Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wolf-Lion Man

Tuesday yowls and howls, shapeshifter lovers.

Yes, they’re here. The edits for KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS. It’s been a quagmire and a half just to get the files to open for this go round. No, I won’t go into the gory details. Suffice it say, I don’t like Word, and I’m paying for it by having to use one file to see the corrections, and another file to view the comments.

The good news, so far, is that the edits have been minor. Will it hold? Who knows, I’m going page by page. Yep, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be deep in the editing cave.

Wolf-Lion Man

Lily sauntered into town. She’d prepared for the long trek by gorging herself on a crop of tasty mushrooms. With her pace slow but steady, she followed the beast-roar of Stephanos’ Harley.

He had just passed her by, unaware of her presence. Granted she was small, and the mind-greeting she’d sent him had been quick, and not strong.

Curious to know why the Guardian rode with a human woman, Lily decided to find out before investigating Talbot’s Peak as her tortoise self. Nobody’s fool, she stayed beneath the foliage, and avoided the sidewalk.

Since Stephanos slowed to a crawl, and wheeled toward a parking spot, Lily angled to intercept him. Making good use of a parked car, she stretched her neck and put on the jets.

Pausing next to a tire, she peeked around it to make certain no one would impede her dash toward Stephanos. As Lily scrabbled onto the sidewalk, the smell of brewing coffee hit her full force.


I stare at the large box turtle now staring at us. By us, I mean me and the stud biker who has lifted me from Razorback, and is now dismounting behind me. He keeps hold of my arm.

Dare I say, or even dare to think his touch feels darn possessive?

I blink, and bend down a bit, curious. Plus, I’ve always had a strange fondness for turtles. In the back of my memory, I recall male box turtles have red eyes. Okay, this is a girl.

Not understanding why this extra large box turtle isn’t heading for safety somewhere else, I want to shoo her toward some nearby bushes. “Cute turtle,” I mutter. “I mean tortoise.”

When Mr. Unbelievably Sexy drapes his arm around my shoulders, I point, even though my hormones are take-me crazy.

“Lily, what are you doing here?”

Lily? Despite the fact that he’s talking to a turtle like she’s a good friend, his purring rumble is juicing that part of me that should never be interested in what that part of me wants. Hot sweaty sex.


“Lily?” I squeak because my throat is so tight.

“Yeah, I recognize her. She’s my yard turtle because she visits so often. I have a place about ten miles outside of town, as the crow flies.”

“Lily’s traveled quite a ways.” The turtle appears to give me an appraising look, which I return.

“Yeah, not smart.” With a lithe fast movement, he scoops Lily up. Damn, his hand looks large and fine wrapped around Ms. Extra Large Box Turtle.

Wrapped around me... well hell, once again, I’m plagued by erotic images of him, and what I want him to do to me. What I want --

“Stephanos!” The barking shout from across the street halts my too raunchy imaginings. Fortunately.

“Devon, you’re leaving. We’re heading inside.”

“Got a hot date. And we’re late. “Werewolves on Wheels” is playing at the Full Moon Theater,” the preppy-handsome man hollers, and gives a wave.

The gorgeous Asian woman beside him eyes me like a tigress who is deciding whether I’m worthy of being her prey. I shiver, and Stephanos pulls me tighter against his side. Good lord, what does he eat? Raw steak for breakfast. His thighs are so strong with muscle, I tremble with more unbridled desire. Also disbelief.

“We’ll catch the flick soon,” Stephanos calls back.

We? Somehow, I don’t think he means him and Lily.

“Cold?” He turns toward me.

Wondering at the intimacy of his gaze, I numbly dumbly shake my head ‘no’.

“I guess Lily will be joining us for coffee.” He lifts the box turtle to eye level. “Can’t have her wandering around town. I hear turtle soup is on the menu.”

Lily shrinks inside her shell, but peers out at him.

“Hey, wolf-lion man, what are you doin’ in town? Heard you were headed up to the bike rally.”

As if he’s run headlong into a wall, the biker dude approaching us stops. His gaze swings to me, and I feel like I’m suddenly being burned at some invisible stake.

I avert my gaze, instinctively shrinking into my shell. Stephanos gently hugs my shoulders, then urges me forward. My feet cooperate, and we move inside the coffee shop. I don’t mind saying, it’s a huge relief to see a welcoming smile on the face of a young woman with artistically arranged blue hair.

Happy Sun in Gemini Shapeshifting


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, May 30, 2011

Something in the Water


It was all Monica’s fault, Kate Didio decided. If Monica hadn’t texted her with the news she’d scored a date with that hot Tyler Hopkins, Kate wouldn’t have texted her back, and if Monica’s dating coup hadn’t distracted her she would have paid more attention to where she was walking while she texted, and she wouldn’t have hit the rim of the fountain in Talbot’s Peak’s sculpture garden, and she wouldn’t have tripped and fallen in and found herself thrashing around in danger of drowning in a whole two feet of water in a fountain shaped like a dog’s water dish. Monica was going to die.

So was Kate, from acute embarrassment. She stared around. Thank God the streets were practically deserted at this time of the morning. Everybody was at work, or caffing up at the coffee shop before they went to work. No one had spotted her blunder. She might just get out of this with only wet clothes and a shred of dignity intact.

