Friday, July 17, 2009

Whew....I. Am. Spent!

...and they all came in a burst of light and fell into an exhausted heap of arms, legs and other well used body parts.

Okay, so these are not the words I used as the culmination of my threesome in the WIP, but there was many a moment that I wanted to. I'll tell ya, having a menage has to be easier than writing one.

Hmmmm, maybe not.

You know the hardest part was remembering where and what each person was doing! Who was on their knees, could that one balance on the ledge and where the heck are her hands? I definitely need some sort of chart to track all of the movement, but dang, the thought of that kinda takes me out of the moment, ya know. Slot a into slip b on top of dangle c - not very sexy.

Perhaps it would be better if I labeled them M1, F and M2 or letters of their first names, R, L and T, but then what? A flow chart? A technical book? Oooh..stick people! LOL

Somehow I don't see myself utilizing any of these fine ideas, though the stick figures have a certain appeal. No, I think I'd rather just visualize my way through the act in the rough draft. It helps me pull out the emotional side of things. I think I'll leave the technicals for the first set of edits.

How about you...graphs, charts and stick figures for the sex scenes or do you fly by the seat of your pants?


Paris said...

I know it sounds technical but I actually block out the scene with a sort of "where the noses go" approach so that the physical aspect is smooth. And this is just for two people, LOL! I haven't tried the menage plot yet but I have one tumbling around;-)and I may have to ask for your sage advice when I get there!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, great opening!!! That's a classic.

I fly by the seat of my imagination. Since I'm good a visualizing in 3D, I can see the logistics of what is occurring in a menage.

You know what, practice makes perfect too. The more you visualize the action and the emotions, the easier the scene flows.
I think.

Serena Shay said...

Hi Paris,
Yeah, I too am finding a technical chart is going to be most useful for these scenes. I figure I can start with the emotions of the act, then move on to the are all the bits and pieces where they belong...LOL

Ooh a menage, I'll definitely be interested. As for sage words of, em, ah. Well I'll think of some...hehehe

Serena Shay said...

Hey Savanna,
Your visualization is awesome...Insatiable Heroes anyone? Now there is a menage. :)

Practice makes perfect, huh. Sweet, I think I could handle that kinda practice...oh wait I bet you mean practice writing it huh...;) LOL

I'm not sure Tanner would be to thrilled with adding another cowboy...hehehe

Crystal Kauffman said...

I recently read somewhere an author uses barbie dolls to act out the positions and help visualize who is doing what.

My September book is a menage, too. But since the guys were enemies and kept their distance so to speak :) it wasn't hard remembering who was where.