Saturday, January 25, 2014


Long week gang!  Modified work week, snow storm, more cold weather, and life. . . well you get the accent and taste.  In stages of preparation for an outpatient test I have in two weeks adds into the ongoing mixture too.  Test is one when you get to middle age that is akin to standing on your head with the doc peering inward with the flashlight turned on, and you praying it don't shine out your ears and eyeball sockets---wink, wink!  

Great piece of news this week on the writing front! Tina's Treasures (M-F-M menage) is under contract with Siren Bookstrand.  Projected publishing date is April/May 2014.  Book 2 in my Cascade Bay Series was fun and hot to write.  I'm polishing up a partial for St Martin's Press along with the synopsis for it.  I've got Cassandra and the Sheriff started.  Enjoying Marc and Cassandra's story.  Granite River, MT is proving to be an interesting place.

Keep warm, read a good book or two with your spice and loves.  I know I am!

Until next week,  



Savanna Kougar said...

Congrats, Solara! You're on a hotness roll.

Pat C. said...

Looks like your new year is off to a flying start!

Rebecca Gillan said...

Congrats on the sell!