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Vampire Assassin

A hero so dark and brooding he’s practically evil. At least that’s what I’m flirting with right now. As I send off the last of a round of edits on my third and final installment of the Guardians series, I can’t help wonder what’s next. I have no plans for a new erotic book at this time, so a world of options is open.

If I do another vampire hero, he’s definitely going to be a bad boy. But do I make him a shapehsifter, capable of transforming monstrously and revealing wings? Or should his strengths be completely psychic--levitation, mind control, and magic?

And what about my heroine? Should she be human, vampire, or other magical creature? That, reader, is where I am today. And there’s something to be said for infinite possibilities. They’re both scary and exciting.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy New Year’s Eve... I wish...

Yes, I wish... here’s what I wish for... if wishes came true for New Year’s Eve...

The nearly backless gown of heavy satin flowed over Shestry’s body in long elegant lines. Feeling extraordinarily beautiful, she languidly arranged herself in front of the full length mirror. Her curves appeared to be streamlined by her evening gown that was a deep rich color of burnt gold.

She smiled with sheer sensual enjoyment at her reflection.

“Sis, hoop-di-doo, you’re going to drive the gents c-r-a-z-y over the moon.”

Entering her lavish dressing room with his usual flair, Jaxter sauntered to his favorite lounge chair and settled himself.

“I’ll be thrilled with good dancing partners, if you must know. I’m not going as part of the cattle call to be some man’s wife. Or is that the ‘heifer call’ market? Regardless, you men can keep to your own lives and leave me out of them for a good while.” Moving toward her brother, Shestry swept up her glitter evening bag. “Is Alexa waiting for you at the supper club?”

“She’ll be swinging into my arms once we arrive. I just gave her the tinkle and heard her sweet voice.” Jaxter held up his wrist phone, his grin one of ‘let’s go make merry’.

“What’s the latest on the parents?” Shestry gave her fancy upswept hairdo a final pat, then let the natural sway of her body take over as she walked toward her personal portal.

“They’re going to let us kiddies play and dance the night away. They’re planning to join us an hour before midnight, sweets.” Rising with athletic grace, Jaxter adjusted his tux’s black silk bowtie, then followed after her.

In moments, they stood inside the welcoming foyer of the Galactia Ecstasy, a supper club arching high above one of their world’s largest cities. The posh glimmer of furnishings, in shades of amber, surrounded them as they glided toward the immense, bowl-shaped room that was composed of a central dance floor and two upper levels for dining, partying and viewing.


Alexa’s excited squeal penetrated the celebratory atmosphere with an arrow-like ease. The petite brunette, who owned a doll’s perfect figure, flew inside her brother’s open arm. Shrugging adorably and flirtatiously, she tilted her head all the way back, smiling without an ounce of pretense at him. Her eyes glowed with intimacy. Closing them, Alexa pursed her brilliant red lips for his kiss.

Jaxter obliged for several instants, then wrapped her close against his side. “See ya later, sis. That gleaming dance floor is pulling on the soles of our shoes like magnetic plasma.”
Shestry fondly gazed at them both and gave a nod. “Greetings, Alexa. See you two much later.”

Free to pursue her own evening delights, Shestry pivoted toward the second level entrance. Straightening her shoulders, she held her head high and let the gown’s design have its way with her walking stride, what she called her ‘elegant slink’.


Drauz halted in his tracks. He’d been seized in the same way the gravitational pull of a sun captured his galactic ship, an occasional problem. Only his gaze moved, following the gorgeous woman as she swayed like a breeze-blown reed toward the exquisitely appointed ramp that led up to the second level dining area.

The sumptuously curved, yet slender beauty with hair the color of gold, bronze and rubies combined, obviously belonged to this world. Still, she hitched his cock to a full-standing salute, despite having satiated himself with several women during the past few days.

Surprised by the power she wielded over him, Drauz swiftly stepped behind a splendid drape that sectioned off a gentlemen’s lounge. Glancing over his shoulder, he was relieved to see no one was about. Already his hand transformed to beast claws.

His desire for the woman had catapulted his sex hormones so fiercely and so fast, his body threatened to shift into his most primal nature. He was known as a Dragonlion on his world.
Slipping the tiny vial out of his pocket with his un-transformed hand, Drauz tipped it up and drained its contents. The natural potion would tamp down his libido, for now. As quickly as it had occurred, his beast claws disappeared and his hand returned.

Without thought he trailed after the woman, his predator instincts fully engaged. Her fragrance enchanted him, reminding him of the most potent and delectable spices. The moment he caught sight of her, close to an empty dining table, he strode in her direction.

She stood alone, casually leaning on the translucent rail, enjoying the dancers below. The extreme roundness of her ass was displayed to carnal perfection by the high sheen of the gown she wore. Drauz licked his chops and told his beastly cock to behave in a gentlemanly fashion.

He could tell by the feminine language of her body and by her scent, she expected a man to woo and win her with more than his exceptional prowess between her thighs. A low roar of need rumbled up from the core of his being. He didn’t let it out.

“Who are you?” she asked without turning around. Intentionally, she kept her posture dismissive and her gaze riveted on the dazzling whirl of dancers.

“The man who is about to plead for a dance, once your favored piece of music begins.”

She spun around then, and their gazes collided. His breath rushed inward, as did hers. Reaching back, she steadied herself by clutching the rail. Drauz knew it would be a mistake to touch her yet. He forced himself not to sweep her against him as both an act of passion and protection.


Ignoring her ridiculous pants of breath, Shestry stared into the black-golden eyes of a Magollov, a race she knew little about, that is, except the obvious. His stature was larger, his frame more muscular than the men of her world. The deep brown-gold coloring of his suede-like skin subtly glowed. His furred lion ears pricked forward with sexual interest. Though, he’d kept his long tasseled tail discreetly behind him.

‘Lovely, aristocratic mane you have’... those were the words that wanted past her lips. Instead, Shestry spoke her second thoughts. “Are you able to dance with any manner of competence, and perhaps, a dash of style?”

A glint of amusement transformed his gaze from bold intensity to a wicked playfulness that appealed to her. “Should I demonstrate with another partner? Or will you trust my word?”

Shestry tilted her head, all too aware of his hypnotizing gaze, and all too aware that she sizzled as a woman inside. “Will I require another partner? Or do you posses the stamina to dance all night?”

“My stamina is yours for this New Year’s celebration.” His gaze roamed over her face, devouring every detail. Her nipples tightened when he briefly dipped his gaze to the swells of her breasts, revealed by the gown’s v-plunging neckline. “Shall I order us a sustaining platter of delicacies and a bottle of bubbly? Your preference, of course.”

“You are an adventure I would like to taste. Prove your worth on the dance floor and I am yours for this New Year’s celebration.”


She promised him nothing, not even her name. She offered only her devoted company for her world’s night of elegant revelry. Drauz knew that. He didn’t care. He’d keep his needs tamed for her. This woman with eyes like far-away, beckoning blue stars. With lips that invited his plunder. With pale golden skin that demanded the rough arousing strokes of his tongue.

He presented his arm. “But dance with me, and my worth I shall prove.”


Feeling as sensual as the satin of her gown, and as molten as the color, Shestry placed her hand on the Magollov’s handsomely carved arm. One night of dancing surrounded by the crystalline fantasy of the supper club, with a man who didn’t belong to her world, a man who could never belong to her. Why not ferociously enjoy?

With suave attentiveness, he escorted her toward the long spiraling ramp. As they moved downward, it was as if she tread on air. “May I feel the caress of your tail tassel on my face when we dance?”



Savanna Kougar

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Her Insatiable Dark Heroes ~ In Print
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Twelve Day's of Christmas...Writer Style!

