Friday, September 18, 2015

The Rescue?

Ziva panted through the burning pain of her raw scrapes and open wounds as well as the damn near debilitating pain in her back when she moved.  She continued to remind herself that help was on the way and hoped they got here soon.

She’d only had one good howl in her which was worrisome, but the multiple return howls; Nick’s being the loudest, assured her that many were coming to her rescue.

With the cavalry coming, Ziva allowed her wolf body to fade back to human, hoping the change would start healing the worst of her injuries.  Several of the cuts started knitting together and the pain in her back eased enough that she could breathe semi-normally.

“ZIVA,” Nick roared from atop the gorge wall before starting the climb down.

“Nick,” Ziva whispered, wishing she had more oomph to warn him to be careful and less pain to truly enjoy the site of her utterly naked mate scaling the side of the gorge.

“You okay, Auntie Z?” “Hang on, Z-ma.” “Don’t look down alpha man.” “Oh man, Uncle Nick that had to have hurt your toes.”

Ziva resisted laughing, but couldn’t stop the very slight grin that crossed her lips.  Loki and Thor were encouraging as only they could…loudly.

“I don’t think it’s the toes he needs to worry about.  Hey bro, watch out for your twig and berries man.”  Mooney and the boys laughed and Nick growled at them.  Ziva knew their game by now and they were only trying to diffuse some of the fear so obviously riding Nick like a crazy monkey.

“What twig and berries?” a feminine voice added to the jesting.  “Looks like the business has crawled back inside and boarded up the exits.  Poor Ziva.”

Ziva rolled her eyes at the brother/sister interplay and prayed to the Lovely Lupa that Nick didn’t take the bait.  Sadly, the great lady appeared to not be listening as Nick looked up at Reetha and let go of the rock with one hand to flip her off.  Wolves were more like dogs, even in their human suits.  They have power, but very little grace. 

Nick lost his hold and started to tumble.  Ziva sucked in what little breath she had regained and tried to call out to her love.  Unlike where she fell, Nick was lined up with a very sharp stone that jutted out from the hill.  Her mate was going to be impaled and all she could do was watch.

~Innocently whistling~

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!


Savanna Kougar said...

Noooooooooooooo! Nick, watch out! Oh no, this is terrible, not knowing what's happened to Nick... and there's all those lovely WOOD carvings and such at the BBQ cookoff and fair.

Pat C. said...

Omigod, no. Where are all the flying shifters when you need them?

To make it even worse for Nick, the EMT most likely to show up will be Bo. Now we just need forest ranger Han to turn up and it'll be a family reunion.

Love the pre-crisis banter, though. They're definitely a close-knit family. :)

Serena Shay said...

Yep, something tells me these two are going to miss the fair this year, but I bet Nick knows just where to find that master carver to place a personal order. :)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...Bo and Han coming to the rescue. Yeah, that would finish whatever job the pointy rock does to Nick. ;)

Yep, family, hard to love them sometimes when they are Mooney and Reetha, but he can't kill them... Vern made him swear to it on his place as alpha. :D