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Jock has found himself in an interesting position. In order to avoid being put in a mating group by his alpha, he begged his cousin to invite him to her house for the holidays. Little did he know, he was going to end up married for Christmas!

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When Ewan Carter gets kidnapped outside a bar by a group of werewolf hunters, he doesn't expect to find his mate among his captors.
Maureen Starkey didn't expect to fall for the handsome coyote-wolf shifter. Neither expected to run into a mad scientist and his mutant mammoth monster.
But it's just another romantic week in the shapeshifter, supernatural town of Talbot's Peak, Montana.
ShapeShifter Seductions Presents: A Flash-Scene Novel by Pat Cunningham, Savanna Kougar, Rebecca Gillan, Solara Gordon, Serena Shay~An Action-Adventure Paranormal Romance, on the sensual sweet side, except for the down and dirty cussin'. Shifters and Weres of every type and stripe abound, along with the Supernatural crowd like witches and demi-gods.
But beware! There's a convergence of Monster Hunters and fearsome vile monsters eyeing those who live in Talbot's Peak.
Meanwhile, the Tiger Yakuza is vying for control, battling Damien Hancock, the founder of Talbot's Peak. A werewolf alpha-thug, he is also in competition with his youngest son, Dante, the well-loved owner of the Pleasure Club. To stay in power, Damien funds a brilliant but mad scientist.
And watch out if you decide to visit. Maddened beasts lurk in the deep dark forest. They run and hunt in the tall grass prairie. Yes, some of them would enjoy you as dinner.  


helene said...

I have to tell you I adore your free reads I reread them over and over , if you have any contest running pleases enter me .And are any of your books in print form ? If so where can I get them . :) Your newest fan :)

Pat C. said...

Most of mine are in print (and often discounted) through Amazon. You can visit my page here:

Or just go to Amazon and search "Pat Cunningham" under Books. My page is the one with the PO'd cat picture on it.

Welcome to the Peak! Glad to have you aboard.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Hm, I hadn't realized it, but we have set a precedent of offering a freebie for Thanksgiving, haven't we.

So anyway, all of mine are also available on, not that there's tons of them. Just search for "Rebecca L. gillen" and you'll find them. I'm trying to get one self-pubed by Christmas (because it's a Christmas book) that's set in Talbot's Peak, but thanks to a technical difficulty, I might not. It needs to be re-edited... so we'll have to see if it's ready in time. I only have a week. :)