Twin heads popped up on either side of her, slick as seals. Twin grins, one with a tooth missing, beamed at her. A boy and a girl, about six years old. Where had they come from, Kate wondered in shock. She hadn’t heard any additional splashes over her own loud floundering.

“Hi,” the girl said brightly. The hair currently plastered to her head was probably red when dry. She had the bluest eyes – no, wait, they looked green now – no, they went back to blue momentarily, then hovered somewhere in the middle. “I’m Tula. That’s my brother Garth. Did you come to swim with us?”

“Um … ” Kate squatted in the knee-deep water and stared from one child to the other. The boy had the same color-shifting eyes and shorter, darker hair. She blurted the first thing that popped into her head. “What are you doing in the fountain?”

The little girl giggled. “We just got back from -- ”


Kate’s gaze shot up to the source of the voice. Oh. My. Lord.

He looked like some sea-god stepped from the breakers: tall, slender, broad-shouldered and tan, with long dark blond hair currently slicked back by water and the same ocean shades of blue and green in his eyes as the children. And wearing only swim trunks. Very brief, very wet swim trunks.

Amazing, how dry one’s throat could get even when one was sitting in a fountain.

“What did I tell you about talking to strangers?” this sea-god said to the girl.

“Don’t talk to strangers,” the girl sing-songed dutifully. She rolled her eyes with her back to the man. The three had enough features in common, and his tone had enough of that weary paternal fatalism, that she guessed he must be their father.

Of course. Hot dad strips down to his Speedo and takes his kids for a dip in the town fountain on the way to school. Happens every day.

“Y’know,” the girl said reasonably, “if you told her your name you wouldn’t be strangers any more.”

The man’s lips pressed together. He reached out and lifted Kate to her feet. His hands were incredibly strong. He must work out a lot. Or do a lot of swimming. Sort of like her head right now. She stood unsteadily in a cascade of fountain water and shoes and a skirt that were probably ruined by now and couldn’t think of a single thing to say.

“I’m Jess Durand,” the man offered, somewhat reluctantly, sounded like.

“I’m Katydid. I mean, I’m Katy. Kate. Kate Didio.” Atta girl, Katy, she thought, babble like an idiot in front of the wet hunky stranger. He probably thought she was brain damaged. “I fell in the fountain,” she added, and mentally winced. What snappy repartee.

One corner of his mouth twitched upwards. “Katydid?”

Oh God, don’t let that start up again. She straightened her shoulders. Water dripped from the ends of her hair. “Kate,” she said firmly. “I think I’m okay.”

He held her steady with his hands on his shoulders and studied her sodden outfit. “Nothing appears to be damaged,” he said.

On her end, at least. Not a flicker of the panic he felt showed in his impassive face. He’d moved hundreds of miles inland, away from the ocean, to keep his children safe. He’d gone to great pains to hide his nature from Talbot Peak’s many predators, and to disguise the portal to the underground ocean he’d opened in this fountain. Now this flighty human female had almost literally fallen on top of it, and on top of them. If she’d tumbled in on the other side she would have seen them emerge.

It must have been an accident. Karkarias would never employ a spy this inept.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?” he asked. “To warm you up.”

“No thanks. I better get home and change.” It suddenly hit her what she was staring at, beyond a smokin’ wet guy. “Omigod, you must be freezing.” She shrugged out of her blazer and tried to drape it over his shoulders, in spite of the futility of the action. He was probably drier than her coat. “I live close by. Let me get you a towel.”

This time he smiled fully. “We’re used to brisk weather. We’re, um, Swedish. I’d better get the guppies to school. We’re running late as it is.”

“School.” The little boy made a rude noise, which his sister copied. Their father shooed them out of the fountain, then stepped out and lifted Kate over the rim and set her on relatively dry ground. Her feet squished in her soggy pumps. The few morning stragglers on the streets did not so much as glance at the group by the fountain. Just another morning in Talbot’s Peak.

“We also live close by,” he said. “Do you need an escort home? Will you be all right?”

“I’ll be fine. What’s a little water? Get your kids to school before they get in trouble.”

He smiled and offered a polite good-bye and herded his twins toward the street. She finally noticed the children also wore bathing suits. All three were barefoot. A morning dip in the public fountain. The longer she lived here, the stranger this town got.

A glint of sun on plastic caught her eye. Her cell phone lay by the rim of the fountain. She swooped down and snatched it up. Thank God it hadn’t gone into the drink with her. It seemed to be working okay. She glanced up again just in time to spot the swim team at the curb. His glute muscles, with the Speedo’s fabric hugging them like Krazy Glue, were working just fine too. Kate basked in the view until they crossed the street, then texted Monica. You still there? Wait’ll you hear this.

# # #
For What It's Worth section: Carcharodon carcharias is the scientific name of the great white shark. For those of you not comic geeks, Tula and Garth are the real names of Aquagirl and Aqualad. One by one, the Justice League is coming to Talbot’s Peak.

Hope you all had a great weekend

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Blatant Promo-Solara Gordon News

Happy weekend everyone! I'm working on edits and revisions for next month's release. You've had time to drool over the cover and blurb. I'm running a contest over at a friend's blog along with an interview. Stop by and you can win an arc of RED HOT. You can enter by leaving a comment along with your email. Hurry up cuz the contest ends on Sunday.


