Friday, February 12, 2016

Roll With It?

“French Vanilla Cappuccino, Mistress.”  Dom set the frothy cup before his friend and at one time mentee, before sitting across from her and sipping his own black coffee.

“Ah Dom, you know me well, thank you.”

She sipped the brew as she did all things, with firm intent and a touch of sex.  When they’d first started she’d had some idea that she needed to submit to a strong man.  He’d known differently.  Penelope was no submissive, she was a Domme through and through. 

Except for that small piece…

“How’s Burgess these days?”  He raised an eyebrow knowing she would understand what answer he was looking for.

“He’s wonderful, Dom.  And yes, he’s still on his dominant kick.”

Another sip of coffee and a deep breath later told Dom nearly everything he needed to know about the distress Penelope had been feeling since her lovers return.  “But…”

“How do you always know there’s a ‘but’?”

No words were necessary between them at this point, just a look.  He knew she would open up to him once she prepared herself.

“Yes, there is a ‘but.’  I’m worried… I’m scared our connection has been broken.”

“In what way, poppet?”  Dom purposely used the endearment he’d given her back when he’d trained her.  Reminding her that she was safe with him, always.

“I’m a Domme, Dom.  We’re struggling for the top position and, I’m afraid, Daniel will be the one to suffer.”

“When you play is Daniel the only one submitting?”

Her silence spoke volumes inside their private booth at the soon to be opened club, Haven.


She sighed before speaking.  “No, I submit as well.”

“And do you hate it?”

Fidgeting as she was it wouldn’t take the fully trained Dominant he was to read the truth.

“No, I don’t.  But Dom, how long can it continue, really?”

“Penelope, there are two people in your life that your body begs to submit to, me and more importantly, Burgess.”

“What?! N…I mean, what?”

“Can you deny it?”

“This is ridiculous, Dom. Please stop.”

“That was not an answer, poppet.” Dom smoothed his tie and watched her eyes follow his hand, from his chest down to almost his crotch. “Let me ask you this,” he said, slipping into his lower register, dominant voice. “If I told you to kneel, right here, and take me into your mouth.  What would you do?”


Penny’s mouth watered and she nearly went to her knees, right there in her new club.  Two things stopped her, first, was Dom’s hand on her wrist.  He wouldn’t make her do that as this was a discussion between friends, confidants, not a session.  The other thought was that the first time she knelt inside her club it would be for Burgess. 

“Well, poppet?”

“I get your point.  No, I can’t deny needing to submit to Burgess, but it confuses the Domme inside of me.”

“Talk to him.  You might be surprised to find he’s as confused as you are, then roll with it, Penelope.”

“Roll with it? Really, Dom, that’s your advice.”  Penny sat back in her chair and huffed at the laughably simple answer.

“Trust me, Penelope, rolling with it is not as easy as it sounds.  To truly ‘accept what is or roll with anything’ you need an inner strength of steel.”
Penny looked at her indigo penguino as he stepped into the bar.  Dom was right, but did she have the strength she needed to change the dynamic of her relationship with Burgess for good?

So Mistress P surprised me with some new insight into herself today and I'm passing it along to you.

Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

Woof. Nothing happened, and it was still hot.

Have you thought about self-pubbing a book about these guys? It would probably have to be a trilogy.

Serena Shay said...


They are on my to do list which gets longer and longer by the day! ;D