On the twelfth day of Christmas my Muse did give to me,

twelve deep messages,

eleven sexy pics,

ten erotic ebooks,

nine reference guides,

eight post it notes,

seven slips for coffee,

six fancy flash drives,

fiiive new ideas...,

four spiral notebooks,

three ball point pens,

two drawing boards,

and an ereader - what a sweetie.

Happy Holiday's

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday Flash: Christmas with the Coyotes

Holiday Flash: Christmas with the Coyotes by Pat Cunningham

Overheard at the coyote family reunion:

“No wonder they call it a pack. You can’t even turn around in here.”
“You think it’s crowded now, wait’ll cousin Ernie shows up with his eight kids.”
“So when does the fat guy get here with the gifts? I don’t have all night.”
“We weren’t howling. That was ‘Deck the Halls.’”
“We’re celebrating what now?”
“My sister’s dating a dingo, for crying out loud – ”
“Could be worse, could be a wolf. At least dingoes know how to laugh.”
“Mom! Ronnie’s eating tinsel!”
“Yes, we’re having turkey again, and if you don’t like it you can go catch your own dinner.”
“Buy? Who says we BUY gifts?”
“No roadkill before dinner, honey.”
“ – so she thinks we’re having a white Christmas, she doesn’t know it’s Lamont and me on the roof with a box of laundry detergent – ”
“Yeah, that’s a cool tattoo, but you can’t even see it under the fur.”
“ – taught me how to write my name in the snow without lifting my leg – ”
“Stop chewing on the tree, Clarence. The bark is bad for you.”
“Okay, this box smells like wool. It better not be another sweater – ”
“ – wrapped my scat and gave it to Larry, serves him right for getting me flea soap last year – ”
“Ooohhh, I love that collar! And a leash too? You naughty girl.”
“Chaos bite it, so help me, Terry, if you don’t stop sniffing my – ”
“You think this is bad, wait’ll New Year’s Eve.”
“ – so then she bit me, and all I did was – ”
“Don’t need snowshoes, not with these paws.”
“No problemo. We’ll just hop down to the grocerette and swipe some more eggnog.”
“ – stole a cop car and left wolf hairs all over the seat, let’s see ‘em squirm out of that one.”
“He lets me hook him up to a sled and he tows the pups all over the yard. It’s just too cute for words.”
“You shape the hamburger patties like angels and then put steak sauce on the wings.”
“ – but there were only six tiny reindeer because Coyote Claus got hungry and – ”
“— tied the mistletoe to his – ”
“I’m telling you, cheese dip goes great with squirrel.”
“The Steinbergs get to party for eight nights. We should head over there.”
“Haven’t seen the family for months, and now I remember why.”
“Is it January yet?”



Blurb ~

It's that time of the month -- the full moon -- when Willy Alvarez's moods go wonky and her dreams fill up with wolves. A time for hungers she doesn't dare fulfill because they lead to violence. She's resigned herself to a manless life, then Cody Gray arrives.

Cody is cute, funny, charming, and a werecoyote. His nose knows what Willy doesn't: she's half werewolf. He's convinced this repressed half-human she-wolf is his perfect mate. Now he just has to convince her. And quick, because her long-lost pack has learned about her existence, and they've come to town to claim her...
COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~

Winter Solstice & Black Cat Magic

Note: Since I couldn’t post Tuesday, I thought I’d go ahead and post now.

Since writing WHEN A GOOD ANGEL FALLS, my 2012 angelic fantasy, the Winter Solstice has held a magical place in my heart. Sedona and Volcano’s story takes place over three days, culminating in Winter Solstice 2012, or December 21, 2012.
Gee, do I wish that special magic had been with me on the first day of winter in 2009. Not to be, except you could say, well, my computer didn’t die and I didn’t lose all my precious files. Yay, team!!!
Nope, dc, darling computer, just came down with some nasty viruses. And this virus protect program took over my computer demanding I pay to have them removed.
Well, the upstart... how did I know it was or wasn’t legitimate? Why would I give them a credit card number? Besides, why would I pay anyone to have said ‘viruses’ deleted when their stupid program hijacked my computer?
The good thing, there is a computer guy close by that I know, who did a good job on my computer before... so, yep, fortunately, he got dc all cleaned up and put in a Windows free anti-virus program.
The bad news, he had to get rid of all my Earthlink stuff, so that was a shocker since I rely on it heavily to do my daily online biz. I’m not a natural with the whole internet thing, anyway, so I need what I’m used to, and works.
Yep, now I’m downloading, to hopefully get things back to normal, which is a pain in the you know where, when you’re on primitive dial-up.
I would much rather have waxed poetic about the Winter Solstice this past Tuesday. This magical day of half light and half dark, when we transition toward the light during a time of rest and hibernation for Mother Earth. At least, here, in our northern hemisphere.
Sol, in his benevolence, is returning to us. Or, as the Beatles would sing, Here Comes the Sun. That song resonated deeply with me the first time I heard it. And, it’s never lost any of its festive spiritual euphoria for me.
Now, I’m certain there has to be a book or something already titled, Here Comes the Sun King... but wouldn’t that be a fun shapeshifting romance to pen?


I had so much fun writing BLACK CAT BEAUTY, I revisited my heroine, Sable, during this festive season. Yep, to find out what my sassitude black cat girl is up to with her superhero, Devon.

Black Cat Magic for Christmas

Sable disrobed, tossing her elf costume into an untidy pile. She posed with one hand on her bare hip, taking a few moments to admire her human body in the dressing room’s panel of mirrors. A black cat girl could still be all sexy cattitude even as a woman. Reaching for her sumptuous, figure-hugging gown, she shimmied into it.

Despite Devon’s interest in dressing her as pleased him, she’d secretly had the evening gown created. With time being short, Sable studied the drape of deep wine-colored velvet and satin. She made adjustments quickly, then moved to the vanity and made up her face like a torch singer.

Finished, she peeked around the off-stage curtain to make certain the last child had left Devon’s lap and the event was officially over. They’d attended a charity party, at the dinner theater, for older unadopted kids. Devon had played Santa Claus, only as his Super Ace persona. There’d been more dancing to his band’s music, than actual ho-ho, traditional make-a-wish, lap sitting by the pre-teenagers.

In league with Devon’s band to give him this Christmas surprise, Sable moved from behind the curtain. Strutting like Mae West, she walked toward the center of the stage as they strummed the opening strains of ‘That old black magic’.

“Devon, dude, your woman has a special gift for you,” Rick announced.

Sable seductively leaned her hip against the piano. A wide smile naturally formed on her face as Devon spun around. His impassioned gaze threatened to blister her skin, and was definitely a promise for later lusting pleasures.

Tossing her long waves of auburn hair that she’d intentionally mussed, Sable sang, “That old black magic has me in its spell. That old black magic that you weave so well.” Sauntering forward with the music, she crooned, “Icy fingers up and down my spine...the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine.”

Their gazes locked, and their mutual desire sparked between them. Devon started toward her, only halted by his manager’s hand on his arm. If he could have super-speed swept her up, and carried her away, he would have.

Languidly hitching her hips for a few strides, Sable halted. “The same old tingle that I feel inside.” Posing, she slanted her gaze over her shoulder. “When that elevator starts its ride...down and down I go, round and round I go.”

She watched Devon force himself to sit down at one of the small tables near the stage. His hot gaze roamed over her body and he did nothing to hide the swell of his cock.

Pivoting, Sable swayed ever closer to him. “Like a leaf that's caught in the tide...I should stay away but what can I do...I hear your name, and I'm aflame...Aflame with such a burning desire...That only your kiss can put out the fire...and your meaty sausage, she added mentally.

