Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Juicy Good!

Congratulations go out to Vernon McMahon and his new bride Mrs. Elly McMahon.  The word around town is that the ultra private nuptials were as beautiful and tear-filled as any uber-swank public wedding found here in The Peak or her surrounding areas.

The bride was radiant, beaming with happiness, the groom puff chest proud and the readymade family …well, color them surprised.
May the newly-mated find years of love, laughter and the down and dirty ahead of them.  May they also make their broad a little bit bigger!

Ziva sat back in her chair, grinning at the thought of Nick with a new baby big-horned sheep sibling strapped to his back as he worked.   Sure, it was unlikely to happen considering Vernon and Elly’s ages, but being that shifters were hella-fertile…hey, who knew.  She should probably take that last part out of today’s post, but Nick would go ballistic when he read it and a wound up Nick was always a delicious sight.

“What are you giggling about, beautiful girl?”

“Hey Penelope, come on in.”  Ziva pointed to the computer screen, not minding if the gorgeous Mistress read over her shoulder.  “I was just thinking what a sight Nick would make playing big brother to a baby…even better if the baby was a big-horned sheep.”

Of course now that she started to really think about Nick with a child, a tiny cub flopped haphazardly across his wide bare chest, a warm energy blasted through her.  Over the last few weeks her thoughts had become shockingly maternal.

“Oh Z, Nick would flip his fig leaf to see that in writing…you’ve got to leave it in.  Plus, when Mary gets a load of a public congrats like that in Nick’s paper she’ll be gunning for him.”

Ziva shot a discouraging look Penelope’s way as she deleted the last sentence.

“Ah Z, come on, we need a little action here in the newsroom.  Everything’s gotten to quiet and sedate.  That’s not good in this town…we can’t have the residents holding things in, can you imagine the chaos if and when they all broke at once?  Do it for the safety of the town.”

“What about the safety of my man?  I like Nick all in one well wrapped package, thank you very much.  If Mary laid horns into him, it might be weeks…months before I’d get him back in working order.  Nope, sorry, no can do.”

Especially if this warm mushy feeling was a tell-tale sign of a coming heat.   She needed Nick in fine form and his swimmers ready to go.

“Well fine then, how about a different tidbit I heard about Nick and that night?”  Penelope leaned down and whispered seductively into her ear.  “So, what do you think?”   

“That I can work with, and it won’t get my wolf hurt, just riled up.”  Ziva laughed as she added the new dirt to the congratulations…

The bride was radiant, beaming with happiness, the groom puff chest proud and the readymade family…well, color them surprised and soundly inebriated.  Our fine editor ponied up a hefty amount of dolla dolla bills, ya’ll, for the groups consumption.  He was later spotted in the dark of night walking arm and arm down the streets of Talbot’s Peak with his new brethren both singing and signing—We are Family…     Tell us editor McMahon, did you have your sisters with thee.  Hahahahaha

Over and outie,

From your friendly neighborhood Juicy

Here's to hoping all the gossip you hear this weekend is Juicy good and about someone else!  ~wink~



Pat C. said...

So she likes Nick's wrapped package, does she? (That whole story, and that's what I take from it.)

Wolf/bighorn hybrids aside, as Elly mentioned, I believe she's beyond her childbearing years. Still, Dr. Hu's been hard at work with her interspecies fertility research, so who knows?

Is Ziva in a family way? I can't remember.

Pat C. said...

Slight aside: I saw on a writers' forum Loose Id is looking for stories on a "I Do Unless I Don't" wedding theme. I was wondering if I should expand Vern and Elly's story for this. Since Loose Id wants erotica, it would mean hot-and-heavy no-holds-barred middle-aged interspecies sex, probably on the floor of Elly's diner after the breakfast rush. Do older protags go over well in erotica?

If not, I'm toying with another idea using a younger, wolf-and-whitetail combo. Deadline is February 15. Thoughts?

(I can supply a link if anyone else is interested in this.)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yes, she very much likes his wrapped package and she can get very creative with the materials she selects too! Who knows what goes on under his clothes at any given time. hehe

Nope, not in the family way...not yet that is. ;)

Well go Dr. Hu, 'cause in Talbot's Peak, anything goes! :D

Serena Shay said...

Oh, heck yes Elly and Vernon would be a great fit for an erotica story...middle aged, Elly might have one heck of a sex drive going on right now and well, Vernon is a wolf after all so age means nothing to his urges. LOL

I'd love to see the link. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, your flashie is so Talbot's Peak PERFECT!

A well-wrapped package for Ziva AND a drunken singing/howling of 'we are family'. Only in The Peak.

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, if you're in the mood to write Vernon and Elly's erotic story, go for it. Even if LooseId isn't interested, I bet it would sell.

However, if you're going for being pubbed with them you might go with the younger couple.

Truthfully, I don't understand what LooseId means by "I Do Unless I Don't".

Pat C. said...

Dammit! I tried to cut and paste the info, but every time I try to paste I lose the Comment box. I think it's this system. I'm on the library computer.

We'll have to do this the long way, I guess. Go to and scroll down to the Romance/Women's Fiction thread (under "Genre Fiction"). There's a topic in there about Loose Id's "I Do Unless I Don't" antho/series about weddings or planned weddings going awry. Will the happy couple get married or not? Well, in Vern and Elly's case we already know, but I could still take over 20K words (the minimum) to get us there, especially if I throw in the sex.

Let's see if the other idea hits harder, or if I saw screw it and keep working on the YA, which has no sex at all and should go much faster.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, sex scenes do take much longer to write sometimes... unless you just put p into slot c... or close the bedroom door.

I bet if you just go to LooseId and look at submissions, you'd find it.

That makes sense... on the way to the altar, or not... Wedding preparation complications... yeah, the bride or groom was abducted by the aliens... what then?

Serena Shay said...

Thanks Savanna...a drunken Nick is always a hoot. :D

Serena Shay said...

Thanks ladies! I'll have to go check out the submission information and see if it makes the muse click. :)

Oh sex scenes could get you there, definitely! Especially when you get creative. hehe

And even though Vernon and Elly are "already married" doesn't mean it was legal. What if the judge had just been DE-judgefied? Or, there could be some arcane rule on the books in TP that would nullify their recent nuptials. Could be interesting what the brood does to keep them apart at that point. ;D

Pat C. said...

Since they're on their way to Vegas, they can always have Elvis marry them, just to be on the safe side. Would you argue with a decree from the King?

Savanna Kougar said...

Only if I wanted out of the marriage. ~smiles~

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...definitely wouldn't argue with the King! I suggested a Vegas wedding with E officiating to my hubby, but he's more traditional than I am. Maybe if we renew our vows someday. :D