Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Different Perspective of Talbot's Peak

"Yes, that was a good idea, " Gill said, leaning back in the chair he occupied.  He propped his feet on the low porch railing.

"Louie's idea of appointing Vernon deputy mayor worked out wonderfully," Chloe added, sitting beside him.

"One of the best." Gill nodded as his spoke.  "Nor meat smells.  No threats.  Just peace and air."

Chloe laughed.  "You mean no foul smells."

"Yes!" Gill replied.  "After a while all those meat smells make me nauseous." 

"How do you stand it at Rattigan's?" Chloe wrapped her shawl around her shoulders.

"Great ventilation system." Gill laid his arm across Chloe's shoulders.  "And Louie cooks each meat separately when possible."

"How do the carnies stand the mixed smells?"  Chloe shuddered as she spoke.

Gill glanced at Chloe, smirked, and hugged her to him.  "Their noses work differently Vernon tells me.  Louie gets some of it.  His rat genes gave him a great sniffer."

"He does some wonderful things with the seasonings he uses."

"Evening folks," Mary called out, sitting astride her horse-shifting husband Dash.

"Evening Mary," Gill responded, waving to Mary as she rode by.

"Kind of Mary and Dash to let us use the cabin for the week." Chloe leaned forward, pointing toward the field in front of them.  "I'm sure the rest of the herbies escaping town appreciate them too."

Tents and campers took up portions of the mountain high pasture.  Several camp fires dotted the area, twinkling like the stars in the twilight evening sky.

Gill inhaled, enjoying the cool air filling his lungs.  Taking his vacation during Talbot's Peak's first barbecue cook off really made sense.  He wondered how Vernon and Louie were doing back in town.

Happy Weekend Gang,

I hope the lead into fall finds you enjoying decent weather and temperatures.  My allergies are kicking over time.  Ah, climate warming changes.   I'll survive.

This is the flash piece I started a couple of weeks ago when Ned and Adam decided they wanted to get their story going.  Ned, Adam, and Lilly will be back soon.  I need to finish another story I working on first so I can let things simmer before revisions begin.  I wonder which one of my blog mates will take the next piece in this flash with Louie and Vernon talking back in town.  I hear Vernon's been appointed temporary fire chief since Station 1 (the only fire station in town) is vacant thanks to the vegetarian firemen vacating the area.

Remember to keep a few good books handy to share with your loves and spice.  I know I am! 

Until Next Week,



Pat C. said...

Omigod, Louie and Vernon are running things. Somebody write that, please!

Savanna Kougar said...

Glad the herbies are enjoying their camping vacation away from the BBQ event.

Louie and Vernon are out of my bailiwick, as far as central characters... however, I might write a flash scene that includes the BBQ in TP.