Friday, February 5, 2016

The Key is to Blend...

“DJ, of course.”

“Ridiculous, it needs to be live music…something slow and sexy.”

“That is what Sunday is for.  Saturday night needs to be dance music, perhaps techno, and that cannot be created by some sappy band.”

Penny continued to stare at the finely-dressed llama, loathing to admit that he had a point.  A gay bar with a Saturday night dance club would probably draw patrons better than catering to the BDSM crowd who would spend more time in the upstairs dungeon anyway.  Her loathing had more to do with the Domme in her who hated to give in to anyone, but if they wanted Haven to succeed she needed to bend.

“…besides, the lifestylers will be hanging around upstairs anyway.”

Annnnnd, the nail on the head.  “You’re right.  A dance club makes more sense on Saturday night.  Slot that as a DJ night.”

She watched as Whit made notes in his Haven ‘to do’ binder, then reached for the paper next to him.  “Now, how about the flyers,” he said, setting the colorful paper in front of her.

Welcome to Haven!

Come to play with Liza, Freddy and Ziggy, plan to stay for the delights of the flesh.  Dominate your senses and submit to the feasts that surround you.

Get your pride on!

Open: Thur. thru Sun 2 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Penny looked the sheet over and smiled at the picture.  “I can totally see Lamar eagerly posing as Lola, but how did you get Jamie to agree?”

“Ha, that was easy, I found a beefy hunk to model with Lola instead.  Jamie quickly changed his tune…and growled, loudly.  It was kind of funny, he totally shocked both himself and Lola.”

Penny smiled, “that boy is far more alpha than he realizes when it comes to Lamar/Lola.  I love it.  And I love the flyer.
Are you going to rainbow color the paper?”

“Absolutely, but are you sure you don’t want anything more about the BDSM club upstairs?”

“Nope, those in the lifestyle will know but what we have there, plus we have a large network around the state, so word has already been put out about the opening.” Penny stood and straightened her dress.  “We’ll want to have a sub at the door to direct patrons to the correct areas, though.”


“I think we’re ready, Whit.”

“We are.  The final decorating will be done this week and then next week we can open.” 

Whit fidgeted just slightly, but still enough for Penny to witness his discomfort.  “Was there something else Whit?”

“Yes, well, one more time, are you okay with putting these flyers out, outside of Talbot’s Peak?”

“I am.  It’s time we brought in fresh blood.  Limiting ourselves to shifters only will put a large bullseye on our town.  The key is to blend.”

“Then blend we shall…”
Just a peek this week to see how renovations were coming along for Mistress P and Whit's new place.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Pat C. said...

I love how this is shaping up. I'm so glad I turned this story over to you.

So Ghan's club with be for the straight folks with money, and this one will be for all the cool people. Works for me.

Serena Shay said...

Nice, the cool crowd! woot!

Feel free to jump in to the story if you have a hankering, I don't mind. :)

Pat C. said...

I think I'll hold off until the fight scene. Somebody's going to find out it's not a good idea to start trouble in Mistress P's dungeon.

Serena Shay said...

Ha, definitely not a good idea! Since Dom's & Domme's tend to police themselves there is always one or two around to make sure everyone is safe...I wouldn't want to be the person to make trouble. ;)

Pat C. said...

Wonder if they'll have special nights where you can be tied up by (or with) Lamar?