner ends up dead. The only way to break the curse is to find my protector and soul mate. Until then, I’ll just have to try to find a way to get by…

James is a cop who thinks I’m the "Black Widow" serial killer people are talking about. He's watching in the shadows, waiting for me to slip up so he can send me to jail. My curse longs to claim him, but I resist because he saved my life. Soon, I will need him to do it again.

Now his morbid fascination with me has turned into an obsession. I don't know how much longer I can keep him at arm's length.

I'm not sure I want to...

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, violence, voyeurism.

Buy link:

If you want to learn more about Suzanne Rock and her stories, you can visit her at any of the following places:

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...burning its way through my jeans

error... error... error... the Kougar has made an error in numbering her flashes for her serial flash ~ New Bull in Town
Thusly, here for the sake of full-moon clarity is the WHOLE LOTTA BULL flash from the beginning with two more flashies added.


X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town

Damn! Like this is how I wanted to spend my Sunday. On stupid repairs. I pounded the third nail into the loose middle board of my old corral. I wouldn’t have bothered, except I needed it fixed for my new Arab colt.
Ouch! The hammer smacked my thumb. Damn it to effing hell! Worse! Now sweat beaded on my forehead, threatening to sting my eyes.
I bent over, pounding the stubborn nail. Damn! I stilled. A large snout snuffled, pressed against my crotch. Sniffing, blowing loudly, the animal’s muzzle pushed upward, snuggling.
None of my horses were in the corral.

I whirled around, the hammer poised like a weapon. The huge coffee-colored eyes of a longhorn bull met me. His coat was a shiny healthy liver red. His immense spread of white horns gleamed beneath the noon sun. From what I could see, flattened against my corral post, with my heart thundering, he was all sleek ferocious muscle. And beating him with the hammer would most likely have only enraged him. Calm in my panic I merely stared back at him, then asked, “Have a home?”
My answer. His nostrils flared. Stepping closer, he thrust his muzzle against my loins.

Blowing loudly, he slowly rubbed his muzzle up the zipper of my jeans. Almost delicately, he snuffled the thin hugging fabric of my tank top. My sweat-damp tank top.
“I’ll bet someone’s looking for you,” I crooned softly, half-mesmerized by the look of rut glinting from his hooded eyes.
Surprised when his muzzle shoved between my breasts, my belly leaped as if a bullet had struck.
Omygawd! Naked as a jaybird, the cowboy I’d refused to dance with last night stood pressed against me. I dropped the hammer, reached back to clutch the post. My breath poured out in gusts.

What the freakin’ hell, ran a race around an oval track in my head. What was I supposed to say? Wouldn’t it be better if I screamed to high heaven? Maybe I should just faint. I closed my eyes to help that process along. Yep, when I came to, he’d be gone. A strange figment of my sun-baked imagination.
The naked man hadn’t gone away. My eyes popped open at his, dare I admit it, bull-husky voice speaking my name. In the depths of his eyes he pawed for me, a bull in rut.
“What the hell are you?”

“Shelley, why don’t I explain inside –“
“No!” I glare my wrath. “You’ll explain here and now. Or I’m reaching for that hammer and using it to pound –“
“I get the picture,” he interrupted, flinching just a tad. His gaze remained steady, though, and rampaged for me.
“It’s not my fault you’re standing here in your birthday suit.” Slamming my fists against my hips, I lean forward thrusting my chin.
“Yes, it is”
“It is not.”
“You refused to dance with me, pretty woman.”
“So, you... you turn into a bull to get revenge?” My temper had come to the rescue.

“Not revenge, Shelley. I have to shift to my bull form to stay healthy.”
I stare into his dark glittering eyes, assessing his truthfulness. “Yeah, you were just in the prairie neighborhood, right?”
He grins, such a wickedly satisfied grin, I scowl. Yep, I’m about ready to swing for his jaw no matter how handsome his features are.
“You know you can’t resist me, pretty woman.”
Okay, his bull-gravelly voice is messing with my sex hormones. “I did last night.”
“I must have frightened you. I’m sorry, Shelley.”
My cheeks burn. “Gee, being a damn bull isn’t frightening, is it?”