Click on the link and you'll be taken to the interview.

On another note, I got reviewed by RT Bookreviews magazine. Also known as Romantic Times.
I made print copy along with a review on their website. See below:

Book Review

by Solara Gordon

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance

RT Rating

There is plenty of heat and sexual tension between Brent and Bunny to keep the pages turning. However, some of the plot elements slow the pace of the story and make it feel long. Endearing characters and the burgeoning relationship make it a worthwhile and entertaining read.

Bunny Kater has a thing for men in uniform, especially firefighters. She can’t seem to quell her attraction to Fire Chief Brent Stephens. However, she has sworn off men and relationships for the time being; her sex toys are a lot less complicated.

Brent has been watching Bunny for a long time and fortuitous circumstances have put him very close to her. Soon, their attraction cannot be denied and a tentative relationship ensues. Can Brent break the walls surrounding this commitment-shy woman to give their relationship a chance? (SIREN, Sep. ‘10, 178 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed By: Keitha Hart

Publisher: SIREN

Published: September 2010

To say I am proud and walking on air is to put it mildly. . .okay it is exactly what I'm feeling!
So stop by the interview and contest or if you've read RED HOT and would like to leave your review at RT go ahead.

Keep safe and dry with the crazy weather we're having! I hope to have a release date soon for Jet Lag along with a delicious peek at my next story tentatively titled: Lyssa's Double Pleasure.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Five Must See Sights in Talbot's Peak

"Good Friday Morning my fine tourists.  My name is Talullah Belle and I'm going to be showing you all around our beauteous Talbot's Peak!  We here in 'The Peak' are so proud of our little mountainous town that we greatly enjoy taking visitors on the rounds.  Now, we're walking, we're walking... 

Our first stop today is this quaint little shop where the two most opposite cats in the world love to lay.  One has the most gorgeous coat of white while the other is a touch scrawny and bald.  Both cats display a keen intelligence which can be a bit spooky and the Barista has a head of blue hair, but she makes the best cup of Joe in the tri-state area so we try not to stare.  Ten minutes everyone, then we need to be on our way...

...Everyone have their coffee?  Good, and we are off. 

Next up, our local newspaper, The Guts and Butts and Gazette.  You can see it down on the other side of the square there with the ah, interesting sign.  Yes, it does resemble a, ah butt with the crack between the B/G.  The town council has tried to send someone in to speak with Nick the Editor on several occasions to request the immediate removal of the sign, but the animal noises keep everyone out.  Your would think there was a zoo in there, but the only people going in and out are as human as you and me.  Go figure...

Moving on...

Quickly, quickly...the next site is right here on the corner of Shape ave and Shifting drive.  Those of course are not the real street names, but as you can see, the town dubbed them as such and gave them honorary street signs.  It has been claimed by many that if you stand quietly on this corner you will at one point or another see an animal that doesn't quite fit the mountains of Montana.  Sometimes, the animal might fit, but what it's doing certainly does not.  Why just last week someone claims to have seen a bighorn sheep riding on the back of a motorcycle...  Fabulous, just fabulous, right!   Well so far there is nothing to see here, but if you're staying in town come back again and you might get lucky...

And we are moving...

Up around this corner is the Talbot's Peak sculpture garden, you know kind of like the one a few states over in Minnesota with the big spoon and cherry.  Only this one has the worlds largest litter box.  This site is a real puzzle.  One night building started on the base, but no one had ever gotten approval to build there.  When the town council marched over there with a cease and desist order, they never found the culprit.  They even went over at night and no one...yet building continued.  It was almost like the artist could change shape or something.  Crazy, right.  Since they could never find the artist, work continued and we soon had ourselves a very large kitty box.  Many people in town were very put out with the new work of art, hissing and growling, but it didn't take long for the next sculpture to appear...

What is it, you ask?  Well see for yourself... Talbot's Peak now boasts not only the worlds largest litter box, but also the worlds largest dog stakeout and chain.  Artsy types are so odd sometimes...

Moving on...

Here we are, the bus' have arrived on schedule.  Watch your step getting on.  Our next 'not to be missed' site is the Last Bite Lodge for a spot of lunch.  They say sometimes you can hear bawdy music and animal cries late into the evening at the site...maybe we'll be lucky enough to hear some today, but be careful of what doors you open out there.  Some folks have never returned once they opened the wrong door...

Driver, we are ready.  Ooh, how about a stop along the way?  Get your camera's out everyone, in case the unicorn is out to play..."


You know, it's crazy sometimes how ideas pop into your head...I had nothing for this weeks blog(due to my own crazy, broken down car and lots of appointments week) until Talullah Belle plopped herself down in my Green room this morning...oblivious to the growling shifters around her and took me on a tour of her ever changing town... 

