Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here's to the Warrior Heroes!

Willie Nelson sang "My heroes have always been cowboys." Well, unlike Willie, MY heroes have always been warriors. Literally and figuratively. When I was young, I looked for the proverbial "knight in shining armor." After years of looking for one and not finding one, I decided to write one. Writing one let me make him exactly what I wanted him to be.

Diarmid Redwolf, the hero of Protect and Defend, is a warrior cop. A man willing to fight for a cause or die for it. He's also willing to fight or die for his loved ones. That's one of my favorite aspects of the warrior archetype - that core of honor.

I continued the trend when I wrote Seeking Truth. Eaduin Kempe may be a baron and a man of power, but at his core he's a warrior. Eaduin is willing to face the king's possible wrath in order to protect his people. Ultimately, he's willing to fight for love. His utter commitment to what's right is one of the things I love about him.

On this day, then it seems most appropriate to honor the warrior. Those willing to fight for what's right. To fight with honor. Those willing to give everything so that others may be free.
Personally, I find the phrase "Happy Memorial Day" to be an oxymoron. How can a Memorial Day be happy? It can be solemn. It can be intense. But I'm not sure it can be "happy" except in one way. I'm happy to honor those who have served this country. Both the living veteran and the fallen one.
Regardless of whether I agree with the conflict in which they served, I honor those who have sacrificed so that I can choose. I respect those that have fought to afford me the freedom of conformity or dissent. Most of all, I thank them for their hard work, sacrifices, and service.


Paris said...

Francesca, I too have a problem with "Happy Memorial Day" I find it difficult to be happy with the thought of lives being cut short by war. The only way it could be happy is to find a way to resolve our difference's without it. I honor those who serve, now and in the past, living or dead, they are warriors who deserve our respect. Thank you for remembering them.

Savanna Kougar said...

Beautiful, insightful post, Francesca.
Yeah, it makes no sense ~ Happy Memorial Day ~ unless, we were simply honoring our freedom-loving warriors, and were not in the current terrible conflicts.
I honor all who fight and die for freedom, past, present and future.