“Being a bull has its advantages.” His gaze glitters with obvious meaning. Sex and more sex. That’s what he’s offering.
“I was right not to dance with you. Obviously, my instincts were right on target.”
“Target.” He winces a bit.
“Bull’s eye!” I triumph.
“Bull’s eye,” he croons suggestively. Like a slow hand lover his gaze travels down my body, even at this close range. “I’m bettin’, pretty woman, you have a beautiful bull’s eye just waitin’ for my aim.”
“Shoo... get out of here. Go chase cows... or whatever. Practice your ‘aim’ elsewhere.”
“My aim is only for you.”

“You arrogant piece of beef. I should make steaks out of you. No, hamburger. How do you like that?” I stomp my booted foot for good measure and scowl like a demoness. At least, I hope I look pissed off enough to scare him away.
“Shelley,” he purrs, long and low... in that male tone that says ‘you know you really want me’. “Give a man a chance to show you heaven in his arms.”
“Beneath your hooves, you mean, Mr. Longhorn.”
“Mm... mm, you did smell like sun-kissed blossoms, so female juicy...”
“Shut up.” I slowly reach for the hammer.

His gaze steamed like a cup of fresh hot coffee, then followed the length of my arm as I continued inching my hand toward the hammer.
“I’ll have to shift into a bull,” he croons like a seducing Lothario.
Crap! Why does his voice have to ring the chimes of my sex hormones?
“Good. You just do that. I’ll put a ring in your nose–“
His hand captures my wrist, interrupting my words. His hold is gentle, yet firm, and it feels way too good.
“Shelley, get to know me and I’ll let you put a ring wherever you want.”

“Typical male,” I accuse. “You’ll lie like a dirty dog. Or, in you’re case, a dirty longhorn, just to aim at my bull’s eye.”
I give him the fierce *don’t mess with me* eye as his gaze fully meets mine. Did I say steaming coffee before. Hell, his eyes are downright boiling for me.
Damn... something else boiled against me and it wasn’t his hand around my wrist. His cock brushed, then rested lightly against my hip. I gulp. It has to be the hottest largest hunk o’ beef I’ve ever felt, and its burning its way through my jeans.

“Move.” I speak through frozen lips. “Now.”
“Your command, pretty Shelley.”
Too late I understand his meaning. My eyes widen to dollar-sized pancakes as he begins subtly pumping his beefy cock against my hip.
“Bad bull. Bad, bad, bull.” Stupid, yeah. But it was the only thing I could think of to say. My eyes have not lessened their size. My lips are still half-frozen in shock.
“Good woman,” he sexily rumbles. “Good, good woman.”
“Bullwhip!” I snarl.
Still, my loins betray me, a molten ache threatening to buckle my knees. That, alone, makes me angrier than a wet hornet.

“Know how to use a bullwhip?” His taunt is pure seduction.
“I’ll learn how. Crack!” My tone imitates the lash. “Dead aim at ten feet. That oughta strip the hide off that bad bullhorn.”
His amused chuckle nibbles at my ear causing jolts of achy desire to take over my sex.
“I know to use a whip, Shelley. I’ll show you,” he naughtily promises.
Swallowing and sensually woozy, I wallow in his obscene virility. Until I find my tongue again.
“Stop that.”
His male bullhorn slides up the indentation of my hip with a possessiveness I’ve never known... not stopping.

Authoress news ~ the Kougar has learned, STALLION OF ASH AND FLAME, her stallion shifter erotic romance *may be* released sooner than the original date given... stay tuned, as they say.
Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~
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Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand

Friday, July 10, 2009

Finding the right words...

"It's okay to write badly."

I've heard many a writer utter these same words in the past few years and you know, I really like them.

"It's okay to write badly."

So much so that I wrote it on a post-it note and attached it to my monitor. I look at it each time I write.

"It's okay to write badly."

Now, of course, I'm talking about the rough draft and not the final draft. I mean who wants to send in their draft with the word need used three times in one paragraph. Or the draft where she begins every sentence for two pages straight. And gasp, do you really want to send in the draft with their spelled incorrectly each time it's used?

Yeah, I wouldn't either.

