Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are ShapeShifters Grateful? ...and Darius Speaks

Yes, the full moon was yesterday. The Sun is in Scorpio, right now. And, the Bull is back.
So, the spooky excitement and enchantment of Halloween is over for this year, and now, those in my climate face colder weather and the onset of winter. Thanksgiving is around the proverbial corner, then the mad whirl of Christmas festivities begins for many of us, or in my case because of my circumstances, Christmas as celebrated by us romance authors in our writing and in our promos.
The question for this autumnal season ~ Are shapeshifters grateful?
As an author, what are your shapeshifters grateful for?
Readers, what is your favorite shapeshifter grateful for, if he/she is?
Perhaps, this is not the cleverest of questions, given our shifters will be grateful for the happy ending we give them... yet, during their story, do they ever feel a sense of gratitude?
Would they have participated in the Pilgrim’s original Thanksgiving feast as portrayed in history books? ~ Okay, just a wacky ‘what if’ on my part... I’m still coming down from the potent affects of Halloween. ~
No, not one example of my shifter heroines and heroes’ gratefulness. For now. Maybe, in a later blog.... depending on my mood.

For now, Darius, my bull shifter, has decided to voice his thoughts.

Yowza butting-powza, the Bull is back... a hero with a real set of horns and the bold balls to match.

For the beginning of this bullie woolie tail see my prior blogs ~

X-Serial Flash

New Bull in Town ~ Darius Speaks

Snorting my fury and frustration, I trot from the corral toward the timber line, an easy place to conceal myself. My tail twitches, sinuous as an escaping snake. Worse, my cock twitches and my aching balls bang against my legs. Tortured by the loss Shelley, I loose an explosive bellow. It won’t be a good night. But then, ever since I saw her strolling down the sidewalk in town, with that sexy rolling hitch to her hips, every night has been a restless sweating hell that ends in a wet dream where I plunge my tormented manhood deep inside her.

Shelley, my shapely gorgeous human Shelley, hijacked by her screaming ninny of a friend. Yeah, yeah, I’m the big bad bull. A little secret, though, for grins I substitute myself for the rodeo bulls whenever it suits my mood. Never had any cowboy keep his butt on The Red Devil for eight seconds.
‘Animal Control,’ I mutter inside my mind. I could crush their truck with a few butts and stomps of my hooves. Shaking my head vigorously, I enter the sparse shade beneath the trees. Whirling, I gaze at Shelley’s house, my longing so ferocious I paw the dirt.

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Serena Shay said...

Whew... I love Darius' voice. Hot and sexy, exactly like he looks! Yum

Hum, what are my shifters thankful for? I'll have to ask them. The words Serena's beautiful mind had better be among them! LOL

Paris said...

Wow, very emotional and telling;-) Hot, hot, hot!!!

My shifters are grateful that people have stopped trying to kill them...at least until I start my next book;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, yeah, your shifters should be thankful for your beautiful mind or they wouldn't have gotten their story told!

Savanna Kougar said...

Paris, that is something to be grateful for... no one trying to kill you... lol!