Friday, December 13, 2013

Not this again...

There were reasons Ziva dreaded this day, and most of them revolved around her first ever bestie, Reetha McMahon.  Every time Reetha needed something that was going to throw Ziva’s life into upheaval it came on Friday the 13th. 

Was her past bestie even aware of odd occurrence? 

The time when they were fifteen and Reetha thought she might be preggers … She’d sent Ziva to the drugstore to get a pregnancy test.  When Nick heard the news from Mooney, who’d been pressed into service that night for some silly prank he’d pulled and saw her make the purchase, Nick had gone nuts on all of Ziva’s boyfriends.  Talk about making her like the virtual plague for the next several months.  No one wanted to risk an ass chewing by the eldest McMahon by touching someone he’d unofficially stamped as his.

Or the time Reetha’d borrowed Ziva’s car to go one town over and hit on the bartender at the local strip club.  Reetha had called at 2am to let her know she was taking off for a couple days on the back of this dudes Harley and that she was leaving the keys to Ziva’s car above the visor.  She just had to come get her wheels.  So off Ziva went, middle of the night, the run was long for her wolf, but it burned off some of her frustration.  The only catch was she’d had to drive home naked. 

It would have, should have been fine, middle of the night and all, except she’d run into a lusty peaparrot by the name of Mistress P leaving the establishment at the same time she was trying to get into her car.  Naked.  Penny had eyeballed quite extensively and made offers the still virtually plague-like and horney as hell Ziva had given great thought to taking Penny up on, until Dante and Nick also showed up.  Out on patrol, they’d followed her scent.  Nick, of course, went nuts and Ziva hopped into her car and drove home.  Mortified, still aroused and left hanging.

After that, all hell broke loose in the McMahon household and Reetha becoming more, and more, unhappy.  She begged Ziva to run away with her, but Ziva had enough of her own problems at home to take care of.  Plus, she was the alpha of her family pack and would not leave them.  She did however, go to Dante for help in Reetha’s place.  By the time Dante had figured things out and it was time for Reetha to go, it was Friday the 13th, again.  Once more she found herself at a crossroads with Nick, lying to him about not knowing where Reetha was, which was true, in a really small measure.  She’d never know the location Dante put her at just that she’d gone.

Now here it was again, Friday the 13th and Reetha was due back today.  Going directly to see her dad and brothers, to make amends when in all reality this would out Ziva’s part in the whole thing. 

Nick had a few weeks earlier, groveled to Ziva.  Admitted his wrong doing and won back her heart.  Now, his was about to be trampled on by a promise she’d made to his sister.  Fucking 13th’s.
Here's to hoping Nick can prove Ziva wrong when all hell breaks loose with Reetha's return.  Especially since Ziva's soon to have something important to tell him...  ;)

Have a wonderful and warm weekend!



Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, no wonder Ziva dreads Friday the 13th... maybe a good luck spell from one of the Peak's witches would help her out???

And, maybe Nick will have grown up and understand his sis's needs. Ah, the ongoing stories of the Peak... tune in...

Pat C. said...

Poor Ziva. She's had quite the time, hasn't she? And all in the name of friendship. That's how it is when you're the alpha. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

Happy Jason Day!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Reetha sounds like she was every bit as wild as her brothers! Well, Mooney settled down once Marissa got ahold of him. And Ziva has done wonders for taming Nick. Maybe Reetha needs someone to tie her down and make her behave. Assuming Nick doesn't go totally apshit, anyway...

Serena Shay said...

Yep, Ziva's Friday the 13th have sucked, but she's persevered. Finally taming Nick to a certain point definitely helped and growing into her alpha shoes didn't hurt either. ;)

I'm sending my positive thoughts to Nick to help remind him of how bad it sucked without her in his life...

Now Reetha, she needs the perfect someone. Not sure who that'll be yet, but I have some ideas. ~grins mischievously~