I just recently recognized one of these issues in my own rough draft. Word repetition. I did use need three times in one paragraph, but beyond that, I've found that I use the words change and shift uncontrollably throughout my story. Not to surprising considering I write about shapeshifting, but tiresome to read, over and over again. :)

So off I went to Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus to find a new word. A huh, know what I found? Not much by way of romantic, shapeshifting words. LOL

For change I found: Alter, Vary, Modify, Evolve, Convert, Turn(I've used variations of this one for sure), Ripen, Transform, Adjust and Shift.

For Shift I found: Transfer, Transformation, Displacement, Fault, Alteration and Substitution.

Okay, some of those might fit, but still I like Change and Shift with Turn bringing up the rear. Thank goodness I'm still working through my rough draft and have time to decide how to shake up the Change and Shift usage.

So I ask you fellow shapeshifter writers out there, do you too have a problem with these two words or have you found a sexier, and more romantic substitute?

Have a great weekend everyone! And for those going to Nationals next week, Have Fun!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New release coming soon from Crystal Kauffman

I’m really happy to announce the second book in my Guardian series, The Collision, has been slated for a September release from Loose Id publications.

This book starts where the raid on the palace left off (for those of you who have read the first book) when a vampire agent with the Vampire Secret Service, and a Guardian warrior with the San Francisco sect are transported with a slave girl by fae magic to an enchanted prison castle in Romania. What used to be Transylvania, in fact. They battle external dangers while battling amongst themselves, which leads to some very juicy conflict.

Here’s a tidbit to whet your appetite. And if you haven’t read my first book, leave a comment telling me what you think of my excerpt, and you may win a free copy! I’ll be raffling off one copy in the winner’s preferred format. I will announce the winner on Saturday, July 11th.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Balin pushed to a sitting position and scrambled backwards. He clawed through the confusion leading up to this moment.
      How did I get here? Where is here?
      A vampire stared back at him. Vile creature. The beautiful slave girl knelt beside him, also staring at him with a mask of pure innocence.
      Darkness surrounded them, broken only by an orange-hot spot glowing to his right. Balin blinked his eyes. A fire. The instant he recognized the blurry light he also recognized the frigid cold.
      “Oh good.” The girl’s beauty multiplied a hundred times when she broke into a smile. “I was worried.”
      Balin reached for her. “Come here sweetheart. It’s okay. I’ll protect you.”
      The vampire snorted back a laugh.
      Balin still held up his hand. “Come on, darling. You’re safe now. You don’t ever have to serve the vampires again. We’re here to rescue you.”
      “Some rescue,” the vampire snapped. He shoved to his feet and stalked to the fire. He held out his hands.
      As though the undead thing can feel the cold.
      “And who’s ‘we’?” he asked, turning back with a scowl. “In case you haven’t noticed, none of your Guardian friends came with us.”
      Balin clamored to his feet.
      The slave girl rushed to help him. She caught him around the middle and pressed herself close. She wasn’t much in the way of support, but her contact brought a reassuring sensation to his heart.
      Instinctively Balin circled her with his arms. She felt tiny and frail, but smiled up at him as though nothing at all were wrong. He would have reveled in her touch had he not been so worried about their surroundings, and the wretched company.
      Alone and without his weapons, even a single vampire presented a formidable challenge. And with an innocent to protect, the odds were against him.
      “What is this place?” he demanded, tucking the slave girl tightly against him.
      The vampire shrugged, but didn’t face him. “Haven’t a clue.”
      The girl swiveled her head to look up at him. Her silky hair tickled his arm. “He says you brought us here.”
      “That’s absurd, I...”
      A moment of painful silence ticked by as Balin considered the possibility. He struggled back to his last solid memory. They’d stormed the Palace. Found the enormous room filled with vampires and slaves. Swarmed in, on full attack. The red demon, seconds from ravaging this sweet girl to death.
      He shuddered at the horrific memory and squeezed her tighter against his body.
      Balin only meant to stun the demon with a white-hot ball of power, the only skill he’d learned from his grandfather’s diary. Instead, he’d transported them thousands of miles.
      “Remembering, are you?” the vampire snapped.
      He swallowed. Was it possible?
      The girl tugged him forward. “It’s cold. Come to the fire.”
      He drew her back, looking warily at the vampire.
      The beast tossed a look over his shoulder, his dark gaze flicking from Balin to the girl, and back. He offered with a flip of his hand, but Balin held back.
      The vampire’s brow creased as though offended. “You have nothing to fear from me, Guardian.”
      “Me?” Balin squared his shoulders. “Fear from you? Listen to me, bloodsucker. We came to deliver much overdue justice on your sinful coven. There’s nothing stopping me from handing down your sentence and delivering it right here.”
      The vampire faced him. He gestured with his hands. Bring it on.
      “This girl is a witness to your crimes, and many others back at the Palace, I’ll wager.”
      “He wasn’t at the Palace,” the girl said in a small voice. “I’ve never seen him before.”
      “You don’t have to lie for him. He can’t hurt you anymore.”
      “It’s true.” She pulled away from Balin and reluctantly he let her slip through his fingers. “I’m cold. Please.”
      The void between them rushed in, chilling and dark. She moved to the hearth, crossing her arms at her chest to ward off the cold.
      The vampire removed his leather bomber jacket and draped it over her shoulders. She drew it tight around herself and rewarded him with a million dollar smile.
      Balin stalked over. He glared at the undead, and it sidestepped away. Balin then tossed the leather coat off her and replaced it with his own.
      The vampire smirked at him and picked up his jacket. “So, you gonna tell us where we are?”

