Thursday, October 27, 2016

Coming Attractions

No post today, but that's about to change. Next week November starts, and that means NaNoWriMo. This year I've decided to apply pants to seat and fingers to keyboard and finally finish the serial story I started back in January. We left off with the rich and powerful of Talbot's Peak--Damien Hancock, Zhere Ghan and Brandon Fledermaus--goaded into a possible war by a mysterious, shadowy villain. And what about old Warner Hancock, deposed Alpha of the Hancock pack, whose May-December squeeze just gave birth to a possible rival to challenge Damien's leadership? And will Ghan really just let Sergei walk away from his employ?

And can I get past my crippling procrastination in order to get this down on paper?

We'll find out. I'm aiming for one chapter per day, at roughly 1000 words. (Relax, that's just the writing part. I'll only post one a week.) If I get done before the month's out, I'll start another story I've always wanted to do, that of Ray and Callista (featured last week), finding love amid the colliding worlds of garage bands and high-school musicals. It'll have to go here, because I don't think there's a market for young adult shapeshifter books, especially with no sex in them (underage characters, y'know). We'll see how that works out.

That should keep my paranormal muscles sharp, since my current WIP is a contemporary with nothing paranormal about it. Switching things up keeps the imagination limber. This ought to work, assuming there's nothing too good on TV.

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