Thursday, February 18, 2016

Late Post. Pretend It's Still Wednesday, Please...

Sorry, forgot to post yet again. I have seriously been having trouble writing anything but Star Wars fanfic here lately, which means not only did I forget to post, I actually have no flash fiction to post that has anything to do with shape shifters or romance at the moment. So, here's some pictures. Have a great "Wednesday."


One pic for shape shifters.

One pic for Romance.

And one last pic for sheer beauty!


Pat C. said...

That's okay. My post is running late too. :)

There's nothing wrong with Star Wars fanfic. My last couple of books have been thinly-disguised Supernatural fanfic. The trick is to hang onto the enjoyment while changing just enough so you can make money with it. For instance: what if Chewie's a shapeshifter, and he and Leia ... or is that Bigfoot porn?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Big Foot porn? That's a horrible mental image! Lol!

Pat C. said...

You should see the dino porn. And don't even ask about hentai.