Friday, September 30, 2016

The Big Yawn...

The Big Sleep?  More like The Big Yawn, or The Big Disappointment,” Ziva grumbled, tossing the book onto her desk and bitching to herself for drawing this month’s book review column.  Last month the book was a steamy, hot erotic novel, filled with full-frontal and enough grind to make a wolf in her prime, well, primed.  This month, hard-boiled detective novel from the forties.  Bleck.

“That’s a classic, you know.” Nick said, from where he leaned against the door to her office.

“A classic?  If you mean it comes with cheese and bacon and I can get it over at the grill, then I agree, but if you mean a classic in reading material then I have to ask, can you read?”

“I gather you didn’t like the American Hard-Boiled detective novel.”

“Duh.”  Need she say anymore?

“Since I’m not going to print duh, I suggest you add a bit of substance to your review.”

Huh, I guess she did.  “Okay, how about boring, misogynistic, and racist with an ending that jumps from A to Z, with no clues in between as to how emotionless, hard-boiled egg-head figured it all out?”

“Better, now start with that, add some examples and keep it to three hundred words.”

“Fine, but I’m warning you, it’s not going to be pretty.”  It’s going to be pretty straight up honest about what they thought of women back then and how irritating it was to read…not to mention, boring.

“I didn’t ask for pretty…”

“Damn good thing!”

Nick receding laugh filled her ears as she got to work.  A classic…please.


Have a great weekend!



Pat C. said...

She should try Sue Grafton's Alphabet series. Or maybe write her own detective novel? With help from Mistress P for the hot parts?

(Wonders what a BDSM detective novel would read like. Especially the interrogation scenes.)

Serena Shay said...

LOL...I'm guessing a BDSM detective novel would be hawt! Yep, Ziva and Mistress P need to get on that project for sure. :D