Friday, November 6, 2009

I Only Talk To Them Out Loud When I'm By Myself...

Wow, it's Friday again, time is flying by faster than I can keep up. October seems to have flown by on its multicolored broomstick. Busy with a story I wanted to have finished and ready to turn in by Nov 5th, I feel like I fell into a rabbit hole and am just now climbing my way out.

Did I finish the story? Yep, yay me! Did I submit it? Nope.

As I edited the story and made it ready for my CP, I realized that the story idea I had started with was not the story on the page. The story on the page exploded full force into so much more. The pale idea was now a vivid rainbow of possibilities and it was not nearly finished.

I sent the story as is to my CP, whose opinion I value greatly, to see if she agreed with my assessment. Was it viable or was it crap and I was loopy from too much Halloween candy! ;)

She liked the story, told me to stop calling it crap, but agreed that it was not nearly finished. Gotta love an awesome and honest CP.

So I put the story away for a while to give myself and my characters a cooling off period. I'm hoping they will use the time wisely and be a little more forthcoming when we meet again.

On the upswing though, LeAnn, the heroine of my next Jag shifter story, has decided to start talking to me again. We're working through some of her issues and getting more of her story told. Thank Goodness!

Yes, I really do have slightly weird relationships with my characters, but I only talk to them out loud when I'm by myself...that must count for something, right?

How about you out there, any odd relationships with your characters you want to cop too? LOL

Have a great weekend!


Paris said...

I'm trying to finish the novella I'm working on and the Jaguar Assassin hero of my next shifter book keeps telling me his story! What fun;-)

Savanna Kougar said...

I tell ya those stories, the heroines and heroes, are sneaky... they whisper ~ "oh, I'm just a novella" ~ no, they turn themselves into a full-fledged novel. It's the ole bait and switch... lol...
So far, I haven't looked like looney tunes by talking to my characters out loud. But, ya never know.
Great pic!

Serena Shay said...

Hey Paris,
Oh don't you love when your characters want to whisper in your ear!! ;) hehe Good luck with both stories.

Serena Shay said...

Hi Savanna,
They are sneaky aren't they. Begging and cajoling until they get their way. Good thing we love them! ;)

LOL...just call me Daffy! :)