Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Someday My Wolf Prince Will Come

Tuesday howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

I swear Halloween vibes are in the air, and it's not even officially Autumn yet. Every year I get grabbed by the Samhain magick earlier and earlier. This could have to do with the Wave from the galactic center that is about to the bathe all of us on Earth, and upgrade our intuitive abilities.

Hey, even the NASA scientists say we are now being bombarded by new cosmic particles. So this is not only in the province the new-age, 2012 mystical crowd.

Alas, today's flash scene will have to be continued next week. I just hit the wall, and need to get some shuteye.


Someday My Wolf Prince Will Come

The flamelight from the multitude of candles enhanced the dreamy old-fashioned mood. Samantha sighed over the gold-gilded candelabra trees placed around the gorgeous dance floor.

And, oh sure, the instrumental version of the song playing at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub was beautifully melodic, perfect for the romantic atmosphere that had been painstakingly created...still...

"Someday my prince will come...oh yeah, right," Samantha muttered beneath her breath. "If 'my prince' was going to come, he would have arrived 'years' ago."

In defiance of her fate, Samantha tossed her long ringlets. Her hairstyle, carefully crafted by one of the Pleasure Club's beauticians, was reminiscent of the 1800s, and she loved it.

Again, Samantha caught herself smoothing her hand over the ice pink ball gown -- the Cinderella gown she hardly dared to believe she wore. Clutching the voluminous satin skirts, she scanned the sparse number of people...oh, wait, not exactly people.

No...shapeshifters were in attendance, or any number of the not-strictly human crowd. Hell, she might be the closest to a full-blood human present -- even though, her parents were half shifters.

Samantha detested the fact that her brother could morph at will, while she couldn't muster up a patch of fur or an elongated fang. Although, she did possess superior eyesight, hearing, and smell -- plus an animal's strength and agility. Definitely useful in these times, and long ago when she'd done the dating thing.

Not certain how to handle herself in this situation, Samantha frowned and froze. She hadn't been in Talbot's Peak for that long, and didn't see anyone she recognized.

Snatching a deep breath, she ignored the wiggly sensations in her stomach, and surveyed the close to thirty men and women who were flirtatiously getting to know each other.

Dante's formal invitation to this special evening at his supperclub sure hadn't lied. The men were yum-o'licous. Every...single...one...of...them.

Wowza! And powza right to her sex-starved, now steamy insides.

About to take a step toward the group, and toward a waiter carrying a silver tray of various wines, Samantha heard the man's confident step first. When his firm grasp commanded her elbow, surprise exploded through her.

And so did his scent. Deliciously potent, and with a raw vitality she'd never had the pleasure of smelling before. And yet, there was something else. Had he recently run through the surrounding forest?

"I might as well be a bird you've just caught. I can't seem to move." Samantha's breath deserted her as the man eased her around to face him.

"Ah, loveliest woman, I detect no avian genes. However, your fae wings are quite visible in the etheric."

Samantha unabashedly stared into eyes of deepest indigo. Being a hobby oil painter, she could only describe their unique color in that way.

"I am Drovario of Z'quenne. May I know your name?"

While his unusual accent, and his raspy smooth voice, had it's way with her hormones, Samantha struggled to make her tongue work. In her usual Sagittarian fashion she blurted out, "I'm afraid you've thrown me off balance."

"Yes, I see that I have. Will a glass of wine suit you?"

"Please." As she spoke, it hit Samantha that all the men were similar in appearance, as if they were from the same family. "Where are you from? I mean, I haven't seen you around."

Damn, she'd spoken so clumsily. Not that she was a whiz at always speaking in an erudite manner. Maybe, it was because he hadn't relinquished his hold on her elbow, and the heat of his touch now radiated through her like bathing in the noon sun.

With the ease of a man who was used to being in charge, Drovario summoned one of the waiters. Before she knew it, Samantha held a glass of wine. Gathering her wits, she took a sip of the high-priced Chablis.

After her palate thanked her, she offered, "Samantha. My name." Hoping against hope he didn't address her as Sam -- which would ruin everything -- Samantha roved her gaze over his aristocratic wolfen features.

Strength but not cruelty, she decided, and smiled.

"Samantha. Your name rolls from my tongue beautifully." After intensely gazing at her for moments, Drovario effortlessly moved her beside him, and began guiding her toward a more secluded area.



Wishing you shapeshifting love on the wild side…


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~



Serena Shay said...

Ooh Samantha, heading into the shadows with the sexy Drovario...don't do anything the rest of Talbot's Peak wouldn't do. Hmmm, that leaves her quite a bit of wiggle room! LOL

Faboo post, Savanna...can't wait to see what comes next in those shadows.

Pat C. said...

Yeah, cut it off right at the good part. Thanks for that.

That pic up there is adorable.

Pat C. said...

Bombarded by cosmic particles? That's how the Fantastic Four got their powers. We're all gonna be shapeshifters! Yay!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, ah, yes Drovario has a bit of explaining to do... he's not your average shapeshifter... of course, there is no such thing. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Pat, isn't that winged wolf and cub adorable? A bit of foreshadowing...

Savanna Kougar said...

Shapeshifters and/or super-powered, think Jedi powers... that is, if we can overcome THOSE who are doing everything to stop this from happening.