Tuesday, January 31, 2012

...go renegade on Link's ape ass...

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Ever wish you could handle life like a shapeshifter might when they let their animal side rule?

...go renegade on Link's ape ass...

"Everyone got the form?" Kitty stage-whispered. With her adrenaline rising, she held up the survey form that the ape-idiot, otherwise known as Mayor Link, had recently sent out at taxpayer expense no less.

A hushed, 'quiet before the storm' chorus of " yeah, got it," answered her.

"I got mine!" Sozchy shouted in a defiant whisper. "The Love Wolfess doesn't love this pile of scat."

After a bit of giggle, Kitty cast her gaze over the thirty or so feral pairs of eyes that looked back at her inside the mostly dark gymnasium at Talbot's Peak High School. Dark because it was nearing midnight. "Remember, if you didn't get one and still want to join in the protest fun, there are copies on the entryway table."

"Got mine from the table." Dante's rumbled whisper sent a massive case of sexy shivers through her middle. And elsewhere more private.

"We're joinin' in."

Kitty recognized Zance's twang, then smelled the timber wolf's partner, Dontoya, a black cougar. By her quick reckoning, there were more wolves than big cat shifters present, and, of course, several other kinds of outraged shifters that were ready to go renegade on Link's ape ass.

Feeling a serious giggly sort of high, she announced, "Forms down, clothes off."

Boots hitting the floor, and rustles of garments being stripped off filled her ears as Kitty placed her survey form within reach of her cat fangs. In moments, she'd pulled off, then dropped her comfy granny robe on top of her winter gear.

As she morphed to her cat self, then stretched her muscles, Kitty felt the excitement build around her. She heard the low grunts and growls, the hisses and soft yowls of the others as they shifted. About twenty of those who had shown up were from her personal circle of friends. But with the word spread about the high-school type stunt there were about to pull... well, Kitty had welcomed everyone, even a little ocelot gal who worked at City Hall.

Dante pressed his wolf nose against her shoulder in a kiss, and to let her know he would protect her no matter what. After a feline rub against her Dante's side, Kitty stiffened her stance. She roared a rallying cry... that is, as loud as her cat throat would allow.

With savage purpose accelerating the beat of her heart, Kitty snatched the survey form between her teeth, and charged for the gymnasium's backdoor exit. She'd propped it open earlier, and now the winter cold blasted her furry face as she raced into the night, everyone following close behind.

If anyone in Talbot's Peak proper was up, roaming or prowling around main street at this hour, they'd see, hear or smell her and her rebel posse as they streaked animal-naked toward the steps of City Hall. Maybe, she thought, they should have dyed themselves purple in a sort of salute to the nude purple fairy dude. Of course, getting costume fairy wings attached once they shifted, that would have been a major problem.


"Eeeek!" Startled beyond belief, then scared to death at what she witnessed, Phillipa scurried behind the dumpster's front wheel. She'd only just arrived in the shapeshifter mecca of Talbot's Peak, Montana. With not a penny to her name, she'd shifted into her field mouse form to search for tasty tidbits. At least, it didn't take much to keep her from going hungry. But now... omyEEKgawd. Who knew wild packs ran the streets?

With her heart trapped in her throat, Phillipa peeked around the wheel. Several breeds of big cat, a whole pack of wolves, four coyotes, an otter, a couple of skunks, one macho raccoon with a badger beside him... and! a definitely brave jackrabbit... charged toward City Hall.

Following their leader, a large fluffy white cat, the motley pack bounded up the short set of steps. But, why they had pieces of paper clamped in their jaws, Phillipa couldn't summon up even a guess. All she cared about -- it wasn't her they had clamped between their formidable fangs. With the paper flapping or flattened against their throats, they headed for the front door as if it was open instead of closed.


Catching a whiff of her inside woman, Lariah, a crow shapeshifter who could find her way into any building, Kitty watched the double doors open. Euphoria flowed down to her paws at their success so far, and she sprinted onto the slick entryway floor.

After sliding, then finding her balance, Kitty slowed her pace, and trotted toward Linky Stinky's mayoral office. She'd scouted out the exact route when banana breath had been on his usual extended lunch hour.

Once inside, as they'd planned, she and her renegade pack dropped the survey forms making an untidy pile in the center of the office -- also newly carpeted at taxpayer expense. Performing the first honors, Kitty moved to the center of the pile, and took up her position.

