Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rambles but no flash fiction

Happy Wednesday. No flash fiction today. Sorry about infliction scifi on you the last time I posted. I've pretty much only been working on "Witch's Moon", mostly smoothing out the rough edges in preparation of being released in a few weeks. What non Mooney and Marissa writing I've been doing is non-shape shifter scifi.

In the interest of keeping this shape shifter seductions blog post about shape shifters, I decided to share what I've been reading. I'm currently re-reading a short story called "Bodyguard" by Jennifer Ashley. It's a fun little short in her Shape Shifters Unbound series. If you haven't given that series a try, you should. It's quite good and off brand so it's not expensive for us e-book readers to buy. It's a dystopian world where shape shifters are known and not always treated well by scardy-cat humans.

I've also been re-reading Ilona Andrews' Innkeeper Chronicles blog serial. If you've never read that, I also highly recommend it. The first two stories have been collected and released as books. The blog is  on chapter 13 of the third story. You can read that one from the beginning for free.

That's about all I've got for you this week. Have a great day!



Pat C. said...

Relax, it's cool. My current WIP is M/M contemporary. Not a paranormal element in sight. At least you're still in genre with scifi.

I'll see if I can come up with something Peak-related for tomorrow. I should probably invest in a Kindle while I'm at it.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Eh. Any tablet works for e-books. You can download a Kindle reading app and use that. I actually do 90% of my e-book reading on my phone. My Kindle only gets pulled out when I'm traveling because it doesn't use much battery power.