Saturday, August 24, 2013

Numbers Don't Lie

Gil looked at the calculator tape.  He double checked the figures on the sheets Rachel had tossed on his desk three hours ago.  Receipts lined the various envelopes merchants turned in with their profits from their booths and their fees.  While the hefty sum of forty-five percent of their bottom line during fair week seemed unreasonable to some, others had given more and signed their permits without more than a thank you.    Gil blinked shook his head and reached for the coffee cup closest to him.  Lex’s brew was addicting.  With fair over, withdraw would set in.  Perhaps a good thing, who needed a caffeine high squirrel on the loose?

Gil grinned at his own pun.  He reached for the box of envelopes closest to him.  Rachel had out done herself this time.  Each section of town had color-coordinated envelopes.  Foods were green.  Rides were yellow.  Games and Chance were red.  The one that Gil couldn’t make sense of was the blue envelopes that lined the box in his hand.  Taking one envelope out, he read the neat printing on the front, Mystic Falls Fire Department.  The next read Sandy Valley Police and Fire Brigade.  And several others were tagged from various religious groups and charitable organizations.  Gil reached into the box and pulled out an envelope addressed to him.  He arched an eyebrow as he turned the handwritten envelope over.  Breaking the seal, he wondered who’d gotten the churches and other faith believers to donate.  The handwriting on the sheet as he unfolded it looked familiar.

Dear Mayor,

Some of us know our creator works in ways we don’t always understand.  Rather than shunning our neighbors, we seek to embrace our differences and come together in harmony.  Talbot’s Peak is an example of how different folks and species can come together and live in peaceful accord.  What better way to endorse more actions like this than contributing to your community projects.  We’d like to offer your citizens the offer to come worship with us.  We ask they abide by our rules and not bust the place up like they did with that traveling tent revival a few years back.

Thank you,

The Churches and Houses of Worship of Mystic Falls and Sandy Valley

Gil squinted as he kept looking at the writing.  He yanked open the drawer where he kept his staff’s time sheets.  He rummaged under the top two until he found the one he wanted.  Holding the signed time card next to the handwritten letter, he snickered and snorted.  His staff assistant had well kept secrets.  What else was hidden behind those calf length skirts and long sleeved blouses? 

Back across town, Rachel looked at her watch.  With any luck her ride would soon arrive.  Catching the first train heading south made sense.  Her last vacation over five hundred years ago hadn’t offered the luxuries this one did.  A good stiff drink plus the swaying of the car as it traveled would lull her to sleep.  By morning, she’d reach where she could go further, transforming wouldn’t be so conspicuous.


Happy Weekend Gang!

Our plot thickens!  Rachel is not all she appears to be.  Transforming?  Last vacation 500 years ago?  Do we have a phoenix on our hands?

May the last few days of August find you safe and well.   My thoughts and prayers go out to those helping with the wild fires as well as those needing help in recovering from loss or otherwise.

Remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice, I know I will!




Pat C. said...

Well, well. Who, or what, might Rachel be? The Peak seems to draw these people in.

And it looks like the fair made a profit. The kids get their rec center! And a volleyball court for the hares.

Savanna Kougar said...

"Rachel is not all she appears to be." A curmudgeonly phoenix?

Wow, the fair turned out far more profitable than I could imagine. Good for Gil,and everyone involved in bringing this about.