Won't she be shocked when the veil is pulled back!  LOL

Have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baiting The Trap For Love

Dorri tensed her haunches at the faint squeak of the cat door being forced open. It hadn’t taken her long to figure out that was how the delectable little balls of blue fluff were getting in. Lexor had had the cat door installed right after he’d bought the coffee shop and outfitted it with a little hydraulic motor that was radio controlled. He wore a collar outfitted with an embedded radio tag while in cat form that would trigger the door to open. This kept the premises relatively secure while eliminating the need to stash a spare key somewhere. Life as a shifter invariably meant returning home in the fur from time to time. Dorri very much liked this system Lexor had set up. Marissa had given her a collar with radio tag embedded in it, too.

While the state-of-the-art cat door meant never being locked out while locking out most life forms, it had one flaw. It could be force just wide enough for the smurfs to get into the coffee shop. Dorri had learned to listen for the tell-tail squeak of the door being forced. It might have been more effective to simply tell Marissa the door needed to be adjusted but she like hunting the silly things for her new human friend. It was something she could do well and it kept her occupied while she spied on the Yakooza.

The coffee shop and the human girl who ran it had been a god-send, literally. Marissa’s wolfen mate was… unusual, but he wasn’t so bad, either. Dorri came from a patriarchal society, so seeing a male wolf bow down eagerly to his human mate took a lot of getting used to. Life in the coffee shop, on the other hand, had been very easy to get used to. She stayed in cat form most of the time, skulking around, keeping away pests and playing pet for the customers. As a divine guardian, she didn’t smell like a shifter so the shifters who patronized Java Joe’s didn’t think anything of talking normally around her. To her delight, a good many of Kahn’s organization came here regularly for Marissa’s Indian coffee, chia tea and wide assortment of home-made biscuits.

The cat door squeaked again, letting her know that it had returned to its fully closed position. Everyone who was coming in was in. Time to spring her trap.

Slowly she worked her way forward, slinking on her belly across the slate tile floor of the back kitchen. Her long, snow white fur made it difficult to blend in with the shadows, but she relished the added difficulty. It had been so very long since the last time her hunting skills had been needed to this extent that any excuse to hone them was good. The fact that she’d have a nice snack of blueberry fluff as her reward was a good excuse, too!

She sensed movement just around the corner and sprang, the muscles of her huntress’s body releasing stored tension with the precision of a well-aimed weapon. One bound, two, three—then she was on her prey.

A muffled curse rang through the darkened kitchen as she bounced off her target. Dorri skid to a halt, sliding along the slate floor more than she had intended to. She too spun around and prepared for another pounce. There before her was a good-sized sphinx cat. He was twice the size of a normal cat with dark gray points fading into the paler gray of his body. Around his neck was a black, silver studded pet collar. Alas, no smurfs, she realized; only a pissed-off Egyptian. As she watched, he began shifting into his human form.

“Goddamit female,” Lexor spat out angrily as soon as he’d shifted enough to speak. “What in the name of Osiris do you think you are doing?”

Dorri allowed a very appreciative smile cross her feline face. Despite his claim of being fully adjusted to the modern Western culture, she knew he would never show his naked human form to just anyone, especially not to a female. And what a lovely form it was, too. Despite Marissa’s words to the contrary, Lexor was anything but hairless, scrawny or a runt. Smooth golden skin covered his toned, athletic body, unmarred by age. Beautifully wrought cicatrization, or ornamental sacrificial scarring, marked the cheeks of his butt, making the already attractive asset even more erotically pleasing to look at.

“I was hunting,” Dorri purred, her voice sounding rough, both from her speaking in her animal form and from her deep purring. Lexor shot her a disgusted look then bent down, picking her up by the scruff of her neck—no doubt to make her feel small.

“I thought I had told you to stop hunting things that were off-limits!” he rebuked sharply. Dorri flashed to her own human form. She let her naked body slide down his, still purring her pleasure.

“I didn’t realize you were off-limits, eshgham,” she murmured against his lips.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brandon Wayne Hires a Mere Human

Tuesday yowls and howls, shapeshifter lovers. Okay, my flash scene didn’t quite end, and there’s more to ‘come’. Sometimes, a writer has to go with her muse, and hang on for the ride. Just like my heroine does.

Brandon Wayne Hires a Mere Human

“Great. Just ducky keen.” I drop the hood of the car. I’d bought the sucker from a two-bit place when my own car had broken down about two hundred miles back.

“I’m out in the freaking middle of nowhere. The crappin’ smartphone doesn’t work.” I stare at the puddle of anti-freeze forming on the roadside.

“What now?” I demand of the universe, and throw up my hands. Seeing a small pile of brush, I move to it, and gather it up.

“What the hell now?” I loudly complain to fate. Bending over, I arrange the dried grass, leaves and twigs on top of the antifreeze. Despite my own end–of-the-rope upset, I don’t want some animal to lick it up, and die.

Angry and afraid, I stomp to the driver’s door. “It’s not like I’ve got big brother OnStar to save my you know what.”

For the tenth time, at least, I try Brandon Wayne’s number. Nope. I feel like strangling the stupidphone. Before I squeeze the life out of its little digital being, I toss it in my open bag.

What good was a job sent from heaven, if I couldn’t even get there? I’d promised to meet Mr. Wayne in Talbot’s Peak tomorrow. And, now, I had no way to even leave a message.

“Crap, crap, crap,” I mutter. Leaning inside, I grab my ancient road Atlas. Whirling around, I plunk my butt down on my car seat, then angle the map so the late afternoon sunlight filtering through forest trees hits the right spot.

