Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Cat Is Up To Something. But What

* There have been some extensive fixes to my blog post. Sorry, I didn’t realize Blogger had won that round until this morning. ~ Rebecca

Marissa walked through the crowd with her husband, Mooney, in tow while they look for their sons. Loki and Thor had taken off the moment they got there, of course. They said something about having to reserve their place in line at the throw up rides. Marissa rolled her eyes, remembering what happened on the rides earlier that week while the guys had been “conducting safety tests.” Who knew a were-buffalo could expel that much half eaten hay?</
"I see them," Mooney said, pointing towards the Tilt-a-whirl. Marissa groaned. Not the Tilt-a-whirl!
"You promised them, Babycakes," Mooney said, laughing. "You promised you would ride any ride they wanted if they agreed go home early so we could have 'grown-up' time."
"I know, I know. I'm not gonna welch out on them," Marissa said with a sigh. "But why the Tilt-a-whirl?"
"Because the Tilt-a-whirl goes around and around and around and it's easier to make people throw up," Mooney said with a grin.
"I do not remember being that obsessed with vomit when I was eight years old," Marissa said.
"Think of it this way baby. The more wound up they are now, the more they will run around like lunatics, which means they will tire much earlier," he crooned into her ear.
"I do like the way you think Mr. McMahon!"
"And then we can drop them off at the community center where their having to babysitting overnight. And then..."
"Mooney! Marissa!" They both groaned, hearing Mayor Gil's voice ring out the crowd.
"I swear, if that hairless little furball-puker has done anything to violate the terms of our agreement..." Marissa hissed under her breath.
"Now who's thinking about puke," Mooney whispered.
"Soooo," Mayor Gill said loudly as he walked up. "Any idea what lax is up to?"
"Your guess is as good as mine," Marissa said. "I watched him pretty close at first. He looks like he's going to honor his agreement for once."
"Yeah, about that," Gil said, sounding worried. "After the fourth time Lex asked me how my evening was going, I realized I missed something."
"Oh? What do you think you missed?" Mooney asked. Gil Scowled as he looked around, twitching.
"I told Lex that he could not sell his concoctions. I forgot to tell him that no one else could sell his stuff."


Savanna Kougar said...

Uh-oh, Lex that sneaky Sphinx, who IS selling his brew?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Sorry about that not being readable. I just looked at it this morning and realized Blogger ate my post and then threw it back up. It should be much easier to read. And I'll finish telling everyone what Lex has REALLY been up to next week.

Pat C. said...

Lex, you shifty shifter. That's one cat you always need to read the fine print with. Is it true a cat can walk through any loophole where its whiskers don't touch the sides?

I wonder if Lex knows Crowley? I bet they'd get along for at least a minute.

Serena Shay said... had to know Lex was going to find a way to sneak in a concoction or two. ;)

Rebecca Gillan said...

I asked Lex, and he said he doesn't need loopholes. He's a god; he can make it up as he goes along. He only "pretends" to look for loop holes to amuse himself and to keep Gil and Louie from kicking him out of the poker club.