For more information, visit my website

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lunar Eclipse, Triple Cross

Yep, it’s Full Moon Tuesday, the full moon is not only a potent force in shapeshifter landia, often ~ but a potent portent for the future. Why is that? It’s a lunar eclipse, the first of three eclipses in a short span of time. The next is a solar eclipse on July 21/22. Then another lunar eclipse arrives on August 6/7. Look out for lots of intense weather happenings, even catastrophic natural disasters.
As an individual, you can use this time to make major changes in your life, the kind of changes that are good for your future. Take advantage wherever you can. Many of the changes are opportunities for greater freedom in your life.
Why Triple Cross? I don’t know the mathematic intricacies of Astrology, or the forecasting fine points. Not at all. However, in perusing a couple of articles on the upcoming three eclipses, the term ‘cross’ was used because of the way the planets align and are relating to each other vibrationally.
For a simplistic analysis, I would say the past is going to show up big time around us. Not only our past on this planet, but those bugaboos which still bug us at an unconscious level.
Yes, it’s time let go of, or resolve those ‘crosses’ we’ve been carrying in our lives. The major opportunity now ~ it’s time to free yourself of these particular burdens and look for the responsibilities that will bring more true freedom into your life, for yourself and all those you love.


On to the fun stuff! July 7 ~ the Full Moon auspicious release date for... ta-da!

COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham ~

You had the sneak preview. Now it’s time for the blurb and excerpt ~
Blurb ~

It's that time of the month -- the full moon -- when Willy Alvarez's moods go wonky and her dreams fill up with wolves. A time for hungers she doesn't dare fulfill because they lead to violence. She's resigned herself to a manless life, then Cody Gray arrives.

Cody is cute, funny, charming, and a werecoyote. His nose knows what Willy doesn't: she's half werewolf. He's convinced this repressed half-human she-wolf is his perfect mate. Now he just has to convince her. And quick, because her long-lost pack has learned about her existence, and they've come to town to claim her...