“Okay...guesstimating, I’d say I’m about twenty-five miles away.” With hopelessness taking a big bite out of my middle, I toss the Atlas over my shoulder. “Oh sure, I can walk twenty-five miles before nightfall. Sure...yeah...no problem.”

Twisting to look over my shoulder, I gaze at my cushy running shoes, ready in case I do need to walk somewhere. “Gee, here’s a dilemma. Stay in the car with god knows who showing up to do god knows what. Or, get eaten by a bear in the dark of night because I’m dumb enough to try walking.”

I sigh and cross my arms, then attempt to think. “I guess if I survive the night I could walk to town in the morning.” I give the cell phone a dirty look. “Maybe you’ll even work --"

I’m interrupted by the roar of Harley. Yep, definitely coming my way. Torn between panic, curiosity, and hope, I sit paralyzed. I know I should get in the car and lock the doors. Then again, I need help.

“Okay, why take a chance?” I swing inside, and click the locks down. “Even if you are sixty and on the ugly side now...that doesn’t stop...” With the roar nearly deafening, I hunker down.

Tempted to peek out the window, I wait until the thunder-rolling machine passes. Still vibrating inside from the motorcycle’s power, I raise up cautiously. “Omygawd!” I whisper, and scrunch down.

He’s stopped on my side of the road. He’s wearing black leather, at least, his jacket. And, he’s taking off his helmet.

Really scared now, I grip the only protection I have. My hammer. With adrenaline pumping through me a mile a minute, I stay low. Crazy scenes of me fighting bad biker boy off with only my hammer flash through my head.

Yeah, like I really could. Unless, I went totally wild woman. But, somehow my swinging hammer only bounces off his muscles in my imagined defense against his attack. I put a death hold on the hammer, and wait. Do I look?

Knock, knock.

I freeze at the bold knuckles rapping on my driver’s side window. With my heart in my throat, I swivel my head, and look.

Good lord! I swallow with difficulty. I barely believe what I’m seeing framed by the window. I can’t see his face, or much of his torso. But, mygawd. His jeans are molded to his fine, fine hips...and...good lord! Is he hung.

I blink as he knocks again, lightly, as if he knows I’m scared out of my effing wits. Mesmerized by his tanned, masculine gorgeous hand, I slowly rise to a sitting position. Compelled, I gaze upward meeting his gaze.

Many things come to mind, but the man is definitely handsome in that rugged, square-jawed way. And young. He must only be about thirty. Of course, that didn’t stop my fingers from wanting to thread themselves through his honey-brown, longish hair.

Against my better judgement, I lower the window.

“Need a ride, miss?”

Miss?! That blows my mind. His deep sexy voice blows my gaskets. Hell, that makes me think of the damn useless car.

“I could be your mother,” I blurt out. “I do need a ride into Talbot’s Peak. If you could send a tow truck my way. My phone isn’t working...”

I halt on a sharp intake of breath. He’s unlocked the door, and is opening it. Like a modern version of a swashbuckler he steps back, and waits. What? Does he actually expect me to ride with him on that monster hog bike thing of his?

“It’s like a shiny razorback hog,” I utter. Okay, I’m bad about just saying anything at those times when I shouldn’t.

His sudden guffaw startles me. But, somehow, my hand has found my bag, and I’m pulling it toward me, as I turn to step outside.

”Stephanos,” he introduces himself, a smile playing on his too-sexy lips. “Razorback,” he savors. “From now on that will be my bike’s name. Your name?”

“Just call me Dawne.” Gawd, do I sound silly with that name now. In an effort to leave my past behind, and begin again, I’d decided on another name.

“Dawne.” He says my chosen name as if it’s beautiful, then holds out his hand. “I have another helmet. You’ll be safe with me.”

I grasp his hand. So strong, so big. The way I’m responding to him, I almost wonder if he’s cast a spell on me. I mean, other than his blatant virility. But, why would he? I should be nothing to him. Unless, he does truly have a compassionate heart.

“Do you know Brandon Wayne?” I ask for several reasons. If he is a bad guy, well, maybe he’ll think twice, since Mr. Wayne is a prominent rancher in the area.

“I’ve heard of him.” He gently pulls me closer, and shuts the car door. “He owns a large spread, and, they say, part of Talbot’s Peak.” Taking the car keys from my nerveless fingers, he locks the door.

“He’s hired me. I’m supposed to meet him...tomorrow.” I wish I hadn’t said ‘tomorrow’.

Cupping my elbow, he walks me toward Razorback. Is this really happening?

“You don’t look like a ranch hand,” he quips.

“No, but I can whisper to horses. As they call it.”

“You can whisper to me.”

His husky timbre penetrates my ear as if it belongs there. Weird. But, is he actually putting a move on me? I can’t believe it.

“Why? Are you a horse?” I toss back.

“No. I’m not an equine.”

Why that odd answer? I don’t have time to think about it. He unhooks a feminine looking helmet...yeah, he probably has lots of girlfriends, willing wanton women...whatever. With ease, he places it on my head, straps it tight, then gives me an appraising look. He takes my bag, and places it inside a saddlebag.

“Let’s mount up. Ready, Dawne?”