Spreading her hand on the voluptuous curve of her hip, she taunted him by stopping and bracing her legs. “You are the lover that I've waited for...The mate that fate had me created for...And every time your lips meet mine...” Sable bent forward pursing her lips. “Baby down and down I go, all around I go.” Leaning a bit more, she lazily shook her shoulders showing off her cleavage.

Devon mentally glued himself to the seat of the chair. Sable saw it in his eyes. Yet, the hunger in his gaze ravished her without compromise. Sable shivered inside, scorched by the carnal heat only he could generate within her.

“In a spin, loving the spin that I'm in...Under that old black magic called love...under that old black magic called love,” she repeated. On the last lingering notes she straightened. Her breasts heaved and she panted softly. For him. For Devon.

“Sable,” he paused for an instant, “come here.”

Ignoring his hoarsely spoken command, she whirled and raised her arms in a sensual imitation of flame. With her back to him, she waited for the band to begin her next song.

“Devon, keep your seat,” Rick encouraged. “Your woman has one more gift for you. I guarantee you’re going to flip your dick over this one.”

With the sound of the sultry Christmas music, Sable lowered her arms. Turning toward Devon, she stroked her palm over one cocked hip. “Santa baby, slip your Sable under your big tall tree...I’ve been an awful good girl...Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight.”

Devon froze, now stuck to his chair. His sausage had definitely grown meatier in size and his piercing gaze followed her as if he might lose sight of her.

Sable moved closer, exaggerating her slow strut. “Santa baby, drive me like your convertible too...I want you to...I'll wait up for you, handsome...Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight.”

His dark gaze sliding to her hips, Devon patted his thigh, an invitation to sit on his lap.

Feeling the low purr in her throat, Sable continued the song. “Think of all the fun I've missed...Think of all the men that I haven't kissed...Next year I could be just as good...If you'll just fulfill my Christmas list.”

Devon crooked his finger, beckoning her to come closer still.

Sable slowed, rotating her hips like an old-fashioned stripper. “Santa baby, I want your yacht.” Aiming her gaze at his cock, she sassily crooned, “And really that is a lot...Been a naughty girl in bed all year...Santa baby, so hurry down my chimney tonight.” Slinking nearer, Sable sang in a smooth purr, “Santa honey, there's one thing I really do need...Your seed...Deep inside my flooded mine...Santa handsome, so hurry down my chimney tonight.”

Devon shot upright, but didn’t approach her. Though, his hunk o’ meat looked as though it tried to approach her, given its thrusting size.

“Santa sexy, and fill my stocking with your sausage.” Sable swayed her shoulders provocatively, along with the sweltering music. “Give me your meatballs...For an extra good time...Santa sexy, and hurry down my chimney tonight.” As she inched toward Devon, Sable rippled the long fall of her hair, knowing how it affected him. “Come and trim my Christmas wreathe...With some decorations bought at Tiffany's...I really do believe in you...Let's see how much you believe in me.”

Devon’s eyes glowed, super-powered with an inner light, an indication to Sable that she’d savagely aroused him. Just the way she liked it, depending on her sexual mood, of maow-ing course.

Sinuously moving beside him, Sable rubbed her hip on his thigh as part of her performance, singing, “Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing...No need for a ring...No need for a wedding...but, Santa baby, hurry down my chimney tonight...Hurry down my chimney tonight...Hurry, tonight.”

Raising on tiptoe, Sable twisted like the cat girl she was. Placing her lips close to his ear, she rumbled her best Eartha Kitt purr.

Before she could think or blink, Devon seized her, dipping her so low, Sable’s feet barely remained on the floor. Immediately, his kiss trapped her mouth with delicious ruthlessness. For long incredible moments, the unceasing press of his mouth thrilled through her limbs, and left her boneless inside his super strong hold. The molding of his lips over hers tempted Sable’s fiercest desires, until ultimately, she raged for whatever he wanted to do to her.

“Sable,” he growled privately. “You’re getting a ring whether you like it or not.”

“Meow, super man,” she breathy whispered against his mouth. “Put it around that meaty cock of yours.”

The Bull is on hiatus this week. Happy Snorting Holidays!
Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~ also, for the ongoing story, subscribe at ~ ~
Plus, take a peek at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~ Pat’s book has received several top reviews.



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Black Cat Beauty
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5 Star Review! And a sneak peek at what's next :)

5 Ribbon Review for The Collision
"Wow. THE COLLISION is an amazing story! As the second installment of the GUARDIAN’S REALM series, it continues the ongoing war between the vampires and Guardians, and gives another delicious story. While none of the characters from the previous story make an appearance, the action in this one more then makes up for it! It is all here, red-hot love scenes, tender emotions, vulnerable heroines, alpha heroes, villains that make your skin crawl, Ms. Kauffman managed to include everything! Excellent job!"
Noelle, Romance Junkies

And here's an unoffical sneak peak at Book III in the Guardian's Realm Series, The Clash Coming March 2010 from Loose Id

A familiar prickling of unease crawled over Special Agent Robert Almaden's spine as he stepped off the train into an inhospitable land of foreign smells and sounds. He didn’t speak the language. The food seemed strange and unpalatable to him. Even the air felt different on his skin.
And night was when the vampires emerged. The threat of danger was almost comforting. It was the only thing familiar and dependable in this unpleasant country.
His rolling suitcase bumped and rocked on the cobblestone street of the medieval city, fighting him every inch with a mind of its own. I get it. I don’t like it here either. He missed the paved lines, modern order, and hardworking efficiency of the Good ‘Ole U.S. of A.
Robert stopped and flipped open the GSM phone.
Just get it over with. He punched the speed dial, half expecting the number to be out of service or a fake she’d given to placate the organization before leaving San Francisco.
She sang the greeting like a melody. Instantly, he knew it was her. He recognized the sultry, scotch and soda voice even though it was months ago that he’d only briefly spoken to Cvetelina. At the sound of her rich contralto, the faded memory of her image flared bright in his mind’s eye.
Cine este? Hello, who is there?”
“Cvetelina, this is Agent Almaden.”
“Do you remember me from San Francisco?”
Still more silence. The line popped, and for a moment he thought she’d hung up on him.
“Hmmm. Dark hair, blue eyes. Small penis.”
“Excuse me?”
She laughed, a throaty chuckle that sent vibrations through his phone, into his hand, and down his spine. “I am a vampire, Agent Almaden. We can, how do you say, see like infrared. I can detect your heart beating. You think I can not also detect your cock throbbing? You get a hard-on when you come into the room with me.”
“Not for the reason you think.” Bitch.
“Because you want to stake me.” She drawled the word “stake” slow and deep.
“Not in a million years.” His finger itched to disconnect.
“That’s okay. I might live that long.” She tsked into the phone, as sultry as a 976-SEXX operator. “Be nice, Agent. You call me because you want something.”
The way she said vant soom-sink started ripples of heat rolling south. Damn, why did she have to have such a sexy voice? Remember what she is, he told himself. The thought of glowing eyes and elongated canines pulled his mind out of the gutter and sent a chill over his flesh.
“I’m in Romania. In Brasov.”
Another silence stretched. “You follow me here? I’m flattered.”
“I need your help.”
“Tracking a vampire, no doubt. Why I should help you?”
“Agent Reese with the Vampire Secret Service said you could be trusted.” Robert paused, grinding his teeth. Honestly, one vampire’s reference for another didn’t mean shit to him. “If you can’t, just say so. Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours.”
“You Americans are so tense. I sense you are grumpy after long travel.” He expected the phone to click off in his ear. Instead, she said “Who is with you?”
“No one. I’m here alone.”
“Now you take me for the fool.”
His irritation grew, but Robert didn’t have the energy to vocalize it. Instead, when he spoke, the pathetic pleading he heard in his own voice shamed him. “Cvetelina, my problem is personal. It’s obvious I made a mistake in calling you. Just forget it.”
“Where are you?” she cut in.
He swallowed, looking around. Asking for help from a vampire suddenly made him feel weak. He regretted he’d even made the call. “I just got off the train. I’m near what looks like a restaurant with red awnings.”
“Ah. Boar’s Head Inn. Go inside the pub. Isn’t safe for you on street. I will be there soon.” She chuckled again. “Try the mead. It is excellent.”

