Friday, August 19, 2016

Overheard around Talbot's Peak

Wolves over a steak and Olympics at Reetha’s Bar:

First wolf: “A hundred meters, I could do that under ten seconds.”

Second wolf: “I could do it under eight seconds.”

First wolf: “I can do it under five seconds.”

Reetha: “Boys, let's go outside and name that tune.”

Both wolves: “Wha?”

Reetha: “Take it outside and show us whose is bigger.”

First wolf: “Aah?”

Reetha: “Ready.Set.Go guys.”

And they were off….

The newsroom at the Gazette:

Ziva: “Dig, block…. Yes!  Beach Volleyball, greatest Olympic sport ever!”

Nick: “Talbot’s Peak should think about holding an Olympics.”

Mistress P: “Yeah, the sex Olympics.”

Ziva: “Hmmm, nice idea.”

Mistress P: “Yep, think of all BDSM events there could be.”

Nick: “Bronze, Silver and Gold in sex.  Think of all the world records that could be created and broken.”

Ralph: ~snort~ “Please,”

Mistress P: “Not to worry Ralph, we’ll hold them in the summer so you won’t sleep through them.”

Ralph: “Please, we all know the games would be dominated by the bunnies.”

The rest of the gang looked on, smirks on their faces…

Ralph: “Pun intended.”

Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

Hell yes, the Talbot's Peak Sex Olympics. Lamar can't wait to get into wrestling.

Though the events sound like just another Saturday night at Haven.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Lamar popped into my head as I wrote that blog, but there so many disciplines he would excel at that I couldn't decide which to go with. :) Wrestling...yep, I can totally see that.

Heck yeah Sat night and even Sun morning!