Excerpt ~

Cody sighed carefully, in and out. She wasn’t really in a state to hear this, but… “Willy, listen up. We’re out of time, so I gotta be blunt. You’re a werewolf.”
She stiffened in his arms. “Excuse me?”
“You heard me. Definite wolf. Not all the way, though, just half. From what I’m seeing and smelling, I’d say the wolf’s stronger than the human.”
She lifted her head and stared at him. His eyes were inches from hers, and utterly sincere. “You’re serious.”
“‘Fraid so. You almost shifted tonight, that’s what happened to you. The wolf and the ape are all mixed up and your body can’t make up its mind. I’m betting once you switch all the way, everything’ll sort itself out.”
“Switch? You mean, into a wolf?” Good God, this must be loonie night, and here she was stuck out in the middle of nowhere with a naked one. “You’ve got to be kidding.”
“Wish I could say yes, but you’re showing all the signs. You’re a wolf, and the sooner you own up to that—Hey, where you going?”
“Home.” Willy marched past him, eyes carefully averted, in the direction she figured Coopersburg must lie. The panic had run its course; her brain operated coolly again, all unwanted thoughts and emotions carefully suppressed. Okay, not all, but distance from Cody would take care of that. And maybe by the time she got there, she’d have figured out a way to deal with Beth that didn’t involve homicide. “Werewolf, my ass.”
In the blink of an eye Cody shot ahead of her and planted himself in her path. “I can see you’ve gotten good at this, but you can’t keep running forever. Face facts, darlin’. You’re a wolf, pure and simple, and you better accept it, or what happened tonight’ll happen again. Next time you might kill somebody.”
Like she hadn’t thought of that. Quick, distract herself. She waved her arm at the sky. “Explain why I’m human while a full moon’s out.”
“It only works like that in the movies. We can change whenever we want.”
“‘We’? So you’re a werewolf, too? Well, I guess that explains the lack of clothing.”
“Not wolf. Coyote.”
“Oh? Well, that’s a big difference.” She started walking again.
He got in her way again. She glared at him, seething over the effort it took to keep her gaze locked on his and not let it dip. Her mood swings threatened to swing her in that totally inappropriate direction again. Think of something else. “Okay, I’ll play along. How am I supposed to…switch?”
“First you take your clothes off.”
“That’s what I thought.” She stalked down the hillside. “That’s the sickest pickup line I’ve ever heard.”
She picked the stretch with the fewest rocks and stomped along it. She kept her glare riveted straight ahead, so she wouldn’t have to look at Cody. She could hear him trotting at her side, just out of reach. “Not a line,” he said, “just common sense. You’ll rip your clothes if you try to change in ‘em. Just thinking ahead, is all.”
“Of course,” she said frostily. “And I suppose in order to achieve this `switch’ I have to sleep with you?”
“Well, no. Never heard of it done that way.” His voice lit up. “Might be fun, though.”
“I’m calling the cops when I get home. I’m having you put away.” And maybe herself, right after.
“If that’s what makes you happy. I’m betting it won’t.” He reached for her arm. “For your own good—”
She snapped at him, a move so quick, so instinctive, she had no time to think. Her teeth clicked together just short of his fingers. She followed it up with a snarl that would have backed up a whole pack of wolves. Cody stood his ground and waited her out. The snarl died away when she realized what she’d done. Her color drained off until she was pale as the moon.
“That’s her,” Cody said softly. “The wolf. You don’t let her out, she’ll kill you. Chew you up from the inside.”
“No. I’m not. You’re not. Those things don’t exist.” She would have bolted, but Cody caught hold of her and wouldn’t let go, no matter how much she thrashed and snapped.
“Atta girl,” he encouraged. “Set her loose. I’d rather we didn’t do it like this, but like my daddy always says, any den in a twister.”
Willy ground out a curse and kicked. Her knee fell short of its target. Their legs tangled and they tumbled to the ground. She tried to scramble up, but couldn’t find her footing. Her hands and feet kept sliding all over the carpet of pine needles, and Cody. Like having four legs that refused to cooperate with a brain programmed to deal with only two.
“That’s the spirit, darlin’. Hey, is that hair on your neck?”
She aimed a punch at him, and missed. How dare he make jokes while she—oh crap. While she rolled around on the ground on top of a naked psycho. She shoved away from him and scrabbled back. “Don’t touch me. Don’t come near me.”
“You sure?” His grin infuriated her. “For our breed, this counts as foreplay.”
“You disgusting son of a—”
Coyote. Cody was gone. She blinked and he blurred. The coyote crouched in front of her, forelegs splayed and hindquarters hiked in the air. He waved his tail and yapped at her, an invitation to play.
Willy gulped, hard. I did not just see that.
The coyote lolled his tongue. Cody’s grin on canine jaws. His yellow eyes held Cody’s twinkle. He rocked back on his hindquarters and became Cody again, kneeling before her. “See that? Nothing to it. Now you try.”
I’m not going to scream. Screaming is for sissies.
She fainted instead.

