Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Should I accept this mission," Dugger lampooned...

Full Wolf Moon howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Dugger, my dingo shapeshifter, makes another appearance in this flash scene. After all, Dante, the alpha werewolf, would never have lax security at his biker bar.


"Should I accept this mission," Dugger lampooned...

With a flick of his wrist, Dante sent the tankard of dark ale sliding toward Dugger. "Thanks, mate." Dugger flashed a ready grin while neatly retrieving the tall mug, then lifting it to his lips for a long taste.

"You ain't gonna tell this Ewan Carter, are ya?" Dugger leaned an elbow on the bar's shiny surface -- almost like a bloody mirror. "Just let him dangle like bait, is that the plan?"

A grin glinted in Dante's gaze before it hit his mouth. The alpha werewolf made himself more comfortable against the pub's dark-wood bar. "By my reckoning, Ewan's better off not knowing. Besides, I'm counting on his coyote wiles to keep him out of any real trouble."

"Should I accept this mission," Dugger lampooned the infamous "Mission Impossible" saying. He took another swig of the rippin' good ale, before continuing. "You want me to gather the intel, then report back."

Dante gave a short nod after tossing back a swallow of his ale. "If there's any real danger, give Ewan a helping paw."

"Yeah, mate, I could use the exercise. Gotta keep in top bloomin' shape -- the dingo and the man -- for the rigors ahead. Enemies to the right of us... enemies to the left of us."

"Enemies above us. And below us," Dante growly continued.  Raising a hand, he stopped the approach of a server. "Looks like these none-too-smart interlopers are an annoyance, like fleas bitin' in midsummer."

"Bugger fleas. Always keep the pennyroyal in my pocket." Dugger enjoyed making Dante crack a smile. "Want the herbal recipe, mate?" 

"I hear Gypsy has her own recipes for the flea bitten among us." Dante's gaze turned dangerously serious. He set his tankard on the bar with a back-to-business clank.

Dugger followed suit. "Yeah. Gotta keep our territory tidied up. Never know when it could get downright messy." 

"The bigger shark eats the smaller shark, and we got more trouble than I want," Dante growled. "From last report, the van should be arriving tonight at my biker bar. Everyone working is onboard with keeping the patrons inside... except Ewan."

"Righto. I'll be lurking in the shadows, watchin', waitin'. Hitch myself a little joy ride."

"You got mental contact with your mate, Symone?" Dante stated what they both knew.

"Yeah, I'll send her the images, the intel. Had to talk her out of followin' with that special rifle of hers. Long as she has instant access to you, mate, we're right as rain."

"We're right as rain, pardner." Dante reached out gripping Dugger's shoulder for moments. "Like we discussed, I'll be hanging with the posse, in case you and Ewan need a rescue team."

"Appreciate the backup, mate."


As dingo, Dugger peeked around the corner of the biker bar, sniffing the wind. The low-level ratbags he'd been waiting for saturated the air with cheap booze and cheaper pizza. His nose wrinkled of its own accord. Yeah, crikey, the wind-driven odors were stronger than werewolf piss, and their van's exhaust.

On alert, Dugger crouched into a ready-to-spring position. He was counting on the young whackers being amateur kidnappers with all the speed and senses of a beer-drunk slug. That was the intel Dante had telepathed to him minutes earlier.

Yeah, there. Lights off, the van crept toward the bar's entrance, but halted like a giant cockroach afraid of the minimal light splashing over the long lineup of Harleys. Hearing Ewan step outside, Dugger snatched his Crocodile Dundee blade between his teeth.

Staying low, he stealthily moved around the corner. With his gaze trained on the action, Dugger watched the scumbags throw the canvas bag over Ewan's head. At that instant, he raced for the back of the van.

Missing a tangle of legs as the crew wrestled Ewan toward the van, Dugger leapt inside. Righto, barely above age ankle biters! The collection of duffel bags shoved against one side offered the perfect cover.

Dugger sprang over them, quickly burying himself behind the highest part of the pile. While Ewan did his token resistance thing, Dugger twisted into the best position to watch his hapless prey. Staring through the small space between the duffel bags, he scoped out the layout, then focused on his own facial, scent, and voice recognition via good ole brain power.

Yeah, likely college kids on a "Supernatural" slayer-type mission. But who was the bloody blighter conning them?

Dugger listened to Ewan charm up the sheila, one ear pricked for clues that could tell him the identity of the bad bloke or blokes behind scenes. Could be a scumbaggery mad-scientist type involved, no tellin'. Those lunatic buggers were always breaking-bad news. He'd hike leg on them and give a good long piss any day.

Werewolf? So, the minions didn't own a fancy clue who or what they'd bagged. Dugger tightened his jaws on the blade handle. No use lettin' anyone get the proper drop on him.


Have a Magickal Shapeshifting New Year...  


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Rebecca Gillan said...

I can't help but wonder if Dante didn't pick Ewan for his "mission" specifically because he's a coyote, what with the natural animosity between wolves and coyotes. Gret story!

Savanna Kougar said...

Could be... although, Dante doesn't have a whole big thing against coyotes... but he does respect their natural ways. ~grinz~ Maybe he thought Ewan could do with a little adventure to perk up his life???

Pat C. said...

Heh heh ... I kind of figured something like this would get posted today. Dante's usually six steps ahead of everybody. Maybe the Bigfoot enclave in Colorado warned him about these doofuses (doofi?).(That remark will be explained in next week's installment.)

I may have to send you my posts ahead of time so we can coordinate. Right now Ewan has no idea Dugger was hiding in the van. Nor is he expecting a rescue. He expects to bust loose on his own, after he's had his fun with his captors.

I remember writing a scene that established Ewan and his buddy Dale Hancock work for Dante, but I don't think I ever posted it. Oh, and the human (or is she?????) chick has her own agenda. This is getting complicated. As Indiana Jones once said, I'm making this up as I go.

Pat C. said...

Okay, just checked and yeah, Dale and Ewan work for Dante, but that scene never appeared on here. Maybe I'll get back to THAT story some day. This is exhausting ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, complex... but that's the Peak these days. Since Ewan works for Dante, maybe that's why Dante decided to make him 'bear bait' knowing his capabilities, and all ... although, there may be no bears involved. ~hehe~

Perhaps, once Ewan quits scenting his abductors, he'll pick up Dugger's scent, and figure out the plan. But, hey, wherever the story goes... it's all GOOD!

Coordinating on certain flash scenes might be a good thing, since it's difficult to recall all the players right now... at least, for my overworked brain.

Serena Shay said...

Oh mercy those kiddos and crazy scientist guy have a world of hurt coming their way! :)

Pat C. said...

I stand corrected. I DID post the Dale-Ewan-Dante scene, on 7/22/13 under the title "The Name's Wolf. James Wolf." I quit posting because I was going to turn the story into a book and didn't want to give the whole thing away for free. Then I abandoned it. It happens. Last night I read through it again and who knows, I might go back to it. If I keep jumping around like this, I can avoid finishing everything. My subconscious is a tricky beast.

Savanna Kougar said...

I thought I remembered that posting, once you mentioned they worked for Dante... but then, like I said my brain is definitely overworked... we need a character chart to keep up... sort of like a family tree thing.