Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Update and some flash

Free novella update: story's done and ready to be uploaded. Completely forgot to do the cover art. I'm pleading Christmas madness on this because that's not something I'd normally overlook. I'll have my computer out of the shop tomorrow and then I can make the cover. So, Quick-Fix Wedding should be uploaded to Smashwords, Amazon, and B&N by Friday. Maybe even tomorrow. Depends on how long it takes to get the art right.

Anywho. Here's some flash fiction for you.

~ Rebecca

T'was the night before Christmas
and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a mouse...

"I don't think we're supposed to be in here," Gloria Goslin said, sounding worried. She glanced over her shoulder at the back door. It was closed and relocked but still. This job at Java Joe's had been a god send to her and her sisters. She sure hoped Marissa was enjoying her vacation enough to stay away a little longer.

A clinking noise from the front of the store startled her. She scurried out from the back room to see what Moon Moon was up to. Oh, her sisters were going to kill her if she cost them this job. But how could she say no? Moon Moon had looked so adorable with his large, sad golden brown eyes, mused dirty blond hair, and arm in a sling. To be honest, she'd had a bit of a crush on the big dopey wolf since he blew into town with the fall carnival and never left.

He'd had an equally adorable but dopey story to explain why he looked like he'd gotten run over by a reindeer. Because he had. A whole heard of them, in fact.

"Moon Moon!" she hissed, looking around to make sure no one passing by on the street could see him. He'd left the lights off but he had one of those pen lights clamped between his teeth so he could see what he was doing. Whatever that contraption was, it looked like he was getting it set up one-handed just fine.

"Moon Moon!" she hissed again. "Hurry up before someone sees you! It looks suspicious with you holding a flash light in the window of the darkened coffee shop!"

"Nhust ahout done," he mumbled past the flash light. She sighed with relief when he shut it off and then honked in fear when the lights of Officer Tom's patrol car turned the corner.

"Freeze!" Moon Moon growled, fitting actions with words. "He's a German Shepard shifter. He'll see sudden movement faster than two motionless shadows in a store window."

Gloria didn't know if that was true, but being a wolf, he probably knew better than a twenty-two year old virgin goose girl how to catch a preditor's eye. She fought down her natural instinct to flee as the patrol car slowly rolled by and turned the next corner.

"C'mon," Moon Moon said from right beside her. She jumped again but managed not to honk her alarm. She'd had her eyes locked on Office Tom's tail lights and hadn't noticed that he'd somehow made his way back to her side.

"What were you doing anyway?" she asked as he carefully led her back through the dark shop.

"Santa Cam," Moon Moon replied glibly.

"A what?" she asked, confused.

"I set up a Santa Cam," he said.

"Why?" He shot her one of his big, dopely sexy grins.

"To catch them in the act."

"I'm confused," she admitted. To be honest, it his explanation might have made perfect sense. But her hormones had started pinging off her uterus when he smiled so she couldn't be sure.

"To catch the reindeer in the act of flying," he continued, still grinning.

"Didn't them trampling you teach you anything about trying to catch them flying?" she asked, half exasperated. But only half. An ass that fine could get away with a lot of nonsense, she reflected, eying said ass hungrily.

"Yeah," he agreed. "It taught me to use tech rather than blindly chasing them."

"And you had to set it up in Java Joe's. Secretly. At night." He just nodded in agreement. "Why, Moon Moon?" Gloria demanded as he sneaked a peek out the back door before slowly closing it.

"Officer Tom is parked right outside the back door," he said, avoiding answering her question. That was fine because suddenly her mind was filled with visions of being arrested and then fired. "C'mon," he said and grabbed her hand.

"Moon Moon, I am not going out there with a cop right there!" she hissed.

"Good, 'cause I'm not, either. Let's go down into the basement and wait him out."

"What are we going to do down there?" she asked, nervously eyeing the dark stairs. She gasped when he jerked her in close and wrapped his one good arm around her.

"Oh, I can think of a few things," he said, his smile looking like a fox in the hen house. Or rather, like a wolf who wanted into the goose's pants. Gloria smiled back, realizing that maybe he'd had a very good reason for wanting her to help him sneak in after dark.


Pat C. said...

Get the girl alone in the cellar ... maybe Moon Moon's not as stupid as we thought.

Looking forward to reading the rest of the wedding story, and discovering the mystery of Pablo. I should be able to read it on my laptop. I should probably invest in a Kindle.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Well, there's going to be another JustRomance.Me blog hop the first week of January. You might win the grand prize, which is usually an e-reader!

But there's also nothing wrong with reading on a laptop. I did that for years before I overcame my refusal to read on my phone.

Savanna Kougar said...

I hope Moon Moon is only about making out and in the mood for a goose dinner...

Santa cam, eh... methinks the silly wolf will get a lump of coal for Christmas... hehe...

Yay, about "Quick-Fix Wedding" being nearly ready. Hey, I just read on my monitor, given I'm not out and about that much.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Yeah, he's only making out with her. He wouldn't be a guy if he didn't make a play for an atractive young woman who can't keep her eyes off him. This isn't to say he's particularly smart or anything...

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Moon Moon puts on the moves. Good for him!

Yay, looking forward to the rest of the wedding story. :)