Friday, April 1, 2016

April 1st Fun!

“Is he in there?” Ziva asked, hopping up onto the side of Penelope’s desk.

“He just went in and was very grumbly.  Did you hold out on him again this morning?”

“Yep, fifth day in a row...” 

Penny kept the smile to herself as she watched her friend fidget and breathe deeply enough to get a whiff of her man, a clear sign that the boss man was not the only one suffering.

“…it’s killing me, but it will all be worth it today.”

“Is that so?”  Penny worried that she’d created a monster out of Ziva by teaching her some Domme tools to use on her mate.

“Watch and learn, Mistress.”

Ziva whipped out her phone and started to text.  First came a growl from the inner office, then more texting.  Next there was a yip…

“Wait for it…” the wolf on her desk whispered.

…and a thunk, which sounded suspiciously like a big alpha male falling to the floor.

“Now we go in.”  Ziva jumped from the desk and Penny rose to follow.  They stepped into Nick’s office and there he was, out cold on the floor.

“Z, care to tell me what you just did?” 

Whispering, the happy wolf explained.  “I started by texting him about an article Mrs. Elly had given me on the benefits of not eating meat and that the pups and I were turning herbies.  Since it was such a hard thing to do, I would not sleep with him again if he continued to eat meat… you know the smell of it on his breath and all.”

Penny laughed, then put a hand over her mouth when Ziva waved her hand in a shush-like manner.

“Then,” she continued.  “When I got the growl I went in with the ‘and by the way, all of your rulers are gone due to a termite infestation.  The artist that creates them said it will be at least a year before he has un-infested wood and new rulers made.’ That led to the yip.”

“Okay, but what made him pass out?”

“That would be the lack of rulers in his drawer.  I knew he wouldn’t believe me so I came in here after he left yesterday and emptied them out.”

Ziva smiled and went over to her man.  She leaned down and tapped his cheek until he roused, a growl on his lips. 

“Where are they?” He croaked.

“April Fools,” she said and proceeded to whip a brand new looking bad boy out of her back pocket. 

The weighty erection that shot up beneath Nick’s pants and the sudden grab and roll he did of his mate were all the cues Penny needed to back out of the room and close the door.  April Fools, indeed.  

Happy April Fool's day!  May all of your jokes play well on this fine Spring day!



Pat C. said...

Oh, Ziva, you -- dammit, "bitch" just doesn't work when the target's a werewolf, and "naughty girl" isn't strong enough. I hope somebody's pressed up against the door and taking notes on all the names Nick's calling her right now. No more rulers indeed!

She certainly knows her man, though. Happy April Fool's Day!

Serena Shay said...

Hehe, she does know her man well and I expect this is an April 1st, neither will forget. :D

Actually, word is, Nick called her a 'hairless cat' and Ziva took those as fighting words... I can understand it though, have you seen a hairless cat? I can't imagine an alpha wolfess would be to fond of being considered either of those things. ;)

Rebecca Gillan said...

Lex would like to take exception to that comment about hairless cats. He says he is quite dashing in his animal form, thank you very much!

Pat C. said...

Though probably chilly without a thick sweater. :)

Serena Shay said...

My sincere apologies to Lex. Dashing as I'm sure he is, the canine in Ziva just can't take being called a hairless anything, especially a cat. ;)