Saturday, December 28, 2013

To Sleep. . . Perchance to Dream

Gill’s eyes drooped lower.  He struggled to stay upright against his pillows.  Blackie purred softly beside him, curled tightly in a circle with her tail covering her nose.  Her empty box of kitty treats lay on the floor next to the tray littered with dirty dishes and wrappers.  A quiet day spent reading and sleeping slowly came to an end as night fell. 

 Gill wanted to clean up the kitchen and shower before bed.  That never came.  He knew another night hidden behind the dark blinds blocking out the full moon and its rays would buy him time.  Morphing during a blasted snow storm wasn’t fun.  Neither was shoveling knee deep snow.  Tomorrow would dawn soon enough.  He had duties and obligations to fulfill.  A day in squirrel form beat a night stuck outside in the cold chirping and complaining about the wind whipping through his fur.  


Gill didn’t care.  He sleepily tossed back the covers, padded to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and hastily showered before pulling on clean pajamas.  He tidied his dishes on the tray after placing it on his dresser closest to the bedroom door.  He stuffed his dirty clothes in the hamper ready to take into the kitchen to add to the list of chores he needed to complete.  One last glance showed Blackie cuddled between the pillows at the head of the bed.  His own awaited him.  Gill clicked off the television, turned off the hall light, set the outside alarm, and bolted for the bed.

Warmth flowed over him as he snuggled beneath his electric blanket.  Two clicks later, the blanket turned off as did the lamp on the bedside table.  Talbot’s Peak Mayor’s snores filled the room.  Gill slept per chance to dream.  Or he dreamt to sleep deep and gain the rest he needed.


Good Night Gang!

It's been a long week at work with Christmas midweek.  I've got two more days left before month's end to complete.  The year is almost over.  Sorry for the late post.

May the New Year bring you joy, peace, love, and happiness.  May health and wealth be yours to share and enjoy in ways that help your and the world.  Blessed be and Merry met!

We here at the Spice Homestead wish all you a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Until next week in the New Year!



Savanna Kougar said...

Ah Gil, we all need those quiet times, don't we?

"May the New Year bring you joy, peace, love, and happiness. May health and wealth be yours to share and enjoy in ways that help your and the world." RIGHT BACK AT YOU!

Pat C. said...

And so to bed ... Rest up, Gil. I'm sure we'll have lots of adventures to inflict on you in the new year.