Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Caption Contest!

So I got wrapped up in the story I'm working on and forgot to write a blog... How about a caption contest, instead? I'll start!

"Sam, what are you doing?"
"That's not food, Sam."
"It is if you're hungry enough."
"I'm not eating that."
"Why not? I'm sure it tastes like chicken."
"I'm still not eating that."
"You're such a girl, Bex."
"You are what you eat, you know."
"Are you hungry or not?"
"That thing is nasty, Sam."
"It's just a bug, Bex."
"Gah, I am never letting you pick dinner again!"
"I wonder how you kill one of these things..."

There! Your turn!

~ Rebecca


Rebecca Gillan said...

These two comments come from FB:

"That sure looks like a tasty ladybug" ~ by DJ

"As darkness began to fall the great hunters found themselves short of options." ~ by Frank

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, the FB comments are good!

Intrigued, Thex leaned closer listening to the buzzy hum that reminded him of Luvrissa's voice.

He frowned. "Take a listen, Gant. I swear..." Thex halted as a loud-toned holler entered his ear.

"Quit playing with the mutant ladybug. We'll be late. And I want to get paid. Good ale waits for no man." Gant twitched his ears. The crackly sound was a sure sign he'd noticed something he considered important. "Hold on, didn't Luvrissa say a with had threatened her with... Good god! It's her! I'd know that spot anywhere."

"What do you mean 'you know' that spot anywhere?" Thex shot his gaze to his buddy, who had the good grace to redden.

"She seduced me... you were, well, you two had a row, and you were with that tavern wench... and..."

The angry flapping of the ladybugs wings garnered their immediate attention.

"Save me, you fools," Luvrissa buzzed. She flew toward Thex with the temper both of them knew all too well, having had tankards clunk the side of their heads whenever their drunken ways irritated her.

Savanna Kougar said...

That's 'witch' had threatened her.

Rebecca Gillan said...

LOL! I love it Savanna! I hate to admit it but I didn't think of anything but "food item" when I made this last night. I don't have a smurf model but I figured a lady bug was cutesy enough.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lady bugs are cutsie! Darn, where's a smurf when you actually need one?

Pat C. said...

There's no way I can beat Savanna's, so I'm going in an entire different direction.

"Oh god, Herbie, what have they done to you?"

The little VW blatted his horn. His normal yellow paint job with the black racing stripes had been replaced by a cutsie imitation of a ladybug. The perpetrators had left the "53" on his hood, only now it was red on a black spot. They'd even stuck antennae over his headlights.

"What the hell?" Freddy said.

"I'll bet it's the Goon Grrls," Andy said. "Remember how they got Delbert drunk and then made him up to look like a girl while he was passed out? This is the same thing, just the automotive version." He sniffed Herbie's gas tank and nodded. "Just as I thought. High octane."

Rebecca Gillan said...

Sniffed the gas tank! LOL, great one, Pat!

I wonder if we can talk anymore of our readers into posting? Those two from FB were great!

Savanna Kougar said...

High octane... LOL!!! That's perfect, a VW painted like a lady bug.

I would luv it, if anyone else would like to post captions!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...those are all great! Nice job, ladies. Here's my try...


“Think it’s dead, Hark?”
“Ah, yeah, Murv. You got it bubby.”
“Ya know, I’m not sure…I-I think it’s still moving.”
“No, you killed it with that big ole knife of yours, Murv.”
“Look-look, it moved. On the wing, Hark, it moved.”
“Are you kidding me? Murv, you stabbed it clean through the heart. It’s dead.”
“They’re tough creatures to kill, Hark…”
“…an-and, you remember that rash…”
“And the runs, Hark, those were ba..”
“Whoa, Murv, enough already, damn. That's why you don't eat them. Gawd, I’ll never forget those hellish and stinky moments, much as I try, but seriously, you killed the beast with eight inches of cold, hard steel. Let’s keep moving.”
“Haaaarrk, it’s-it’s…”
“A ladybug, Murv.”
“Save me, Hark.”
“If I must…”

Savanna Kougar said...

“If I must…” LOL...

Rebecca Gillan said...

ROTFLMAO! "Save me, Hark!"

Pat C. said...

"Save me, Hark, save me from the dreaded ladybug!" Let me guess, Hark is the fainting princess of the duo. I imagine this is what Lord of the Rings would have looked like if written like a M/M paranormal. I'll bet some of those Nazgul would be hot if you cleaned them up.

Savanna Kougar said...

It's a perfect M/M plot-scenario.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Real Nazgul don't bathe...