Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Kingdom for a Spy Cam!

"Marissa! Check this out!" Gloria exclaimed excitedly. Marissa eagerly put down her pencil, which she had been using to try to untangle the mess that were her 2013 tax documents. She'd made the quarterly payments based off projected earnings but now it was time to convince Uncle Sam that those projections had been accurate. The only thing that made tax season tolerable was that she was meticulous about record keeping. That didn't make it fun, though, so she was more than willing to let her new assistant manager distract her.

"What's up, Glo?" she asked as she rounded the counter to where Gloria was surfing the web.

"Look!" Gloria said again, jabbing her finger excitedly at her laptop's screen. Marissa looked. Then rubbed her eyes and looked again.

"Is that Dugger?" she asked incredulously.


"Did he just climb that guy like a mountain?"

"Yep," Gloria confirmed with a grin. "You missed it. A few minutes ago a bunch of scruffy looking people pulled Ewan out of that van and made a circle around him with their arms and herded him inside that motel room. Then Dugger jumped out of the van and tried to peek into the window, but the Belvedere boys went driving by, being all rowdy and driving crazy. And then this guy comes out the back and circles around the back of the building and confronts Dugger, which is when Dugger goes and charges him."

"Oh. My. God," Marissa said, watching the action on the screen. "What is this? How are you seeing this?"

"Oh, it's Moon-Moon's spy camera net. It started with him setting up a Santa cam on Christmas Eve. That worked out so well that Lex had him set up spy cams in a few select locations, like this one at the Rocky Top."

"Are you recording this?" Marissa asked as she fished her cell phone out of her pocket, eyes still glued to the computer screen.

"It's a live feed from the server," Gloria answered, "but Moon-Moon showed me how to make a copy from the master file."

"Good. Make a copy, will you. I'm going to call Dante about this. If Dugger and Ewan are involved, he probably already knows, but I bet he'd like to have video showing faces--Damn! Did he just pee on that guy after knocking him down???"


The following are A) Ewan, as his new lady would like to see him, and B) gratuitous mancandy for the lady who asked for a long-haired hotty last week. (I can't remember who, exactly asked.)


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, that was fabulous, Rebecca! Moon Moon has some useful skills and/or Glo has a good affect on his brain.

Yeah, Dugger's gotta circle around and give Hulk man a soakin'.

Betcha Dante will appreciate the visuals.

Rebecca Gillan said...

I'm not sure if it's Gloria or Lex making the biggest impact on Moon-Moon. After all, it was Lex who tapped Moon-Moon to be his personal spy in the first place, and the goofy werewolf seems to be pretty darn good at it so long as you don't mind the occasional spectacular screw-up. Like, say, chasing a herd of reindeer just to see if they fly...

Pat C. said...

Hi, Rebecca! Welcome to the story!

I forgot about Moon Moon setting up cameras. The Rocky Top sure does see a lot of action, doesn't it?

Maureen and Ewan end up back at the bar/Pleasure Club, so she might just get her wish.

About that dog pic: is he deciding which tree to aim for, or sizing up the squirrel situation?

Rebecca Gillan said...

Sorry, I tried not to change your story line, but I was reading it and thinking, "Man, that needs to end up on Tal Tube." So then I had to come up with a way for it to get recorded so it could be leaked, no pun intended.

Savanna Kougar said...

leaked! ~giggles~

Serena Shay said...

Nice! That will look great on the Taltube! I suspect Moon Moon will have lots of vids to offer up on the tube. :D

Man, I'd like to see Ewan like that as well!

Pat C. said...

Well, we've already got him tied to a bed.