Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planet-World of the Snow Leopards

Yowls, after yesterday’s five hour, stuck-in-the-snow ordeal, I’m ready to immigrate. But, how about to another world?
Yep, my intergalactic brethren, if you are benevolently interested in the human inhabitants of Earth, don’t bother landing on the White House lawn. Don’t bother with ‘Take me to your leader’.
No, I advise you, upon your arrival, to come directly to all of us little folks. I’ll be waiting.

However, to creatively use my ordeal by snow, I wrote the following scene ~

Planet-World of the Snow Leopards

Nervous to the max, yet determined, Seshlyn picked up her large shapeless bag that held her most personal possessions. If it had been a creature the poor thing would have been strangled by now.
Forging ahead, she entered a makeshift hallway designed to funnel all the applicants like her to the appropriate Briyth counselor. Once she’d made the next right-angle turn, she saw a woman intently placing information into her plasticine tablet device.
The instant Seshlyn’s foot hit the floor inside the small room, the Snow Leopardess woman turned, or actually, swayed her body around. She motioned to the simple chair in front of her work table.
Automatically, Seshlyn sat, and told her belly to stop fluttering. It felt like wild winged things fought to escape. Lowering the bag beside her, Seshlyn attempted not to stare since her counselor was gorgeous in an utterly exotic way. As the Briyth seated herself, a welcoming smile curved her wide lips, the color of white pearls.
So far, Seshlyn had only observed this feline morphing race in their most humanoid form. She hadn’t seen them sport their lush fur coats or their long tails. Still, their pale ivory skin reflected their coat patterns, the muted charcoal-black spots placed exquisitely and unique to each one. Now, the woman’s triangular ears pricked forward enhancing the dark neon blue of her eyes.
“I am Jurllofa of the Ice Mountain Clan. I am here to guide you through the process of immigrating to our solar system worlds.”
Wondrously, Seshlyn regarded her. “You speak my language.”
“Yes, we prefer to use the native tongue whenever possible. I believe I have all the data I require for you, Seshlyn Kij, Wand Priestess. However, for my own edification, why are you designated as a Wand Priestess?”
“It’s my way of magic.” Uncertain, shy, Seshlyn hesitated, “of bringing forth those things my people...” She choked back a sob of pure emotion. “I worked with the natural energies of my world.”
“Ahhh, I believe I understand. It is similar to a spiritual way many of us practice. Yes, it is difficult leaving one’s beloved world, is it not?”
“It is... I wouldn’t except for the Ice Age overtaking the hunting and agricultural lands of my people.”
Compassion flickered in the woman’s eyes while one of her ears angled backwards into a softer position. “I think you will do quite well. As you are aware, many of our planets lack enough females. The lovely purple-tinted coloring of your skin is prized by many of the breeding males, as well as your more delicate frame. The auction will be quite the triumph for you in gaining a husband of prowess and status.”
Seshlyn winced inside at the thought of being auctioned off as a wife to some unknown husband. Yet, what other choice did she own? Her world could no longer sustain her, especially since her powers were considered to be insignificant compared to other women. “I hope I can add to your solar system worlds.”
“You will. Now,” Jurllofa stood in one languid movement, “let me settle you aboard our galactic passenger ship.”
Seshlyn rose to follow and mentally said a sad farewell to her land. Tears welled up in her eyes.
“Have no care.,” Jurllofa kindly crooned in a purr. “Many of your sisters in race are aboard and we have every convenience your kind enjoys.”
Upon re-entering the small area that reminded Jurllofa of a cage, she was unsurprised to find Ranthor waiting for her.
“What do you think?” Her favorite cousin arched a black brow, his gaze close to euphoric.
“I believe she is perfect for your oldest brother. Indeed, I will send him a special communique apprising him to bring his heaviest coin to the auction.”
“A wife is all Zroxor needs to rise in ruling authority.”
“Yes, by appearance, she is to his ferocious-mating appetite. More importantly, the power runs through her, strong and melodic as the winds of our land. However, I believe she remains unaware of the ability that is hers to command.”
Ranthor gave an absent nod, his far away gaze contemplating their future. “That power will become Zroxor’s to command, as well.”

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Serena Shay said...

Oh, I can't wait to meet Zroxor!! Great scene, Savanna!! Sounds like another story my be visiting you. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yeah, another story... which, of course, I'd love to write. Zroxor is kinda misty in my mind, but he's forming, or morphing.

Anonymous said...

Yow! Sexy snow leopards! That's the best way to get a fur coat -- attached to a hunky shifter's body.

From the looks of this, you definitely need to get caught in the snow more often.


Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, ohgod, don't say that! Course, if I do get this story written and it's successful, I might get over the snow ordeal. Might...

Paris said...


Sorry about your ordeal in the snow but it sounds like you put your imagination to good use;-)

Crystal Kauffman said...

I hope you don't mean five hours stuck in the car. For me, that would have been a five hours and three pee-in-the-pants ordeal.

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, thanks. Yeah, the imagination came through... I figure I might as well try to salvage the situation however I can.

Savanna Kougar said...

Crystal, no not five hours in the minivan, but I tromped through the snow back and forth, probably a mile and a half at least. And, I had to try to get a flat tire inflated, that was half frozen.
Fortunately, the inflate stuff warmed up enough and I could get the tire inflated somewhat, then it took my another half hour, or so to dig out and get unstuck... then I just had to barrel it through the snow to finally get back to the front of the house.
The good news right now, I have a super duper electric air compressor that got the tire back up.
Still can't get out, though. It's melting, but icy and slippery.

Elizabeth N said...

Wow, I like it when I read a post that makes me long for the book. I hope the rest comes to you soon.

Thanks for the peek.