Saturday, June 4, 2016

Mick and Trina's Story Chapter 2 Part 1

Trina smiled as she walked back toward the bleachers.  Two weeks had come and gone since the dance and Mick asking her out twice.  Both times, he’d picked her up at Phil’s and brought her back well before midnight.  Tonight, he sat on the bleachers looking up at the night sky.  They’d walked to the middle of the football field after the game and the crowd dispersed.  Mick had looked at her, held a finger to his lips and pointed upward.  The clouds parted and the nightlight show began as if it waited for Mick’s signal.

Shooting stars crisscrossed the heavens, sending arcs of bright light in various directions almost like the fireworks for the upcoming Fourth of July celebration Gill and Vernon talked with Louie about. Many of the stars twinkled like the lights on the carnival rides she remembered from her youth, the few fun moments of her childhood.  Learning how carnies talked and tried to hoodwink people out of their money hadn’t set well with her.  The summer spent with her Aunt and Uncle on the road hadn’t agree with her and still didn’t. That set of bad memories faded with each passing year unless someone from her past showed up.  Now a new set of memories was quickly filling that slot and expanding.
Trina stopped as she reached the first step leading up to the second level where Mick sat.  He looked up and then back at her. He smiled each time he glanced at her; a smile that poured forth and washed over her like a waves upon the shore.  He motioned her in a come-hither wave as he stood.

“The view up here is fabulous.  It’s hard to believe that we’re the only life in the universe.” He pointed to a star almost over their heads.  “I wonder if there’s a couple gazing at the stars and wondering if life exists out there.”

Mick held out his hand.  Trina took it.  He curled his fingers around hers savoring the warmth and closeness. He hadn’t thought beyond enjoying the here and now with her.  Tending to the pieces of joy and positivity he felt.  It’d been a while---a long time since he wanted to spend time with much of anyone of the opposite sex. Buddies didn’t require the care and upkeep that friends and lovers did. 

After his last heartbreak, he’d sworn off anything more than close acquaintances.  Now, here he was pondering if he dared let someone closer.  And a female too.  

He glanced at Trina.  She smiled as she moved closer.  “I’d missed this if I’d gone home like I planned and curled up with the rest of the book I’m reading.”

“Astronomy is a hobby that takes patient and curiosity. Not many I associate with have much of both.” Mick chuckled, squeezing Trina’s hand.  “My mother said I got my father’s wander lust.  I’ve enjoyed my travels and seeing new places.  Even a few revisits.”

“I moved around so much, I dreaded the next move.  Roots are important to me.”  Trina let go of his hand and sat down on the bleachers close to him.

Mick sat down a bit away from Trina, and turned toward her.  “I’d like to ask you something.”

Happy Weekend Gang!

Have you had a positive week? One filled with joy and loving life.  The small choices we make daily add up to influence and affect our effect on the world at large and ourselves. Be compersive-joyful for someone else's joy.  Help the world be a better place and at peace with all who inhabit our world.

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Pat C. said...

Lovely scene, and then a cliffhanger. Waiting for the next chapter!