Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Warmth of The Sun ---Another Unbirthday Begun

Tavia smiled at the bouquets of yellow tulips and daffodils lining the table. On the side board, long stems of sunflowers criss-crossed over the bright fall foliage runner decorating the top. Two golden candles sat middle of the side board. They matched the randomly placed holders on the table sitting center of the living room.

She could hear whispers coming out of the kitchen. Tomas's laugh and Night Hawk's ssssh drown out Tongson's instructions. Mickey quiet humming told her they planned something.

"What do you mean we're uncelebrating a birthday?" Mickey turned as Night Hawk ssshed Tomas again.

Tongson cleared his throat drawing all their attentions. "Octavia swore years ago she'd never celebrate another birthday. Her last attempt at mixing friends, human and shifter, end up in a full snafu that scared off even her closest of both."

"What the hell happened?" Tomas's throaty tone sent shivers up and down Mickey's back. What was is it about him that got her excited?

Tomas winked at her and faced Night Hawk. "Be calm boy. I'm a flirt. Nothing crucial. Just fun. Besides you and the lady have an agreement. I honor those."

Night Hawk nodded and patted Tomas's shoulder. "We'll see what happens. I trust you."

Tomas chuckled and motioned for Tongson to continue.

"Tavia, decided to try mixing alcohol and shifters. Not a good thing. Humans tend to not hold their liquor well and shifters---we sober up too damn fast." Tongson shook his head.

Mickey pulled the cake from the oven. "I suspect the shifters drank more to keep buzzed and the humans became a pain in the ass."

Silverware clattered to the floor. Mickey turned around finding three set of eyes staring at her.
"What the fuck is your problem?" She sat the cake on top of the stove and bent down to retrieve the utensils.

"You---you ---cuss---" Night Hawk stammered.

"Yes I cussed. Get use to it. I'm allowed to let my hair and temper down." Mickey patted his cheek as she walked to the sink.

Tomas's laughter filled the air. "Seems our meek mild princess has a backbone after all."

Night Hawk flashed him a look that said shut the fuck up. Tomas ran his hand through his hair and leaned back in his chair. "You were saying Tongson."

"Before I was rudely interrupted." Tongson glanced at his three cohorts. No one challenged him. Their tight lips and down turned eyes almost made him laugh. They were forming a tight knit community.

Mickey sniffled and sighed. Tongson handed her a tissue. "Here princess. We've all been stifling our emotions. I apologize."

All nodded and looked to him.

"Shifters can't hold their liquor any better than some humans and vice versa. A few decided to continue to drink and provoke who they could. Others just wanted to stir up shit." Tongson glanced toward the kitchen door. He motioned the three closer.

As they gathered round, he finished his tale. "The sober ones decided to leave. The drunks got in the way and all hell broke loose."

Tomas snorted. "I heard that the shifters turned faster than horror movie special affects could. A few humans got the shit scared out of them along with passing out, sober or drunk."

Tongson grinned. "That's the tame version. In the end, Tavia's house and yard were beyond redemption. Thank gods and goddesses, she knew the city planner. He worked to help her redo the place and sell.'

"Damn," Night Hawk cursed. "Now I get why she refused to add her birthday to our calendar. Who wants to remember crap like that?"

"That's why we stared celebrating unbirthdays and uncelebrating birthdays. One you can celebrate just because and have fun with no matter what. The other became a way of allowing the past to remain where it belong---gone and done." He motioned toward the outer door near the back of the kitchen.

"What are you doing now?" Tomas rose, going to the window.

"Tavia's surprise is out there. And all of us can fit in it." Tongson stood beside Tomas. He pulled aside the curtains covering the patio door. Outside steam rose and wet the windows.

Mickey rubbed a small spot clear and gasped. "A natural spring hot tub!"

Happy weekend all! Finally the storms abate some. May you and your loved ones find a few good books to share. Be safe and sound. A hot tub filled with good friends and lovers sounds like the place to spend a fun filled night!



Savanna Kougar said...

I love hot tubs with a friend or a lover. ~smiles~

Happy Unbirthday to All.

Pat C. said...

Uncelebrating birthdays - what a great idea! Especially for those of us who won't be seeing 29 again. (Or 39 ... or 49 ... )

I see Mickey's hormonal flux has begun. Good luck, Night Hawk ...