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Yowls and Howls, Ten Trends for the New Year, 2010

Happy Shapeshifting New Year!

I couldn’t resist this gorgeous picture discovered when I was image-searching for another blog. Here’s the info ~

... “In June the society also unveiled the first museum here dedicated to San Diego’s rich African-American history. Open every daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., it’s well worth a visit.

Although small, the permanent exhibition installed on the museum’s walls communicates a number of intriguing tidbits. Arranged chronologically, it points out that, at least mythologically, the first inhabitants of the “island” of California were black Amazons “decked in gold and pearls with strong bodies and ardent courage” and governed by a Queen named Califia (aka Calafia). The 1510 Spanish romance novel that recounted all this helped motivate the first Spanish conquistadors..."

Yowls and Howls, Ten Trends for the New Year, 2010

Meowsa and shake those tails... straighten those antenna whiskers... here it is, my Krazy Kat predictions...

Yep and purrs, let’s go spanning the globe, or the cosmos, for those *romance novel* Shapeshifting trends lurking on the not-so-far horizon...

1) Probably, no growling-surprise, it will be a BIG HOWLING year for everything WOLF, WOLFEN... werewolf, wolfie shifters, half wolfs, wolf hybrids... ya know the vampire and werewolf mating that seems to be so popular. White Wolves will gain an ascendency that they’ve never enjoyed before. Perhaps, because there’s an Ice Age looming and glooming up the future. Blending in with the ice and snow will become very important.

2) Look for... if you can find them in the jungles, roaming the savannas and slinking along the mountain cliff paths... the BIG CATS will continue their steady rise in popularity. There will be some innovative storytelling that evolves around our beloved Big Felines because the imagination will rule when it comes to cat shifters in romance novels.

3) The CHEETAHS are racing toward a top position. Being the favored Big Cat in Ancient Egypt, nope-mew, not the Lion, they’re likely to be featured in Egyptian-themed romance novels. All things ‘ancient history’ will come more to the fore, yet *not* remain as history. That is, the ancient cultures will be on another world, a future world, or whatever ‘world’ a writer dreams up.

4) DREAMING... steamy and dreamy, dream weaving, dreaming the future, dreaming of the past, dream catching, making dreams come true... that’s another major theme in this coming year’s romance novels, especially in the shapeshifting genre.

5) Since 2010 is THE YEAR OF THE TIGER... get ready, set and roaring-go. Pen those Tiger shapeshifters into existence. Who can resist them, anyway? Those gorgeous stripes, that sleek, yet massively muscled body. The strength and ferocity of the tiger has always been associated with the warrior or warrioress, so that’s a likely romance novel scenario. So, create your own fresh take.

6) What about the more wacky or unique trends? Turtles, snakes or serpents, rats and wombats... they’re coming... pun intended and not intended. Yep, the writers are jumping onto and over the experimental ledge. Enjoy all that sexy serpent hissing.

7) DRAGONS, those flying hunks of burning love, may be taking a respite this year. Though, you can never tell with them. They’ll lead you to believe they’re snoring away, dreaming of edible virgins inside a deep dark cave, while really sneaking out the hidden exit and soaring above, their flame aimed and about to blast you into a burnt sacrifice.

8) SPLENDOR THY NAME IS PHOENIX... from the muses and the ashes rises this mythical bird of flame and resurrection... and so the Phoenix, in various incarnations, will keep rising. And so will every breed and kind of legendary magical creature... yep, look for unicorns sporting those mighty striking horns.

9) Bark and yip-yip, what about all those other shapeshifting canines? Foxes, coyotes, dingos, dogs, half-breeds... poodles. Yep, I’m betting, if it hasn’t already occurred, Muffy and Pierre will be barking and prancing their way onto the scene, promoting the idea that good grooming is always important despite any adventurous mishaps. The wilder canines are likely to be featured in connection with Native American or Celtic lore, or other beautiful and wise pagan traditions.

10) HORSES and WINGS ~ Horses will be racing for the lead, and gradually gain a larger share of the shapeshifting readership. The magic and magnificence of horses, their natures and their majestic power, will be much needed in our world. As storytellers, we give the world what it needs emotionally, the stories the heart and soul needs. Horses, Pegasus, and all those winged beasties will carry the readers above and beyond their troubles. They’ll take them on exotic and erotic adventures. Which would you choose? Eagle, falcon, hawk, an owl sorcerer or sorceress, a thunderbird... or some other incredible creature that wings into your imagination and says ~ write about me, for I am yours.

It’s all about taking flight, on the ground or in the air... a flight of fancy.

So, what has this Krazy Kat forecaster missed? What are your top ten trends?

CONGRATS to Pat Cunningham. She’s received another *5* review for COYOTE MOON. I didn’t grab the details, so, Pat, share them with us.
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Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Shapeshifting New Year!

Serena Shay said...

Ooh, Dragons. A weakness of mine!! Love the predictions Savanna!!

Anonymous said...

What, no giraffes?

Personally, I'm waiting for the werecheetah who masquerates as an Olympic sprinter. Dunno what the heroine would be. His *ahem* trainer, perhaps?

Serena, last year you promised us a werecollie. It's a new year. Time to make good.

How about wings on a wolf? Or a tiger? Or an angelic dragon or Sphinx fighting for the side of Right? If you're going to mix and match genres, might as well go whole hog. Hey, there's one we forgot: the were-Javalina on the Harley.

It's too early in the day to be this twisted. I'd better quit now.

Pat C.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yep, love those dragons, too. I recall reading a sexy dragon scene you wrote...
Hmmmmm... dragon or werecollie?
Dragon and werecollie meet? Best pals... On the Road to Damascus.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, I did forget the giraffe... okay, here's a title to make up for it ~ Tall Out of Africa ~

I dunno. With all the testing they do at the Olympics, someone might notice a genetic problem.
Course, if you had the ShapeShifter Olympics, now that might be interesting... the hapless heroine or hero could be a human in the wrong place at the right time... ?

Were-Javalina on a Harley... okay, I have an old WIP that actually placed in a RWA contest ~ titled, Lynx on a Red Motorcycle... yep, the hero is a Lynx, or he can transform into one. Yep, I'm twisted. I love that story, far as I got writing it.

A winged lion on the side of right, or any winged creature, why not? I say, make it fly in the throes of passion and up to the sky.

Paris said...

Love the predictions! And I adore the picture...a 1510 Spanish romance novel about the island of California inhabited by black Amazons, no wonder the Spanish were so hot to conquer!

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, thanks.
I can't get over how magically incredible that picture is.
Yep, no wonder!