Monday, December 21, 2009

Joyous Yule and Merry Christmas

Like Paris, I've been deep in my writing in order to finish a project. However, my lack of Christmas spirit wasn't so much that I forgot about things because I was so focused on my writing. Rather, I was denying myself holiday decorations and music because I was afraid they'd sidetrack me.

You see I'm fighting with a short story set in the month of May and it's not finished. BUT right now I'd much rather work on one or two holiday WIPs that I want to complete for next year while I'm feeling the holiday mood. I have SO wanted to abandon this short story but I know I can't. I have to finish it because it's part of a series with some other authors. So I've been denying myself Christmas until I finish it. Well, on Saturday I realized that denying myself wasn't getting the story written any faster than if I enjoyed the holiday.

Saturday, I put up my Christmas tree and added lights. However...I had a problem. Lights that covered the tree last year only covered about 2/3 of the tree this year. Same tree cause I do artificial. But after last week, what with falling on my butt and suffering from back pain I had NO intention of redoing the lights. Just wasn't gonna happen, so I decided I needed more lights. Therein lies an adventure.

I woke up Sunday morning with not too much back pain. I knew there weren't any multi-color LED Christmas tree lights to be had locally. So I called to the big city nearby, Des Moines. In a metropolis of a couple of million surely there were some LED lights somewhere. None of the Wal-marts I called had any. ANY. So I called Target. Yes they had plenty.

So I dragged myself outta bed (yes, I was laying in bed while I called - GPS on the phone is awesome). I showered and dressed and drove out into the pretty morning. Snow was gently falling all around. This should have been my first clue. It wasn't. I was turning a corner and slid. I eased out of it and drove past the turn and went to turn around. On the return trip, I made the turn and headed out of town.

I drove myself out onto the interstate on a mission. To light my Christmas tree or die in the attempt. Little did I know... I got out onto the interstate and one lane was clear but the other...not so much. No icing but plenty of snow. To those who say, but Francesca why didn't you turn around? Two reasons. Number 1? I'm an Iowan and we aren't scared by a little stinkin' snow. Number 2? I'm nuts. Seriously. By the time I got home I decided I was certifiable.

Hands tightly grasped around the steering wheel I cursed every idiot who passed me in the left lane. Why? Because when they did I couldn't see! When a semi passed me on a bridge I found religious convictions I didn't know I had cause I was praying NOT to run into the guard rail. I didn't. God looks out for fools and Iowans on a mission to find Christmas tree lights. Of course, those two things are synonomous, but I digress...

I kept moving westward. Determined to forge ahead. At times the road wasn't toooo bad. At times I'd look on the other side of the interstate and see cars in the ditch and think I was nuts. But as I passed an off ramp or two, I decided the interstate was a much better prospect. I-80 wasn't completely snow covered, but the off ramps were. So onward I went. Finally, after much white knuckled driving I reached my destination completing my pilgrimmage. Yes, dear friends I found LED lights. MULTI-COLOR mini Christmas tree lights.

This should be my HEA. I drive home and put up my tree...ta-da! However, it didn't happen quite like that.

I did get back to my car and returned to the interstate without incident. In fact, I thought it would be smooth sailing the rest of the way because by now the road crews had been out. The interstate had been plowed and sanded. Cars were moving at a pretty good clip too. However, about half way home, traffic slowed considerably. But it was no longer snowing much and the road was merely wet, not icy or snowy. When three tow trucks (one specifically for semis) went past, I knew why we were going slow. An accident. A bad one. As we came up to an exit, they were routing all traffic off there but you couldn't even see where the accident was.

So I followed along with the other cars and sheep we drove off into the Iowa countryside on snowy back roads. It was like the drive in had been, except now it was two lane instead of four. Arrrrgh. We all drove through a small town and back into the country again. Always looking for a way back to the interstate. I followed the trucks because they looked like they knew where they were going. I sure didn't.

I've lived in the area about five years, but I don't drive back roads much. I wasn't completely sure where I was and I didn't want to go digging in the glove box for a map with crappy roads and tight traffic. So I followed. If, at that moment, Rise up shepherd and follow had started to play on the radio it would have felt somewhat appropriate. Except we weren't following any star in the east. We were searching for a way back to the interstate.

On we went through the rolling snow covered country side. As we came to another small town, it started to snow again. I thought "oh crap." Until I realized I knew where I was. So I made the left turn to drive through this town and without more hassle than that we were headed for the interstate. I entered the on ramp and wanted to cuss because there were vehicles out there going the same direction as I wanted to go. Which meant...yes, while we'd been meandering in the back of beyond, they had reopened the interstate. Grrrrr. The rest of the trip was almost an anti-climax except for the fact that was so glad to be home when I finally got there!!!

I turned on a few Christmas movies, watched some Christmas PBS specials and finished putting the lights on my tree and then put on some of my favorite ornaments. At the end of the day, my tree looked so pretty and I was so very glad I quit withholding pleasure from myself.

The moral of the story? Punishing myself didn't work. If I had just gone ahead and put the tree up at Thanksgiving, I could have bought my extra lights locally and not had such a hair-raising trip to Des Moines on a Sunday morning when I would have done much better off lazing in bed.

P.S. No, I didn't take the snowy road shots (check out the links), however those are approximately the driving conditions I was dealing with so yes, I am certifiable.

Have a joyous Yule, a Happy Hannukah, a Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanzaa everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I'm finally getting into the spirit. No, I haven't been bah-humbugging all over the place but I've just been so rushed and crazy that the true spirit of the holidays has been lost to all of the necessary stuff. Like everyone else, I swore I wasn't going to do that to myself again this year and I did.

Until last week. My husband walked into my office while I was struggling with a scene and started laughing. Now dh does not open my door while I'm working for just any little thing but I caught myself glaring at him. What was so funny?

He pointed and when I looked up there was a giant, descending cobweb floating above my head. I hadn't noticed it or it's siblings that had been decorating the corners of my office for who knows how long. How long had I not been paying attention?

What else had I missed? I knew immediately. I missed the holiday decorations that I haven't had time to put up. I missed the smell of cinnamon and spices. I haven't even watched "It's A Wonderful Life" which I always do on Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday season.

I think I'll make French Toast for breakfast and sprinkle some cinnamon on it and watch Uncle Billy misplace fifteen thousand dollars. I may even find the dust bunnies and cobwebs a new home while I'm at it. I'm looking forward to it;-) which is that awesome first step to enjoying anything!

Next Saturday is Christmas and I won't be posting because we'll all be celebrating with family and friends, reminiscing about past holidays, nibbling goodies and enjoying whatever traditions our lives have inspired. Hug the darling divas, the he-men in training and all of your furry, four-legged babies and have a Very Merry whatever you celebrate;-)

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas Silly

December eighteenth
she was running out of time
The Day would be upon us
before she finished this rhyme

Out came the list's, out came decor
up went the tree with ornaments galore

The hubster desired
those movies of war
Her diva she wanted
this, that and more

The cookies were unbaked
The holiday meal not yet planned
Her writing still stalled
It was quite out of hand.

A mere week to go
she could not finish on time
perhaps she just needed
to draw a firm line

What could she say, what would she do?

"Christmas is cancelled"
to harsh it was true
she loved this sweet holiday
more than anyone knew

She needed to stop,
and take a cleansing breath
open her mind
dig deep into its depth

Relax, calm down
it would all be okay!
No need to frown
on this marvelous day.