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Yep, the New Bull in Town will be back... my Serial Flash Fiction, starring Shelley and Darius.

Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~ and it’s now ready for download!



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Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~ coming from Siren-BookStrand

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Sneak Preview ~ Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham

Cody Gray hiked into Coopersburg just shy of sunset, and right off the bat he smelled she-wolf.
Cody’s mouth stretched in a great big fox-in-the-henhouse grin. If he’d had his tail right then, he’d’ve wagged it. All the way up from Texas he’d been on the lookout for some nice wild country to set up a pack in, and a mate to help him get started. Just when he figured northern California might fill the bill for one, Fate dropped the other in his lap. Chaos, patron of the coyote-folk, must be smiling on him.
He set his nose to the wind. He’d already spotted a bar up ahead, and a couple of houses and a gas station, before the two-laner he’d hitchhiked in on widened out and entered Coopersburg proper. The she-wolf was at the gas station, and plenty riled by the scent of her. He drank in a noseful of her and sighed. Nice and pungent. Alpha, maybe? He liked his girls feisty. Cody quickened his pace.
Closer to the gas station, he spotted a nasty tableau: three big apes closing in on a pair of ladies. The lady in back, getting herded into the dubious safety of the garage bay, was slender, blonde and cursing like a dock hand. The herder had auburn hair and three-four inches on the blonde. She looked fit to chew brass and spit tacks. Cody’s pulse ramped up to a gallop. There was his wolf, and she was about to get herself trounced. Her bared teeth kept the apes at bay, but they wouldn’t hold much longer.
He slowed and came up on them careful and unnoticed, close enough to smell the alcohol on the apes and hear the menace coloring their taunts. The wolf-gal said something. The snarl in her tone announced the apes were in for a whuppin’, but she made no move to attack. Cody crouched behind a parked car. Chaos, only three of them. Why didn’t she just shift and end it?
Then, in a heartbeat, the situation changed. The blonde screamed. Cody’s hackles lifted. The apes had a buddy, and he’d snuck in through the office into the bay and caught the blonde gal from behind. She writhed in his grip while the other apes hooted. The wolf-gal darted in to help the blonde, but the ape in the lead grabbed her arm. Cody didn’t catch his words, but the leer on his face said it all.
So she let him have it. No girly slaps for this she-wolf. She socked him a solid one, right in the nose. The smell of blood joined the odors of liquor and adrenaline that already charged the air. The words she barked at the lead ape weren’t the kind ladies should know, much less repeat in public, but given the situation Cody allowed she was entitled.
The big ape’s face got uglier, no mean feat. If the wolf-gal hadn’t switched by now, Cody realized, she either wasn’t going to, or couldn’t.
That clinched it. This was his future mate getting threatened by those drunk knuckle-draggers. He bared his teeth, revealing canines just a tad longer and heavier than a human’s. Time to get involved. In true coyote fashion, of course.
This being a garage, naturally it had a peck of cars sitting around, and naturally some trusting soul had left their keys in the ignition. Cody slid in behind the wheel of a sporty little Mustang that started up real nice. He took aim and floored it.
The rev of the Mustang’s engine must’ve cut through the boozy haze on their brains because they looked around and finally noticed the car rocketing right at them. They abandoned the wolf-gal and scattered. Cody plowed through the midst of them, then swung a tight U-ey and shot after their leader, the biggest, ugliest ape in this bunch of bananas. The man scrabbled desperately over the tarmac. Cody brought the Mustang right up on his heels before he slewed it aside. He reached out and slapped the ape’s John Deere cap clean off his head. The ape stumbled away, and the car shot on by.
Cody let loose a Texas howl and wheeled around for another go. Chaos, this car handled sweet. “Gotta get me one of these,” he murmured.
And one of those, he added mentally, as his squealing turn faced him toward the garage again. The goon in the bay had let go of the blonde, and now the wolf-gal was all over him like, well, like ugly on an ape. Poor guy couldn’t even land a slap. Too quick and strong for him. Cody’s butt hitched on the seat, wagging a phantom tail.
Since the wolf-gal didn’t need his help, he went back after the apes. They’d made fast tracks across the street and piled into a pickup parked by the bar. They took off down the road without so much as a cussword flung at him. Cody offered up a mental shrug. Didn’t want to dent their truck, most like. Apes had oddball priorities.
He trundled the Mustang up to the garage. The wolf-gal had the fourth ape flat on the greasy floor. The ape contracted into a ball. “C’mon, Willy. I said I was sorry.”
“You’re sorry, all right,” she growled down at him. “I expect cheap thuggery from Les, but you—”
She cut herself off and sniffed the air. She turned just as Cody hopped out of the Mustang. He watched her eyes get big and her body tighten up to full attention.
She knew what he was, all right, but only on some basic, primitive level, not in her head or her nose. She didn’t recognize him. Any she-wolf worth her pack standing would be showing her fangs by now, with a growl at him to git, rescue or no rescue. That’s how your average wolf saw coyotes, pests to be run off. Because your average wolf had no sense of humor.
He stared hard into her eyes. A fine honey-brown shade. Wolf eyes ran to yellow, like his own. This one had a whiff of ape on her. Half-breed? That might explain why she hadn’t switched.
Her stance had shifted into a pose of wary friendliness. She let him get pretty close up before she stopped him with a little twitch of her mouth, not quite the flash of a fang. “Thanks,” she said.
“My pleasure, ma’am.”
“I could have handled it. Those jerks are losers even when they’re sober. But I do appreciate the help.” She smiled just enough to get Cody’s invisible tail wagging again. “Nice moves with my car, by the way.”
Her car? Chaos love it, this just got better and better. Cody flashed a smile wide enough to eat the moon. She didn’t even have her hand halfway out before he seized it. “Glad I could help. I’m Cody Gray, up from Texas. You’re going to marry me.”