I sort of nod. Although, I’m quivering like jelly inside. It’s been ages since I’ve been on the back of a motorcycle. Not to mention ‘mount up’ is providing all sorts of naughty images, all in vivid, big-screen technicolor. Ohgawd.

“I think you’ll be safer in front.” With that he lifts me astride, and swings behind me, all in one fluid powerful motion.

He rumbles Razorback to life, and in no time we’re flying down the highway. Me, I’m cradled between his black-leather clad arms, and flush against his large, overwhelmingly muscled frame. The wind is in my face, and I feel exhilarated beyond belief. He smells like wind and sun and the great outdoors. He smells deliciously potent.

Maybe, this is a dream. His crotch doesn’t feel like a dream, though.

“Talbot’s Peak is around the bend,” he shouts, and slows to cruising speed. “Coffee?”

I shake my head ‘yes’ before I can think. What am I doing?

Happy Sun in Gemini Shapeshifting


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Rapture

Gypsy peered out at the smoky floor before the stage and decided her senses weren’t deceiving her after all. The Pleasure Club was packed, loud and stinky with liquor more so than normal, even for a Saturday night. Voices reached her over the music, boisterous and shrill, and not all of them sounded fully human.

Of course it was that silly rumor about the world ending tonight. She wondered why they listened, when so few of them were Christians. Any excuse to party, she supposed.

She danced for their entertainment, and her own fulfillment. Lamar had joined her tonight, for their slinky snake routine. She spotted Jamie down by the stage, alone at his table. Mary was dancing with her new partner, Porker, in a mutual silence that spoke more eloquently than words. Not even the world's demise could put an end to newborn love. Gypsy smiled as she danced.

Her smile faded when her gaze passed over that other table, where he sat. Sergei. He had chosen a table closer to the stage than was his wont. Perhaps his usual table had been taken. He watched her with his typical intensity, at least until the point in the dance when Lamar shifted to human. Then he busied himself with his stein of whatever it was he was drinking. Clearly he had no interest in watching a naked male, even though Lamar’s species kept their family jewels discretely tucked out of sight. Gypsy’s amusement returned.

The dance ended, and Gypsy and Lamar left the stage to the usual thunderous applause. Lamar barely took the time to snatch up his clothing. “Gotta run,” he told Gypsy. “My lobo rojo and I have plans tonight.”

She chuckled. “Celebrating the world's end?”

“I doubt if the world is going to end, but I’ll bet we can make the earth move.” He brushed a friendly kiss across her cheek. “That’s in case I’m wrong. See you in the afterlife, chica.”

By the time Gypsy changed out of her costume and returned to the floor, Lamar and Jamie had already gone. Sergei, however, remained at his table. Gypsy felt a twinge of something, she wasn’t quite sure what. Normally Sergei vanished as soon as she left the stage. Surely he hadn’t bought into that stupid end of the world nonsense?

She wafted up to his table. “Good evening,” she said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re usually gone by now.”

He acknowledged her presence with a small, polite nod. Or did she imagine the warming of those cold blue eyes when he saw her? “The air holds a different taste tonight. A desperation, almost. Tonight is the night to break the mold, and do the unexpected.”

“I see you’ve heard, then. The world is coming to an end.”

He shrugged. “The world will end, or not,” he said, with patented Russian fatalism. “Tonight I choose to stay. I am glad you chose to dance.”

“I can’t think of a better way to go out.” On impulse, she pulled out a chair and seated herself. Sergei raised his snowy brows. “We’re doing things differently tonight,” she reminded him.


For a time they pretended to watch the band on stage. In actuality, Gypsy looked at Sergei from the corner of her eye, and knew he was studying her with equal subtlety. Normally she could have gauged his mood through her psychic sensitivity, but tonight he was closed to her. Another first. He looked at his stein, sighed, and shoved it to one side.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“I think of the world ending. I think of family I have not seen for too long. I wonder if I will face the Maker proudly, or in shame.” He glanced at the stein but didn’t touch it. “Perhaps I should simply drink more. It seems to work for these.” He nodded at the crowded dance floor. “What do you wish to be doing when the world ends tonight?”

“I want to be dancing. You?”

“I should enjoy watching you dance.”

“Why simply watch?” Taking his hands, she drew them both to their feet. “This is our last night on earth. Let’s greet the end together.”

He was surprised, but he didn’t resist. Taking her into his arms, he slid them into a waltz. The music was some kind of loud, hard-driving metal, all wrong for such a stately, graceful glide, but Gypsy didn’t mind. They melted together, white and red, ice and fire. They found a beat within their hearts, and danced to a music all their own.

Suddenly somebody yelled out, “Hey, we made it!” and the place erupted into cheers and howls. Gypsy started, as if coming out of a dream. “What’s going on?” she asked.

Sergei smiled. “Is midnight. The end has come and gone, and we are still here.” He bent his head to smile at her. “How does one celebrate survival?”

She grinned up at him. “How do you think?”

“A versatile activity, dancing.” He swung her about in a reel more in keeping with the driving music. Gypsy matched his moves, and his smile. She could read his mood now, and it mirrored her own, full of hopefulness, joy, and something more.

