Friday, August 30, 2013

TP Lupa's at it Again...

Dear TP Lupa,

Talbot’s Peak put on one thumper of a bash with our fair. Yay Us!  I am however left with a situation that has me most confused.  I met a hare there and became quickly bare.  The loving was fast and furious, which has left me quite curious as to what his name was…  How can I find my moonlight Romeo, is there a way to let him know that I’m jonesing for a repeat or more?

Silly Susie

Susie or should I call you Dr.,

Really?  Enough with rhyme time, it’s hardly appropriate when it comes to anonymous sex?  The fact is your hare saw you bare and leapt on you without a care.  The odds of him desiring more are doubtful at best as he’s already seen you crest.  So move forward and find another, but this time keep the puff covered and let him know the real you.
Best of luck with your next f*ck,
TP (Who can’t believe he/she’s been rhyming)

Dear TP Lupa,

I was at the fair and happen to see some awesome boots on a most colorful woman.  They were tall and red, lacy and leather and they made this ladies ass look like a perfect rump roast.  Where can I find a pair of those boots…for my mate, of course?

Wolfman Sam

Wolfman, are you sure you’re a wolf?  I sincerely doubt those boots come in your size, but if you have the jewels enough to come down to the paper and talk to the editor himself, he promised to direct you to the wearer for more how to get them advice.
Shall we see you soon?
Not much from TP Lupa and I today as we're feeling a bit under the weather, but I couldn't pass up the Pic I nabbed from the Shapeshifter Seductions facebook page...thanks wise webmistress for posting Mistress P's footwear!



Savanna Kougar said...

Ah TP, great rhyming advice. And, oh yeah, I'd like a version of those red lacy boots in my next life.

Serena, good healing vibes coming your way.

Serena Shay said...

Hehe...Those boots would be the bomb to have in this lifetime or the next. Even if they were just worn around the house to make you smile! :D

Thanks for the healing vibes, I can definitely use them today.

Pat C. said...

Dear God, if I wore those boots I'd fall over. Where can I get a red lace leather cast?

Ah, bunny love: hare today, gone tomorrow (it had to be said).

Get well soon!

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yes, that bunny love, so fickle.

Snerk...a cast, the reality is I'd probably need a red lace girdle cast for the broken hip they'd give me. ;D

Of course, then I could wear them lounging in bed until I healed up. LOL I'd best just stay away or make my characters wear them for me.