Wednesday, September 7, 2016

No Flash Fiction Today

My muse is on strike because I decided to quit smoking. Again. I'm not going cold turkey because I'm a pack-a-day smoker. I'd end up committing homicide. But, I have only had five all day. Still, no writing. It's all I can do to sit still, let alone be creative on day one. I should be past the nicafit stage by next week. In the mean time, I am making jelly! It's fun, labor intensive, and can't be done while smoking. So far, I've made jelly out of the left-over watermelon from Labor Day and swiped about 10 lbs of peaches from my brother's back yard peach tree. I'll probably start in on those on Friday. In the mean time, I might try a small batch of freezer jam with the half carton of strawberries I found in the fridge...


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Pat C. said...

Bet I know what everybody's getting for Christmas.