The world hadn’t ended. It had just begun.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homesick and Inner Thoughts

Tavia slipped into the deep end of the natural hot tub. The heat of the water warmed her out layer though deep inside she shivered. Strange dreams and cravings haunted her nights. No one could calm her jittery innards even if they wanted too. She had more than just herself to worry about.

The test results showed two new shape shifters would soon join their group. Tongson wanted to head back to Anchorage and his definition of civilization. Tomas suggested they call in reinforcements and dig in. Tavia wanted to stop worrying and relax. Find somewhere she could sleep without dreaming, without being jolted awake because her spiritual network wanted or needed something. There was time when she called hours and days her own. She'd felt at peace and one with the universe.

"Damn, Shere Khan!" she muttered, her angst and bitterness dripping from each word. "May his hide shrivel up and become moth fodder." Tavia cradle her stomach wishing she didn't have to be so worried and on guard.

When and where would it all end? Even now two of Tomas's informants were making their way to Talbot's Peak hoping to infiltrate Kahn's territory.

* * * * * *

Stanlisus and Kazim watched as two patrol cars passed them up. The older cop in the car gave them the once over in a way that wasn't good. The other younger nodded and eyed them like they'd never seen two guys riding hogs. Okay, so their bikes resembled another time and era. Speed and ground clearance made sense in the outback and woods. Maybe the dopey cops needed someone to show them the benefits of thinking outside their itty bitty boxes.

"Hey remember Tomas said no stirring up shit unless necessary." Kazim took off his helmet and eased his bike's kickstand down. He could hear Stanlisus's laughter over the loud purr of his bike's engine.

"Yeah, well we didn't stir up nothing. Till that old goat cop pulled his car up long side us." Stanlisus shook out his long pale yellow hair as he removed his helmet. "I waved and moved over. Used my signal and stayed within the speed limit."

Kazim shook his head and opened his mouth to speak. The roar of another bike drown out his words. Looking over he damn near dropped his helmet! On the back of the bike rode a big horn sheep and he swore she winked at him as the bike rolled past.

Happy weekend all! Hope you are safe, dry and with your loved ones! Keep a few good books around and relax! I'm busy at work on revisions and edits for JET LAG BLUES. As soon as I have a release date I'll let you know.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Healing Hands and Fast Friends

Musical notes, low on the female register and hummed in a singular pattern, resonated in Finley’s body. Their peaceful sound steadied her as she removed the dangerous heat from her savior’s hip, with the cold hands of a healer.

She, Finley ‘Fiona’ Fairaday, yea she’d get her alliterative parents for that one if they were still around, was right this moment laying hands on a real-life Loch Ness. She wondered at the life of this unusual and beautiful sea monster.

“Sivakka,” she murmured to the quietly resting warrior woman. “Thank you for saving me down in that tunnel.”

Warmth returned to her hands, signaling the end of the healing. The flesh beneath her fingers was once again healthy and hale, soft and pink. There would be no scaring on either her human or sea monster body. If she’d had even an ounce of unnecessary fat, that would have been gone as well. That secret, Finley kept close to her chest. Imagine if the female, and maybe even male, populace knew that dolphin shifters could correct a surplus of human deficiencies, just with the touch of a hand.

Every one of her brethren was different in their healing ability. Some could bring back the senses, others could heal the bones, but the really lucky ones could cure diseases. She, though, was stuck with the vainest one of all. She could make people skinny. It would be a fine “extra” ability to have, if she could help those who needed a reduction in weight for health reasons, but from the little she’d seen of humans, she knew those who would seek her assistance would be the ones who needed it the least. Her life would become forfeit to the vain and not be worth living, enslaved and used as a tool.

“Such deep thoughts crossing those brilliant green eyes of yours, Finley Fairaday.” Sivakka touched her cheek and a gentle vibration eased through her, lifting her spirits just slightly. “Anything you would like to share, sweet dolphin?”

“No, I can’t.” Finley wondered if the sea monster knew she also had a healing touch. Though faint, it was still there, waiting to be tapped.

“Very well then. I will thank you for your beautiful work and I promise you this, you have my protection and affection, friends shall we be.”

Finley stared up at her wonderful new friend and smiled; grateful she had made the journey even if it had almost killed her. She was in a new place and had a fabulous new friend and just perhaps in this town of shifters she could find a new love as well.

“Thank you, Sivakka.”

“Come, Finley.” Sivakka offered her a hand up with a smile as dazzling as a playful electric eel. “Let us go and introduce you to a few new folks and a certain alpha manager I just know would love to meet you.”

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caption Contest!

So I got wrapped up in the story I'm working on and forgot to write a blog... How about a caption contest, instead? I'll start!

"Sam, what are you doing?"
"That's not food, Sam."
"It is if you're hungry enough."
"I'm not eating that."
"Why not? I'm sure it tastes like chicken."
"I'm still not eating that."
"You're such a girl, Bex."
"You are what you eat, you know."
"Are you hungry or not?"
"That thing is nasty, Sam."
"It's just a bug, Bex."
"Gah, I am never letting you pick dinner again!"
"I wonder how you kill one of these things..."

There! Your turn!