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Falling in Love and the WIP

Starting a new project is like falling in love. It's exciting, exasperating, daunting and then comes the knee knocking terror that maybe I'm not going to get it right. That's what beginnings are for. Very rarely does everything line up on the page exactly the way I've envisioned it but these days, I understand that it's the process. I don't panic. Well, not nearly as badly as I used to.

First drafts for me are about getting my plot down on paper and seeing if my characters are behaving true to form or if they need a better goal, more believable motivation or stronger conflict. Or discovering a secondary character who leaps off the page and steals the show. Not that I'm into whips and chains, but I've had to beat a few of them back and promise them a book to themselves if they just behave!

I used to work in a linear fashion, the first chapter came first, and if I couldn't get past that, I couldn't go on to the second chapter. Now, the process has changed and I will spend a week, setting up scenes that I know will be needed. That includes my ending. Since I use a working synopsis now, I know how it will end and if I write that, I know how to line up the rest of the book. It actually sounds more complicated than it is.

And just think, if you're still in love after the first draft, (even if it didn't line up the way you thought it would) and you're willing to stick it out, the reward will be a book you haven't just fallen in love with, but one you will love for a long time.

How do you start a new writing project? What process works best for you? I'd be interested in knowing!

Have a Happy Fourth of July!

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Challenge has a release date!

Happy Fri Everyone!

So I'm borrowing a post from my personal blog this Friday because I still so stoked about the news.

Woo Hoo! I am walking on air today...

On Aug 10th, the first book in my Jaguar series, The Challenge, goes on sale at Liquid Silver Books. I am thrilled. So thrilled in fact, that I decided to give you a snippet of my heroine...Marina.


Bastian stepped closer, and her back warmed from the heat pulsing off him. Long fingers brushed the sides of her breasts, drawing the nipples to rigid points. “There’s a first time for everything.”Oh yes, there was. Tonight she would climb into her car and willingly go wherever he wanted to take her. She’d allow herself to revel in the pure passion of sex with a full-blooded shifter, setting aside what would come next. Tomorrow was soon enough to find a nice, boring human and live a nice, boring life.This was her chance to find out if there was more to sex than the lackluster orgasms found with human partners. For years she’d wondered if there more to it than the grunts and groans, the ooh babies and the repetitive pounding which never seemed to get her close to the elusive orgasm.

Have a great and safe 4th everyone.