Friday, June 3, 2016

Along for the Ride...

Reetha stood outside of Haven, the newest club to come to Talbot’s Peak.  That it was owned by Penelope, the town Domme, and newcomer Whit was an added benefit.  This town was long overdue for a gay bar and private club for those with wider sexual tastes.  With those wider sexual tastes in mind, she thought of him.

Rafe.  Damn that man.  He’d promised to spank her, quite publicly, if she showed up without him, her Dom, at her side.  The thought of that should piss her alpha wolf off, but instead she was so wet she considered changing into the spare set of panties she’d brought along.

Public spanking, hell public anything really wasn’t her thing unless she was watching, but no way would Rafe let her just watch if he caught her here.  Good thing she’d found out his schedule for this week.  He was out of town and here she was, ready to get her freak on.

Stepping inside the door she turned over her $10 cover charge and made her way to the bar.  She’d make her way back to the private club, but first she needed a drink and to expend some excess energy dancing. 

The room was filled with mostly men, and a few women.  Prince was playing over the loud speakers and Reetha was in heaven.  She loved getting her dance freak on to some classic music from The Purple One.  Currently playing was one of her favorites from the Batman album, Electric Chair.  Sliding onto the floor, between two like-minded fans, she raised her arms and the all slid close together to make like a wave on the floor.  Back and forth they moved to the funky lyrics like “…E major(flat) with a G in the bass…”

The song continued and her partners were fabulous, lithe and flexible, they clearly a couple.  One moved up and the other went down while she moved in place.  Their hands were all over her: legs, ass, tits, and neck. The song spurring the three of them into a sexy, on the floor, fully clothed ménage.   It had been far too long since she’d felt this free.

When the song ended, she kissed both her partners on the cheek, thanking them for the dance, and moved to the bar.  “Pina Colada,” she told the bartender—an island drink with her favorite fruits and a jaunty umbrella for her hair.  What could be better?

Another Prince song came on, one of her favorites, but then there were very few she disliked.  She was tempted to get back out on the floor, but then what of her drink?

“You made it,” Mistress P purred next to her ear.
Reetha turned her way and smiled.  “I did!  Finally, I might add. Sorry it took me so long.”

“No worries, my dear, I understand the trials and time it takes to open a bar.” Mistress P reached out and slid a hand down her cheek.  “I’ve yet to make it out to your place.”

“Come when you can, I’ll be there.”  Reetha’s smile suddenly felt hollow and it wasn’t because of the dear friend sitting near.

“You’ve shut down, Reetha,” Penelope said, reaching out to touch Reetha’s forearm. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.  Something’s missing.”  She knew what it was, too.  Damn that man, she thought as guilt filled her veins.  She wanted to be here with him, not alone.  Rafe’s words had wormed their way into her soul and now going upstairs and playing with her mate was all she could think about.

“How long has it been?” Penelope asked, in her Domme voice.

“Since New Year’s,” Reetha admitted.

“No, that was fucking, Reeth, but damn too long sister.  What I meant was how long as it been since you’ve played?”    

“Shoot, probably over a year.”

“That’s it, grab your drink and let's head up.  You need a release…”

“I need Rafe.” She said, frustrated by that truth.

“Rafe’s not here, love, but I am.  Trust me, you’ll feel better and so will I.” Penelope traced her fingers alongside Reetha’s breasts, easing her thumbs lightly over the straining nipples.  “It’s been far too long since I worked on another woman.”

“You’re missing one key component that I need, Mistress.”

Penelope looked over at her and smiled.  Reetha wondered what she’d gotten herself into.

“Oh, honey, I have plenty of insertables and even a few prevertables as well.  Trust me, you won’t be missing a thing.”

Not true, she’d still be missing Rafe, but she followed along, her submissive was calling the shots and it was sometimes just easier for her alpha wolf to follow and enjoy the ride.

Sorry about the rawness of the piece today.  I'm working on getting back to writing after my long semester of Math,  :)

Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

Math's easy. One + one = hot. One + one + one - clothes = Not Safe For Work.

All hail His Purple Majesty.

Serena Shay said... that is my kinda math!!

Here,here for hailing His Purple Majesty!