~ Rebecca

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nessie to the Rescue

Full Moon in Scorpio howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. What strange times we live in. If someone had written a novel just ten years ago about ALL the events taking place now... well, I doubt it would have sold because the manuscript would have been considered too laughably, outrageously ridiculous.

On the author front, I just finished filling out the cover art questionnaire for KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS. The marvelous and amazing Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Design will be the cover artist, and I’m already atingle with anticipation.

My flash is a continuation of Serena Shay's post on Friday, May 13, 2011, titled:

Friday the Thirteenth Strikes Again - Those Dang Tunnels


Nessie to the Rescue

The instant Sivakka sensed the little dolphin's interest in her Nessie kind, she realized the brainy creature wasn't using her 'sea street' smarts. Nearly dropping the tankard of ale she was about to serve, Sivakka plunked her tray on the table.

Whirling around, she ran pell-mell for the backdoor entrance to the underground tavern. Her boot heels clicked fast and loud as she elbowed her way through the arriving shifter crowd.

"Emergency!" she shouted to Alexos, Dante's alpha manager. In moments Sivakka raced toward the tunnel that led to her lake.

When she'd first explored the enormous lake, mostly hidden by cliffs that formed a natural archway, Sivakka had discovered the underwater cave. Unbearably intrigued by a large crack in the cave’s floor, she’d managed to wind her long sleek body through, far enough, to taste sea water.

Seeing where the rock ledge ended, Sivakka had angled her head enough to get a glimpse of the ocean currents. At that point, she’d checked her impulse, wanting to find out more before diving into unfamiliar waters.

Rapidly shedding her serving wench’s outfit, Sivakka waded into the shallow water as she initiated her transformation. Her body responded to the silky cold feel of the water, and with a minimum of pain she elongated, her flesh becoming elastic. Fully shifted, she sped through the lake on the driving strength of her four flippers.

Entering the cave, Sivakka squirmed through the opening, and dropped into the ocean channel. Heedless of the other behemoths that could be lurking, she beamed her eyes.

Pulling great drafts of the wet salty air into her lungs, she honed in on the trapped dolphin. Sivakka streamlined her body, and with her flippers nearly spinning, she skimmed over the ocean’s surface, more buoyant than the Atlantic.

Hold on...hold on, she chanted. I’m coming...I’m coming, little one. Sivakka’s internal radar surrounded her, and so far, there were no warning pings.

Schools of fish in brilliant neon colors parted before her, and she caught the faint scent of other Prehistorics, as they were called by her Nessie shifter community. With the close-to-drowning dolphin now on her radar, Sivakka shot toward her, and realized she was also a shapeshifter.

Knowing she would likely terrify the dolphin woman, Sivakka snapped open her mouth. With no other choice, she lunged as if she was about to make a snack out of the hapless shifter. Instead, she sliced through the fine nylon net, using her front teeth like one-sided razor blades.

As the dolphin woman began to sink because of her exhaustion, and her lack of oxygen, Sivakka dived her head, lifting the beautiful creature above the water. In the next instant, she heard a ping that sent shivers of dread racing through her.

The super submarine belonged to a cabal of humanoids who knew about her Loch Ness kind. They wouldn’t hesitate to hunt her down, then enslave her to do their vile bidding. With jolts of fear slithering along the length of her tail, Sivakka remembered her grandfather’s instructions.

Not hesitating, she tossed the dolphin into the air, then caught her. Sivakka wrapped her tongue around the listless dolphin woman to keep her safe from her rows of sharp teeth. Lights out, she reminded herself, and un-beamed her eyes.

Slipping beneath the black ocean, lit only by luminous sea creatures, Sivakka glided away from the sub’s approach. With only her head above the water, she silently propelled herself in the direction she’d come.

Even though the going was slow, and she had to painstakingly skirt the super-tech sub while making her tail act like an eel, Sivakka finally sighted the rock drop-off into the underground ocean. Uncurling her tongue, she freed the dolphin woman, then nudged her into the opening.

As Sivakka began to writhe through the crack in the cave floor, spikes of pain stuck her haunches. The laser strikes were meant to stun her into helplessness. Instead, adrenalin streaked through her, and Sivakka surged inside the cave.

Relieved at her escape, she whipped around to watch for a tracker probe. Nothing emerged through the opening, and Sivakka nosed several boulders toward it. That is, until she decided it might be crucial to other species.

Rolling her entire body, she came face to face with the little dolphin, who gazed at her curiously with one bright eye. For long moments they simply studied one another. Slightly moving her head, Sivakka indicated they should surface.

Hoping the dolphin woman would follow her lead, Sivakka swam toward the cave’s entrance. Once outside, the two of them cruised upward and broke the lake’s surface. The last rays from the sun glinted on the dark rippling water.

Finley Fairaday, Sivakka mind-heard. My name. You’re a real Loch Ness monster.

I am real. My name is Sivakka. Are you well?

I need to shift, then I will heal. You’re bleeding, Sivakka.

We can shift soon, Finley. Once we reach shore. I live with other shapeshifters. We will be safe.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, drained of her energy, Sivakka struggled to make it to her tunnel. When her flippers touched bottom, she desperately morphed to human. Crawling onto land, she collapsed.

The last thing she knew cool hands stroked her hip, and she heard a low musical humming.

Happy Full Moon Shapeshifting


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