Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Place Called Home

Octavia dropped to her knees.  Angel’s head almost hit the floor.  Luckily, Spirit Bear’s new apprentice first solo spell came out right.  A plump pillow appeared beneath Angel’s head as it crashed past Octavia’s out stretched arms.

“Thank you Mickey.”  Octavia shuddered as images rushed through her again of Angel’s poor fate if Mickey hadn’t acted.  Cradling Angel to her, Octavia sat on the floor.

“Tavia,” Mickey whispered, her own astonishment clearly written upon her face.  “I’m not sure what I did right.  I’m glad it worked the way I pictured it.”

Tongson smiled as he made his way back to where Mickey and Tavia sat.  “Mickey, remember intention is key to most magic.  If we see and feel with our hearts and are coming from a place of love and sincerity, your magic will work.”

Tongson dropped to his knees.  His hand rested on Tavia’s shoulder.  He reached into her, envisioning calm and peace, hoping to snap her out of the self-loathing he sensed building inside her.  “Love, you did what you could.  None hold you accountable.”

Tavia sighed, every breath, came hard for her.  Tongson wondered what cut her to the quick.  She knew her Goddess status allowed her leeway and yet she never took that leeway.  She held herself to high standards.  And with those standards came a price, often one that demanded payment.  What was the price this time?

“I wish love she wasn’t so scarred and fearful.  I tweaked the lack of sleep I felt as I shadowed her movements.  Poor thing is starving.  And her kits are weak from both.”  Tavia ran both hands over Angel’s arms and legs.  “I sense past hurts and recent bruises.  Sergei knew we’d help her.”

Tongson slid his arm around Octavia’s shoulders.  “You couldn’t have known the suggestion you planted in her psyche would trigger such a reaction.  She breathes and her heart beats.  For now we need to cloak her presence and hide her until we can determine what our next option is.”  

Tavia nodded.  She began to weaken the psychic connection she established when she first approached Angel.  The kits she carried were wanted.  Even cherished.  Someone Angel loved very much fathered them.  Tavia heaved a sigh and stroked Angel’s wispy black bangs out of her eyes.  “No one shall harm you while in our care.  Let go of anger, fear, and your need for retribution.  Ours is yours and yours is ours.  Our tribe and you are one.”

Tongson and Mickey winked at each other.  Tavia didn’t speak the tribal family spell lightly or often.  Many enjoyed friendship and a distant kinship with them.  Only those that touched Octavia's heart, and touched it deeply, earned the distinction of tribe and family.  Getting Angel to understand she’d come home would be another matter.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Fall is here.  Though the weather still resembles sunny.  I hope you are enjoying cooler weather and the crisp mornings we have from time to time.  

This week we learn more about Octavia and Angel.  There's more to Octavia's past than we know.  I bet there are a few surprises to come as this story develops.  

Mean while enjoy a good book or two with your spice and loves.  I know I will!



Pat C. said...

The mystery of Angel deepens, and now we have an Octavia mystery to go with it. Nothing better happen to those kits.

I look forward to fall because it means no more lawn mowing for a couple of months. Leaves I can deal with.

Savanna Kougar said...

Home is always a good thing, when it's a home for the heart. I'm so glad Angel made it to Octavia and her tribe.

And, yes, those kits better survive. Besides, who is the father?

We've been having some cooler temps, and some fall-like weather. But everything is greening up from some recent rains, so the seasons seem backward.

Solara said...

Thanks Pat and Savanna! I took a unconnected weekend off. Just back on line now. I appreciate your comments!