So with water so warm
The bubbles did call
Out came her list
At least ten feet tall

Her wants and desires
so simple indeed
ebooks my fine people
I just need to READ!!

May your holiday season be calm, your family and friends be healthy and hale and your ebook gifts be plenty! ;)

***unabashed promo ahead***

If you know anyone like this poor lady, who could use a holiday pick me up, may I suggest a few ebook essentials...

Black Cat Beauty by Savanna Kougar
The Collision by Crystal Kauffman
Assassin's Kiss by Paris Brandon
Protect and Defend by Francesca Hawley
The Challenge by Serena Shay

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Man Beneath Your Tree

Fantasy Art from ~ ~

Ever wish for a Tiger Man beneath your holiday twinkling tree?

Picture it. There you are at an adult holiday party sitting on Santa’s lap. Maybe, you’re wondering and pondering, should I be naughty or should I be nice?
Now, if Santa is not your type, or otherwise unavailable, here’s your chance to ask for something exquisitely outrageous... a little real-rum egg nog could remove any and all important inhibitions, at this point.
So, have you ever fantasized about getting to know a Tiger Shapeshifter in that intimate lustful way... well, that way we as human beings are able to vividly imagine... I have to admit, meow-rubbing yes!
And, I have the WIPs to prove it.
Of course, this began a couple decades before the ill-fated actions of one golf celebrity known as Tiger Woods... don’t ask me the latest. I pay no attention. It’s just on my screen news ticker passing by like a bad odor.
More to my interest... 2010 is the Chinese Year of the Metal Tiger... okay, I could discuss the obvious synchronicity happening here... Tiger Woods, Year of the Metal Tiger... but, I won’t. The analysis would be long and tedious. And I’m all about fun and enjoying myself, right now.

So, with that in fantasy mind ~ when erotic romance author, Hortense Powdermaker, discussed the best way to accomplish the back story in your novel, at the Liquid Silver SEx blog on Sunday, and also, made that her Flash Fiction theme... well, this is the result.

Tiger Beneath the Twinkling Tree

They lazed on their bed, lovingly tangled together. Senshia slid her forefinger on his chest, sensually tracing one of his skin stripes, a darker pigment that contrasted with the pale bronze of his body.
“Mmmm... you are certainly the tiger between my thighs.” Lowering her head with a delicacy of movement he’d come to adore, she trailed kisses up the center of his chest, ending at the juncture of his neck and shoulder.
His eyes had fallen closed and now Durrhan moaned with the sweet pleasure of what she did to him. With the sweet and terrible pleasure of her.

“My Senshia.” Like a predator, he swiped his hand beneath her head, and swiftly slid his fingers deep within the wealth of her hair. He gripped the glimmering coppery strands hard, tugging so that her face was all his to view as pleased him.
As he always did, he indulged in the fairy fragility of her features, in the golden sprinkling of freckles gracing her cheeks. She gazed at him, passion glowing in her iris colored eyes. Her eyes filled with stars of sapphire, silver and aquamarine.
“Sleep,” he ordered. “I have enjoyed myself too much with you, my mate.”

She protested with a sinuous caress of her body against his, and a naughty nymph smile. Durrhan frowned. There was no way he would compromise her well-being, his otherworld woman. Not only had she saved him from a fate worse than death, she was his heart now, and his life. As he had become her life, as he now lived within the flaming flower of her heart.
“If you insist.”
Her voice twined around him, sultry and inviting, yet also softly resigned to his will for her. She’d learned his care for her was real. He would demand her obedience.

She snuggled the side of her face on top of his chest, and settled herself toward slumber as her race knew it. Durrhan feathered his fingers over her slightly pointed ear, brushing away tendrils of her hair. Her ears always enchanted him, then turned him wild with desire, unless he’d taken her. Before letting himself drop into sleep, Durrhan would make certain she obeyed him . He’d spent most of the winter’s day patrolling their small mountain valley as his human self and also allowing his beast to run free, to plow through the deep snow and protect the wilder areas.

The memory trapped him, the moment darkness overtook him. Saliva dribbled in pools from his jaws. His swollen bleeding paws twitched uncontrollably for long minutes as he barely held onto consciousness. He’d escaped those who had done this to him, the evil wizard scientists as he thought of them, and their military masters, the ones with the stone-cold gray faces and the eyes that reminded him of a non-stop blizzard. They’d thought he was close to death and were transporting him to an autopsy facility. His body had only been resurrecting. He’d been genetically morphing into what he was now.

Tiger and man. A man able to shift into a full tiger. Not just a tiger and not just a man. No, as a man he possessed super strength and many of his tiger’s superior abilities, like the sense of smell. As a tiger he was a primal beast, a killer by nature, yet he retained his human mind. Even his breed of tiger was one that had been lost to current-day Earth, though his appearance remained typical of a zoo tiger. He’d been designed to operate inside the human population. To gather intelligence where ordered, to assassinate without thought.

The steel door to his transport crate swung open. The bitter cold of an Idaho winter hit his tiger face. Durrhan sprang upwards from his side. Twisting his muscle-heavy, yet lean body, he charged outward. He raced like the devil, hearing the shouts of shock and warning follow his bid for freedom. Running past the outside pen they planned to put his body in before they brought out the scalpels, Durrhan scanned for his best escape option. Hearing the start-up roar of snowmobiles, he angled toward the sparse forest of bare-limbed trees. Durrhan sprinted for his life, for his freedom.

His paws crashed through a half-foot of icy snow. Where he could, he leapt the distance he would have run. His only chance was to evade the helicopters and the drone aircraft they’d send after him. To finally convince them of his death after he rubbed the tracking fiber from his shoulder. Far enough ahead of the snowmobiles, Durrhan looked for a tree with the roughest bark. Slamming his shoulder against the largest tree, he scraped away his fur, then his skin. The instant the frequency hum left his body, he jumped into a lope, sniffing for the nearest stream.

With his blood staining the snow, Durrhan followed the dictates of his nose. Weaving through a denser forest, he found what he wanted, water, semi-frozen in places. He gathered his body, then stretched into a long jump. As he landed on the large stream, his paws slid. Scrambling, he lumbered forward until he broke through the ice. He rolled, drenching himself, and fast-freezing his wounded shoulder. Crawling onto a solid surface, he intentionally dragged his body as if he was near death. The machine growl of helicopters caused him to search for a hiding place. Durrhan climbed the rocky bank.

Before him was the V entrance of a small cave. From the air’s smell there was an exit. Durrhan squeezed himself inside and forced his way through. Exhausted, yet knowing he’d won victory, he staggered toward what he thought was either a hallucination or what he’d been taught was an outdoor Christmas tree. Collapsing beneath the twinkling limbs, Durrhan realized he could no longer move.
Incredibly soft hands stroked his fur. “Don’t worry, I’ll heal you.” The woman’s voice was as soft as her strokes. “Don’t worry, Tiger Man, I’m not a human. I’m from another world. A far-away world.”

The Bull is on hiatus this week. Happy Snorting Holidays!
Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~ also, for the ongoing story, subscribe at ~ ~
Plus, take a peek at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~ Pat’s book has received several top reviews.



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yaktrax are a good thing...if I had any.

My version of the twelve days of Christmas (if I had a version) would be: on the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... One pair of Yaktrax. The reason my true love would give me a pair of these miracle walking devices is because today I had a close encounter of the third kind with an icy sidewalk. This was most definitely NOT a good thing.

