Saturday, January 21, 2012

Change Is Coming

“Once a upon a day, my life worked and then—“ Nisha Griswald threw her diary and pen at the smug poster of some popular teenage star staring at her from her co-worker’s cubicle wall.

Suzy, her cube mate, had it all. Long blonde hair that didn’t frizz when it rained. Straight teeth and limbs that didn’t need shaving every full moon. And her blue eyes- - -damn, she had even a job dating famous stars and singers. Suzy was in Hollywood for two weeks of spotlights and endless hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

And Nisha . . “Well I’m stuck here in Talbot’s Peak minding the press of this lackluster gossipless freebie newspaper.” Nisha rolled her eyes as the office door of Your Local News Press opened. All week, since Suzy announced her trip on the paper’s website, more folks wandered in and out of the storefront where the secondary part of their business ran, a used bookstore. Most tried the pretense of looking for a new book to read or trade their rather used books for others. Others didn’t hide their curiosity and asked what Nisha had heard from Suzy. Nothing, and Nisha hoped she didn’t. Maybe Suzy would stay in California. Her persona reeked of left coastitis, too many quirks and peeves for Talbot’s Peak. Besides, the main newspaper covered most everything. Their rag sheet passed for a quick read on books, local events not covered by the shifter press. Humans wanted their gossip regardless of the unusual citizens that made up their neighbors.

As the office door opened wider, Nisha rose. Maybe someone wanted to place an ad or actually discuss their upcoming book fair. The local library needed help with raising funds for the new children’s wing. Lord, shifters procreated faster than most humans. Must be their large litters or the longevity gene most inherited. Lucky stiffs….or was that non-stiffs….Nisha smiled at her puckish pun. Making fun of herself helped lessen her angst about Suzy’s popularity.

“Can I help - -“ Nisha knew her lips moved but no words came out. Where had this hunk come from? That was one hot tomcat standing before her. Her feline counterpart hissed and yowled as her hormones arched their backs in need. Rowwwwrrrh, he was fine and damn hot. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, Nisha fanned herself briefly, grateful for the counter hiding her actions. His face could launch a thousand---no make that a million felines standing in line waiting to be taken and pleasured.

TT plastered a wide smile on his face as he opened the small office door. What a hell of a job for pride leader! “Thanks Tomas, I’ll get ya,” he mouthed before entering.

Still on crutches, TT wanted nothing more than to go home and recuperate. No such luck. Tomas hadn’t relented in his need to place his spies deeper into Talbot’s Peak community. Kazim had dropped out of sight since marrying a human. And the other spy cells, well a few nights in the interspecies pleasure den and they were less than willing to risk their mates. As he pushed the door open wider, a scent slammed into his nose and straight up his nostrils. Prime feline and fertile at that. Great now he had a hard on to calm down. Where was the she cat hiding? This one had best be of the full animal variety, he didn’t have time for- - -

“Be still my heart,” TT whispered as he caught sight of her. Her mousy brown hair and golden eyes roved over him like a huntress sizing up her prey. He wouldn’t bulk at letting her catch him. Where the hell had that come from? He like his females lithe and curved in soft easy to stroke places. This medium size female made his groin sizzle each time she licked her lips. The last time he’d seen this happen. . .oh goddess have mercy on him….no not like his brother---mated to three females at once. Once upon a time my life worked- - -not any longer his psyche roared. Change is happening.


Pat C. said...

Sizzling groins and arching backs ... this is gonna be good.

So Talbot's Peak has a gossip sheet? Maybe Lamar might want a new part-time job now that he's left the Gazette.

Savanna Kougar said...

That kind of change will getcha every time. ~smiles~

Yeah, keep the human populace distracted with prime time gossip.