She raised her tail, and squatted. A satisfying stream of pee whispered onto the survey forms, the sound wonderfully distinctive as it rolled onto the papers before starting to soak in.

Cheering rumbles, yips and other animal hisses of approval surrounded her as Kitty raised her haunches, then daintily strolled off the pile.

"Ladies first," Dante growled, then gave a warning look to all the males lining up for their turn at hiking a leg and letting their piss do the talking.

"Tank up," Kitty yowled, nodding toward the water-filled bowls Lariah had kindly placed on the floor for them. She'd included doses of garlic for that extra bouquet of scent -- smart crow woman that she was.

With a very naughty smile, Kitty leapt on top of Linky Stinky's cluttered desk. She'd rarely been involved in juvenile pranks, not caring for that sort of thing. However, a cat girl had her limits when it came to personal privacy.

After settling herself comfortably to observe, Kitty curled her tail around her front paws. "Do your worst by doing your best," she meowed loudly.

Not that any encouragement was needed. Rivers of pee flowed across the paper pile in the most inspirational of ways. Once the lady shifters had satisfied their rebellious urges, the males took turns lifting their legs and pissing with a vengeance.

"Dueling Banjos," White Fang growled for her ears only. Several of the other wolf and coyote males had tanked up on water, and now competed with the length and strength of their streams. So far, Nick had the other alphas beat.

"Squirt, squirt," Dante rumbled, amusement owning his wolf voice. Once he'd contributed his fair share, he'd come to sit next to her. Now, he observed the scene like a sentinel.

Soon the smell from several varieties of urine saturated the air, not to mention the fire-hose like bombardment the carpet was receiving. Kevin, a coyote shapeshifter, and his cousin, Gavin, squared off opposite each other. As if they engaged in swordplay, they aimed their long streams of pee at each other.

“Cheese it, the cops!” Lariah shouted from the doorway. Pausing, she added, "Oh, and there's a blue dragon waiting on the front steps."

"A new friend," Dante answered as Kitty tilted her head in question. "Xanuvvi insisted on guarding my backside and meeting you."

"Party at O’Malley’s," White Fang growly hollered. "I'm buying. The dragon is welcome too. If he can hold his liquor, and doesn't burp fire."

"The cops are right on time," Kitty mewed to herself. In a leisurely fashion, she launched off the desk.

Dante trotted ahead of her, helping her to avoid the pee-soaked part of the carpet. They followed after her renegade posse now filing out of the room, their gaits unhurried.

For an instant, Kitty halted in the doorway sassily flipping her tail for the office camera.

~ Have a Magickal and Miraculous New Year of the Dragon ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

LOL...Now there's a response mayor linky won't soon forget! :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, and more plans are being made just in case.

Pat C. said...

As the "Occupy Talbot's Peak" movement makes its dislike of government bureaucracy known ... ladies, we have a winner, and it sure wasn't Lance. It's gonna be an interesting election year in furry country. Love it, Sav!

Just wondering if Vinny Mac was part of the crowd, since he's running against Lance. Were all those shifters his "running mates"?

Pat C. said...

Offhand, I'd say they're NOT "pleased with how local government is currently running things." Y'think?

Savanna Kougar said...

I thought of Vinny, but didn't get a clear sense of his direct participation... but he sure is waiting at O’Malley’s for the party afterward. O'Malley being the anti-current times werewolf he is [no cell/smart phones allowed, or other tech in his gin joint] is happy to add his voice and support... and his circle of like-minded buddies.

For several of Talbot's Peak's own, they only want enough gov to deal with the human outsiders. They'll take care of themselves, and help out little Phillipa too. Dante certainly will. And Kitty might just like a roommate at her house. The Library needs a brainy research type like Phillipa.

Pat C. said...

And maybe hot-blooded librarian Evie needs a playmate when Grayson Chase isn't available. I don't think Phillipa's going to stay a shy little mouse for long.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm... Phillipa has a whole new life ahead of her.

Pat C. said...

Oops ... It's Vernon MacMahon, not Vinnie. Not to be confused with Vernon Hancock, the Old Grey Guy. I may have to make a list of everybody who's appeared from Day One so I don't get them confused. We've got a bigger supporting cast than the Simpsons.

Savanna Kougar said...

I thought it was Vernon, but I didn't double check. Yeah, I know the cast list is HUGE!