I parked in the parking lot of the library and the pavement seemed just fine. I was in a hurry so I didn't put my gloves on (very dumb). So I hurried to the sidewalk behind the library in which I work. For a step or two all was well, then it seemed a bit slick so I started treading more carefully. Finally the sidewalk won. My feet went out from under me and bam, I looked like I was doing a belly flop in a white swimming pool. I rolled over onto my butt to try to stand up. Alas and alack there was nothing but ice under my feet.

Two good samaritans came to rescue me or I would be there still. They helped me stand (one of them was wearing Yaktrax). With their help, I headed back the way I'd come thinking the sidewalks in front of the library had to be better. It was so freaking slick they had to walk me to the door of the library.

Let us say I have had better days and YESTERDAY was the 13th. Today should have been a breeze. So I say to all of careful out there. And on the first day of Christmas, have your true love give to you, one pair of Yaktrax.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Unusal Christmas Gift Request From My Jaguars...

Picture it, Tuesday morning, one darling diva, two cute little dachshund pups, five shapeshifting cats and I piled into the authormobile for a field trip. Not that it was anything major, but due to a scheduled electric outage in my area, I was forced to find a warm abode for a few hours. Being the good author mommy I am, I couldn't bear to leave anyone at home so off we all went, over to grandma's house. Well everyone that is accept darling diva-she had school.

What to do, what to do...

We could watch TV. They have all the good channels this author is too broke for, but being that I never watch TV during the day and that there were no interesting shows on the history channel or the like, we decided to skip that.

The backyard was an option, but it didn't take too terribly long to shake the bushes free of rabbits and honestly it was too cold for me!

The Internet? Yep, did that as well, but it didn't take too long for the snarls and whines of I'm bored to start. Yes, even full grown shapeshifters can act like two-year olds.

So what did we do...well we wii'ed, wiid, wii'd? Okay, is that a word and if so, how do you, well you know, spell it? Since I don't know the ruling here I will say, we played the Wii!!

Oh my, Grandma knows her family alright, cause she's got Band Hero! Woot!
*Marina cracked it out of the park on Janet Jackson's Black Cat, gee I wonder why...
*Bastian reciprocated with Honky Tonk Blues by the Stones, Marina was less than thrilled, but Bastian took her elsewhere and convinced her it was a compliment. LOL
*Trent teased LeAnn with a sexy little rendition of Whip It by Devo
*and Rick serenaded her with If You Could Only See by Tonic.

What did LeAnn sing? Wannabe by the Spice Girls. She is kinda silly sometimes.

As for the author girl, did she sing? I can not tell a lie, yep I did. I belted out a song from my past...

"Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand, from mountains in the north down to the Rio Grande!" Simon, my young love, you still got it!! ;)


Exciting News... Today, the lovely Savanna Kougar and I will be taking part in a Holiday Hottie Blog Tour with fellow Liquid Silver Books authors and others. Stop by and say hi. Several of the authors will be taking part in a chat throughout the day...join us. Plus, if you leave a post on every blog, you will be eligible for prize's. What more can you ask for! :)

Below is the list of participating authors. Start with Trina and make your way to Gem. I hope to see you there!

Trina M. Lee Chatting
Serena Shay Chatting
Jolie Cain
Tina Holland Chatting
Stephanie Adkins
Emily and Elise
Juniper Bell
K.Z. Snow
Ella Drake Chatting
Jeanne St. James Chatting
Annie Nicholas
P.G. Forte Chatting
Shara Lanel Chatting
Olivia Brynn Chatting
Dhympna du Maurier
Morgan Q. O'Reilly
Sara Brookes Chatting
Christa Paige Chatting
Vivian Arend Chatting
Cat Kane Chatting
Dee Carney
Jambrea Jo Jones Chatting
Gem Sivad Chattin

Coyote Moon ~ An Author Discovery and Reviews

I’m betting Pat Cunningham’s WereCoyotes wouldn’t mind their story being given as a gift for this holiday season. Okay, okay... there were some tantalizing bribes involved from said WereCoyotes... like they might put in a good word with Chaos, so if I ever wrote about their kind, it would be one of those stories that pens itself... yeah, yeah, we’ll see... in the meantime, since I have a soft spot for these furry cute tricksters, here’s my take on their story.

Author Discovery ~ Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham

Having read a short story, SNAKE IN THE GLASS, by Pat Cunningham, for an ezine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, that I thoroughly enjoyed because of the pull-no-punches style of writing and the fantasy’s imaginative cleverness, I anticipated reading COYOTE MOON, Ms. Cunningham’s first published book with Siren-BookStand.
Okay, I read the juicy excerpt bits and my mouth metaphorically watered because, hey, I have a fondness for coyotes. Long ago, I watched a lone, large coyote stop and literally look both ways before crossing a four-lane highway. When he crossed, his tongue lolling out since it was summer, it was with a languid steady gait and an attitude of utter confidence.
I was completely impressed, then, just as I am completely impressed with Ms. Cunningham’s werecoyote un-alpha hero, Cody. He’s a fun guy to be around. I smiled a lot, and yes, chuckled out loud, as I read Cody and Willy’s love story.
Yep, Cody has the smarts upstairs, where it truly counts especially when it comes to winning the day and saving his chosen mate, from herself and the bad wolf guys.
Coyotes, those cunning jokester canines of legend and lore have a lot to offer us according to shamanic tradition and that’s exactly one of the reasons this story transported me to the hidden world of the werecoyote. Because Ms. Cunningham seamlessly, and with a beautiful cleverness, incorporates the coyote nature into her light-hearted, yet compelling romance story.
For an entertaining escape into the shapeshifting contemporary world of Cody and Willy, I highly recommend COYOTE MOON.

Here’s one of my favorite parts ~

“We can charge straight into a pack of wolves, and get our heads bit off. But there’s a better way. The coyote way.”

Yeah! The coyote way!


Smiles, Savanna Kougar

Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame


Reviews for COYOTE MOON ~

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "I love stories where I am giggling within the first five pages, and Coyote Moon was one of those. Cody was an awesome hero, he just cracked me up. When you think of coyotes, the mental image that appears is very different from Ms. Cunningham's version, but the result is very good. I really enjoyed his sense of humor, and the way he dealt with Willy's issues. Willy was also a great character, especially with all the emotional stuff she had going on. The romance between the two was red-hot, and very entertaining. Excellent job!" -- Noelle, Romance Junkies

5 BOOKS: "Coyote Moon by Pat Cunningham is one of those surprise finds of a read, that reaches out and drags you straight in. This romance tangles the paranormal into life as if it simply existed, and takes off from there. It's a bold approach, and Pat Cunningham carries it off like some sort of magician. I was completely enthralled, from the first moment Cody Gray broke up the tableau of evil-doers closing in on that nice blond she-wolf at the garage. The action is fast, the dialogue snappy, and the situations utterly unpredictable. The full moon and the wild freedom of certain canines, as well as all the heightened senses that go along with that, bring the life of these not quite humans into amazing perspective. Go ahead, let out a howl. From waffles to wagging, this is a paranormal that dares. I hope Pat Cunningham continues in this vein for a full length novel, as she'll be setting a whole new standard for paranormal fiction. Kudos, and then some." -- Snapdragon, Long and Short Reviews

4 CUPS: "This is a very entertaining shape shifter tale. Cody is charming and wily and determined to win Willie over. Willie is confused about being a wolf and afraid that she might hurt anyone she has sex with. Cody's patience with her and the hot love scenes really make the story...I liked the fact that Willie is the alpha part of the couple and I enjoyed the way she handled the less than impressive wolf pack. This quick read is definitely a winner." -- Maura, Coffee Time Romance & More

4 ANGELS: "If you like shifter stories with strong women characters, you'll like Coyote Moon! Willy is not a weak, girly-girl type of woman. She is strong willed, intelligent, works as a mechanic, and has never found a man who can match her spirit - until Cody. Cody is the embodiment of a wily coyote; he is cunning, sexy, fun loving, and very determined to get his woman. I loved the clash of wills and the explosion of chemistry that these two cannot deny. I also liked the battle between the wolf clan, that has just figured out they missed out on a female wolf shifter, and Cody. The wolves may be bigger and mean if not evil, but they are underestimating the will of one cunning coyote who has found his mate! The wolf clan also seriously underestimates Willy, and Willy isn't happy about this macho fighting over who gets to "keep" her. Willy intends to get what SHE wants! This book was great fun, and I can't wait to read some more stories like this from Ms. Cunningham." -- Stephanie B., Fallen Angel Reviews


Blurb ~

It's that time of the month -- the full moon -- when Willy Alvarez's moods go wonky and her dreams fill up with wolves. A time for hungers she doesn't dare fulfill because they lead to violence. She's resigned herself to a manless life, then Cody Gray arrives.

