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...burning its way through my jeans

error... error... error... the Kougar has made an error in numbering her flashes for her serial flash ~ New Bull in Town
Thusly, here for the sake of full-moon clarity is the WHOLE LOTTA BULL flash from the beginning with two more flashies added.


X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town

Damn! Like this is how I wanted to spend my Sunday. On stupid repairs. I pounded the third nail into the loose middle board of my old corral. I wouldn’t have bothered, except I needed it fixed for my new Arab colt.
Ouch! The hammer smacked my thumb. Damn it to effing hell! Worse! Now sweat beaded on my forehead, threatening to sting my eyes.
I bent over, pounding the stubborn nail. Damn! I stilled. A large snout snuffled, pressed against my crotch. Sniffing, blowing loudly, the animal’s muzzle pushed upward, snuggling.
None of my horses were in the corral.

I whirled around, the hammer poised like a weapon. The huge coffee-colored eyes of a longhorn bull met me. His coat was a shiny healthy liver red. His immense spread of white horns gleamed beneath the noon sun. From what I could see, flattened against my corral post, with my heart thundering, he was all sleek ferocious muscle. And beating him with the hammer would most likely have only enraged him. Calm in my panic I merely stared back at him, then asked, “Have a home?”
My answer. His nostrils flared. Stepping closer, he thrust his muzzle against my loins.

Blowing loudly, he slowly rubbed his muzzle up the zipper of my jeans. Almost delicately, he snuffled the thin hugging fabric of my tank top. My sweat-damp tank top.
“I’ll bet someone’s looking for you,” I crooned softly, half-mesmerized by the look of rut glinting from his hooded eyes.
Surprised when his muzzle shoved between my breasts, my belly leaped as if a bullet had struck.
Omygawd! Naked as a jaybird, the cowboy I’d refused to dance with last night stood pressed against me. I dropped the hammer, reached back to clutch the post. My breath poured out in gusts.

What the freakin’ hell, ran a race around an oval track in my head. What was I supposed to say? Wouldn’t it be better if I screamed to high heaven? Maybe I should just faint. I closed my eyes to help that process along. Yep, when I came to, he’d be gone. A strange figment of my sun-baked imagination.
The naked man hadn’t gone away. My eyes popped open at his, dare I admit it, bull-husky voice speaking my name. In the depths of his eyes he pawed for me, a bull in rut.
“What the hell are you?”

“Shelley, why don’t I explain inside –“
“No!” I glare my wrath. “You’ll explain here and now. Or I’m reaching for that hammer and using it to pound –“
“I get the picture,” he interrupted, flinching just a tad. His gaze remained steady, though, and rampaged for me.
“It’s not my fault you’re standing here in your birthday suit.” Slamming my fists against my hips, I lean forward thrusting my chin.
“Yes, it is”
“It is not.”
“You refused to dance with me, pretty woman.”
“So, you... you turn into a bull to get revenge?” My temper had come to the rescue.

“Not revenge, Shelley. I have to shift to my bull form to stay healthy.”
I stare into his dark glittering eyes, assessing his truthfulness. “Yeah, you were just in the prairie neighborhood, right?”
He grins, such a wickedly satisfied grin, I scowl. Yep, I’m about ready to swing for his jaw no matter how handsome his features are.
“You know you can’t resist me, pretty woman.”
Okay, his bull-gravelly voice is messing with my sex hormones. “I did last night.”
“I must have frightened you. I’m sorry, Shelley.”
My cheeks burn. “Gee, being a damn bull isn’t frightening, is it?”

“Being a bull has its advantages.” His gaze glitters with obvious meaning. Sex and more sex. That’s what he’s offering.
“I was right not to dance with you. Obviously, my instincts were right on target.”
“Target.” He winces a bit.
“Bull’s eye!” I triumph.
“Bull’s eye,” he croons suggestively. Like a slow hand lover his gaze travels down my body, even at this close range. “I’m bettin’, pretty woman, you have a beautiful bull’s eye just waitin’ for my aim.”
“Shoo... get out of here. Go chase cows... or whatever. Practice your ‘aim’ elsewhere.”
“My aim is only for you.”

“You arrogant piece of beef. I should make steaks out of you. No, hamburger. How do you like that?” I stomp my booted foot for good measure and scowl like a demoness. At least, I hope I look pissed off enough to scare him away.
“Shelley,” he purrs, long and low... in that male tone that says ‘you know you really want me’. “Give a man a chance to show you heaven in his arms.”
“Beneath your hooves, you mean, Mr. Longhorn.”
“Mm... mm, you did smell like sun-kissed blossoms, so female juicy...”
“Shut up.” I slowly reach for the hammer.

His gaze steamed like a cup of fresh hot coffee, then followed the length of my arm as I continued inching my hand toward the hammer.
“I’ll have to shift into a bull,” he croons like a seducing Lothario.
Crap! Why does his voice have to ring the chimes of my sex hormones?
“Good. You just do that. I’ll put a ring in your nose–“
His hand captures my wrist, interrupting my words. His hold is gentle, yet firm, and it feels way too good.
“Shelley, get to know me and I’ll let you put a ring wherever you want.”

“Typical male,” I accuse. “You’ll lie like a dirty dog. Or, in you’re case, a dirty longhorn, just to aim at my bull’s eye.”
I give him the fierce *don’t mess with me* eye as his gaze fully meets mine. Did I say steaming coffee before. Hell, his eyes are downright boiling for me.
Damn... something else boiled against me and it wasn’t his hand around my wrist. His cock brushed, then rested lightly against my hip. I gulp. It has to be the hottest largest hunk o’ beef I’ve ever felt, and its burning its way through my jeans.

“Move.” I speak through frozen lips. “Now.”
“Your command, pretty Shelley.”
Too late I understand his meaning. My eyes widen to dollar-sized pancakes as he begins subtly pumping his beefy cock against my hip.
“Bad bull. Bad, bad, bull.” Stupid, yeah. But it was the only thing I could think of to say. My eyes have not lessened their size. My lips are still half-frozen in shock.
“Good woman,” he sexily rumbles. “Good, good woman.”
“Bullwhip!” I snarl.
Still, my loins betray me, a molten ache threatening to buckle my knees. That, alone, makes me angrier than a wet hornet.

“Know how to use a bullwhip?” His taunt is pure seduction.
“I’ll learn how. Crack!” My tone imitates the lash. “Dead aim at ten feet. That oughta strip the hide off that bad bullhorn.”
His amused chuckle nibbles at my ear causing jolts of achy desire to take over my sex.
“I know to use a whip, Shelley. I’ll show you,” he naughtily promises.
Swallowing and sensually woozy, I wallow in his obscene virility. Until I find my tongue again.
“Stop that.”
His male bullhorn slides up the indentation of my hip with a possessiveness I’ve never known... not stopping.

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Serena Shay said...

Whew, he's gonna show her how to use a whip. Lucky woman. Lucky, lucky woman!! ;)

Oooh they might move up the release date on Stallion. Sweet!

Paris said...

You have the wickedest sense of humor;-) And please let that release date be soon!

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, that Bull is turning out to be quite the man.

Paris, wow, I like that compliment. Thanks!