Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting Wild in Talbot’s Peak!

“A kissing booth?” Ziva offered up to the group surrounding the table.

“Oooh I like.” “Sweet!” “Who will do the kissing?” “Ziva.” “Penny.”  Everyone spoke at once which was typical for the group at this table.  Lamar, Mooney, Jamie, Penelope and Ziva sat in a semi-circle facing their boss and doling out ideas for the upcoming fair.  What kind of booth could the town newspaper offer up?  Their latest idea was a kissing booth.  Everyone liked the idea, or in Ziva’s case just put up with it to finally have some resolution on the entire event.

Nick just growled.

No surprise he hated the idea of a kissing booth, she, herself, was less than certain she wanted him offering up his soft lips to any other females.  This on the heels of the football fiasco made Nick one unhappy canine.

“Listen, Bossman,” Penny huffed, leaning toward the aggrieved wolf. “The suggestion could have been for a fucking booth.  Would that make it better?”

“Now that’s a booth I can get behind.” Lamar crooned.

“Lamar!” Jamie barked impressively for the shy wolf.

“Marissa would never allow me to participate in that…” Mooney chuffed, a blush rising from chin to forehead.

“Leave him alone, Penny…”

“That’s Mistress P to you Z.”

“…There will be no fucking booth.”  Ziva winked at Penny, giving her a smidgen of submission to settle her down, before looking back to her mate.

“What,” he growled.

“Nick, we’re running out of time here.  We need to think of a booth.”

“Why can’t we just do what we do…the news.”

“What, and let people stand around us as we write?”  Ziva snarked, her frustration rising with every pout Nick presented.  “We’re a newspaper, Nick, not TV news.  Not much to watch here.”

“FINE!”  Nick’s hand hit the table with such force the others jumped a bit in their chairs, but Ziva knew the sting of flesh to wood ignited his blood.  “Have a kissing booth, but you, Ziva, will not take part.” Her mate leaned in close, his lips a heartbeat away from hers.  “No one kisses you but me!”

“I’d say the same to you, Nicky, but where would that leave us?  We’re both out; Mooney’s out because magick with flow from Marissa's witchly britches if she sees him kiss someone else and just looking at the vein bulging on Jamie’s forehead make me think Lamar would have to be scratched from the list as well…”

“What!? Oh I’m so in.  Someone has to kiss the boys and make them cry…you know, not everyone in town is hetero-specific, some are omnisexual and will be looking for some boy smoochies.”  Lamar reached over and smoothed Jamie’s forehead.  “Sorry, lobo rojo, just consider it research.”

“Excuse me,” Mooney interjected, loudly from his place at the other end of the table.  “How about we adjourn for a few hours and everyone thinks up at least two non-sexual options for a booth.  Then we can reconvene and vote on a winner.”

“Good idea, Moon.”  Nick smiled for the first time since the meeting had started.  “Marissa and the boys are a good influence on you.  Meeting adjourned.  Be back here in two hours with better suggestions.”


Two hours later…

“I think we have a workable solution to the booth problem.”  Ziva said, standing in front of the group of hair tousled, stressed out people in charge of the fair booth for the G&B.

Nick looked up from his desk.  “I’m all ears.”

“A kissing/picture booth with a banner that reads… ‘Getting Wild in Talbot’s Peak’ People could kiss a wild animal and take a picture home as proof.”

Ziva waited for Nick’s outburst.

“What happened to non-sexual?”

“No one could think of anything totally without fun.”  Penny quipped.

“So we’d be going furry?”

“Some of us would.” Ziva nodded as she spoke.  “But some would need to stay in human form.  Jamie needs opposable thumbs to work the camera and you, Nick, need to play the alpha card to keep the animals in line.”

“But you’ll still be kissed…”

“Only the top of my head, not my lips.”

“Fine.  But make sure we have an assortment of animals to choose from and you stay in the background.”

“No worries, jefe,” Lamar smirked.  “Everyone will want to lay lips on my snake.”

Most of the group laughed.

Jamie growled.

Will it work?  Will the gang be able to turn furry when the time comes or will the kisses be doled out human style after all...  Don't miss the fair, coming soon to a town near you!



Pat C. said...

Omigod, what a great idea! Though I'll bet the fucking booth would make more money, especially in the Peak.

I've seen booths at fairs where people can get their pics taken with snakes or other animals, no kissing involved, if Nick's going to make a big stink about it. How about "kisses optional"?

Lamar, I love you. Platonically, of course.

Serena Shay said...

LOL... yeah, a fucking booth would bring in some serious cash in TP, but the out-of-towners might protest a bit too much to make it work. ;)

Hmm, kisses optional could work, but I bet there's more kissing than not. heh heh

Hehehe...Lamar loves you too. Where would he be without you? :D

Savanna Kougar said...

A furry kissing and hug booth. Now that would be fun! So many people would like kiss and hug a 'wild' animal without the thought they could get mauled.

Maybe Merry and Dash could have a Mr. Ed booth... a talking horse, of course.

Serena Shay said...

:D Thanks Savanna.

LOL...a Mr.Ed booth would be good. You'd have to wonder what the humans would think of that? Is it real or slight of hand? Too good.