Cody is cute, funny, charming, and a werecoyote. His nose knows what Willy doesn't: she's half werewolf. He's convinced this repressed half-human she-wolf is his perfect mate. Now he just has to convince her. And quick, because her long-lost pack has learned about her existence, and they've come to town to claim her...
COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is a'comin!

As we get closer to the holidays, I start thinking about Christmas shopping, and how I hate it because I never know what to get anyone. Since most of my friends are writers, I thought I’d focus on that in this article.

I’ve never really received a writing related gift, so I thought, what’s cool that’s writing related that I’d like to receive? So I called up my trusty friend Google and said, “Goog, what are some good writer’s gifts?”

Most writers are voracious readers so like me, they’ve got tons of books. This handy Conceal Bookshelf can help you sort as well as neaten up your desktop.

Typewriter key jewelry
Who doesn’t like jewelry? As bracelets these are really popular in my local chapter. This link is to an artist’s store in Etsy. If you’re not familiar with Etsy, check it out. Tons of local artisans sell their creations.

Note & Quote bookmark journal
This handy idea lets you jot down notes and bookmark your pages with them, if you’re reading a book you can’t write on.

Book Lover Wine Charms
You have to use wine charms in my house. It’s no fun to play “match the lipstick color to the guest” to find the owner of a wine glass. I’ve made some over the years out of wire and beads, but these are too fun not to include on this list.

Cafepress is a little more expensive, but you can find just about anything writing related and get it printed on a plethora of items. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, create it yourself.

Another artisan site, though lesser known, is Zazzle where you can search for writer’s gifts as well.

And of course don’t forget those most basic and essential needs, coffee and tea! A gift card from Starbucks or Pete’s Coffee will keep you remembered long after the 25th.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wolf Shifters are Howling for the Holidays

I tell you those wolfies are demanding my writing time. They’re showing up in my imagination a lot of late... looking sexy hot in their human shapes and adorably fierce in their wolfie shapes. I think the wolves are making certain they’re next in line, once I’ve finished Branded by the Texans. I’m down to the last few chapters and *hopefully*... yes, cross those fingers... I’ll get Branded revised, polished and sent off for publication. Soon!

On Sunday, I generally write a piece of Flash Fiction for the
Liquid Silver SEx blog’s Flash Fiction Sunday event (everyone is welcome to join in). Mostly, I participate because it’s darn fun and I yen to pen this compact type of fiction... the challenge, the internal excitement of creating a scene, a moment, a very short story with a limited number of words, that’s what goes on for me. And, always, the question is: can I do it?

As a reader, I have a great time reading everyone else’s flashies. Of course, I learn more about the craft of writing, as well, from all those fab-tastic authors. Certainly, I’ve been inspired often, even helped over those bumpy blocks we writers know so well. Another upside to writing flash fiction, is that it’s one way to keep improving my skill set in a way I enjoy.

This week, Western Erotic Romance author,
Gem Sivad, hosted Flash Fiction Sunday. Her theme was ‘I love you’... those three little words... that are the foundation of our romance novels, even if not actually spoken in the story. Those three words ~ sometimes, so easy to say... sometimes, so incredibly difficult for our heroines and heroes to say to one another.

