Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year and New Agenda

Gill looked around the council chambers.  In two hours the first meeting for the New Year would commence.  His term as mayor would come to a close late spring, early summer.  If no one registered to run, his tenure as mayor would renew for another two years.  He knew the slate of decent candidates were few and far between.  Running for a second term started making more sense the more he thought about it.

Rachel hadn’t returned yet.  Gill looked down at the haphazard list he’d scribbled down from the minutes of prior council meetings he could find or remember.  Since the fair, no one had brought the youth and community center.  Building needed to start after the first thaw to ensure the pool and gym opened on time.  Someone one recently wrote in to TP Lupa asking about a cross county race.  Gill smiled at the reply Ziva penned in response.  Neither carnivores chasing herbies wouldn’t work nor the other way around.  And a free-fall in the middle of town wasn’t a grand idea either.  No, the center needed completion and area where humans and shifters could come together without fur, fin, or the like flying through the air.

Gill started as a hand landed on his shoulder.  He turned to find Vernon MacMahon grinning and shaking his head.  “Quite a list you got there, son.”

“Yes, I doubt it’s accurate or complete.”  Gill turned back three more pages of the large legal pad he held.
Gill shrugged, offering the pad to Vernon.  “Making sense of what to do first sometimes is daunting.”

“How about what keeps the peace?” Vernon asked, running his finger down the list.  “You got a bunch of things that humans or shifters can use.  Lord knows we got an influx of both over the summer and fall.”

Gill nodded as he leaned closer, taking in the items Vernon pointed at.  One item in particular deepened his smile.  He tapped the pad, nodding vigorously with Gill.

“Health Center staffed by veterinarians, medical doctors, nurses and staff assistants---that’s the key item next to the center.  Also after school program that teaches tolerance and respect.”  Vernon flipped back the pages he’d read as he perused the list.  “Of course, I’m an old man who wants to spend his years seeing both sides of his mixed family thrive in peace, instead of pieces.”

Gill chuckled, taking the pad from Vernon.  “Well said my friend and colleague.  Here’s to a new year and a new agenda for The Peak.  Peace, love, prosperity, and diversification or we’ll knock their hard heads and hard asses together!”

Laughter echoed down the hall as Vernon and Gill discussed what side those on the council would choose.


Happy New Year Gang!

Weather is finally settlting down here at the Spice Homestead.  May you keep warm and healthy as the month progresses.  I'm finishing up round two of edits and revisions on a new submission going to my publisher soon.  Next up is Cassandra and the Sheriff.  The piece was a hit with the blog hop.  Marc and Cassandra deserve to have their full story told.

Until next week, remember to share a good book or two with your loves and spice.  I know I will!




Pat C. said...

Looks like Gil has finally found his calling.

I doubt if anyone would run against him. He's doing things they like and no one else really wants the grief. Though if anyone comes up with a good idea, feel free.

Lance, on the other hand, may be considering a run for governor ...

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, looks like Gil is growing into the job as mayor. What about an ice sculpture contest to bring in some community dollars and talbies?

Lance won't like the pressure put on him if he decides to run for governor. Talbot's Peak doesn't need the extra attention.