Friday, April 15, 2016

The Flip Side...

So, a couple of weeks ago I ventured into the green room of my mind, searching for Mz. Muse.  She'd gone so quiet I worried that she'd escaped, er...rather, gone to find a new green room in which to reside.  Neither appeared to be true...thanks goodness.  I heard her growling at me from behind the closed door.

Today I went back and found the sign above stuck to the door.  I'm taking that as a good sign, even though she'd stuck it to said door with a really sharp athame.

That's her way.

The soon, I'm hoping, refers to the fact that I'm about two weeks from the end of my semester at school.  So long math and let me at the creative classes I've longed to take!  Mz. Muse found the math portion of my schooling a personal assault to her sanity...I can't disagree.

Here's to seeing y'all on the flip side of this semester.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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Pat C. said...

So, are we finally going to get that story about the werewolf mathematician?

Oh lordy, just got an image of a woman in a dress made out of huge numbers. To undress her, the lucky guy has to strip away the numbers, starting from 10. Three guesses where Number 1 is hanging. Please please please somebody write that.

Or I could make it two guys, and it could be my next Destiel story. Misha would look so nerdy-cute in glasses ...