Yep, those wolfies snuck up on me. It wasn’t in my mind to Flash about them... oh no, but suddenly there they were, mesmerizing my imagination, frolicking in the snow, then morphing into both my heroine and my hero.

~~~ So, how sneaky have some of your characters been? Just to get their stories written? ~~~~~~

Love at White Wolf Lodge

“I love you.”
Kindra’s heart skipped a beat. A really big beat. She hadn’t heard that. Had she? Rising slowly, while trying to think in quantum leaps, she draped the popcorn trim on the nearest branch of the nine foot tree she’d chosen for her father’s lodge, The White Wolf.
“I love you.”
There it was again. To make certain her ears weren’t deceiving her, she did what she didn’t want to do, turn around and face the owner of the voice, the man her father considered to be his right hand. Kindra stuffed her hands into her back pockets.

Zack, the man she’d spent the last three weekends having ‘body heat’ sex with, in every position she’d ever fantasized about, looked as though he was about to howl his feelings for everyone at the guest lodge to hear, if she was any judge of his expression.
“It wasn’t supposed to be this way...” she began, then halted as his gaze blazed like the enormous fireplace to one side of them.
Usually enigmatic and aloof as their moon, now, fierce determination carved his ruggedly handsome features and glittered his dark silver-colored eyes.
“What am I supposed to say?” Kindra shrugged.

Zack D’Guerre of the Voltz Pack was used to getting his own way. He’d certainly seduced her easily enough, a discreet assault that aroused her passions to a ferocity that had her climbing up his lean sex-delicious body with her slit pressed against his tall brute of a cock. He’d suavely introduced her to his den of iniquity, then proceeded to show her carnal pleasures she’d never dreamed of. He had her panting every time she saw him or thought about him. Kindra figured she was his winter conquest, the woman he’d entertain himself with until the spring thaw. Wrong.

“You’re supposed to say ‘I love you’ back.” His silvery hot gaze didn’t waver. He was on the hunt. For her.
Kindra took several steps backwards, nearly crashing into the Christmas tree she so carefully decorated.
“You’re supposed to say ‘yes’ when I ask you to marry me.” Reaching out, fast as he could snatch a rabbit in his jaws, he caught her arm. With surprising gentleness, he pulled her away from the tree.
“You know I can’t think of you... in that way,” she whispered, then waved to a couple passing by who smiled a greeting at her.
“Why not?”

Kindra desperately wished she ran through the newly fallen snow. Alone. Free. Her paws cushioned by the airy coldness. She wanted the scent of pine and warm-blooded prey seizing her nostrils. She didn’t want to be here. With him. His words of love growling in her ears. He was supposed to be the man she had a once in a lifetime affair with, the one she remembered as she lay curled before the fireplace, dozing. He was her guilty prized secret. That’s how she’d written their script in her mind. Mounting savage lust, and that was the end of it.

Instead, she stood here, feeling and smelling his wolfen mating heat for her. The man who heated her blood to an impossible, unbearable sizzle. Reluctantly, he released her arm.
“Because I can’t.” Kindra jerked her hands out of her pockets, then crossed them tightly beneath her swelling breasts. She glared, her wild frustration steaming out of every pore on her body. So it felt.
He stared. The need to know more than what she’d spoken flared deep in his eyes.
“Why can’t you?”
“Because... to be with you... I couldn’t let my heart get involved.” Kindra thrust her chin out.

“That’s why,” she added, louder than she should have. Dying inside, Kindra averted her face. Why couldn’t she just have been decorating the tree as she did every year, enjoying the heady excitement of bringing it to holiday life. Glistening. Golden. Bright with colored bulbs and ornaments. Damn. Grrrring snarling damn. And damn his need to mate her. His unique potent musk surrounded her, demanding her surrender. Demanding she surrender to her own she-howling need for him.
“Your heart is already mine, Kindra. You just don’t know it, yet.”
“Is that so?” she attacked, baring fangs she didn’t have. Not yet.

But wished she did. She’d rip into him, her teeth snapping so fast he couldn’t subdue her. She’d teach him she meant fierce bitch business. Her heart didn’t belong to him. Not one untamed beat of it. For good measure, she’d slap him with her tail, before racing away to bound over the snow. Free. Alone.
“That’s so, little wolfess mine.”
Whirling, she moved back to the boxes of decorations. “Go away, Zack. I need to finish the tree...”
His hand caught hers and with a command she couldn’t fight, he tugged her flush against his body.
“No,” she whispered.

His lips claimed hers, then devoured with a primal sweetness that had her yielding, her body as soft as the marshmallows in her mug of hot chocolate. The shouting no’s in her mind turned to whimpering yes’s. Kindra grabbed his neck and clung. Her legs swung upwards, wrapping around him. They panted, placing kiss after tumultuous kiss on each other’s mouths. Immersed inside their own world of raw seething passion, neither one of them noticed the gathering crowd. Until the sound of clapping and cheers intruded.
Kindra let her lips unglue from his and slid down his body.
“Marry me.”

He didn’t relinquish his lover’s hold, despite the fact she squirmed to free herself.
“Marry me, Kindra. I love you.”
“You planned this,” she accused in a whisper. “Asking me in front of everyone. I’ll look like the bad-bitch Grinch who stole Christmas, if I say no.”
“Yes,” he admitted, his growl adoring. His gaze sparkled, as silvery as moonlight on the snow. “Do you know when I knew I loved you?”
Kindra could only shake her head no.
“The first moment I saw your face.”
Her heart unfroze, then blazed like the roaring fire. “Yes, Zack. I love you.”

The Bull is on hiatus this week. Happy Snorting Holidays!
YOWSA, POWSA ~ IT’S COMING! IT’S COMING! ON DECEMBER 11th ~ The Holiday Hunk blog tour put on by the Liquid Silver authors (check Serena Shay's blog) for your festive and ‘fanning self’ pleasure... lots of book prizes... plus, there will be a chat afterwards with many of the authors, ask those questions you’ve been dying to.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Please Tell Me That's An Oasis....

So I'm standing here amidst miles and miles of sand and out there, in the far far away appear to be words... Yes, they must be words, all running away from me.

"Why," I holler, "Whyyyyy"

The words just point and laugh at me, but that's okay, when they come back I will wrangle them into submission. Only, how to get them back?

As you can probably tell, I've run into a terrible dry spot in my writing. grrrr. So many stories started, ideas filling up my head, but no words to put down. I've tried changing stories, starting new stories, heck I've even tried putting it all away and focus on reading...not a good idea, LOL, I could read forever!

My characters are proving to be most unhappy with me, but hey, they are not the only ones suffering, right. Blogging has become a trial, I'm quiet on the forums, sigh.

There is one thing I'm still finding the words for, Tanner! Tanner is a back and forth flash on the Passionate Ink website with my good friend Savanna. Those couple of sentences every day have been something I look forward too! Thanks Lady Kougar. :)

Admittedly, real life has become a touch overwhelming, but nothing that can't be handled. So why are the words making a break for it? LOL

Anyone else run into this problem? And if so, how the heck did you coax those naughty letters back in line?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

I was supposed to post yesterday, but was so absolutely swamped –with real life and writing life- that I did not have a minute to spare. So I’m taking advantage of the open day on our blog and sneaking in.

Which brings me to the subject of my subject. In recently working as a contest category coordinator for my local RWA chapter, I was speaking to the overall coordinator about one of the entries in our contest. I’d really liked it, and thought it deserved a high score. But in her private comments to me, she mentioned she found it full of clichés. I did a mental head scratch. Clichés? Call me dumb, but that hadn’t occurred to me at all.

Part of that I blame on parents who exaggerate everything to the point that my father frequently used the term “over exaggeration” (which is technically an oxymoron.) I don’t know if it’s the New York upbringing in them, but they had a saying for everything. Two of my mother’s favorites when I tried to get away with something were “I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck,” and  “I wasn't born yesterday.”  :)

My contest coordinator’s comment reminded me of a Harlequin Historical I read years ago in which the author got revenge against her editor, who insisted on removing all her clichés, by writing a Spanish heroine who used clichés frequently, but got them wrong. It was who the character was, so the editor couldn’t change a thing.

So I ask the readers: what do you think of clichés? Do you notice them? Do you care? Do they drive you up a wall? Make you madder than a wet hen?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bah Humbug or Deck the Halls ~ and... I won’t slow down.

How much ripping shredding fun could Sable, as her black cat self, have with that tree and all that wrapping paper?

Bah Humbug or Deck the Halls ~ Do Your ShapeShifters Enjoy the Holidays?

Hmmm... I’m damn well certain my stallion shifter, Trail, will be enjoying Christmas and the holidays on Earth. Yep, he’ll be snorting and running wild with his Seneca. Plus, he’s planning to make good use of mistletoe. He likes teasing his human mare with lots of kisses.
Oh, yeah, he’ll also make certain there’s a crock pot of mulled cider brewing, cinnamon and spices scenting the air. Several apples a day, or several mugs of cider, not only keeps the doctor away, it keeps Trail extra frisky as a stud.

My black cat girl, Sable Kiki, has never seen a trimmed Christmas tree that didn’t make her claws curve and itch for a good feline time. Why waste time tamely batting at the ornaments? Climb, seek and destroy every glittery ball and bauble, that’s her cat motto. Maaoowww and yowl... ride that pine down to the ground.

Given my red lioness woman, Sun Rocket, and my stallion shifter, Prince Zio, live in the far future and another galaxy, respectively, the holiday season as we know it, doesn’t exist.

So, are your shifters getting ready for the holidays, or heading the opposite direction?

For now, Darius, my bull shifter, has decided to voice his thoughts.

Yowza butting-powza, the Bull is back... a hero with a real set of horns and the bold balls to match.


For the beginning of this bullie woolie tail see my prior blogs ~

X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town ~ Darius Speaks

Once I see Shelley’s simple adobe home, I slow somewhat. Running over one of her barn cats or her freely roaming chickens wouldn’t endear her to me. I hit the brake firmly as I pass through the open gate about a quarter mile from her house. The pickup creeps along. Mentally, I tug on a nose ring to keep myself under control. Pulling into her parking area, I slam the brake hard. In seconds I’m outside, the door banging behind me. Yep, there’s her friend’s pink truck sitting beneath the spindly shade of a pinon tree. I charge the door.

Snorting silently, I leap over the three steps onto her shaded porch, my boots thudding on the old wooden planks. “Who is it?” I hear Shelly call to her friend. “You’re not going to believe this, Shelley honey, it’s Darius, that yummy cowboy that asked you to dance Saturday night.” I pause, my fist raised to the door. Silence. No response from my Shelley. Before I’ve knock three times, her friend jerks open the door. Leaning against the door’s edge, she gazes at me coyly, then smiles. Her piled on red lipstick is so shiny I stare, mesmerized for an instant.


Shapeshifter lovers, check out CAT NIP. It’s a free read by erotic romance author, Gem Sivad ~ ~ also, for the ongoing story, subscribe at ~ ~
Plus, take a peek at COYOTE MOON by Pat Cunningham at ~ ~ Pat’s book has received several top reviews.



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Author of ~

All Shades of Blue Paradise
Red Lioness Tamed
When a Good Angel Falls
Tangerine Carnal Dreams
Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
Black Cat Beauty
Her Insatiable Dark Heroes
Stallion of Ash and Flame ~