Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nessie to the Rescue

Full Moon in Scorpio howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers. What strange times we live in. If someone had written a novel just ten years ago about ALL the events taking place now... well, I doubt it would have sold because the manuscript would have been considered too laughably, outrageously ridiculous.

On the author front, I just finished filling out the cover art questionnaire for KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS. The marvelous and amazing Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Design will be the cover artist, and I’m already atingle with anticipation.

My flash is a continuation of Serena Shay's post on Friday, May 13, 2011, titled:

Friday the Thirteenth Strikes Again - Those Dang Tunnels


Nessie to the Rescue

The instant Sivakka sensed the little dolphin's interest in her Nessie kind, she realized the brainy creature wasn't using her 'sea street' smarts. Nearly dropping the tankard of ale she was about to serve, Sivakka plunked her tray on the table.

Whirling around, she ran pell-mell for the backdoor entrance to the underground tavern. Her boot heels clicked fast and loud as she elbowed her way through the arriving shifter crowd.

"Emergency!" she shouted to Alexos, Dante's alpha manager. In moments Sivakka raced toward the tunnel that led to her lake.

When she'd first explored the enormous lake, mostly hidden by cliffs that formed a natural archway, Sivakka had discovered the underwater cave. Unbearably intrigued by a large crack in the cave’s floor, she’d managed to wind her long sleek body through, far enough, to taste sea water.

Seeing where the rock ledge ended, Sivakka had angled her head enough to get a glimpse of the ocean currents. At that point, she’d checked her impulse, wanting to find out more before diving into unfamiliar waters.

Rapidly shedding her serving wench’s outfit, Sivakka waded into the shallow water as she initiated her transformation. Her body responded to the silky cold feel of the water, and with a minimum of pain she elongated, her flesh becoming elastic. Fully shifted, she sped through the lake on the driving strength of her four flippers.

Entering the cave, Sivakka squirmed through the opening, and dropped into the ocean channel. Heedless of the other behemoths that could be lurking, she beamed her eyes.

Pulling great drafts of the wet salty air into her lungs, she honed in on the trapped dolphin. Sivakka streamlined her body, and with her flippers nearly spinning, she skimmed over the ocean’s surface, more buoyant than the Atlantic.

Hold on...hold on, she chanted. I’m coming...I’m coming, little one. Sivakka’s internal radar surrounded her, and so far, there were no warning pings.

Schools of fish in brilliant neon colors parted before her, and she caught the faint scent of other Prehistorics, as they were called by her Nessie shifter community. With the close-to-drowning dolphin now on her radar, Sivakka shot toward her, and realized she was also a shapeshifter.

Knowing she would likely terrify the dolphin woman, Sivakka snapped open her mouth. With no other choice, she lunged as if she was about to make a snack out of the hapless shifter. Instead, she sliced through the fine nylon net, using her front teeth like one-sided razor blades.

As the dolphin woman began to sink because of her exhaustion, and her lack of oxygen, Sivakka dived her head, lifting the beautiful creature above the water. In the next instant, she heard a ping that sent shivers of dread racing through her.

The super submarine belonged to a cabal of humanoids who knew about her Loch Ness kind. They wouldn’t hesitate to hunt her down, then enslave her to do their vile bidding. With jolts of fear slithering along the length of her tail, Sivakka remembered her grandfather’s instructions.

Not hesitating, she tossed the dolphin into the air, then caught her. Sivakka wrapped her tongue around the listless dolphin woman to keep her safe from her rows of sharp teeth. Lights out, she reminded herself, and un-beamed her eyes.

Slipping beneath the black ocean, lit only by luminous sea creatures, Sivakka glided away from the sub’s approach. With only her head above the water, she silently propelled herself in the direction she’d come.

Even though the going was slow, and she had to painstakingly skirt the super-tech sub while making her tail act like an eel, Sivakka finally sighted the rock drop-off into the underground ocean. Uncurling her tongue, she freed the dolphin woman, then nudged her into the opening.

As Sivakka began to writhe through the crack in the cave floor, spikes of pain stuck her haunches. The laser strikes were meant to stun her into helplessness. Instead, adrenalin streaked through her, and Sivakka surged inside the cave.

Relieved at her escape, she whipped around to watch for a tracker probe. Nothing emerged through the opening, and Sivakka nosed several boulders toward it. That is, until she decided it might be crucial to other species.

Rolling her entire body, she came face to face with the little dolphin, who gazed at her curiously with one bright eye. For long moments they simply studied one another. Slightly moving her head, Sivakka indicated they should surface.

Hoping the dolphin woman would follow her lead, Sivakka swam toward the cave’s entrance. Once outside, the two of them cruised upward and broke the lake’s surface. The last rays from the sun glinted on the dark rippling water.

Finley Fairaday, Sivakka mind-heard. My name. You’re a real Loch Ness monster.

I am real. My name is Sivakka. Are you well?

I need to shift, then I will heal. You’re bleeding, Sivakka.

We can shift soon, Finley. Once we reach shore. I live with other shapeshifters. We will be safe.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, drained of her energy, Sivakka struggled to make it to her tunnel. When her flippers touched bottom, she desperately morphed to human. Crawling onto land, she collapsed.

The last thing she knew cool hands stroked her hip, and she heard a low musical humming.

Happy Full Moon Shapeshifting


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Serena Shay said...

Yay! Nessie saves the inquisitive little she-dolphin...and it looks like Findley may be returnig the favor. :)

Mmmmm, and who is this Alexos?

Oooh...Amanda's on the case! I can't wait to see her creation.

Rebecca Gillan said...

Nice bit of Tuesday morning read! Thanks for the flash, Savanna!

Savanna Kougar said...

Yes, it does look like Findley is returning the favor. Those laser hits were worse than Sivakka realized.

Ah, Alexos... a sexy alpha with a golden-colored coat and a golden-amber mane of hair... and those piercing eyes.

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca, thanks and you're welcome.

Pat C. said...

Hooray for Sivakka! Like the Rat Pack, the water gals stick together. Now, of course, we need to see more of Finley's adventures on land. It's "Splash" in Talbot's Peak! As the story grows and grows ...

On a side note, for those of us who get Turner Classic Movies on our cable, they're going to be running the original 1940s "The Wolf Man" on Thursday night, I think. Larry Talbot, who gave the Peak its name, sports some hairy makeup and kills people off-camera (it was the '40s). I might tune in if I'm not watching "Wipeout," which is scary in an entirely different way.

Savanna Kougar said...

The water gals do stick together on land, and in the water. SPLASH ~ I love it!

Oooh, THE WOLF MAN, that reminds me. I snatched an incredible werewolf art pic by Aaron Sims I'll post on one of the blogs.

WIPEOUT? Not being a TV viewer, inquiring minds want to know.

OBTW...did you know the curlicue lightbulbs can be used to send signals to your TV and your computer... that's form some tech-science article... weird and scary, huh?

Rebecca Gillan said...

That could make blinking Christmas lights a whole new adventure...

"Sweetie, I'm not sure we really needed to put 'green' light bulbs on the tree this year... and I really don't like the way the blinking keeps changing the channel every time I turn the game on..."

Savanna Kougar said...

Rebecca... LOL!... and what about the green bulb wars... one controller want this channel, and another one wants a different channel... that could drive you crazy.